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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ September, 2015
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/01/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Linda SEATON ('60) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patricia KEENEY ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laura CALLEN ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy RICE ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kelly LYNCH ('78) - Drill Team Mascot '65 BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Eric LUKINS ('81) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Linda SEATON MacKay ('60) Re: ODE TO THE CLASS OF '60 BOMBERS We are now officially senior Bombers, Defined by youth as "old geezers" and "little ol' ladies." We protest, and declare the 70s as the new 50s! We will wear spandex, with baggy old sweaters, or two. And new neon, tennies ... and a softball hat ... Just because we want to. We will try to spend more time with our families, Proud of the persons they have become ... Amused by the "grands" tethered to iPhones, texting, ... and endless selfies. We wince at bodies embossed in tattooes, piercings and pink hair And imagine how they will look ... at our age. It's too much ... we go home ... to take a nap. We will go to the Monday mid-day movies? ... for senior rates ... and no teenagers. We will buy buttered popcorn, Goobers and chocolate candy? ... guilt free ... It's dark chocolate after all. We will seek out restaurants ... with early bird specials And ask to be seated in a quiet area ... With "a candle please" ... so we can read the menu. Finally we order ... the same old standard ... Including the doggie bag ... for tomorrow. We consider our class reunions a high value life event Restoring and renewing old friendships ... Thankful for dedicated organizers ... and picture name tags. We will squeal, hug and tell each other how good we look ... For our age ... the unspoken. We will regale in memorable moments of our Col-Hi days, Boy friends 'n' girl friends, hot rods, A & W and Dairy Queen. "state Champs," drill team, football, proms and sock hops. Drive-Ins, submarine races,and 'cruisin' the Uptown. Water-skiing, sunbathing, baby oil and iodine. And yes, of course ... the Spudnut Shop! We will stroll the calming Columbia River trail And laugh at the youth of our selves, filling in our lost thoughts, Unfinished sentences and far too many senior moments. Remember? Crinolines, white bucks, duck-tails, Ed Sullivan, Hit Parade, Rear Window, Sixteen Tons, Elvis, and "Rockin' 'Round The Clock," We finally reach our favorite bench, Where we sit ... recalling some of the best of us? Far too many no longer with us. We will delve into familiar topics of family and health, Comparing our aches, pains and replacements ... Somehow comforted by the mutuality of aging. Then we laugh at ourselves again, as we realize How very lucky ... how grateful we are, to be here ... In Richland. Having shared those wonderous years ... As grand old Bombers. -By Linda SEATON MacKay 9/01/15 (adapted from "When I Am An Old Woman -Linda SEATON MacKay ('60) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: September already So I think I can now remember to put 2015 on my b-day wishes and checks and it's already September... yeah I know... half of you don't even use checks any more... I just feel special making them open my envelope to get the moola... tho I guess it costs me about 50 cents for the stupid stamp... something very wrong about the cost of postage... how many envelopes do you think they carry atta time? Shouldn't that volume equate to "savings"? Tho when I go to the post office (which I try and avoid) I can see that 4 people are in the back talking (portant stuff I'm sure) two are thinking about stuff and one is helping people... kinda reminds me of DMV... oh well... Where's Kevin Costner when ya need him... no wait... his movies are 7 hours long and run 355% over budget... a letter would be at least 3 smackers and take a month to get there... nevermind... well I gotta spend a good bittaa time with the Bomber-b-day-babe's brother last weekend... I just have a ball with him... he is so much fun to watch... how many kids could lose so much stuff and lock so many things in other people's rooms in three days... be careful loaning him your phone charger... he'll use it; forget about it and hafta come down to yer room inna middle of the night in his jammies to return it... but he keeps us in stitches... not sure how this babe put up with him growin' up, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Patt KEENEY ('63) on your special day, September 1, 2015!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/02/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52), Mike CLOWES ('54) Barbara SESLAR ('60), Joe FORD ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dennis CHAPMAN ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda LESTER ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dan FOLEY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gordon MUMFORD ('72) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Greeting this new month sitting at gate N12C at SeaTac on the final leg of a nearly-month-long, fabulous vacation. Seems like I saw many more friends than usual... which always makes me happy. Snow in the Chugach Mountain Range [Alaska] 2 days ago! I figure it's time for me to pack it up and head for warmer climes. A real bonus: temps in the Tri-Cities have cooled down considerably I'm told. No Fall colors in the Anchorage area, yet. They have had an extraordinary summer. We were saying that the tourists have been treated very well! Looking forward to seeing many more friends at Club 40... friends and family... it doesn't get much better than that! -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ in very gray Seattle *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Here we are at the beginning of September; which means the Club 40 Annual Meeting and General Whoop-dee-doo isn't far off. Seems like 83% of the usual suspects might be on hand. Even Lefty ('54) will be there for the Saturday Dinner. Guess he's giving up on his gate-crashing or has decided to turn those duties over to "Tooter". On another note; it is also the birthday of a Bomber whom I spent time with in Mr. Wheeler's home room lo those many years past. Seen him around a few times since at the Club 40 gatherings and class reunions. To get on with it, a tip of the ol' propeller beanie, and a "Happy Birthday!" shout is in store for Dennis CHAPMAN ('54). Are we gettin' there yet? -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where weather for the Labor Day weekend promises to be dry. