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	Heard about three Bomber deaths,  
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David RIVERS ('65)
Shirley COLLINGS ('66)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Dale and Gale GUNTER ('69)

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>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: That was the trip that was...

Well, I can now say I've been up the river without no undies...
Because Agilent has changed its routine, they now fly into
Richland on Friday and back to Vegas on Monday... makes no
damned sense to me but it ain't my airline... so I was reduced
to doing it the "old fashioned" way... Up on Alaska and back on
Delta with nice long layovers each way... now the layovers
became the least of my worries very early on... I was up at 4 
on Friday morning and headed to the Airport for an adventure 
in Playland at the Richland Players version of "And the Winner
is"... "up n attem" I always say... When we landed in Seattle
it was cold, windy and snowing... good thing Terry (DAVIS Knox,
with a "K" '65) had alerted me to wear a heavy coat... I was
glad I had it... In Pasco I watched as the luggage was all
claimed and mine was not among them. I grabbed some guy who
looked like he worked for the airline and asked where to report
the lost luggage... he said "ticket counter"... all familiar
with the Pasco Airport know that the ticket counter is the last
place to look for a human being unless a flight is coming or
going... no different this time... finally two baggage handlers
came out of a magic door and I grabbed one (I honestly didn't
mean to step in front of the lady sans luggage coming in from
Peru... but I wasn't letting these breathing humans go)... one
of them took my information on a scratch sheet of paper and said
I'd get a call when it showed up... so there I was, no clothes
and no gun... damn damn damn... I gotta car and headed for
Terry's... he had already been to Wally World a few times that
day, but took me again where I perused the triple X undies, 
T-shirts and normal sized socks... I could tell this was gonna 
be a totally well dressed event... Terry had laid out several
pieces of his clothing for me to try... As he was best dressed
in school, had he been closer to my size I'da taken him up on
it... suddenly he grew... Well, I could wear what I had on to
the play... I met Jimmie and Kathie ADAIR ('67) ('69) for dinner
with me at the wrong place... dinner was an interesting variety
of plates overflowing with food (did I say plates... saucers
would better describe it)... I hope I remembered to thank Jimmie
when he grabbed the check... at the Theater, I got our tickets
and found I was in the front row and they were in a row further
back... Now Terry's buddy (and mine for the last few years)
Harlow (NAB) and I discussed front row seats later and the next
night we sat a few rows further back... we determined sitting in
the front you kind of get a flat view of everything... The play
was really something, much better than the times I had heard
Terry's part on the telephone... Dave STRASSER ('65) made my day
by sowing up... I mean not that alla other kids there weren't a
treat... Even the "whole Dame ('65; '68) Family" was there (get
it... Dame... get it?)... Terry and I headed for his place in
separate cars and crashed as soon as we got there... I tossed
and turned with visions of the Bowery boys shooting my gun and
laughing that my finger prints were all over it... That kid in
the bunny suit with the new Red Ryder never came to my rescue...
I got up around 7 determined to find my damned luggage... but
first Spuddies... neither the Divine Ms. HOFF ('64) nor Ms.
Katie ('61) were there so i just had my usual and then headed
over to Richland Bell... Peter Joe CARROLL ('65) met me with a
dunce cap and we hadda great talk about Doug LONGMORE ('61), Joe
CASTLEBERRY's ('63) Glass top and other interesting topics... I
then headed for the Airport... I timed my arrival just right and
got in line with alla other passengers headed for somewhere...
finally it was my turn... I explained my situation and the lady
said no planes and come in from Seattle since my flight... when
she realized when I had arrived she decided to go back and
check... there is was, unmolested... wheeeew... I headed back to
Terry's for a while and then to the Marriott Courtyard, where
one of the DAME family had made me a reservation so I didn't
have to get up quite so early to be at the Airport at 4 am. Nap
time and then off to dinner with Cecilia BENNETT ('65), her
girlfriend and daughter... now that was one fun dinner... the
things little kids must endure from we parents... Again, there
was space between parties, but the girl at the ticket place knew
Harlow and I would want to sit together so that was worked out.
Now I hadn't been to the same play, same cast before and it was
amazing the difference the audience and other little nuances
make inna performance... It was a whole different laugh
sequence... but again, just great! As there was only Sunday's
Matinee left, the cast party was held Saturday night... It was
quite enjoyable, tho there was some unusual karaoke going on...
when Terry, Harlow and I headed out, Cecilia and her girlfriend
were headed for the mike with one or more members of the cast...
I think it was "sexy-cop" and "sassy-cop", but I could be
wrong... I hit the sack only to rise again about 2:45... off
again to the Airport... this time, the lady told me I would not
be able to collect my baggage on the normal carousel... I guess
they figure the empty gun might go off so I had to go to an
office in Vegas (at the airport) and show ID... my luggage was
all wrapped in the biggest zip ties I have ever seen... normal
wire cutters were of no use... hadda use the bigguns... now
never let it be said that I would miss a trip to the "benches"
while in Richland... I visited with SIMPSON ('65-RIP), Pook
('63-RIP) and Dick PLOWS ('63-RIP) as always... which is fitting
as I am now wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hal SMITH ('56-RIP) on your
special day, March 26, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Richland basketball ~ Tri-Dity Herald 

	By Dustin Brennan

	Riley SORN ('18) always had the frame of a
	superstar talent on the hardwood. In the past
	couple of years, he's certainly played like it.

