Alumni Sandstorm ~ 01/27/18
4 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO today:
Mike CLOWES ('54), Jim HAMILTON ('63)
Bill SCOTT ('64), David RIVERS ('65)

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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Sorry, but no tales of going to or buying out the doctor.
Wouldn't be going to one without certain pressures.

At any rate, I'd best get this in and hope it alleviates 
any undo gushing and sentimentalizing and what ever else 
the Tooter ('65) will come up with. To be perfectly clear, 
I do not know the young lady Bomber although we have 
e-corresponded. I would have to agree with Brother Rivers ('65)
that she definitely qualifies as a Bomber Babe. And, from
what little I know, she is very nice person to know.

A tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" 
to Mary Lou WATKINS ('63). I still think you've got a couple 
of more years or so before you reach the legal age, so just
watch the imbibing.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where
	preparations are getting underway for Wurstfest 
	(Feb 9 and 10). As they say, come for the run, stay 
	for the Wurst 
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>>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63)

While early reports that any celebratory lighting of the
Birthday Girl's candles had been cancelled, due to a total
lack of interest, indifference and/or ambivalence, on
everyone's part. This might be only slightly overstated, and
I feel compelled to step in and wave the flag. It's more like
a white flag as she's bombarded me with daily texts and 
e-mails announcing the number of remaining days since last
February. It was February 19th, to be exact, the birthday of
Copernicus. This is the one and the same Copernicus who
theorized that the sun was the center of the universe. The
Birthday Girl has always felt that this was no more than
hasty thinking and lets us all know that she is and always
will the center of our universe.

John Prine penned a song, "I guess they oughta name a drink
after you", and Lord knows I've searched for an appropriate
candidate. After all due diligence, the best I could find is
a beer named after her. Kinda.

Regardless, Happy Birthday to Mary Lou WAKINS Rhebeck ('63),
one very special friend. How appropriate that this birthday
should fall on a Saturday in January. Just like the day that
I first met her, some odd 60 years ago, on the ski bus. We
should all sleep better knowing that there were no cell
phones to record the antics of her and her future to be 
Song Queen friend. Though, like visions of Sugar Plums, the
memories still bounce around in my head whenever I get a
whiff of diesel exhaust and pea vines.
			Semper Bomberus

-Jim HAMILTON ('63)
>>From: Bill SCOTT ('64)

I see looking in the book section of my new Costco Connection
that there's a new novel coming out next month titled "Atomic
City Girls", about two young women going to work in WWII at
Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This follows an earlier novel titled
"The Girls of Atomic City", about two young women going to
work in WWII at-you guessed it-Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This
sort of stuff annoys the hell out of me. What is it about
Hanford that whenever the Manhattan Project comes up, it's
largely ignored? Recently finished "The Making of the Atomic
Bomb", Richard Rhodes' monumental Pulitzer-Prize winning book
on the Manhattan Project. It was found in my late father-
in-law's study after he passed away. There is one page of
pictures of Hanford facilities. Otherwise, it doesn't get a
whole lot of mention; the book focuses on Los Alamos. As did
the film, "Fat Man and Little Boy", and as did the tv show
"Manhattan Project", wherein Hanford was mentioned once in
passing. Saw a recent tv documentary about the Bomb wherein
Hanford wasn't even shown. So why is it that every time 
this subject comes up Hanford either is barely mentioned or
totally ignored? Was it even more secret than the other two
sites? Was it somehow less important to the war effort? We
know that's not true. Any novels about Hanford out there I
don't know about? Sheesh. Maybe I should make it the subject
of MY next novel. After all, I lived it, along with many 
of the rest of you. I'm not sure Hanford is the sort of
notoriety that we should be celebrating, but it was a great
phenomenon. Anyone out there has any ideas about why Hanford
is so largely ignored in film and literature, I'm listening.

-Bill SCOTT ('64)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Two new friends

