LARRY STEPHENS ~ Class of 1963
1945 - 2003

Larry Stephens - 1963

Ann and Larry - 2/1/03

To Whom it may concern:

I found your email address and newsletters in Larry Stephens' inbox... on behalf of my Mom, 
Ann, I wanted to let you know that Larry Stephens (class of '63) passed away on December 10th. 
He had a heart attack while on vacation in Thailand with my Mom; he was 58. The funeral was 
held in Thailand in a customary Buddhist tradition, and his ashes were brought back with us 
to the states.  

I noticed in your newsletter that a few funeral notices were posted. I'm sure some of his 
friends would want to know that he has passed. His email address is no longer be valid.

Ann will still be living in Florida at their residence in Shalimar. Thanks very much.

-Angie Doolittle