Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/09/18
 RED SHIRT FRIDAY - till ALL our troops come home 
7 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO today:
Ron WALLACE ('62), Donna BOWERS ('63)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), David RIVERS ('65)
Terry DAVIS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66)
Brad WEAR ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig WYSS ('66) 

03/09/96 Wendy Remembered:

WEEKLY BOMBER LUNCH: Mostly '52ers, Noon, Sterling's Queensgate 

Spring Forward TOMORROW morning at 2am- change clocks, cameras,
 coffee pot

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>>From: Ron WALLACE ('62)

Re: New post about old radio and clinkers

I have something to say about both old radio programs and
clinkers. I remember them both from my life in the first "A"
house on the left in Riche Court.

I recall many a night listening to Charlie McCarthy and other
radio shows in bed with my brother (when we should have been
asleep). I still hear Charlie McCarthy in my car and on my
mobile devices, along with all those other great shows, because
I subscribe to Sirius/XM satellite radio. The Radio Classics
channel (148) runs all the old shows back to pre-WWII. (The
commercials are awful; you have to switch to NPR or Fox from
time to time.) Sorry for the plug, but I thought everyone ought
to know what's out there.

Then there's clinkers. For many years (until we switched to oil
about '57, I think), I and the sibs were awakened early on
winter mornings by a clanking noise emitting from the bedroom
hot air register. It was the sound of our dad cranking on the
furnace grate to get rid of the clinkers before lighting or
reviving the coal fire. Of course the older male sibs had to
attend to the clinkers from time to time as well. "Taking out
the ashes" (break up the clinkers, shovel ashes into the can,
schlep the can to the street for pickup) was one of the chores
comprising the informal, unwritten "allowance" agreement.

When we converted to oil heat, I got the coal bin. I moved all
electronic hobby stuff that had occupied the cubby under the
basement stairs into the coal bin, and it eventually became my
amateur radio "ham shack", the location (QTH) of call sign

-Ron WALLACE ('62) ~ from Fort Myers, FL where the weather 
	remains balmy in spite of nor'easters far to the north.
>>From: Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63)

Reading the Jim HOUSE ('63) article, a million miles from
home... well, it feels like it anyway. St. Louis Is 2/3 of the
way across the US... just made me so proud!!! Jim has always
been a quality person, the very BEST of our Gold Medal Class 
of '63, so thank you Jim for your donation. Both Jim + Ray
bring such wonderful memories of good guys that are so typical
of our Bombers. Thank you, guys, for reminding me of what REAL
leadership looks like. Your humble TRUTH is SO needed at all
leadership levels, esp. In this day and age. Having lived
several places in the US, one finds that not all places are
like Richland, by a lot. So thanks most of all for reminding 
me that where we grew up, we were engendered with the "right
stuff" as we grew up and may it rub off on the places we find
ourselves in. BOMBER PRIDE - thanks Ray + Jim!

-Donna BOWERS Rice (GMC '63) ~ in the cold Midwest, where any 
	minute it will be 65, then 30 2 hours later.
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>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Re: 2018 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - Official Iditarod Site

MOST have now taken their mandatory 24 hour rest... so more 
like racing now.

Next Checkpoint:
OUT OF ANVIK (18 miles to Grayling)
  Anvik Pop: 82 - first checkpoint on the Yukon River. 
  Church bell signals the arrival of the 1st musher. 
  There are 2 two stores. Checkpoint is in the lodge. 
  limited accommodations. 
INTO ANVIK (mile 512)

OUT OF SHAGELUK (25 miles to Anvik)
  Shageluk Pop: 139 - The name is an Ingalik Indian name 
  meaning "village of the dog people." Adolph Hamilton,
  helped race organizers find the original trail to
  Iditarod, even though he had only been over it once 
  before with his father as a small boy. 
  Checkpoint is in the community hall.
INTO SHAGELUK (mile 486)

OUT OF IDITAROD (55 miles to Shageluk)
1 Nic Petit/46 w/14 dogs
2 Mitch Seavey/13 w/13 dogs
3 Joar Leifseth Ulsom/33 w/15 dogs
4 Richie Diehl/29 w/13 dogs
5 Jessie Royer/36 w/14 dogs
6 Ray Redington Jr/17 w/15 dogs

INTO IDITAROD (mile 432)
7 Lars Monsen/61
8 Jeff King/40 
9 Larry Daugherty/14
10 Linwood Fiedler/8 
11 Aaron Burmeister/64 
12 Pete Kaiser/30 
13 Wade Marrs/11 
14 Hugh Heff/68
15 Aliy Zirkle/31
16 Mats Pettersson/3 
17 Kelly Maixner/52
20 Matt Failor/55 
23 Ramey Smyth/21 
24 Robert Redington/34 
25 Rick Casillo/9 
27 Ryan Redington/7 

