Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/15/18
5 Bombers sent stuff:
Pat UPSON ('49), Mike CLOWES ('54)
Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), Terry DAVIS ('65)
Peter TURPING ('70)

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>>From: Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49)

Re: 8 guys picture from Betty BELL Norton ('51)

Betty, I think the fellow in the top row, far right might 
be Walt MENEFEE ('49-RIP). If not, he sure is a good 

	[Added Johnny Gerdes' name to the picture. -Maren]

-Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49)  
>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Wow! A whole new Olympic sport! Who ever knew?????

Well, the Bomber who's birthday we celebrate today just might
have participated. Not quite like using an "A" for "F" house
for a volleyball net, but close. Fun game.

Enuff said, so a tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy
Birthday!" to fellow classmate Lanny WILSON ('54) on this
auspicious occasion. Perhaps he may wander into the highlands
this weekend searching for Bob's Burgers and Brew and some
mostly '54 guys. But, if he follows Lefty's ('54) lead, he'll
head for Applebee's in Richland and the '54 girls.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where it
	is good advice to wear galoshes to the tulip festival 
	along with your regular rain gear. 
>>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64)

Paranormal radio talk show host, Art Ball, died on Friday the
13th. He was 72 years old. Autopsy will be performed to
determine cause of death.

-Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA - 56 at 2am
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

Okay, so I'm going to make a prediction here that's probably of
little interest to anyone who doesn't know David RIVERS ('65)
like I know David RIVERS, but I'm going to make it anyway,
because a prediction is a terrible thing to waste.

David RIVERS is going to come to town here in June for the Cool
Desert Nights hot rod thing. He's going to stay with me for a
couple of days, and then he's going to fly back home to Vegas
and he's going to tell you about the house, the houses, about
the little corner of paradise that John FOSTER ('65) has built.
He won't be able to help himself, RIVERS won't, because John
FOSTER has built a house and another house and a large shop 
andsome garages for the assembly and sorage of his hot rods
that's going to knock RIVERS on his butt. It's a compound,
really, this place John FOSTER has created. It's a large but
neatly ordered work of art. It's kind of a world unto itself.
Long porches overlooking green, perfectly sculpted lawns with
shaded walk ways alongside flower gardens. I don't think I 
saw a fountain, but I know I saw a gazebo. And I saw birds and
trees and hot rods. I saw beauty, ladies and gentlemen. A very
particular Tri-City kind of Beauty. And John FOSTER built it,
built them, with his own large, bare hands. Though with the
help and guidance of his good wife Dara.

And you would never find it in a hundred years. You just
wouldn't. It's nestled quietly within one of the oldest
neighborhoods of Old Kennewick. You really wouldn't even be
able to see it driving along the shaded street. It's several
pieces of property grown seamlessly together among the trees.
It's a park, kind of. A park of trees, flowers and hot rods.

The entire time I was being shown around the grounds yesterday,
a voice inside my head was screaming:

"O man. Wait'll RIVERS sees THIS!"

Re: Foster Compound

-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
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>>From: Peter TURPING ('70)

Re: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins' ('66) entry on Area High School 
Sports in the TCH

Thanks to Shirley for the TCH phone number for the sports
department. I called yesterday and spoke with Dustin. He
confirmed that high school sports will not be covered as in 
the past. He said there would be special features instead. I
reminded him they already do that. I could tell he is between
a rock and a hard place. He likes covering high school sports
but the owner of the TCH (McClatchy) has made the decision 
for them.

I also questioned the hits on the website as an accurate
barometer of interest in high school sports. What about the
people who take the regular newspaper? It sounds like the 
only way to show those people's opinions is if they call into

The Tri-City Herald has turned into a different newspaper in
the last few years. The paper is printed in Yakima, cutoffs for
sports and news is in the early evening, payments go to Seattle
and customer service appears to be in another country. Then the
content is so much more national like AP, Washington Post and
NY Times articles. And then for some reason the obits are
within the sports page... really!

It will be interesting to see what happens when football rolls
around and then basketball. Will they still elect not to cover
powerhouse programs? 

-Peter TURPING ('70) ~ Richland
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