Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/05/18
6 Bombers sent stuff and heard about 3 Bomber deaths today:
Mike CLOWES ('54), Tobe ROBERTS ('61)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), Carol CONVERSE ('64)
Terry DAVIS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66)

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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

I certainly hope the "clinker" problem has been settled. Didn't
have that problem in North Richland, as the house was heated by
an oil stove. The pre-fab on Sanford was heated by electricity.
Definitely no clinkers there.

It is important to note that today we celebrate a Bomber
birthday. He was, back then, a well rounded sort of a fellow.
Participated in sports and student government. Yeah, and he
also reigned as Tolo King. I mean, who knew, right.

A tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" to
fellow classmate Pat O'BRYAN ('54). Have a frosty one, but not
too many as you are getting older whether you think so or not.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where, if
	this mild weather keeps up, I may have to mow the lawn. 
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>>From: Tobe ROBERTS Taylor ('61)

I am sorry to tell you that my brother-in-law Gordon L. Taylor
(1969) passed away very suddenly Friday, March 2, in Las Vegas.
This city was the home base for the trucking company he drove
for and the residence of his only child, Eric. Although he
passed a company physical in December he died from a heart
attack. He will be missed by all of us.

-Tobe ROBERTS Taylor ('61)
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>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Re: 2018 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - Official Iditarod Site

Next Checkpoint:
FINGER LAKE (30 miles to Rainy Pass)
  Finger Lake Pop: 2 - Checkpoint is at Winter Lake Lodge
  nobody there yet, but Live cam already active.

INTO SKWENTNA (then 40 miles to Finger Lk)
	Pop: 90 - Checkpoint at Joe & Norma Delia's 	log home,
	AKA the Post Office. There is a store and very limited
	lodging nearby.
	Leaders due in here around midnight Sunday. Lots stop 
	at least long enough for a piece of pie baked by the 
	"Skwentna Sweeties" every year
1 Ray Redington Jr/17
2 Mats Pettersson/3
3 Mitch Seavey/13
4 Ryan Redington/7
5 Scott Janssen/23
6 Wade Marrs/11
7 Charley Benja/38
8 Aliy Zirkle/31

OUT OF YENTNA STATION (then 30 miles to Skwentna)
	Pop: 8 - Checkpoint at home of the Dan & Jean Gabryzack
	family. Most won't stop... 
9 Cody Strathe/2
10 Linwood Fiedler/8
11 Anna Berington/4
12 Rick Casillo/9
13 Andy Pohl/12	
14 Shaynee Traska/5 
15 Michelle Phillips/18
17 Kristy Berington/20
18 Richie Diehl/29
19 Peter Kaiser/30
22 Ramey Smyth/21 (pronounced Smith - No relation)
23 Joar Leifseth Ulsom/33
24 Jim Lanier/32
25 Jessie Royer/36
27 Robert Redington/34
28 Brett Bruggeman/37 
29 DeeDee Jonrowe/39
30 Nicolas Petit/46
31 Monica Zappa/48
35 Allen Moore/26
39 Aaron Burmeister/64
42 Hugh Neff/68
43 Martin Buser/28	

52 Jeff King/40

55 Matthew Failor/55

Stay tuned...

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ~ 65 at 1:30am
>>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64)

To: Susie DILL Atlee ('64) 

Re: Clinkers

Thank you to you and many others of their remembrances of
"Clinkers". My dad must have done the cleaning out of the
furnace while I was in school. I never was down in the
basement, though, until later grade school. By then, we weren't
using coal. Don't remember what we used. I do remember my dad
making the coal room into my play room. My mom put curtains up
and the room was a pretty painted color. Don't remember the
color now, but I really liked it. Spent hours playing in the
room then.

-Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick where 
	the wind quit blowing so much yesterday and the sun was 
	out. Drove up to Wenatchee to see my daughter and 
	grandkids. Was a perfect day to travel. 
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

Re: My friend Roy

To: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

Helen, I saw your name and have seen it before, and I had no
idea you are the sister of my good friend Roy CROSS ('65).
Miles L, I believe is his official name.

