Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/04/18
12 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO for 1 Bomber today:
Curt DONAHUE ('53), Mike CLOWES ('54)
Ken HEMINGER ('56), Dale ENNOR ('59)
Helen CROSS ('62), John ADKINS ('62)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), Linda REINING ('64)
Susie DILL ('64), David RIVERS ('65)
Pat DORISS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66)

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>>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53)

To: Several

According to the dictionary a clinker is a mass of
incombustible material that is in coal. It was on the 
internet so it must be true.

-Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco  
>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Re: Clinkers

As I understand them. Clinkers are formed from the various non-
combustible material found in coal. These materials would get
hot in the fire and fuse together. They needed to be removed to
allow for more room for coal. They, along with the soot found
in coal smoke, are good reason why not to burn coal. I will
spare you the lecture on various grades and kinds of coal.

And a hearty "Mush! You Huskies!" to the Iditarod racers. I
some one want to add "On, King!", that might be acceptable.

I always thought it was "Richard Diamond, Private Eye". Who was
better than "Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons." But not as
good as "Johnny Dollar, the man with the action packed expense

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where we 
	are experiencing moments of spring like weather. 
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>>From: Ken HEMINGER ('56)

Re: Iditarod

As there has been some talk of the upcoming Iditarod I'll add
this. The Iditarod -- to be honest -- isn't something high on
my list of priorities to keep up with. But... I saw in the
local fish wrapper this morning that one of our own from Great
Falls, MT will be among the mushers assembling in Anchorage, AK
to head for Nome, AK. His name is Brett Bruggeman, and he is a
newbie (or rookie as Maren put it.. *grin*) to Iditarod. He's
only been racing a few years, and all his races thus far have
been in the local "Race to the Sky" event which is a 300 mile
race that starts and ends in Lincoln, MT. He admits that
victory is not his goal. His goal is to finish. So, with him in
the race I wish him luck, and will keep tabs on his progress..

	[I will add Brett to the list of those I'm
	watching this year and I wondered when I saw his
	name if he is related to any of the Bruggeman boys
	who are all Bombers: Bill ('50-RIP), Del ('52),
	Earl ('53), Larry ('54), or Jim ('58)? -Maren]

-Ken HEMINGER ('56) ~ Great Falls, MT ~ Sunny and 26
>>From: Dale ENNOR ('59)

Re: Coal furnaces

he mention of coal "klinkers" and the behemoth furnaces that
heated many of the older houses in Richland brings back a
number of memories. The rumble created by the coal being
delivered through a basement window into a separate, walled off
compartment; the cat trying to avoid the noise of those
deliveries by crawling under the comforter of my parents' bed;
salvaging coal which had fallen off coal cars in the yard
between Wellsian Way and the wind break along what was Duane
Avenue. I recall toting some home in a gunney sack and selling
it my father for the price he paid the coal company: 9/10 per
pound! Don't recall how much I made.

The greatest benefit of the coal furnace, however, came during
high school. I slept in the unfinished basement and found
opening the furnace door a few inches created a draft up and
out the chimney-perfect for a late night "Lucky Strike" for a
teenager whose parents didn't know he smoked.

-Dale ENNOR ('59)
>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

First of all, happy belated birthday on 3/2 to John ADKINS
('62)... not sure our class would have get together if it
weren't for you. Hope you had a great day!!

Thanks for explaining what "clinkers" are, (were? Does anyone
heat with coal anymore?), I didn't remember the term and I am
older than you.

Scared me, Maren, the way I read the deaths and contributors

I love hearing about the Iditarod race each year, I still want
to go see it one year!!

We have daffodil and tulip leaves sprouting in our yard,
telling us spring is coming, at least we weren't hit with that
northeasterly s week ago, as we came back via Boston last
Wednesday... that would have surely messed up our arrival time
home... (when the trip is over, I'd just as soon get home).