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) Re: Class of 1960 Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday, September 5, 2015 TIME: 11:30am WHERE: 3 Margaritas (downtown near Lee Blvd.) Spouses and friends are also welcome! Please join us first Saturday of each month. Turn right inside the restaurant and you'll find us at the corner table. No reservations needed. -Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Joe FORD ('63) Re: David R. Ford ('66-RIP) David Richard Ford (sometimes "Dick" or "Dicky"), Columbia High School class of 1966, passed away on August 25, 2015, in Victoria, BC, Canada. Pneumonia was the proximate cause of his death. He was surrounded by people who loved him. He was 67. Dicky was born in 1948 to Joseph E. and Christene B. Ford in Richland. He attended Sacajawea and Lewis and Clark elementary schools, Carmichael Junior High, and Columbia High. He spent one year at CBC, and worked for Boeing and Boeing contractors in the Seattle area before being drafted in 1968. His military service was unhappy and brief, and he eventually re-located to Canada. He married there, first to Sharon Penny, and later to Trudee Begbie. He worked as a cook and caf owner, as a carpenter, and in landscaping and sales. He was the father of three. In the late 1990s, when our mother was ill, he returned to Richland and cared for her. He called it his finest hour. He had the first of two strokes in 2004. The second, in 2008, devastated him. He had been in the care of BC Health since early 2008. He is survived by his brother Joe ('63), son Demian Ryefield Ford and his wife Mayuko, daughters India and Baillie Ford, and his former wives. His family is planning a private service. The family wants to acknowledge Dicky's Richland friends who stayed in contact with him and visited him in his care facility. Ted Smith ('66), Dick Stephens ('66), George Moore ('67), Doug Keck ('66) and others brought some laughter and good memories into Dicky's life. Thank you, gentlemen. Rest in peace, Dicky. -Joe FORD ('63) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/03/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff today: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bonnie KELLY ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike PETERSON ('64) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Maybe I'm just extra dumb, but I can't find a place to see the list of Bombers coming to Club 40. [Start: towards the top of the page... click CLUB 40 box There are links across the bop of the page (white on dark - not Bomber - green) click REUNION INFO scroll down a bit and click: LIST OF 2015 ATTENDEES Scroll till you find 1952 and you're there - -Maren] I got a trim and perm today so I could look "better" at the Big Bomber Party. It is not good. And certainly not worth $75. Ugh! Tomorrow a friend and I are taking a load of things to Leavenworth to donate to the people affected by the wild fires so I can't go back tomorrow to complain. I hope she will acknowledge the poor quality by Friday. -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ in warm, windy Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/04/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber and Jackie Martin sent stuff today: Marilynn WORKING ('54) Jackie Martin (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard JOHNSON ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray KELLY ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandee MILLIUS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shelley HANKINS ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick SOUTHAM ('80) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Bomber tears... Another sad entry of the passing of a sweet, loving lady Colt, Emma LARSEN Kleinknecht, passed away on Tuesday, September 2, 2015. She graduated Richland High in 1936!! She loved visiting with all her friends at Riverton in Richland where she lived and was driving her electric wheelchair down to the cafeteria, stopping and speaking with staff occasionally and then went on her way... but... didn't quite make it to lunch. Emma passed away silently. A service will be held next Thursday, September 10, 2015, at 1pm at the First Lutheran Church at Ely and Highway 395 in Kennewick. Her son Gary is preparing her obituary and I'm sure it will appear in the Herald soon. Emma was our honorary member of Club 40 and was able to spend a couple of years visiting with us... she sat at our class of '54 table. (she graduated the year most of us were born!). I will miss seeing her at our TC cancer center guild meetings which she came to every month, either by Dial-A-Ride or a van from Riverton. At 97 years old, Emma was very bright and happy. Always a smile and hug. She will be missed by so many!!!! Rest in Peace, Emma, dear!! Love you! Tears writing this... from -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where the air is a little cleaner and cooler! *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Jackie Martin, President, RHS IMB Re: Apple Sales Our fabulous Apple Ladies, Deb and Felicia, are organizing our Apple sales this year!! Packets will be sent home with your student(s) SOON, be on the look out!! This is our biggest fundraiser we have!! The students tend to make a decent profit from this! Delivery dates are Oct. 17 (yes homecoming, but you'll be done in time to get ready for the dance!) and Oct. 31 (of course it's Halloween! But again, you'll be done in time to go our and have a good time). **IF YOU SELL APPLES, YOU'LL NEED TO THERE TO HELP PACK APPLES** A few things are needed: VOLUNTEERS!!!!! October 17: 1) Apple Packing, 6-8 adults to help weigh apples or help students pack apples from 8am-11am (time may change). Once all apples are packed, students will receive a copy of their order form and will collect/or be giving the number of bags of that type of apple sold. Then go deliver your apples!! :-) 2) Paking Lot Sales, from 11am-2pm (times may change). Two locations: Walgreen's on Leslie & Gage and the other will be in North Richland (hopefully around some Bagles & gelatto/ Spudnuts/Denny's). 