What a wonderful friend he was to me, your little brother, Roy.
In college and for a year or so afterwards, Roy and I were
close friends with Scott Clark and his younger brother Greg. We
argued, we laughed, we gossiped and we griped.

We liked and disliked each other at the same time. We played
basketball games that had us hating and frothing at the mouth.
We saw each other almost every day.

After college, one night in Eugene, Oregon, Roy took a
Greyhound Bus down from Corvallis to try to talk some sense
into me about some of the life-squandering activities I was
engaged in. I mean, he actually and truly went way out of his
way to help me, and I've never forgotten that. He even tried 
to help me pass micro-economics, without success.

A smart guy, your brother. Smart as hell. Funny and at times
mean-witted. A good athlete. I once cost him a no-hitter in the
7th inning of a Colt-league game by loafing after an easy fly
ball in the outfield and missing it. I don't blame him for
never forgiving me.

Where is my friend Roy CROSS ('65) now? Is he well? May I have
his number?

Warmest regards,
-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
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>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Bryan WINSTON ('03) ~ Tri-City Herald


	By Annie Fowler ~

	"Bryan WINSTON ('03) reminisced about his playing
	days at Richland High School on Friday as his
	Community Colleges of Spokane baseball team
	prepared to hit in the batting cages at Bomber Field.

	With snow still on the ground and more falling
	Friday in Spokane, WINSTON called former high
	school teammate Grant RICHARDSON ('01) to see if
	his team could stop by on their way to Clackamas
	Community College, where they played Saturday and
	will again Sunday. No problem, the Richland coach said.

	'We practiced outside for two weeks straight,"
	said WINSTON, noting the nice February weather in
	Spokane. 'We took our team picture on a Tuesday,
	then woke up to 7 inches of snow the next morning.
	It's slowly melting, but it's been a week and a
	half. We are working out at a place called the
	Warehouse, but we have to work around Gonzaga's

	WINSTON, who graduated in 2003, played second base for 
	the Bombers under Hall of Fame coach Ben JACOBS ('69).

	His baseball career continued at Spokane, and then
	at Gonzaga University, where he finished his playing
	career in 2008.

	WINSTON, 32, was hired to coach the Sasquatch last
	summer. His team won its first two games last
	weekend against Big Bend 18-4 and 13-7.

	'After I finished at Gonzaga, I came back to the
	Falls,' WINSTON said. 'I started as an unpaid

	He garnered a paid assistant job five years ago,
	and now he runs the show.

	'Crazy how all that works,' he said.

	WINSTON, who has a master's degree in secondary
	education from Gonzaga, teaches three classes at
	CCS - stress management, diversity in sports and
	leadership dynamics, which is geared to those who
	want to become personal trainers, or those who
	want to own their own gym.

	WINSTON said he will be working to get more Tri-
	City players on his roster. Right now, he has
	pitcher Bradley Poletski from Hanford High School.
	For next season, he has commitments from
	Kamiakin's Chase Grillo and Conner Banta.

	Remembering his roots

	WINSTON and his wife, Jess, get back to the Tri-
	Cities as often as they can, but mainly during the
	holidays. Now that they have a son, Scott, who is
	almost a month old, those visits might be more

	'I have a lot of family who still live there,'
	WINSTON said.

	Including his uncle, Mike NEIHOLD ('77), the
	Richland High football coach.

	WINSTON also tries to keep in touch with his
	former Richland teammates.

	'I just worked a camp with Travis BUCK ('02) in
	mid-January,' he said. 'We spent 2 1/2 days side-
	by-side again. That was cool.'"

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
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Heard about Bomber death #37 in 2018 today:

Dick LOCKWOOD ('51-RIP) ~ 10/14/33 - 2/26/18 
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Heard about Bomber death #38 in 2018 today:

Jane ROLLISON Hightower ('52-RIP) ~ 2/9/34 - 1/16/18 
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Heard about Bomber death #39 in 2018 today:

>> Gordon TAYLOR ('69-RIP) ~ ??/??/?? - 3/2/18

See entry from Tobe ROBERTS Taylor ('61) above.
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