Alumni Sandstorm ~ 02/14/18 ~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
3 Bombers sent stuff:
Mike CLOWES ('54)
Jamie WORLEY ('64)
David RIVERS ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Esther "Deon" HOLLIS ('71)

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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Boy! What a momentous day! Oregon was granted statehood;
Saint Valentine is celebrated; it is Ash Wednesday (NOLA
speak for Mardi Gras hangover day) and the birthday of one 
or more Bombers.

There is only one of those Bomber birthdays who shows up on
my radar. I'll leave the rest for others. It is not nice to
be greedy about acknowledging birthdays. By now you may have
narrowed it down to a fellow classmate of mine. I'm not sure
if we had any classes together, but I think he may have
struck me out during a Pony League game; possibly more than

A tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" to
Billy GRIFFIN ('54). Just don't tear the town of Sisters up
any more than you already have in celebration. Take it to
Terrebonne, they could use the cash.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where
	some weather algorithms are suggesting snow by next
	Sunday. We'll see. 
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>>From: Jamie WORLEY ('64)

Re: Memories of Early Atomic Pioneers

Dear Maren,

Hope all is well with you this morning. Here is another book
in which I thought folks might have an interest. It is a
compilation of memories put together by Bill Compton Sr.,
employee number 35 when he started with DuPont, and finished
by Bill COMPTON ('64) and Kerry KELLY ('64). 

It is called, "Memories of Early Atomic Pioneers." If you
grew up in Richland during the '50s and '60s there are names
you will surely remember. These are their stories and are not
only Comptons, but Beardsley, Smith (as in Pook's dad),
Madden, Moultrop, Mathis, Hills, Galbraith, Bergdahl, Miller,
McCue, Gosney, Stratton, Dowis, Johnson, Albaugh, and others,
plus people who had to leave Hanford - Hereford, Schilling,
Hensley and George. I enjoyed reading it more than I can tell
you. I can only imagine what, as my mother called Richland -
"Jack-Ass Flats" - looked like in 1943. I'm sure that in 1943
that was an appropriate description. 

I hope you enjoy the book. It is available on Amazon.

-Jamie WORLEY (The Magic Class of '64) 
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)


Well, I must admit I have not seen a single event on the
Olympics. In fact, I've been tackling "chores" and reading a
book about Rocky Flats nuclear site in Colorado... now I'm
the first one to admit I would love to find anything to do
other than chores... but chores kinda force you to do them...
over the last year I have been saying I was going to fix some
bad grout in some floor tiles... They lie in areas that get
the most wear... this time I studied up on some of the "new"
grouts (prolly been around since the 1800s as far as I
know)... they are very nice to work with but clean up becomes
way more important... If I had done them as they occurred I
would not be so overwhelmed by them... but I have found that
if I pick a reasonable about to work on each day, I can also
do some of the more fun chores... like working on the car I
am doing for my daughter... I have never been one to just
throw money at things I can do myself... if I do not keep
busy I get very, very bored... I always marveled at one of my
law partners who always said "We pay people to do that"...
I'm sorry but if I can do it, why should we or I pay someone
else to do it? I figured if I could fix something in an hour
and cut overhead we were better off... same goes for home...
when I was at work alla time it was one thing, but now that i
am rather "unemployed", I'd much rather do it myself... hmm
where did all that dome from? Oh well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bill
ROE ('59), Vicki MOSLEY ('66) and Val GHIRADO ('72) on your
special day, February 14, 2018... Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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