2 to 4 adult volunteers will be needed. And STUDENTS! Many, many students. But on the FUN side BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS!! Play what ever you want to play or get together with friends and play something together! October 31: 1) Apple packing, 6-8 adults again to help weigh, pack and distribute students orders 8-11 am (time may change). 2) Parking Lot sales, 11am-2pm (time may change) 2-4 adults and again many students selling and playing instruments!!! If you have questions (We are currently working on which apples we can get), please ask! How to sell apples, who to make checks out to and how turn in the monies and dates will be in the packets that the students get. GO BOMBERS! Jackie Martin, President, RHS IMB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [APPLES ARE BEST IN OCTOBER WHEN THEY'RE RIPE! -Maren] ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/05/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers and Susan Suckow sent stuff: Susan Suckow (NAB) David RIVERS ('65) Pat DORISS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carolyn HALSTEAD ('61wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanie HUTCHINS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: James SONDERLAND ('64) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Susan Suckow, spouse of Fred SUCKOW ('55) To whom it may concern: I regret to inform you that Frederick Suckow lost his battle with cancer. He died on August 17, 2015. signed: his widow, Susan *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: A great kid Once upona time there was a really great kid. He seemed to get along with everyone and as far as I recall, never seemed to have an unkind word for anyone. As the years passed, many of us seemed to lose sight of all the brightness and glory around us, but for him, the world remained shiny and filled with all the colors of the BIG box of crayons. His smile warmed the rooms he entered and when he left there was a faint glow that remained. He became sick and we were all fearful that we would lose that big toothy grin, but he plugged on for eight years after we were certain he was finished. It seems he had more love and kindness to spread and spread it he did. But in the end he left and we gathered to wish him fair well, because it was his time; we knew we would miss him from then on. We do. We love you, Steve SIMPSON ('65-RIP)! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Re: '65 Ladies Lunch WHEN: Friday, September 11th, 2015 TIME: 12:00--2:00 PM WHERE: Gaslight Bar & Grill, 99 GWWay, Richland, Can you believe it? Another month has flown by, and it's time to get together for our September "Ladies of '65" Lunch. This month, we're getting together at the Gaslight Bar & Grill (formerly Jackson's) in Richland. Mark your Calendar and join us to get reacquainted with several of your friends/classmates, and share your thoughts and memories of our 50-Year Reunion that was held three weeks ago! By the way, if you have any pictures you took at the Reunion, please bring them with you! If you have any questions, please contact me! -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) ~ West Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/06/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vernon "Bud" VAN DUSEN ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carl VOLMER ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy STULL ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Thomas HANN ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick ADRIAN ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol VON OLNHAUSEN ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janell JOHNS ('71) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: John HEFFNER ('66) & Melanie DUKES ('67) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) The days dwindle down and it is September before we really know it. And on this date a fellow classmate was born. He did many things in school, none of which appeared in Jim WATTS' ('54) expos. Still, he is counted among the good guys. Without further ado; a tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a hearty "Happy Birthday!" to Carl VOLMER ('54). Have a good one today, and keep plugging to the next one. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where it promises to be a pleasant Labor Day weekend, with a possible hint of rain for the last days of the State Fair ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/07/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Marsha GOSLIN ('65), Phil McMURRAY ('65) Terry DAVIS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Al PARKER ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Alan STEPHENS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barbara BLANTON ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol PETERSON ('66wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jake TATE ('66wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lisa PETERSON ('71) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marsha GOSLIN Brehm ('65) To: Gregor HANSON ('65) Re: '65's 50 year reunion Oh my Gregor, I can't get the reunion out of my mind as I relive it over and over. Wish we'd had more time as there were many people we didn't get to talk to. Again a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your committee for all the work that went into such a successful and wonderful three day reunion. I know it was way beyond anyone's expectations. You really blew the lid off it! Thanks, Gregor! -Marsha GOSLIN Brehm ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Phil McMURRAY ('65) Hey Gregor - You and others in the Tri-Cities did a wonderful job organizing and putting on our 50 year reunion!! My wife Paige and I had a great time the whole weekend. Your speech on Saturday night was terrific, full of insights and memories, and your unique way of reviewing our growing up compared to today's kids. We loved it. Any chance that was written down and you could send a copy?? Thanks again! -Phil McMURRAY ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Terry DAVIS ('65) Gregor, Great job last night. You were funny. And quite clever. Thank you for your hard work. And sustained good intentions. Without Gregor Hanson, we had nothing. And I mean Nothing. With him, we had us a show. Your friend, -Terry DAVIS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: RHS senior to sing at Grand Ole Opry - 9/6/15 Herald "Kristina GAUMNITZ, a Richland High School senior, has been selected to participate in the National Association for Music Education All-National Honor Ensembles, Oct. 25-28 at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tenn." Congratulations, Kristina!! Labor Day is here! Time to say good bye to summer and wish everyone a Happy Labor Day. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/08/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff: David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley ARMSTRONG ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Adele PAULSEN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robert LOVE ('66) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: A really good friend Yes, I know, I have consistently praised my friends, I've often made a point of saying I am proud of, grateful for and blessed with the best friends a person could have. That goes for all my friends including those I've met only recently... some of whom I've not even met face to face. I have a friend that I only "met" 25 years ago. The first time I met him he asked me to take a picture of him with Terry DAVIS ('65). Now he is not a guy I would have met back in my school days. I would have avoided him. It was my way to avoid some people like the plague. I did not want them to be my friends and I believed they had nothing to offer me. From the first time I met this guy, I have looked forward to seeing him again. We have attended so many functions "together" I can't count them. He has shown our Bomber members more caring than even we show ourselves sometimes. Maybe because he is a fellow Bomber, but I think it goes deeper than that for him. He can remember kids my age and older by their first names and makes a point of greeting everyone with a huge smile. I gave him a hug for the first time a few days ago and admonished him to be careful driving home. He was as much at home at the '65er reunion as anyone and as welcome an attendee as any. Everyone was glad to see him and he made the event even more special. I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge him today and let him know what an important part of my life he is. Now I hafta admit, that for a few years of my life I was one of "them". I came to know the love and dedication some of them have for "us". Thank you, Rex DAVIS ('49) for being so very special to me and to all other Bombers! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/09/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Margaret EHRIG ('61), Linda BELLISTON ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Diann DAVIS ('65) Ed CHRISTOPHERSON ('65) Rob TURPING ('65) Nancy MOORE ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Erlynn BELLISTON ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Ann VOSSE ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda NORWOOD ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BAZEMORE ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debra DUHON ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed CHAPPELL ('71) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Frank HAGGARD & Evelyn BUBNAR ('55) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: John MYERS ('56) & Roberta KIRK ('57) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) Re: All Bomber Lunch, aka Patti's ALL Bomber Lunch Now that Labor Day has passed and school has started, that means that Club 40 is the next event on the horizon. The same time as Club 40 it is time for our monthly Lunch in West Richland. It is open to ALL Bombers from any class. It is held the second Saturday of each month at J D Diner on Van Giesen in West Richland. We gather about noon (some come earlier, some come later), we share memories, get acquainted or re-acquainted, have a good time and eat at the same time. Come join us for the first time or a repeat visit. WHEN: Saturday, Sept 11, 2015 TIME: Noon WHERE: JD Diner, Van Giesen, West Richland -Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) -Judy WILLOX ('61) -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) -Betti AVANT ('69) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Class of '63 70th Birthday Committee It's almost our '63 Class 70th Birthday Party Time.. WHEN: Saturday, September 12, 2015 TIME: 6:00 WHERE: Community/Senior Center in Richland.. Get out your old poodle skirt, blue suede shoes, bobby socks, saddle shoes, cut-off jeans! Grease back your hair, put it in a duck tail, flattop, ponytail or just come as your 70th self. We just want you to come! We are fortunate to gather together to celebrate and remember our time together as classmates from ole Col-Hi. All Classes are welcome to join us to help celebrate our collective 70th Birthdays. Register by sending in $10.00 to the Class of '63, 2854 Troon Ct., Richland, WA 99354 If you'd like, you can pay at the door.. Just let us know you're coming so we can get a food count.. The schedule is as follows: 4:30: Decorate.. All Committee members be there at 4:30 sharp as we only have 1 1/2 hours to decorate. 