Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/13/18
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3 Bombers sent stuff today:
Jim HAMILTON ('63)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)
David RIVERS ('65)

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>>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63)

Assuming I'm not the only one listening to Podcasts, I would
highly recommend "The Seattle Files" and Episode #56, "Louie,

It's an hour on the song, with all kinds of interesting facts
regarding the "true meaning of the lyrics" and other minutia.
One item I found most enlightening was that the song as
recorded by the Kingsmen, shot up to number two on the
Billboard Charts in December of 1963, stayed there for a couple
of weeks, but could never muster the gas to surpass #1, which
for a great portion of the time was "Dominique" by The Singing
Nun. Not an easy song to dance to with lyrics worthy of Kyu

I gotta go

-Jim HAMILTON ('63)
>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Re: Dallas Seavey Update Norway's Iditarod (Finnmarksløpet)

He's in first place

Re: 2018 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - Official Iditarod Site

Only THREE have NOT taken their mandatory 8 hour rest on the 
Yukon River.

Re: Locals

Local residents watch Nic Petit from the frozen Yukon river
bank watch run down the Yukon River as he approaches the Kaltag
village checkpoint on Saturday evening, March 10th during the
2018 Iditarod Sled Dog Race -- Alaska. Photo by Jeff
Schultz/ (C) 2018 all rights reserved.
Villagers KNOW when there is a musher coming... they have a
network of warnings... I heard somewhere that one village
whistles to each other... and they all come out to see the
first musher... some come out to see EVERY musher thru their
village. This group looks like pre teens.

Joar is in the lead... with Nic and Mitch on his heels
should he falter... 

Look for a winner sometime TODAY..

Re: Safety to Nome - 22 miles
	Nome Kennel Club's Fastest Time From Safety to Nome 
	(must be in the top 20): $500.00 prize
	fastest: 2:04 (Cim Smyth in '07) 
	Other winners:
	Ramey Smyth - 7 wins: '13,'09,'03,'02,'01,'97,'95
	Cim Smyth - 4 wins: '08,'07,'06,'96
	Rick Mackey - 5 wins: '99,'91,'89,'88,'81
	Nic Petit ~ 2 wins: '17,'16
	Jessie Royer '14
	Wade Marrs '15

	NOME (Mile 998)
	SAFETY (mile 976 ~ 22 miles to Nome)
	WHITE MOUNTAIN ((mile 921 - 55 miles to Safety)
	mandaory 8 hour rest at White Mountain
	ELIM (mile 875 ~ 46 miles to White Mountain)

	OUT OF KOYUK (mile 827 ~ 48 miles to Elim)
1 Joar Leifseth Ulsom/33 
2 Nic Petit/46
3 Mitch Seavey/13

4 Ray Redington Jr/17
5 Pete Kaiser/30

	OUT OF SHAKTOOLIK (Mile 777 ~ 50 miles to Koyuk)
6 Travis Beals/60.
7 Wade Marrs/11 
8 Ramey Smyth/21 
9 Linwood Fiedler/8 
10 Richie Diehl/29
11 Matt Hall/15• (MAYbe Rookie of the Year?) 
12 Aaron Burmeister/64 
13 Matt Failor/55 
14 Jessie Royer/36
15 Kelly Maixner/52
17 Aliy Zirkle/31
19 Michelle Phillips/18 
20 Mats Pettersson/3 
21 Hugh Heff/68

22 Lars Monsen/61

	OUT OF UNALAKLEET (mile 737 ~ 40 miles to Shaktoolik) 
25 Jeff King/40 
2226 Martin Buser/28 
28 Anna Berington/4 
29 Rick Casillo/9 
31 Charley Benja/38
32 Larry Daugherty/14
	OUT OF KALTAG (mile 652 ~ 85 miles to Unalakleet)    
34 Jim Lanier/32
36 Kristy Berington/20 
43 Brett Bruggeman/37• 
44 Monica Zappa/48 

45 Scott Janssen/23

	OUT OF GRAYLING (MILE 530 ~ 130 miles to Kaltag)
59 Allen Moore/26

	INTO GRAYLING (mile 530)
62 Tom Schonberger/25•

Another Scratch: Ryan Redington/7. Only 1 of three Redingtons
still in the race. Ray, Jr. is currently running around 5th
place. Ryan Redington has scratched at Kaltag in the" best
interest of the health and welfare of his team". He had eleven
dogs in harness at the time of his scratch.

Stay tuned...

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA 51° at 3am (DST!!)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Maybe

I need to learn to pay better attention... Now I am aware that
several months ago we turned our clocks back an hour... for the
most part it didn't cause me any real heart burn... I seldom
have to be anywhere at any certain time except maybe lunch and
breakfast with the delinquents... Maybe every other month I
hafta do a buncha asbestos meditations and a couple of large
arbitrations a year... oh and there are a couple of trips to
Richland, but by and large I'm cool with time... now I also
never pay attention to Holidays (other than the biggies) and
dates such as the dates the clocks are changed... so... ever
since the clocks were set back I've been meaning to reset on
kinda inconveniently placed clock... I finally got off my ass,
I think maybe the 1st or 2nd of March, and changed that stupid
clock... It will probably remain an hour off till maybe a day
or two before time to change it again... so what's that gotta
do with today's B-day Bomber-babe? Not one single thing...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol SLEDGE ('63)... on your special day,
March 13, 2018... and, see ya in September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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not a memorial - only INFO today

Bob GRAHAM ('68-RIP) ~ 2/23/48 - 3/6/18 

Visitation: TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 5pm - 8pm
 Mueller's Tri-Cities Funeral Home, 1401 S. Union, Kennewick

Graveside: Thursday March, 2018, 2pm
 Desert Lawn Memorial Park, 1401 S. Union St, Kennewick
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