Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/20/17
3 Bombers sent stuff: 
Rex HUNT ('53)
Ann BISHOP ('56)
Jamie WORLEY ('64)

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>>From: Rex HUNT ('53)

Re: Self Worth:

After seeing the entry by David RIVERS ('65), it got me to
thinking. I Have for years said I am as I always have been.
That's not true.

I am the sum of many parts. many of which, even at my age
are still being shaped by the events of my life. I have
considered that my likes and dislikes regarding politics,
religion, sports teams, relationships etc. all to be hardened
and set in concrete. But as I spin around in the vortex of
that great porcelain receptacle of life I see corners being
rounded off, and polished while other areas are being chipped
away leaving sharp cutting edges. I find myself agreeing
with some who just a few short years ago I would have fought
to the death to convert to "MY WAY" of thinking. Of course my
core values do not change all that radically, but the corners
have been ground to a smoother finish. I Find myself able to
let the other guy have room for his concepts. No matter that
you may have lived next door to him thru all the growing
years, the years where your beliefs were created, formed and
set. YOU each will see many things differently.

Where was I going with this? WELL anyway I KNOW I LIKE tacos.

-Rex HUNT ('53wb) ~ Hanford, CA where bewilderment is the
	rule of the day
>>From: Sara Ousley, aka Ann BISHOP ('56)

To: David RIVERS ('65)

Gee, David is a fil os a fer? Go figure!

-Sara Ousley, aka Ann BISHOP ('56)
>>From: Jamie WORLEY ('64)

Re: Happy Holidays

Dear Maren,

On Saturday I had my annual Holiday party for family and
friends. I am fortunate that some of those friends and family
are from Bomberland. I thought some might enjoy seeing a few
of their classmates.

I'd like to take this moment to wish all classmates a
healthy, happy, holiday season. The Richland in which I grew
up is long gone but my memories are not. Everyday on this
website I relive those memories through the contributions
from Bombers near and far. Thank you to you, Maren, who works
24/7 to see that everyone has their morning "paper". I have a
vision that David RIVERS ('65), has an enormous wall in his
home covered with the world's largest calendar, remembering
everyone's birthday along with a little story. Thank you
David. Thank you to those who take us into their hearts and
share their joys such as a new grandchild and to those who
share their grief as in the loss of a loved one. Thank you to
everyone for sharing their memories. I am grateful every day
that I was privileged enough to grow up in Richland,

To a joyous holiday season!!

-Jamie WORLEY Hills (The Magic Class of '64) 
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