Trying to get my brother, Roy CROSS ('65) be an usher at the
old Richland Theatre. I'd love to do it if I lived near the

That's it 

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ from me by the little lake in West 
	Harrison, IN where we have some great sunsets too!!
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>>From: John ADKINS ('62)

... for remembering my birthday...

Thanks to all the folks wishing me happy birthday.

My friend David sort of challenged me on "clinker".

My greatest memory of clinkers, comes from "The Christmas
Story". If you recall, "the old man" had a running battle with
"the Bumpaous Hounds", less than stellar tires for his car, and
"CLINKERRRRRRRS". (The clinkers The Old Man was referring to
was a mass of fused ash that remained after coal was burned in
the furnace.)

Our house, on the 1300 block of Williams, surly generated
clinkers, which was my job to get out of the ash box and into 
"the clinker pail", then get that pail out of the basement and
to the trash can. As I recall, that was a two handed deal just
to get pail off of the floor. Then a stagger step up the stairs
and out to where the garbage cans were. At my dad's directions,
the clinker pail had to cool for 24 hours before being dumped
into the garbage can.

I always felt a little pain for the garbage guys who had to
lift all of those cans with clinkers in them and hoist them
into the garbage truck.

-John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland  
>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Re: "REAL" start of Iditarod 2018 - Official Iditarod Site

All teams departed Anchorage on Saturday for the 11 mile (or
so) run to the Campbell Air Strip... then they go 90 minutes or
so by car to 

WILLOW (population 1700) - where the "REAL" race begins today,
Sunday at 2pm (Alaska time).

They drew numbers for starting position Thursday night and that
doesn't change from Saturday to Sunday. They will leave the
chute in Willow one every two minutes today until all are gone
and then THE RACE IS ON.

	I put a dot  after each of the 14 rookies
Pos 	Musher/Bib #
2 	Cody Strathe/2
3 	Mats Pettersson/3
4 	Anna Berington/4
5 	Shaynee Traska/5 
6 	Magnus Kaltenborn/6
7 	Ryan Redington/7
8 	Linwood Fiedler/8
9 	Rick Casillo/9
10 	Rob Cooke/10
11 	Wade Marrs/11
12 	Andy Pohl/12 
13 	Mitch Seavey/13
14 	Larry Daugherty/14
15 	Matt Hall/15 
16 	Meredith Mapes/16 
17 	Ray Redington Jr/17
18 	Michelle Phillips/18
19 	Misha Wiljes/19
20 	Kristy Berington/20
21 	Ramey Smyth/21
22 	Lev Shvarts/22
23 	Scott Janssen/23
24 	Anja Radano/24 
25 	Tom Schonberger/25 
26 	Allen Moore/26 
27 	Michael Williams, Jr/27 
28 	Martin Buser/28
29 	Richie Diehl/29 
30 	Peter Kaiser/30
31 	Aliy Zirkle/31
32 	Jim Lanier/32
33 	Joar Leifseth Ulsom/33
34 	Robert Redington/34
35 	Marcelle Fressineau/35 
36 	Jessie Royer/36 
37 	Brett Bruggeman/37 
38 	Charley Bejna/38
39 	DeeDee Jonrowe/39
40 	Jeff King/40
41 	Jessie Holmes/41 
42 	Tim Muto/42 
43 	Tom Knolmayer/43
44 	Tara Cicatello/44 
45 	Jeff Deeter/45
46 	Nicolas Petit/46
47 	Zoya DeNure/47 
48 	Monica Zappa/48
49 	Noah Pereira/49 
50 	Aaron Peck/50
51 	Katherine Keith/51
52 	Kelly Maixner/52
53 	Alan Eischens/53
54 	Ketil Reitan/54
55 	Matthew Failor/55
56 	Andrew Nolan/56 
57 	Dave Delcourt/57
58 	Emily Maxwell/58 
59 	Steve Watkins/59
60 	Travis Beals/60
61 	Lars Monsen/61
62 	Scott White/62
63 	Michi Konno/63 
64 	Aaron Burmeister/64
65 	Bradley Farquhar/65 
66 	Jason Stewart/66 
67 	Peter Fleck/67 
68 	Hugh Neff/68