6:00: Meet and Greet, and Hugs 6:30: Class picture taken 7:00: Taco Bar catered by Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill. 2 tacos per person plus all the trimmings 7:30: Birthday Cake and Happy Birthday Song to us... 8:00: Program... Emceed by our own Jim Hamilton. Special guests: Sonny and Cher, and Patsy Cline Around 9:00: Dance to a disc jockey, just listen to the music, visit. There is also a patio outside the room for visiting.. We will "Rock Around the Clock" until we drop.. 11:00: Start cleaning up.. We'd appreciate all the help we can get, as we have to be out of there by 11:30. -Class of '63 70th Birthday Committee *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: fond memories It all started in art class... Jo "Mills" MILES ('64), Marlene WALTON ('66) and I were in class together and it was probably about Wednesday... Mills and Marlene were supposed to go out Friday nite and she wouldn't go unless her friend had a date... Mills came pleading... (in fact he could have asked anyone and they would have taken the gorgeous Bomber-babe out) but as luck would have it he asked me... "just one look was all it took... just one look" Friday nite found us at a football game and either the next weekend or the weekend after and I was with the B-day babe at tolo... from there our relationship lasted only a short while but wow what a special babe and she has remained a special babe for me all this time... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda NORWOOD ('66) on your special day, September 9, 2015!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Diann DAVIS Strassburger ('65) Re: '65 Party If ever a group of people deserved accolades, it is the group that put together the '65 Bombers 50 year reunion. Every thing ran as precisely as a nuclear countdown. My husband and I were immensely impressed. Once again, accolades to you and the entire staff. -Diann DAVIS Strassburger ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Ed CHRISTOPHERSON ('65) Re: RHS Class of '65 50 Year Reunion Thanks for all your efforts. Well Done! -Ed CHRISTOPHERSON ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Rob TURPING ('65) Re: The Fabulous Reunion Hello Gregor, What a fabulous event you and your team put on. Thank you! -Rob TURPING ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Nancy MOORE ('70) Re: Vegas Bombers Luncheon (TODAY) Vegas Bombers are meeting for lunch WHEN: TODAY, Wednesday, Sept 9 TIME: Noon WHERE: Macayo's, W. Sahara & Cimmaron, Las Vegas -Nancy MOORE ('70) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/10/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45) Marilynn WORKING ('54) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doreen HALLENBECK ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie DEAN ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lee UPSON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna FREDETTE ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet DEVINE ('69) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY - FIFTY YEARS TODAY: Larry BOWLS & Donna YOUNG ('64) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: Club 40 This weekend is it, attendees. It is not publicized much, but Friday is supposed to be Green and Gold nite. Wear the colors!! Also, all you good old founders folks, lunch at the Red Lion restaurant 11am to 1pm Saturday. -Dick McCOY (from the grand old Tin Can class of 1945 for our 70 year reunion not many of us left) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Club 40 Weekend... Well, one more day until our annual celebration of Club 40 members and guests can get together for some fun!! Hope all of you traveling have a safe journey getting to Richland! Just an update as to what some of the things you can expect when you get to the Red Lion Friday afternoon at 4:30pm when the registration table opens. There will be two additional tables set up in the lobby; One for Kate Brown, University of Maryland Baltimore County Professor of History, and author of Plutopia. Kate will be conducting a voluntary and anonymous survey of health effects, or lack thereof, of people who grew up near Hanford, on a tablet or smart phone which she will supply. After my request for your Yes or No interest, a majority was in favor of Kate coming. If you are interested, stop by and meet her. A second table will be used by Sue GARRISON Pritchett ('58) to sell "ornaments" of our ABC houses, "R" with the cloud, and many more fun ornaments. For you "out of towners" who may not have seen some of these and they are great souvenirs and gifts. She will have a display board to show what is available. Raffle will be fun, also. Texas Roadhouse restaurant has donated bags of peanuts that will be sold for $5 each and contain a coupon for an appetizer. All proceeds will go to the Scholarship fund. But... NO throwing shells on the floor, like at the restaurant. . We are so looking forward to a fun weekend of visits with our classmates. Congratulations to all the classes celebrating a "special" year!! Friday night is Taco Night and Saturday night we will be able to have a "sit down" meal and be served! Please enjoy the food and your friends! Saturday morning the Club 40 Board will meet at 10am and conduct the annual election of officers. We are always looking for new members to step up and volunteer to lead your Club! Class reps are still needed for many of the years. You can contact me if you are willing to join us and meet twice a year to help make the activities and functions something that everyone can be proud of. 509 544-0393. See you tomorrow!!