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Gary TURNER ('71)

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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Re: Closets 

I don't remember closet doors in a pre-fab. There were closets;
but, with the exception of the front porch outside closet,
there were no doors on the inside ones. As I recall, they were
usually covered with a piece of cloth. Think the bead thing
came later.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the
	rain will continue for a while. So, if you go to the
	tulip festival, wear boots and rain coats. 
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>>From: Earl BENNETT ('63)

Re: Terry DAVIS' ('65) post

We had those free-standing closets that Mom called wardrobes in
the 3-bedroom ranch house we had on Elm Street in the early
'50s. I remember hiding on top to surprise my sisters. By the
time we bought the 4 bedroom ranch on Turner, I don't think
they were in that house. As Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65) mentioned,
many of our fathers and mothers were serious DIYers; when we
added the sun-room/dining room, I learned a lot from Dad about
building skills. Couldn't use my insulation staple gun hand for
a week after that project. I remember chatting with a hobby
shop owner in Walla Walla who said he wished he had access to
all the DIY/hobby spending in the Tri-Cities.

	Regards, ecb3 from a gorgeous spring day in
	central Virginia where we are completing our
	move to a house with none of the oak that my wife
	turned out to be allergic to in the past couple
	of years - previous house was surrounded.

-Earl BENNETT ('63)
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>>From: Rick MADDY ('67)

Re: Sailing off the coast of Okinawa

Speaking of Okinawa. I will toss one in for the Navy. My
mother's brother. Uncle Howard Burke b. July 6, 1925 Ava,
Missouri d. August 2017 (92) Yakima, WA was a 40mm gunner on
the stern of the escort carrier USS Sangamon (CVE-26). Kamikaze
suicide planes attacked the carrier on May 4, 1945 off the
coast of Okinawa. Two of several planes attacking them
throughout the day came within minutes of each other and the
second one hit the carrier. My Uncle told me when they would
come under attack the comms lay the antennae down horizontal to
the water. They hit the first attacking aircraft of these two
coming for them and the plane came so close to hitting them it
sheared off some if these antennae. Uncle could see the pilot
as the plane went screaming by them. Here is a photo of that

Uncle told me when in the water they stayed away from each
other. Panicked, some were in bad shape and drowning each other
was a problem. They found a rope, held on and watched the ship
sail away, listing heavily with explosions and aerials; "like
the fourth of July on the fourth of May." This carrier stayed
afloat and made it back to Bremerton, WA. My mother was a
seventeen year old USO girl (made sandwiches for the military
personnel) living with the family on Bainbridge Island and
watched this carrier come home. After the war, the family moved
back to Yakima.

The carrier had been attacked a few months before somewhere in
and around the Philippine Sea by a Kamikaze using a Betty
Bomber; the infamous Flying Cigar. They shot it down and
actually saved the Japanese pilot after he miraculously got out
of the plane alive. Uncle said they got him onboard (I don't
recall specifically, but I think he meant on his ship) and
threw him into the brig. He never saw or heard about him again.
Uncle just shrugged and said nothing about a hanging on a
yardarm or any planks.

Ona Nance is my Aunt Gwen's (Uncle Howard's wife) mother. 
Just because.

-Rick MADDY ('67) - Go Bombers
>>From: Mike FRANCO ('70)

OK, OK. YES, I know all about who fought in the Pacific, and
who fought in Europe during WWII. I was actually lobbing a
little humor out there. Humor had always been a core competency
of Bombers over time. I assume it still is.

I understand Brad WEAR ('71) may be affected by the fierce sun
as well as his never ending commitment to WSU and Texas Tech

Sorry if I offended anyone out there. I was poking at the "as
usual" comment. I humbly withdraw my entire submittal. 

-Mike FRANCO ('70)
>>From: Gary TURNER ('71)

Thanks to Terry DAVIS f('65) or triggering some "closet"
memories. When we moved into a ranch house in 1959, I got the
tiny third bedroom and that portable closet took up about half
of it. Whenever the bad weather drove me inside, that bedroom
became a mini Bomber Gym for me as I fantasized about being Bob
FRICK ('60) impressing Coach Dawald with another driving layup.
Unfortunately, that layup often resulted in my knocking the
door out of the ill-fitting guides, necessitating a visit from
my dad, grumbling under his breath while he wrestled the door
back into place.

Like many, Dad eventually built a permanent closet in the
"master" bedroom. 

Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65): I believe your dad helped with that
project... and I do agree with you. Between your dad and mine
they could have built a couple of houses from the ground up,
along with a couple of cars, a pickup truck, and several
motorcycles! That gene apparently skipped me... I can only use
a screwdriver if I check one out from my wife and then allow
her to supervise my usage to prevent any major damage!

-Gary TURNER ('71)
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