Laura Neese 
Gerry Willomitzer
Dallas Seavey 
Michael Suprenant
Alex Buetow
Mary Helwig 
Jason Mackey
Cindy Gallea
Jason Campeau
John Baker

Don't even know who my favorite is. Only 3 past champions
running this year: Mitch Seavey drew lucky #13, Martin Buser is
running #28 and Jeff King starting at #40. Ken HEMINGER ('56)
is watching the guy from Montana, Brett Bruggeman who drew #37.
Maybe it's time for a woman to win... Aliy Zirkle pulled #31
and Jessie Royer pulled #36.

You've got Nick Petit and Pete Kaiser who are both always in
the hunt for their first win... and Joar from Norway has a
great team this year.

The pretty Berington twins are running again this year... a
twin win?? Prolly not, but that would be cool.

There are three Redingtons in the race this year... I think
they're all grandsons of the "Father of the Iditarod", Joe
Redington, Sr. (RIP).

And running last (#68) -- but definitely not least -- is the
Cat In The Hat dude, Hugh Neff.

Each sled has a GPS on it, so I can watch the little dots move
down the trail.. 

Will take most names off the list (till the very end anyway) 
and will just be watching 20 or 25.


Next stop 
YENTNA STATION (then 30 miles to Skwentna)
	Pop: 8 - Checkpoint at home of the Dan & Jean Gabryzack
	family. Most won't stop... 
SKWENTNA (then 40 miles to Finger Lk)
	Pop: 90 - Checkpoint at Joe & Norma Delia's 	log home,
	AKA the Post Office. There is a store and very limited
	lodging nearby.
	Leaders due in here around midnight Sunday. Lots stop 
	at least long enough for a piece of pie baked by the 
	"Skwentna Sweeties" every year

Stay tuned...

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ~ 71 at midnight
>>From: Linda REINING ('64)

Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49) mentioned old radio and TV shows --
brought back a lot of memories for me, too. I loved "Our Miss
Brooks" (Eve Arden); Burns and Allen were so funny - my mom
would have tears running down her face, from laughing so hard
at Gracie Allen; I can still hear Gildersleeve's laugh. I also
remember sitting around the radio and listening to "only the
shadow, knows -- thanks for bringing these memories back.

Thanks, too, for explaining what "clinkers" were -- we lived 
in a Ranch house, we burned presto logs. 

-Linda REINING ('64) ~ Kuna, ID  
>>From: Susie DILL Atlee ('64)

To: David RIVERS ('65)
	Terry DAVIS ('65)
	and Carol CONVERSE Maurer ('64)

Re: Clinkers

Here's an explanation from Google - 

	clinkers were bits of ash that fused together and
	became incombustible. They had to be removed
	occasionally so they wouldn't fill up the furnace.
	They looked sort of like lava rock. 

This is what I remember them looking like:

-Susie DILL Atlee ('64)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: a motley crew

