Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/28/17
2 Bombers sent stuff Don Sorenson (NAB), 
Helen CROSS ('62)
Duane LEE ('63)
Don Sorenson (NAB)

Holiday Bowl - 8 (CENTRAL) ~ FS1 - MI St.(#16) vs. WSU(#18)	
Accepting Sandstorm entries from now till the new year.
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>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve Christmas Day plan to
this Grandma, Maren.

We were at my son's in Gardnerville, NV for Christmas Eve and
Day. And I love the feeling of being like the Waltons when we
are there. I help cook and other things, and we feel like we
are with family. Funny, after we left Indiana about 4pm
Deember 23rd, the snow did come and they had a white
Christmas Eve and Christmas in SE Indiana; while in
Gardnerville, NV (and California south of Sacramento to San
Diego we observed no snow, except the ski slopes do have

WE DRIVE THAT TODAY, but stopped in San Clemente, CA where we
found a neat, clean hotel called Mirage late in the night as
I just couldn't drive anymore. These freeways have been
pretty busy tonight, I'm glad we only have about an hour to
reach San Diego, as I am expecting them to be clogged.

Our 13 year old grandson is with us and he hopes to swim in
the ocean down here. We came down for the WSU game on

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ not in the house by the little
	lake, but enjoying 45 - 65 weather!!  
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>>From: Duane LEE ('63)

Thanks, Maren, for posting the obit on Lee MINARD ('59-RIP)
on 12/22.

He and my sister, Lorna ('59) went steady until they
graduated from Columbia High in '59 and she went away to
college. He was a great guy. He was four years older than me
and my friends but he always treated us with courtesy and
respect. He was a real talent in arts and music. His mom was
a sweetheart too. She taught a bunch of us pre-scout age boys
in church and was just a hoot to be around. Thanks for
keeping us in touch with these Bomber memorials.

Re: Driving After Dark

As far as driving at night, I hate driving at night in the
rain now. The old Radial Keratotomy (RK) eye surgery messed
that up for me. Can't live in Seattle NO SIREE.

-Duane LEE ('63)
>>From: Don Sorenson (NAB)

Re: Sandstorm Entry 1955

To: All Bombers

The other day I was given a few copies of '50s era
Sandstorms. As I was reading thru them when I ran across a
Friday January 28th entry on page 4 bottom right "WANTED! A
pretty girl like the one that was walking down Long Street on
S. D. Day, to walk down the street of Milton Freewater. We
specialize in auto rebuilding and painting." Clyde's Body &
Paint Shop 11 Nth 5. Milton-Freewater, Ore. A question comes
to mind. What would S. D. Day mean? Another question comes to
mind, any idea who could have been on Long Street nearly 63
years ago?
-Don L. Sorenson (NAB)
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