Alumni Sandstorm ~ 02/01/18
3 Bombers sent stuff and heard about a Bomber death today:
Mike CLOWES ('54)
Marie RUPPERT ('63)
Dennis HAMMER ('64)
	30 days till Iditarod starts March 3, 2018


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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

How about a great big "Get Well Soon!" to all those
suffering from some ailment or other.

Now, to the business at hand. You are right, it is a birthday
of an older Bomber Babe of my acquaintance. I think mostly
through Club 40, but possibly during the school year. I know
we had lunch one Sunday afternoon at the Glockenspiel here in

So a tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!"
to Carol TYNER Roberts ('52). I just hope that her current
husband, Dick ('49) takes her somewhere nice to eat. Taco
Bell is not an option.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where 
	Wurstfest is coming on Friday the 9th of February. 
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>>From: Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63)

Yesterday (1/30) I accepted delivery of a new washer and
dryer pair that I purchased from Sears. The pair replaced my
12 year old models of the same machines - agitator free top
loader washer and dryer with huge tubs. The installers did
not level the washer (unbeknownst to me) before leaving with
both machines in an introductory cycle. As the washer hit
spin it was not operating as I thought it should, so I pulled
out a level and sure enough it needed adjustment. I called
the installers and they couldn't get back to me until Fri.
(2/1). So, when Lance ('60) came home from golfing, he spent
the afternoon leveling the washer. I washed 2 loads of
laundry and everything worked great.

Lance left for the last Bombers' home basketball game and I
settled down to read a bit and watch some TV (not the State
of the Union address) as the last of the clothes were drying.
Suddenly I heard a loud crash and my cat went flying for the
bedroom. I walked into the laundry room and discovered that
the lid to the washer that I had left open so the tub could
dry had exploded! The glass was tempered so it was in tiny
pieces all over the top of the washer and onto the floor. I
called Sears and spoke with the appliance manager of the
night and he told me to leave everything as is (I could sweep
up the floor and dump the glass into the machine). He told me
that this was the 2nd episode he was aware of and they would
take care of me. A bit later, someone from headquarters
called and I explained the whole thing again. Later, the
store appliance man called again to tell me I will receive a
new washer on Friday.

I'm a bit leery, but will give it a try and hope everything
will be okay. I really like this laundry pair. I'm glad I had
removed the last of the load from the washer, so no clothing
had to be tossed because of glass imbedded in them. How scary
It could be if it happened when the washer was running!

-Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ in Cloudy Richland where we 
	couldn't see the blood, blue, super moon because of 
	the clouds.
>>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64)

Re: B-Day

A thank you to David RIVERS ('65) for the birthday shout-out.
Of course I consider him to be a friend. I consider everyone
on the Sandstorm a friend. There are no strangers on the
Alumni Sandstorm, just friends we haven't exchanged Sandstorm
posts or emails with."

Nice to see that a rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse was
arranged for my birthday. This is something that has not
happened in the United States since March 31, 1866--that was
before my grandparent's time. I have just finished my 73rd
trip around the Sun on the 3rd rock--well, for a rock it does
have a very big swimming pool, actually there are seven of
them. One thing I have learned is what those Astronomers and
Physicists have been saying is completely wrong!!! They say
the Earth is slowing down. No it's not, it is speeding up. My
73rd trip was faster than my 50th trip, which was faster than
my 30th trip, which was a lot faster than my 10th trip. So
they must be wrong about perpetual motion too.

Re: David Rivers' proposed book

Too bad our Sandstorm Barrister has decided against the book
just as I had come up with a proposed title for it. "Wit,
Wisdom, and Trivia that Flows from Rivers." You will
remember, (probably not) I proposed a name for George
"Pappy" Swan's book: "The Old Man and the Elves," a play on
"Papa" Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea." I have said I
should write a book myself, but I think that falls under
another old saying: "When it is all said and done, more gets
said than gets done."

Re: Tri-Cities weather

Nice to have the highs around 50 when it was 15 a year ago.
Seeing some signs of Spring even in January. Yard work going
on, tops down on cars--if a WWII style Jeep and a T-top car
count. Even have crocus plants blooming, I know they bloom
early, but January? I remember as a kid seeing the first
Robin was supposed to be the first sign of Spring, then
starting in the '70s it became the first frisbee. I don't see
frisbees being thrown anymore, but they probably have an app
for that.

-Dennis HAMMER ('64)
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Heard about the 15th Bomber death so far this year::

Janice HEIM Harlow ('61-RIP) ~ 1/28/14 - 1/26/18 
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