It's quite a group we gots here today... we gots a comedian, my
career counselor after grageating and a Finkster who is not a
Bomber but will be known to many... now back ina day when 
we wanted our notebooks to look cooler we would get Jimmy
HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) to do the art work... well cartoon work...
Now Jimmy is one helluva cartoonist, a fantastic artist and a
number one pin striper... if ya ain't familiar with his fine
art... yer missin' a great deal... He moved on from note books
to jackets, vests and cars... In fact there is one of his
Jackets on the wall of the Spudnut shop (celebrating 70 years
soon)... now this kinda fits together cuz if it wuzn't for my
career adviser I might never have joined the Marine Corps...
Not sure what Jimmy's excuse was... Now bein' a Marine means
tattoos... fer Jimmy it means a whole buncha tattoos and fer me
it means 4... so far... Now one a my tattoos in a Rat Fink with
a bomber shirt on him... ... another is a bull dog kinda like
the one Jimmy came home with but different... (a whole story
behind that one)... oh it's still "Chesty" but with a different
hat... another is a Marine with a BAR or something in Vietnam..
now that one turned out to be another world class pin striper
and later one a my goodest friends, Magoo (Terry DAVIS ('65)
and Rick MADDY ('67) are very familiar with Magoo). Ya see it
happened like this... when Magoo grageated from the very first
class of Navy SEALS, the Finkster wanted to do a military
character... he had his young buddy, Magoo, dress in his
utilities and pose for what eventually came to be known as
"Gung Ho" (nuther long story)... now ya see goin' back to the
note books and stuff... one of the really cool shirts ta buy
back then were rat finks and other monsters the Finkster would
paint on t-shirts and sweat-shirts... they would be rare indeed
for Washington kids unless they were ordered through the
mail... well the Finkster passed several years ago but ever
since a bunch of us hit his house and enjoy the "Rat Fink
Reunion" and visit the grave yard at midnight and lay our 2
cents worth on his grave... so ya see how this all ties
together? Oh the Comedian? Well he likes Cadillacs... so he
fits right in... so gathering this all up we gotta big HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Terry WEBB ('62-RIP), Brad UPTON ('74) and Ed "Big
Daddy" Roth (NAB; RIP woulda been 86 this year) on your special
day, March 4, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65)

Re: Ladies of '65 March Lunch
WHEN: Friday, March 9th, 2018
TIME: 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
WHERE: Bob's Burgers & Drew, 2775 Duportail, Richland 

The March "Ladies of '65" Monthly Lunch will be held on Friday,
March 9th, at Bob's Burgers & Brew in south Richland. To get to
Bob's, take Exit 3 (the WalMart exit) off I-182 and stay in the
left lane. Turn left at the traffic light at Duportail and get
in the right lane. Bob's Burgers is a short ways down on the

If you'd like to join us, please contact me by Thursday and let
me know. Thank You!

-Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) ~ West Richland  
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Bomber Basketball ~ 3/3/18 Tri-City Herald

Unfortunately the Richland boys lost to Lewis and Clark 76-70
at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday. The Bombers took 5th place.
Gonzaga Prep beat Federal Way on Saturday to take 1st place.

On Thursday Richland beat Kamiak (out of Mukilteo) 72-42 in the
quarterfinal game. 

On Friday Richland lost in overtime to Gonzaga Prep in a
heartbreaker 53-50.

So proud of our Bombers!!!

Re: Hanford Basketball ~ 3/2/18 Tri-City Herald


	"The Hanford boys basketball team was named the
	WIAA's Academic State Champion for the 4A division
	with a 3.64 GPA.

	The WIAA recognizes the team in each sport with
	the highest GPA among all high schools in each
	enrollment classification.

	'These student-athletes work hard in the classroom
	and in the gym,' Hanford athletic director Eric
	Davis said. 'Winning a state academic title is an
	outstanding accomplishment.'

	The Falcons are coached by Paul Mayer. Team
	members include Jared DeVINE ('19), David GOSNEY
	('19), Garrett HORNER ('19), Dan IZQUIERDO ('19),
	Conner MILLIKEN ('19), Mitchell POWERS ('19),
	Jared ROBINSON ('18), Luke SUTEY ('19), Blake
	VANDERTOP ('19) and Connor WOODWARD ('19)."

Congratulations, Falcons!

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
********************** MEMORIAL INFO ************************
not a memorial - only INFO today

Don CAMPBELL ('70wb-RIP) ~ 6/18/51 - 2/21/18 

Friends and Family Gathering/Open House hosted by Kim Webb
 Sunday, March 4th, 2-5pm
 78902 E. Canyon Meadow Dr, Kennewick from
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