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54/Club 40 Prez) ~ Pasco where it is heating up to the 90s and where our kids are still out of school while teachers strike! *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Finally! It finally happened... I met the "Happy Piano" after all this time... now it's not like we haven't emailed and stuff over the years, but I finally met the B-day Bomber-babe face to face at our reunion... Now when I look at her Sr picture I swear I knew her back then... In fact, right after gradeashun I remember looking at our book and feeling that I personally KNEW each and every kid in there... but as with everything else over the years memories fade and by 50 years, they are in very bad shape about some things... of course all of my stories are based in certain fact... I don't make this stuff up... but as Jimbeaux ('63) and I often say... our most vivid memories may be a little fiction and a little fact... Oh by the way... did I mention Rodney BREWER's ('65) birthday is May 26, 1947? Now come next May I want all you Bombers to wish Rodney an HB! We'll see how many remember... oh... nuther thing... are you guys offended by as many commercials as I am? Used to be I only watched movies on cable, but so many really good hour long shows have made their way to network stations I find myself watching "commercial" television lately... I have decided the "toe Fungus" ones are the worst... ya know how you kinda cover your eyes when the good guy goes in a dark hallway or a disposable actor heads into the cave where the monster is waiting... well I do that when the TF commercials come on as well... yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk... or as Mary Lou WATKINS ('63) would say: "eyyyyyyyewwwwwww"... but I have personal knowledge that the B-day babe has the cutest toes around (ok, I don't know that personally)... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna FREDETTE ('65) on your special day, September 10, 2015!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/11/15 - WE REMEMBER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ivamarie EDENS ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Walt MORGAN ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patsy LOMON ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jan WINGFIELD ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John INGRAM ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: JoAnn MALLEY ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Heidi DAVIS ('00) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Stan McDONALD & Dorothy McDONALD ('53) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Hey! On this date in history those two crazy McDonald kids (Dorothy and Stan) ('53) got married. Worked out well, and they didn't have to spend a fortune on getting new monograms on their linens. That's not the only thing that occurred on this day. A fellow classmate and Bomber Babe was born. Since my recollections are probably worse nor the Junior Gyrene, I trust she'll understand when I say that I don't really remember her that much. She's a Bomber Babe; how could I forget? Do remember seeing her at several reunions and we've even spoke. And with that, I'll tip the ol' propeller beanie and give the proverbial "Happy Birthday!" shout out to Ivamarie EDENS ('54) on this day of hers. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ somewhere between Mount Angel, OR and Richland on the way to the annual Club 40 Meeting and Whoop-de-doo. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Pat LARRABEE Kohler ~ Class of 1945 ~ 1927 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/12/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: David RIVERS ('65) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BAIRD ('46) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Wow 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard yer only as old as you feel... which I think is pretty stupid since at times my bod feels 100 plus, tho my mind hasn't got outa puberty... today is a special day for my adopted class of Gold Metal kids. I missed the 60th Bomber Baywatch when my mom fell at "the home" and hurt herself and I didn't feel I should leave for that weekend and now I'm missing the 70th as I was just in Richland a couple of weeks ago... sure sure I know that's no excuse but it is the best I can come up with on short notice... I've worn out the "I was kid napped by Pirates long ago" and don't even try that one any more. I always thought 70 year olds were OLD until the past few years as so many friends have reached that age and gone passed it... Jack GARDINER ('61) and I were talking on the phone Thursday and he reminded me he will be 73 inna few days (as if I wuz gonna fergit); to me we still look and act the same. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gold Metal Class of '63 on your special celebration day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Market Vineyards Trip w/John CLEMENT ('66) from 5-8 pm Thursday, September 17, 2015 John asked me to share this information. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Marlene ALLEN LeCount ~ Class of 1956 ~ 1938 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/13/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54) Margaret EHRIG ('61) David RIVERS ('65) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave KOEPPEN ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leon HOWARD ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy CLUGSTON ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peggy STANDEFER ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul HODSON ('05) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steven ADAIR ('08) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Although I saw him at the annual Club 40 Meeting and General Whoop-de-doo, I just wanted to take this time to wish a "Happy Birthday!" to fellow classmate Dave KOEPPEN ('54). I'd tip the ol' propeller beanie, but he's only shoot it down. Have a good one. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ somewhere between Richland and Mount Angel, OR on the way back from whatever it was. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) Re: '61 Bomber Class Picnic Just a reminder to all of you from the Class of '61. We are having our Annual Picnic this Wednesday, September 16 from 11am to 2pm. This year it is to honor Judy KEPLINGER ('61) for all the work she has done for the last 17 years or more keeping our class together and for chairing the last two or three reunions. WHAT: '61 Bomber Class Picnic DATE: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 TIME: 11am to 2pm WHERE: Gazebo behind Sterling's in Howard Amon Park (access is from GWWay) Please bring an extra chair or two if you can. A picnic lunch is being provided by the class. If you have any questions call Jan OSBOURNE or me. Come, bring a classmate, spouse, or significant other. -Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: wow Before I forget lemme say again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Gold MeDal Class of '63... dunno where that "T" jumped in there on both the SS and Facebook????????????????? Today's b-day Bomber is a guy I've known for quite a long time... most of his life... He's gone from skate boards to Drag racing to whatever you call them huge trucks with huger tires... He's the reason we stopped eating breakfast at the Shilo tho he's plenty old enough to be inna room where they will serve licker 8 hours later now... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Seven ADAIR (08) on your special day, September 13, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Club 40 I went to the Club 40 bash Friday and couldn't believe how many people came up to me, seeing my name tag and commenting they had followed my breast cancer journey in the Sandstorm. It was probably equal between the gals and the guys. This is my 3rd year going to it and my first one was 2 weeks after my last radiation treatment and my hair was just starting to return. It's now cut in a short, spiky cut with some fresh pink highlights added on Thursday. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ from sunny and hot Richland *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Jackie ENGLAND Som ~ Class of 1973 ~ 1954 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/14/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Marilynn WORKING ('54) Mike CLOWES ('54) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Norma MYRICK ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sheila RAMERMAN ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vicki OWENS ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Melissa HOLMES ('92) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: CLUB 40 What a wonderful Friday and Saturday we had this past week with the members of Club 40 who came to join their classmates and some to celebrate their 55 year and 60 year class reunions. Saturday morning was a meeting to elect your Board members. 2015-2016 Board members are: President: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Vice Pres: Dona McCLEARY Belt ('54) Secretary: Karol BRIMHALL Smith ('56) Treasurer: Kathy HOFF Conrad ('64) After the Pledge of Allegiance and Memorial dedication for classmates we have lost, everyone was excited to get started on the party!! It was fun to go to lunch on Saturday with the classes of the 1940s!! Met so many whom I had heard from by e-mail or phone and good to put a face with a voice. That is a fun, lively bunch!! Thank you Dale GIER ('48) for the invite. I have pictures that I will share in a day or two. Got to talk to our "oldest" Club 40 Bomber from class of 1944, Jo DRESSER Dudley, who came here from Alaska. Also, met her son Paul, from Richland, who she will visit with for a couple weeks. We had a very successful Raffle and Marsha LAWELL Hathcox ('60) chairperson, put together some fun items. One in particular was a beautiful quilt made by her sister, Billie LAWELL Neth ('55). I want one!!! We welcomed three (3) new class Reps who will join the Board at our meetings and help structure the functions of Club 40. Shannon CRAIG Hightower ('50), Chris NEYENS Coburn ('70) and Betty AVANT ('69) are the Newcomers!! Thank you ladies for stepping up. We need more like them to join us for classes of 1951, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1975. Some of the classes only need one representative to represent their class. PLEASE contact me and join us. We will be looking to many of you to run for an office on the Board!!!! Keep in mind we will have a Fall Dust Storm coming out early November, so feel free to send in an article or pictures to our Editor, Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49). This will give you lots of time to think about it. Our next Board meeting will be at 1 PM on October 24, 2015, and we welcome your input of ideas that you would like to see happen with Club 40. E-mail me whenever you want. There have already been some suggestions and I will have a questionnaire in the Dust Storm asking your opinions. Could be some changes and want you all to be a part of it!!! Hope all of you out-of-town travelers have made it back home safely!! Come again next year!! We need you!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where I hear the teachers might get our kids in school by Tuesday!!! Ratification is Monday, tomorrow!! *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) I told her: "Don't toy with me, woman!" but it didn't do any good. I often wonder where she gets the energy at her advanced age of 22. That's right, folks, Norma MYRICK ('54) turns 22 today, yet she doesn't look a day over 18. She was even carded at the bar during the latest "Whoop-de-doo" and all she wanted was a ginger ale. Some days it just don't pay ta git up in th' mornin' . So, a tip of the mythical ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" (we did serenade her with that song Friday) is in order. Re: An addendum to my previous: A friend of my wife will be travelling to Richland this coming weekend. My wife's friend will be accompanied by her daughter and 1 year twins. She will be in need of baby sitting assistance on possibly the evening of the 18th or sometime during the day of the 19th. They will be staying in a house in Richland. Not sure where. So, if you have a child or grand-child who would be interested in baby sitting 1 year old twins; contact me via e-mail with a name and phone number and I will see that this information gets forwarded to the proper parties. Thank you for your assistance in this. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the rain may or may not be coming. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: ALL Bomber lunch, aka Patti's ALL Bomber Lunch We had a group of 10 at the Bomber lunch on Saturday. 