Alumni Sandstorm ~ 01/17/18
2 Bombers sent stuff:
Marie RUPPERT ('63)
David RIVERS ('65)

BOMBER LUNCH Today: '55 Ladies, 11:30, (3rd Wed)
 Billie LAWELL or Sharon TEMPLEMAN will tell you where

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>>From: Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63)

Last Saturday I received the football shirt I had ordered
depicting the undefeated season and state championship for
our mighty Bombers. It's really cool and I'm glad to add it
to my collection of memorable teams that include Ohio State's
championship in 2014 and the Seahawks' Super Bowl win among
others. My only issue was the airplane outline on the right

I had thought to take it and have a red X put across the
plane, but instead I just took a black (color of the shirt)
permanent marker and colored out the plane. It has worked and
stays on after washing.

I know that all of the sports teams put the airplane outline
on their gear, but I don't like it. My grandson, Cameron
JENKINS ('16) and granddaughter, Sydney JENKINS ('19), think
I'm over reacting, as they both proudly played and play with
the plane on their gear. I doesn't matter much to them. (I
know it's a generation thing.)

I don't mean to bring up the bomb vs. airplane discourse
again, I'm just making an observation and my take on it. I
think the R Cloud is fine without either depiction and I'd
like to see that as the only symbol used.

-Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ Richland
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Whatcha think

First-off thanks to Susan Ward for the great Bomber Champion
shirt... I love it... If it isn't totally worn out by March 
I intend to be sporting it in March at the Richland Player's
Play "And the winner is" on the 23rd and 24th... HEIDLEBAUGH
('65) will be soooooooo jealous! I'm hoping to get a new
tattoo with Jimmy either Friday or Saturday afternoon... now
it is with great trepidation that I offer the following.
For several years, Terry DAVIS ('65) had urged me to put my
Sandstorm posts in booklet form and "self-publish"... I think
the cost would far exceed any $ from purchases, but as Chuck
LOLLIS ('64) has dutifully sent my posts to me every single
month for such a project I think I certainly owe it to him at
least to give it a try... However, if there is no interest, I
will forgo the kind of work I am sure such a project takes.
My biggest concern is that it will contain real names. Some
of you may not mind your name in a post... but a "book" may
be a different story. I will remove one girl's name since an
ex-husband complained and called me a lair... to the best of
my knowledge all stories are true or close to true... Now
that girl's best friend Joann BUSHNELL ('65) would readily
confirm our (the un-named girl and mine) antics, but why mess
with an idiot... so... if there is really no interest I will
give up rat here n now... I gave writing a book about growing
up in Richland the ol' Bomber try, but as I have always
maintained, I am a bear of far too little brain for that much
of an undertaking. You will not hurt my feelings if you think
it is a stupid idea. (well of course I will bury my head in 
a pillow for several days... but as the Everlys said you'll
never see me cry... now we need more rain in Vegas)... thanks
for taking the time to read this. OK Ollie (Terry) another
fine mess you've got me in!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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