OUT OF OPHIR (80 miles to Iditarod)
28 Michelle Phillips/18 
29 Martin Buser/28	
33 Charley Benja/38
34 Anna Berington/4 
36 Jim Lanier/32
38 Scott Janssen/23
40 Kristy Berington/20 
45 Allen Moore/26

INTO OPHIR (mile 352)
46 Monica Zappa/48 
48 Brett Bruggeman/37 

OUT OF TAKOTNA (23 miles to Ophir)
INTO TAKOTNA (mile 329)

OUT OF McGRATH (18 miles to Takotna)
INTO McGRATH (mile 311)
65 Tom Schonberger/25

Stay tuned...

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ~ 65 at am
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Bombers Rule!

Wow, today we got a girl I swooned over from Jr Hi on and a
great guy who actually shared the number 10 with Ray STEIN
(different sport) and has recently noted Johnnie REED ('63) 
was one of his best friends... lately I have been listening 
to Tommy James' show on Sirius radio on Sunday afternoons... 
I gotta say that he was always one of my favorites during 
the mid and late '60s... now some of you may not realize he
graduated in '65... In '66 he would have his first huge hit...
what I find interesting is that one of his biggest hits was
recorded in '64 while he was still in HS (Boney Money) which
failed to be noticed until some DJ unearthed it and it became
another huge hit in '68... now what the hell is this guy
rambling on about Tommy James for you ask... well, back in '90
the '65ers were having their 25th reunion... sitting out 
in the lobby of the old DI was a long haired rock n roller I
recognized. He was sitting with his head down as though he was
not totally happy about sitting in the lobby of an old hotel 
in Richland, Washington... I wandered over and asked what was
going on with him... he said his own 25th reunion was going on
that night and he was missing it... so before he hadda go down
to the Park for his gig, I invited him to pop in for a few
minutes and the rest is history... well ok, maybe not history...
ok maybe ya hadda be there... ... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jim
STECKLINE ('63) and Pam PANTHER ('65) on your special day,
March 9, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

Re: Jim ADAIR ('66) and m'Jeep

I got this Jeep. 2000 Cherokee Sport. Red. Nothing fancy, but
fine and not for sale. Nope. I've had cars before, a bunch of
them, and some of them even snooty special. But I just have
this feeling that my Jeep is gonna be the one that walks me

I was stopped at the light on Van Giesen and the freeway there,
headed east, when BAM!! I got nailed from behind.

Okay okay okay. Nice lady, very very sorry. Are you alright?
yeah yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. But my Jeep is NOT. And her
insurance just wants to total it, give me money, and sell the
Jeep for parts or something and send me on my way.

But Mr. Knox, your vehicle isn't worth what it would cost
to fix it.
But Mr. Knox... 

I called my buddy, Jim ADAIR ('66) with hands of a surgeon.

Well okay, it wasn't easy. Even when we threw some of the
insurance money at it. But Jim was on his computer and in and
out of every junk yard from here to Moses Lake, and eventually
he got the job done and m'Jeep is back on the road. And it's
looking better than ever, too, even though it's rear end looks
a little better than it's front. But how many of us can say

So Happy Birthday, Jim ADAIR. And thank you.

Re: Play - Opening night: hint hint

Re: Play - Opens tonight

Re: Gregor HANSON ('65) & Neil

At T/Mobile Arena, watching Pac 12 tournament

-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
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>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: John CLEMENT ('66)

John asked me to share that he has a 50-year exhibit at Allied
Arts Gallery at 89 Lee Blvd. in Richland for the month of
March. Over 100 hundred pieces are on exhibit, and one whole
section is dedicated to Rattlesnake Mountain.

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
>>From: Brad WEAR ('71)

Re; Ric HARVEY ('71-RIP)

Really sad to hear Eric "Ric" HARVEY passed away. Really 
going to miss him. He was truly a free spirit. We were polar
opposites in several areas, but always good friends. Truly a

-Brad WEAR ('71) ~ in quite nice Plano, TX
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********************** MEMORIAL INFO ************************
not a memorial - only INFO today

Dick LOCKWOOD ('51-RIP) ~ 10/14/33 - 2/26/18 

Rosary: TOMORROW, Saturday, March 10, 2018, 10am
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Kennewick
 followed by a Funeral Mass at 11am
********************** MEMORIAL INFO ************************
not a memorial - only INFO today

>> Ric HARVEY ('71wb-RIP) ~ 12/13/52 - 3/1/18

Services: TOMORROW, Saturday, March 10, 2018, 10am
 Christ the King Catholic Church, Richland 
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