	You can add Tri-City Herald All-Area Player of the
	Year to the résumé of Richland's 7-foot-4 senior
	center, along with MVP honors on the All-Mid-
	Columbia Conference and Washington Interscholastic
	Basketball Coaches Association 4A All-State teams
	in this season alone.

	"You could say all this stuff means a lot to me,
	because it does. It's a great honor to win all
	these awards, and I feel like I've earned it,"
	SORN said. "But I'm just gonna keep doing me, ya
	know? I'm just gonna keep playing my game. Keep
	getting better. I definitely appreciate all this
	stuff, but nothing is going to change."

	That game, particularly his defense in the middle
	of Richland's zone, helped the Bombers set the
	pace in games for the past few years. He set a 4A
	state tournament record with 30 blocks in four
	games last year, averaged nearly four swats per
	contest this season, and just flat-out made it
	tough for opponents to score anywhere near the

	But what set him apart, especially this year, was
	what he was able to do when Richland had the ball.
	No longer just a threat to dunk it, his touch
	around the basket - and the occasional mid-range
	jump shot - allowed him to average 16 points per
	game, putting him in the top five of the
	conference in scoring.

	"He was instrumental on both ends," said Earl
	Streufert, the All-Area Boys Coach of the Year.
	"We had a guy that we could throw it to in the
	block every trip down and you had to guard him,
	you had to respect him. He was invaluable."

	With SORN's two-way play in the post and one of
	the state's best starting five, the Bombers
	enjoyed one of their greatest seasons in
	Streufert's 19th year at the helm. They won the
	Great Western Shootout in Orem, Utah, by beating
	touted Wasatch Academy in the championship game -
	SORN called the whole trip the highlight of the
	season - which earned them a national ranking and
	paved the way for 22 straight wins to open the

	It was a nearly perfect senior campaign.

	"I really got everything I wanted out of the year,
	short of a state title," said SORN, whose Bombers
	fell to eventual champ Gonzaga Prep in a state
	semifinal that went to overtime, and then dropped
	their consolation game to Lewis and Clark. It was
	the second straight year they took fifth at the
	state tourney. "Really couldn't have asked for
	anything more, other than that ring."

	It's bigger and better things on the horizon now
	for SORN. He'll compete in his third and final
	All-Star game of the season for the WIBCA team in
	the Merritt Truax Northwest Shootout (April 14 at
	Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Ore.), then turn
	his attention to college ball.

	He's narrowed his college decision down to two
	choices, Washington and Saint Mary's, both of
	which are high-powered, Division I programs. As
	far as SORN's game has come in the past few years,
	there's still work to be done before he can be
	effective at the next level.

	"Defensive end, I have to get quicker on my feet,
	but there are definitely big guys that I feel like
	I could guard today," he said. "I might not be as
	strong as them, but I feel like I have a skill set
	I could bring now. When I'm going to be 100
	percent is definitely going to be when I have the
	summer to get in the weight room and bulk up a
	little bit."


	Undefeated league champs once again and a second
	straight fifth-place finish at state, Richland
	sports four of the five members on the All-Area
	boys first team.

	Joining SORN are juniors Cole NORTHROP (the MCC's
	leading scorer at 19.4 points per game) and
	Garrett STREUFERT, and fellow senior and defensive
	extraordinaire Ryan WAGAR. Junior point guard Cody
	SANDERSON is on the second team.

	Even with two big pieces departing, neither SORN
	nor coach Streufert foresee a major drop off for
	the 2018-19 Bombers, if the next class is willing
	to put in the work.

	"Every time we're at the state tournament,
	somebody says we're not gonna be as good the next
	year. And then we're there almost every year,"
	Streufert said. "I think we'll be exceptional next
	year. ... We'll be able to do a lot more with our
	versatility, and in a lot of ways I think we'll be
	better offensively."

	Added SORN: "I know they're gonna be hungry,
	because everyone's gonna tell them, 'Oh, you don't
	have that 7-footer anymore. You guys are gonna
	suck.' We've been through that before. When we
	lost (Steven) BEO ('16) (now at BYU), they said
	you're not gonna have the shooters. We lost
	(Tyler) KURTZ ('17), you're not gonna have this
	guy. You always have guys you're gonna lose. This
	year it's me and Wags, and I don't think we're
	gonna be missed as much as people say we are."

	Rounding out the All-Area first team is Garrett
	Paxton, who became Kamiakin's all-time leading
	scorer in the regular-season finale, surpassing
	Steve White's career record. Paxton signed to play
	with Whitworth University earlier this month."

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
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Heard about Bomber death #47 in 2018 today:

Gladys SCHMIDT Warren ('51-RIP) ~ 6/27/34 - 3/22/18 
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Heard about Bomber death #48 in 2018 today:

>> LaVon Kathryn Louise SCHMIDT ('46-RIP) ~ ?/?/?? - ?/?/??

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Heard about Bomber death #49 in 2018 today:

>> Gerald Dean SCHMIDT ('50-RIP) ~ ?/?/?? - ?/?/??

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not a memorial - only INFO today

Gladys SCHMIDT Warren ('51-RIP) ~ 6/27/34 - 3/22/18 

Visitation: TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 4pm - 8pm
 Dusckas-Taylor Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc.
 5151 Buffalo Road (at Hannon Rd. in Harborcreek Twp.), Erie, PA 

Visitation: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 10:30am - 11am
 Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 863 Silliman Ave, Erie, PA

Service: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 11am
 Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 863 Silliman Ave, Erie, PA
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