Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/08/18
6 Bombers sent stuff and heard about a Bomber death today:
Richard ROBERTS ('49), Mike CLOWES ('54)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), David RIVERS ('65)
Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66)

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>>From: Richard ROBERTS ('49)

Re: Coal Bin

What I remember about the coal bin in the basement of our "B"
house, 1524 Goethals: We sophomore/junior boys had a party 
in our basement, white washed the block walls, crepe paper
decorations, dim lights, waxed floors, a record player; we
invited the girls, danced and played spin the bottle. The
kissing couple retreated around the furnace next to the COAL
BIN away from prying eyes. OMG, that was a long time ago...
good memory. 

-Richard ROBERTS ('49)
>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

So as to not fully confuse anyone, yes I did mow the lawn.
That task has been made a little easier since I got a Cub Cadet
a while back. With previous mowers I had not only been the
guidance system, but also the main propulsion system. With the
new one, I am still the guidance system and more like the bow
thrusters than any propulsion system. Got the lawn done just in
time for the forecasted rain.

As for cherry bombs in an ash can, ok. I preferred M-80s, an
empty beer can and a mud puddle.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where not 
	only have the daffodils blossomed, but the daisies have
	shown up along with a dandelion or two. 
>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Re: 2018 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - Official Iditarod Site

Joar (pronounced your) is in first place in Iditarod...
PROBABLY taking his mandatory 24 hour rest. Mitch arrived at
Takotna 3/6/18 at 21:45:00. IF he is taking his mandatory 24
hour rest he won't be able to depart Takotna until 3/7/18
22:01:00 (Alaska time) which has 26 minutes added to his time
in (that's bib #13 x 2). No. WAIT! That's backwards...
NEVERMIND! YOU try to figure it out!!! HA!

ANYWAY, most appear to be stopped/resting for the moment.

Next Checkpoint:
OUT OF SHAGELUK (25 miles to Anvik)
  Shageluk Pop: 139 - The name is an Ingalik Indian name 
  meaning "village of the dog people." Adolph Hamilton,
  helped race organizers find the original trail to
  Iditarod, even though he had only been over it once 
  before with his father as a small boy. 
  Checkpoint is in the community hall.
INTO SHAGELUK (mile 486)

OUT OF IDITAROD (55 miles to Shageluk)
  Iditarod Pop: 0 - This ghost town, once a community 
  of over 10,000 - the heart of the Iditarod Mining
  District - from whence the trail got its name. Dog 
  teams hauled supplies and mail into this area and were 
  then laden with gold for their return trip out. Between
  1908 and 1925, about $35 million in gold was taken from
  this area. At that time, gold was worth around $20 an 
  Ounce. Iditarod IS the official half-way point on the
  southern trail.
INTO IDITAROD (mile 432)
1 Joar Leifseth Ulsom/33 

OUT OF OPHIR (80 miles to Iditarod)
2 Lars Monsen/61
3 Larry Daugherty/14
4 Jeff King/40 

INTO OPHIR (mile 352)
5 Hugh Heff/68
7 Martin Buser/28	
10 Anna Berington/4 
11 Kristy Berington/20 

OUT OF TAKOTNA (23 miles to Ophir)
INTO TAKOTNA (mile 329)
13 Mitch Seavey/13 
14 Ray Redington Jr/17 
15 Jessie Royer/36
16 Linwood Fiedler/8 
17 Aliy Zirkle/31
18 Richie Diehl/29 
19 Peter Kaiser/30 
20 Mats Pettersson/3 
21 Michelle Phillips/18 
22 Kelly Maixner/52
24 Ramey Smyth/21 
27 Matt Failor/55 
30 Charley Benja/38
31 Jim Lanier/32
32 Brett Bruggeman/37 
33 Scott Janssen/23 
36 Allen Moore/26

OUT OF McGRATH (18 miles to Takotna)
37 Monica Zappa/48 

INTO McGRATH (mile 311)
38 Nic Petit/46 
39 Wade Marrs/11 
40 Ryan Redington/7 
41 Aaron Burmeister/64 
42 Robert Redington/34 
43 Rick Casillo/9 

OUT OF NIKOLAI (48 miles to McGrath)
INTO NIKOLAI (mile 263)
65 Tara Cicatello/44

Stay tuned...

