Alumni Sandstorm ~ 01/28/18
2 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO today:
Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
David RIVERS ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joe FORD ('63) '45 
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Beth MEYER ('64)

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>>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) 

Re: Cutting back

To: Richland Bomber Net

Here in So Tacoma, WA we just got over nearly a week of cold
wet weather making it totally miserable to try to accomplish
anything outside. I was glad I spent the time 2 weeks ago to
install my several sets of spotlights that turn on if someone
walks past the house into my back yard. I have similar sets
of lights on my shop building on the back of the property.
Least some think I am getting paranoid in my old age (76, Jan
6), There are several break-ins a night within 2 miles of our
quiet Cul de Sac nearly every night of the week.

So, I spent the last 5 days cooped up in the house sorting
papers. I had hoped to toss over half of them away but I
ended up saving over half. Many of them are a part of the
record of my life working with explosives, flammables, and a
dangerous variety of pyrotechnic devices. While my memory is
fading a bit I can still clearly remember 4th of July 1954
when I was allowed to actually handle pyrotechnic items. I
fused candles, fountains, ground bombs and some aerial shells
that had missing fuses. Before that I had to watch, fetch
tools, dig holes, hold ropes and learn what it was all about.
At about 35 or so I was dubbed the kid that played with
matches and never grew up. But I outlived that moniker and 
by the mid-to-late '70s was teaching safety classes in
pyrotechnics and specialized explosives to Fire and Police
personnel and received invitations to work with some Federal

I need to say I have been fortunate to have married a
wonderful and talented women. Over 35 years experience in
Fireworks, Photography, and Graphic arts. She is truly my
life partner and I treasure our time together.

Thru all of this I remained an active shooter of Displays and
Special Effects as they became available. I held management
positions in several companies until out of frustration with
what I saw in the sky, I cobbled together an effort that I
named Entertainment Fireworks Inc. I was called stupid, a
damn fool and just plain crazy by the competition. But my
good friend and partner and I hung in there and set some very
high goals in quality and what I called "Entertainment Value"
in what appeared in the sky. Our manager in our Spokane and
Eastern office agreed with us and admired our stance in
quality entertainment. It was a lot of work but it paid off.
I dislike bragging and so will only say we are quite
successful, the leading company on the NW and well respected
members of the Fireworks Industry.

My personal career as a teacher and advisor has been
rewarding. A great many activities and trusted positions with
countless Departments and Agencies, has been interesting, and
with some quiet pride in taking part in numerous activities
involving Safety and Security at several levels. But my most
rewarding feelings still come from the cheers of the crowd as
the last of the finale falls to earth.

I am now semi-retired looking to spend time in my well-
equipped woodworking shop. I have made a commitment to the
City of Unalaska at Dutch Harbor. I will continue there as
long as I am able. It is a wonderful challenge. If I may say
I do a pretty fair job of "Entertaining People with Fire". 
I am delighted to have Chuck LOLLIS ('64) as my very able
assistant at Dutch Harbor. If I can keep him from going 
after foxes. The 4 legged kind are plentiful for his camera.

See the attached picture fired this past NYE. The picture was
taken at just over on mile by an employee of the Grand
Aleutian Hotel. Many are saying that the picture joins a
small group of photos said to be "the best ever". The
photographer has given me the rights use the picture as I see
fit including selling reproductions. Judging by the number of
requests for "permission to use", that picture may be front
cover on virtually every Fireworks publication in the world.
I see the essence of Dutch Harbor in that picture. The calm
waters are in the "Best Sheltered Harbor" in the Bering sea.
The fishing vessels represent what is said to be the "Premier
Fishing Port of the World". The snowy hills in the background
are Dutch in the winter. The perfect shell break speaks for
it's self. 11x14 copies on quality matt paper will be

My displays at Dutch Harbor have been touted by residents as
two of the best things to happen twice a year. It is a solid
feeling to know I done good.

-J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Trivia head

I suppose one of our higher purposes is to seek true
knowledge... unfortunately, my life has been filled with
gathering trivia... Knowledge... yes... important... not
often. In the morning when I see what date it says on my
meditation books I think "Happy Birthday so and so"...
probably sounds dumb as the subject above implies, but
important to me... during the day, before I do my b-day post
I think of the Bomber or Bombers having the B-day... today I
thought... now why have I always called this particular b-day
Bomber by that particular name... It was just a few minutes
ago that it dawned on me... now from very early on I was a
Buddy Holly fan... Huge fan... gigantic fan... I even have a
piece of the Lubbock High School Gym floor (much as I have a
piece of our gym floor and a piece from the Spanish Castle
(thanks Jimbeaux ('63))... I craved Buddy Holly, had an
autograph on my office wall (he gave very few), a picture of
his grave, my girlfriend on his statue on the West Texas Walk
of Fame and on and on I had a buddy who wrote a monthly
magazine featuring Buddy and other West Texas rockers... 
we corresponded a great deal and some of my most prized
possessions came from him... When Buddy's mom died he stopped
publishing and I guess we stopped corresponding... so what on
earth can that have to do with today's Bomber B-day, you
ask... The Bass player for the Crickets was Joe B Mauldin
(NAB-RIP); Joe B. for short... ... I have always called this
Bomber by his first name and middle initial... now I know why
and so do you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joe B. FORD ('63) on your
special day, January 28, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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J'Nisa FOX ('21wb-RIP) ~ 10/11/02 - 1/17/18 

Celebration of Life: TODAY, Sunday, January 28, 2018, 1pm to 4pm
 Red Lion Inn in Kennewick.
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