Alumni Sandstorm ~ 03/27/18
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David DOUGLAS ('62)
David RIVERS ('65)
Terry DAVIS ('65)

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>>From: David DOUGLAS ('62)

A very belated happy birthday to fellow '62 classmates Don
PANTHER and Diane DAVENPORT. Diane is one of my ol... longest
friends, going all the way back to kindergarten at Marcus
Whitman. Others in her category include Maryanne DURFEY,
Dorothy and Diane BOSSO, Myrna BOLEN, and a few whose names
escape me. Apparently I was the only boy in the class, since I
can only recall the girls.

Aloha from Hawaii. My wife, daughter Emiko and I have been 
here for two weeks preparing for a memorial service for our 
son Rodger. The service was held Friday, March 23 at Kualoa
Regional Park, with Chinaman's Hat island just offshore. Rodger
was a certified SCUBA diver and loved to take underwater
photographs around the island. We were fortunate that it
stormed the previous day and that evening, but didn't rain
during the service and luncheon that followed. After that the
family went out on a boat to scatter his ashes in Kaneohe Bay.
We enjoyed being with many friends we hadn't seen in decades.

I went with my daughter and grandson Mikey to Shark's Cove on
the North Shore. It was pleasant to see bikinis again.

My oldest grandson is catsitting for us - replenishing food,
water, cleaning the litter box every three days. I decided not
to burden him with giving Pumpkin Valium twice a day. I hope
grandson is still all right. I warned him to carry a spray
bottle of water with him when he's in the house. I don't know
what the cat will be like, going without her tranquilizer for
two weeks. I hope the other cat, Tinkerbell, is still alive.

Re: Clinkers

I know the clinker thread is long gone. I'm familiar with the
term, but my older brother Walker ('57) probably had that duty.
I do recall when we were gone on vacation and came back to find
black soot covering the walls and ceilings. Somebody (not me)
had to repaint the whole interior. We eventually switched to
oil. My dad used the coal bin for his watch repair shop until I
got my amateur radio license. I used it for my station. After I
left home my dad installed central air conditioning. My mom got
an electric dishwasher when her manual one left for college.

-David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Honolulu, Hawaii (where it's sunny for
	 the first time since we got here) 
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kinda town

OK I know that wasn't written for "our" town but it as one of
those movies I started out atta matinee and stayed for at least
3 showings, back inna day when you could sit in the theater and
watch the movie as long as ya wanted... "Robin And The Seven
Hoods" was the name of that one... this weekend I had a little
time to just kinda cruise Richland as I haven't done since my
25 year reunion... I must say it was a real eye opener... now I
am no longer surprised at how narrow most streets are, but I
will say that following a city bus down Thayer was a bit of a
shocker... that bus hugged that center line and I was glad that
no traffic approached from the other direction at least as long
as I followed... I also learned why there are so many accidents
outside of Kenny DAME's ('68) house... I'm sure he doesn't
agree but I think it may be time for a light (as my old corner
now has)... I find that while the street names are all very
familiar, their placement isn't always as I recall... I always
think of Joe CASTLEBERRY's house as being on the next street to
the west rather than on Goethals... little things in the world
I'm sure but always a shocker to me no matter how often I see
them... Just as in my memory Col-Hi is on Stevens... neva
hoppen GI! Over the last few years there have been postings of
that school across Lee from Col-Hi being built... I always
question "where's the hill"... this time as I was leaving my
fries and tarter, heading up the hill I really looked at the
"hill" and questioned how we ever got up any steam sledding
down that little rise... I always feel weird in the current
configuration of Zip's... the Juke box, where Butch MANTHEI
('65) played "Pretty Woman" over and over during lunch... we
always just drove on down and our lunches were ready for us to
chow down... Watching the tow truck pulling Lou LLOYD's ('62)
black and white Crown Vicky out of Arlene's that fateful
night... ah the memories... I remember when Zip's went from
fresh to frozen funny cut french fries and Laura PARKER ('65)
raving over the new fries... One thing that did surprise me 
is feeling uneasy about leaving the theater at around 10pm 
and walking to my car without "packing"... I was much more
comfortable the next night... no Richland isn't the same
town... but it's still "OUR" town... so let's celebrate a HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Lenora HUGHES ('55-RIP my first baby sitter), George
BARNETT ('63-RIP) and Georgia RUSHWORTH ('66) on your special
day, March 27, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

Re: Mr. Boswell

To: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) 

Dear Norma,

This is a stretch, but I just have to ask:

The best teacher, real teacher, I ever had was Mr. Boswell--Don
Boswell, I think--and reading your entry in Sandstorm just now,
I was startled by the possibility that you might actually be
the same Mrs. Boswell he sometimes fondly referred to in class.
Junior English, this was. Red Badge Of Courage. 

His wife taught English at Chief Jo but had previously taught
Junior English at the high school. Then they had made a sort 
of teaching-assignment switch that placed Mr. Boswell there at 
Col-Hi and waiting for me with his copy of Stephen Crane when 
I got there.

Well anyway, Norma, I hope you are the same Mrs. Boswell he
talked about, because you seem like just the kind of
thoughtful, generous person he described, and the sort of
person I would like to think he had in his life. He was a
wonderful teacher--the best I ever had.

Warmest regards,
-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
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Norma's response:

Dear Terry, 

Don Boswell was indeed my husband! You are the kind of person
he loved to teach. Don and I met when we were both single in
1960, and we got married four months later. In those days, the
school administration policy held that a married couple should
not be working in the same school. I had taught in Puyallup
junior high for three years, so I transferred to Chief Jo. Don
preferred older students, and he thought he might eventually
teach at CBC.

He and I enjoyed 44 married years. His was a sad death. Our
house caught fire, and Don died from smoke inhalation. 

I read about the excellent job you are doing on stage, Terry.
If I weren't fighting breast cancer for the second time, I'd be
ushering or sitting in the audience. If Don were still alive,
he'd be right there beside me.

Thanks for your good words about Don's teaching! 

With great appreciation, 
and later with this:

You have my whole-hearted permission to post our two letters in
the Alumni Sandstorm. It's so nice to know that my husband Don
affected you so positively! (Yes, he and I talked about

Thank you, thank you, 
Norma ('53)
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Gladys SCHMIDT Warren ('51-RIP) ~ 6/27/34 - 3/22/18 

Visitation: TODAY, Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 4pm - 8pm
 Dusckas-Taylor Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc.
 5151 Buffalo Road (at Hannon Rd. in Harborcreek Twp.), Erie, PA 

Visitation: TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 10:30am - 11am
 Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 863 Silliman Ave, Erie, PA

Service: TOMORROW, Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 11am
 Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 863 Silliman Ave, Erie, PA
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