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ~ 52 at 1:30am
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: classmates... uh... er

Yup, today we gots classmates celebrating b-days... well,
kinda... I mean considering the Bomber dude is my age and the
Bomber-babe was my Girlfriend, Nancy MIDDLETON's ('67-RIP)
goodest friend... In fact, the first time I met this dude I
thunk he was about 21 years old... I think it was around noon
and he hadn't shaved yet (again) that day... prolly waited till
afternoon to make the second pass with the razor... but I will
say he had one a the best jet black DAs around with the most
perfect Buddy Holly curl I've seen in person... now if'n ya
wanna talk about cars... this guy has a nick-name "Doc 40"...
meaning he may know more about '40 Fords than anyone I will
ever know... now for a while he turned into what I like to call
a "Honda-boy"... he didn't really ride a Honda... he wrote a
full size Harley... but as he rode he could be heard singing
the Beach Boys Honda song... hey I don't make this stuff up, ya
know... Lately he's been neglecting the '40 Ford he got while
we were at Col-Hi for a little white Vette... now when he got
the '40, I'm pretty darned sure he wasn't a class mate of the
Bomber-babe b-day girl... yet... now how you ask did he become
her class mate? Not only does this guy know more about cars
than I will in my entire life-time but he is also very sneaky
and very crafty... now there was a time I woulda said that
Jimbeaux ('63) was the top troller of Bomber-babes in all of
Col-Hi history... but with the advent of this kid's move from
Ideho (driving on a farm license)... Jimbeaux was about to
retire... besides he'd been caught by the ever young and lovely
('65) so his career was concluding... Oh did I mention this kid
also cheated me outa a beautiful full custom '46/'47 Ford?
Traded me for a rat trap '46 Chevy piece a junk with no
reverse... well, anyway, this kid figured out how ta go from
"65 alla way to '67 so he could spent more time at Col-Hi...
something I still dream about... as far as I was concerned... I
woulda stayed at Col-hi another ten years if I coulda... ah but
that was then and this is now... so now he has the fame and I
just gotta wish... So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan SHEPARD ('67) and
Jimmie ADAIR ('65-'67) on your special day, March 8, 2018!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65)

Happy Birthday to my brother, Jim ADAIR ('66). Hope your day is
a great one. Don't light those candles Dood! You will set off
all the smoke alarms from your cake to Kiona.

>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Jim HOUSE ('63) ~ Court of Dreams ~ Tri-City Herald

	By Annie Fowler


	"Jim HOUSE ('63) and Ray STEIN ('64) love
	basketball. They love playing the sport. They
	REALLY love talking about it.

	All-time greats at Richland High School, the two
	former Bombers honed their game on local courts:
	at schools, in their backyards, and at Columbia

	A recent trip down memory lane had the two
	stopping at the historic courts just below the
	high school. What they saw was disappointing.

	'They looked the same as when we played on them 60
	years ago,' said STEIN, who now lives in Spokane.
	'Everything there looks great, except for the
	basketball courts. Jim's timing is perfect.'

	HOUSE, 73, a 1963 Richland grad and captain of the
	basketball team, donated $50,000 on Feb. 20 to the
	city of Richland to help renovate the basketball
	courts at Columbia Playfield.

	'This is my community,' said HOUSE, who also lives
	in Spokane. 'They were in such disrepair. I honed
	my skills on these courts, and that led to a
	collegiate career of modest achievement.'

	HOUSE's sense of humor is captivating; it often
	leaves STEIN shaking his head.