The memories are a clear as a bell... At the "request" of 
the Spalding powers that be, We had just moved from Acacia/
Spalding to VanGiesen/Jason Lee... Thank goodness my Dad
wanted another "F" house or things could have been much
worse... instead of beating me to death, he just gave me the
lecture I've mentioned before about being the worst thing
that ever happened to my parents, never to expect to have a
drink with him, never to expect to be his friend and never,
ever call him to get outa jail... with that under my belt I
set out to meet new kids... now even that didn't start out
too well, something about me throwing a rock at the dog from
across the street ("Whitey") for barking at my dog ("Pepper")
and having the rock land in the middle of a famblie picnic...
the youngest future Bomber-babe jumped up and gave me what
for... of course she was a doll (as were the other two ('60,
'63_RIP). Clearly my chances at a date over the summer before
school started were somewhat lower than whale poo poo...
Shortly after the beginning of school (and after becoming
part of "the group", which included my old Spalding girl
friend, Gretchen GRIFFEN ('65-RIP)) another newer kid showed
up with his sister, who would both become great buds... My
teacher asked me to show the new guy the ropes (I mean it's
really hard... class, recess, lunch and class again, where
the teacher totally grossed me out by brushing her teeth in
the sink after eating Oreos... YUK!)... Turns out the new
kids would only stay in Richland through the 9th grade before
moving to Alaska... During the summer before 7th grade, the
"dog girl" would become the hostess with the mostest for our
gang in the basement of her house... I still swoon over that
summer... not sure we spent any time at the River that
summer... not even sure we ever left the basement... Later,
the teeny tiny prefab occupied by the new boy/girl team would
become a hang out... you could literally walk in one door and
out the other in case "mom" came home... these and other
memories will always remain with me... Though the boy/girl
team left before becoming Bombers they (at least he) seldom
misses a '65 event and in many ways it is as though he never
left (except he is an expert fisherman and many of the guys
Salmon fish with him in Alaska)... what else can one say...
my new adventures and meeting these b-day kids made my life
far richer... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Laura PARKER ('65) and Denny
NALDER ('65) on your special day, January 27, 2018!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Oh crap oh crap oh crap!

Ah jeeeeez... I have been trying to remember why the date of
the 27th is important... I knew I had done my birthday posts
and was just turning in for a long winter's nap when it hit
me... Damn I hope Maren is still awake... not sure when she
turns in the Sandstorm for publication over the net... oh
poop oh poop oh poop... At least it would be a fer piece from
So-Cal in March when I'm there for Terry's Play just to dunk
me inna river... I think... maybe? So, it is no secret, that
I have been head over heels over a slightly more "mature"
Bomber-babe since at least 7th grade... well actually way
more mature but not a great deal ahead of me chronologically...
After the first time I saw her, I thanked my lucky stars that
Brian JOHNSON ('65) had moved over to Johnston street... My
new favorite song became "Born too late"... well favorite...
maybe my least favorite song as I had no chance whatsoever of
this future Bomber-babe ever even noticing me... at least I
could swoon over her during noon dancing while breaking my
teeth onna frozen snicker from the school store... I'm sure
that made me even more attractive to her with the damned
halfa snicker hanging from my mouth... ask her to dance... 
no way... I would never be able to meet her girls, her dogs
or her Grizzly husband or son-in-law or watch movies with 
her till two in the morning... oh I was lost... I clearly
remember at one of the Col-Hi mixers when this kid named
Larry Smith (NAB) who hung around with Frank OSGARD ('63
almost/kinda) asking her to dance and his girlfriend, Short
Fat Fannie throwing a fit... it was a sight to see... I think
Larry wrote a song about it... something like: "Well at a
honky tonk party just the other night Fannie got jealous and
started a fight at the club I was dancin' with Mary Lou, I
hadda call Jim Dandy to the Rescue!" I think Frank and
Jimbeaux ('63) managed to break the whole thing up before
Uncle Tom Lyda got wind of it... that was a close one... now,
as I've mentioned before, this Bomber-babe is a doll and
blonde... did I mention she was blonde? Well, there are many
jokes about Blondes, none of them would be right for this
Babe... well, there is that hand eye coordination thing... I
mean she is blonde... now I would never, ever tell tales outa
school... but hypotheticals are another thing all together...
imagine if you will, I am talking to a four star Marine
general ('68) and imagine further that this Babe is rather a
fan of such general... purely hypothetically, mind you... so
adding one more factor, I am trying to introduce this Babe to
the General... oh yes... let's put a glass of red wine in her
hand and have her wearing a lovely white top... now what do
you think would happen if this Babe were to shoot out her
hand with the glass of red wine and attempt to shake hands at
the same time... boy wouldn't that be a gas if it ever really
happened... it would turn out as bad bad as Kippy Lou ('62)
making her famous pomegranate salad in a beautiful white
sweater without an apron! Now in the past, I have done my
best to name alla songs with this Babe's name in it this year
I'll leave that up to you... gee I sure hope this makes the
Sandstorm... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Lou WATKINS ('63) on your
special day, January 27, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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J'Nisa FOX ('21wb-RIP) ~ 10/11/02 - 1/17/18 

Celebration of Life: TOMORROW, Sunday, January 28, 2018, 1pm to 4pm
 Red Lion Inn in Richland.
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