Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/21/17 ~ WINTER SOLSTICE - SHORTEST DAY
2 Bombers sent stuff: 
Tom VERELLEN ('60)
David RIVERS ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duane LEE ('67)

12/21 ~ 4 days till Christmas
CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Bad Dolls" (Episode #23)  
Accepting Sandstorm entries from now till the new year.
Tell me the date I should save for..

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>>From: Tom VERELLEN ('60)

Once again I have relived a failure of my youth. I can't make
it through more than just a little bit of the Cinnamon Bear.
Even with the benefit of the internet and the ability to
fast forward through the introduction my interest wanders off
leaving me with bits and dabs of the epic taking up space
between my ears. And I am wondering if "gee whilikers" was
some kind of subliminal message of the era, if it was I don't
get it, though I do think of "Wonder bread". Other Christmas
trivia: exactly when does the "Jingle Hop" begin? Roasted
Chestnuts? Bells on bobbed tails? I don't believe the youth
of the world are tormented searching for answers to these
questions so it is up to the elders to let them slide in to
obscurity or where ever it is my glasses go when I set them
on the table next to my keys. I went with bubble lights on
the tree this year, the new ones look like the old ones but
don't get scorching hot. The ones with the blue liquid are
less than spectacular, no green liquid lights available. This
is my card for everyone so have a Merry Christmas or else.

-Tom VERELLEN ('60) ~ in near Lacey beware of trains on the 
	roadway WA
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Days of Christmas Past

Wonder if the Moody Blues could use a song title... prolly
not... I've often spoken of hearing a song and recalling a
moment in time when that song was playing... I hear the 
song and I am right back in time... I recall when the song,
Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto first aired... a lady called in to
the local DJ and asked if she brought the record by he would
play it... she did and he did... the DJ couldn't pronounce
the name and called it by what it is still called today and
got the singer's name backward... now here is where I get
confused... I was with my girlfriend and we had just passed
the cemetery and were almost to Ann COFFMAN's ('66) and
Jimmie ADAIR's ('65) houses... we were listening to the radio
and the song played several times during the day... BUT I
recall us walking and I did not have a transistor radio (as
you will learn later), which would mean we were driving,
which I do not recall... ah maybe alla specifics aren't that
important... besides, as Jimbeaux ('63) says, the better 
one remembers something, the more likely it is not zackery
true... now on to Christmas... My Mom firmly believed
Christmas was a family deal... But, one of the things my buds
liked to do is go to everyone's house and check out the loot.
That year all I wanted was a transistor radio... my dad had
bought one during the year and I was hoping he was bored
enough with it to pass it on as a gift... no luck... I gotta
Shaving kit, gloves and some English Leather... When Brian
JOHNSON ('65) got to my house he picked me up and off we 
went listening to his new radio... as we approached Jimmy
HEIDLEBAUGH's ('65) house "Now or Never" was playing on
Beej's radio... in keeping with tradition, I'm thinking Jimmy
was unable to come out and play so we headed to Terry DAVIS'
('65)... Now Terry's mom was not fond of guns... he did not
get a B B gun till I got him a brand new in the box original
Red Ryder at the Rose Bowl swap meet when we were maybe 50 
or 55... instead, Terry got a new set of Paladin 6 guns... 
Of course the rest of us had given up our 6 guns a couple 
of years earlier... but hey it's the thought that counts... 
so as we get closer to the big day... hearken back to the
Cinnamon bear and all the wonderful Christmases we knew...
but fer now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan WARD ('65) on your
special day, December 21, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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