	'I have been looking for a place to put my
	ashes,"'HOUSE said, noting the soon-to-be
	renovated courts. 'This is the place. I don't want
	my obituary published. I don't want a funeral, but
	I told Ray if he wanted to get the guys together
	for a hot dog and a Coke, and talk about my
	greatest moves, that would be OK.'

	Richland Parks and Public Facilities Director Joe
	Schiessl said the donation was generous and will
	be put to good use.

	'It was unexpected,' Schiessl said. 'Occasionally
	we get these surprise calls that help us reflect
	on how great this community is. When the weather
	turns nice, we can get it on the schedule. It will
	be a summer project.'

	Schiessl said the donation should cover the entire
	project, which includes a new playing surface and
	basketball hoops, and to get the court lights back
	up and running. Oh, and one minor ask.

	'He requested that the colors reflect that of
	Richland High School,' Schiessl said.

	'I wish we had renovation and maintenance money to
	keep our facilities as we would like. Now it's
	their time because his generous donation.'

	One of the Bomber Greats

	Back in the early 1960s, Richland boys basketball
	was the prime entertainment in town, if not the
	Mid-Columbia. Fans would pack the gym to watch
	coach Art Dawald's team's play.

	'John MEYERS ('58) and Norris BROWN ('57) are the
	only two players who played more games for Art
	than I did,' HOUSE said. 'I am proud of that. That
	meant a lot to me.'

	'When Art retired (1970), I was in Vietnam. He
	told the Herald his favorite players were John
	MEYERS ('58) Norris BROWN ('57), Ray STEIN ('64),
	C.W. BROWN ('58) and Jim HOUSE ('63). That was special.'

	HOUSE led the Bombers to state in 1962 and '63,
	where they placed third both times.

	'Back then, if you didn't win, you were a loser,'
	said HOUSE, who was 6-foot-3 in high school and
	stands 6-5 today. 'In Art Dawald's offense I was a
	forward. I was a bundle of energy and a hard
	worker. I was a hot dog.'

	HOUSE had a basketball hoop at his home growing up
	and spent endless hours on his shot.

	'I would be out there until midnight shooting
	hoops,' he recalled. 'My mom would ask me if I had
	homework. I told her I would get a scholarship if
	I could hit a 16-foot jumper. I got a scholarship
	to University of Washington.'

	While HOUSE had the tools on the court, academically 
	he struggled at UW.

	'I didn't finish my first year,' he said. 'I
	dropped out. I was given another chance at BYU.
	I played one season after a redshirt year. Even
	though I didn't get a lot of minutes, I got a lot
	out of it. I played at Madison Square Garden and
	against Hall of Fame coaches.'

	HOUSE would leave BYU for the Marines (1967-71),
	where he reached the rank of captain. He also
	earned a bronze star for valor in 1970.

	After his stint in the Marines, he went back to
	BYU, got his degree and worked for Exxon as an auditor.

	'It took four years in the Marine Corps to get my
	head on straight,' House said.

	Living the retired life

	When HOUSE retired, he looked up STEIN and decided
	to move to Spokane so they could play ball
	together again. That was 18 years ago.

	'We got involved in a senior league,' HOUSE said.
	'I didn't realize there was a cult out there for
	older basketball players. I played for a few years
	before Parkinson's came along (in 2012) and
	screwed up my free throw.'

	With HOUSE on the sidelines, STEIN still plays
	twice a week. Full court.

	'They play at Whitworth at 6 in the morning,'
	HOUSE said. 'He picks me up afterward and we go
	out to breakfast so he can tell me how good he is.'

	STEIN, who played basketball at Washington State,
	said he and HOUSE have a great time together.

	'Jim has a good wit about him,' STEIN said. 'You
	are thankful for what you have at our age. It's
	fun to have a childhood friend to share

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland where "Spring is in 
	the air". 
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Heard about Bomber death #41 in 2018 today:

Eric HARVEY ('71wb-RIP) ~ 12/13/52 - 3/1/18 
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