2 first timers were in attendance; Wendy ERICKSON Savage ('65) here for her 50 year reunion and her mother Doloros Erickson, Clarkston High School class of '37. Doloros still lives in Richland and will be celebrating her 96th birthday this month so we made sure she had her free piece of pie. The Ericksons lived the next block down from me and their youngest son, Todd ('73) and my late brother Howard ('72-RIP) were best buddies and always were finding things to do. I think Wendy and her older brother Brock ('63-RIP) were gone from the household at the time. Wendy has lived in Mississippi for years and really has the "southern drawl". Our favorite waitress, Linda was back from having her baby and left some pictures to share as she was headed home for the day. Yes, Maren she had a daughter and named her Elyse. I'll miss my first lunch next month as that's the day I climb Badger Mountain for breast cancer awareness and the following week I'll participate in a walk again for breast cancer. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Richland *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Don FOSS ~ Class of 1970 ~ 1951 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/15/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAYS Today: Twins: Bill & Forrest GOODENOW Terry ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rich DALL ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peter TURPING ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debbie HOFF ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Phil OWEN ('71) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Guess the witness protection program has limitations. Didn't take too long for my "true" identity to come out. I don't know when these guys got rid of the "other" identity, and it really doesn't matter. Needless to say, they are fellow classmates, and therefore are eligible for mention on their birthday. I'll let the fearless editor do the fancy footwork on how their name is presented. A double tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" shout is in store for Bill and Forrest GOODENOW Terry ('54). Did I mention that one of them may be married to a very, very, very, very, very distant cousin? Just a rumor. Re: Richland babysitter needed Still hoping to get some information about baby-sitters in Richland. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where we are all awaiting the rain and/or Oktoberfest which happens this coming weekend. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Butch RAUCH ~ Class of 1966 ~ 1947 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/16/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) Rick VALENTINE ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Suzie GUNDERSON ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karen KLEINPETER ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brian HERTZ ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy MOORE ('80) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Re: Club 40, 2015 Saturday's sit-down dinner was outstanding! I am hoping someone took pictures of the beautifully presented meals and will submit them to the Sandstorm! [Please submit pictures to the Club 40 webmaster. Nate'll put them on the Club40 website and then somwbody can send me the link so everyone can go look at pictures. - Maren] I am so impressed! Certainly 5 star. salad plates could have been fashioned by a culinary school. The entre plates were equally appealing. Not to mention that the food was delicious. There were only 4 of us at the '52 table, as opposed to 8 or so on Friday. Terry De VINE, Jimmy DAVIS, Paul KRAUS and me. We had a great time visiting and "people watching." None of us won any raffled items, although lots of tickets graced the table. The band was great and many folks danced while the rest of us tapped time to the music. Congratulations to the Organizers for such a great weekend. Thank you, one and all! -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ Richland where the temps are getting low enough in the evenings for us to start thinking about wearing long-johns to the football games. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Christ the King Sausage Fest 2015 If you are looking for something interesting and fun to do, be sure to take in the Sausage Fest. The festivities will be this weekend, September 18-19, beginning on Friday from 5pm to midnight and continuing on Saturday from 11am to midnight. Admission to Sausage Fest is free and includes 25 games for kids of all ages with great prizes, 12 food booths with over 30 different foods, indoor and outdoor Biergartens with live entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Bingo, Granny's Attic, a Farmer's Market, plus middle and high school dances. Food and game prices have remained low for many years in order to provide an inexpensive, enjoyable time for families in our community. On the main outdoor stage, Sausage Fest also provides the largest showcase for our local performing talent with a wide variety of entertainment that can be enjoyed by Fest-goers of all ages throughout the weekend. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ from a much cooler Richland *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Rick VALENTINE ('68) RE: The Next Spokane Bomber Lunch of 2015 WHEN: next Saturday, September, 19, 2015 TIME: Coffee at 11:30 AM Lunch around 12:00 Noon. WHERE: The Hillside Inn Restaurant, 3001 N. Nevada St. in North Spokane. Come and join us for lunch! All Bombers, their families and friends are welcome... the more the merrier. (this is an all class gathering, all class years are welcome) Out of Towner's welcome... See You There... Any Questions or need directions contact me. Re: Painting primer on the new Bomber 'R' -Rick VALENTINE ('68) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Nina ANDRE Barlow ~ Class of 1948 ~ 1928 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/17/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial Today: Mike CLOWES ('54) Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry BELT ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marvin McDONALD ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dena EVANS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jody WHEELER ('73) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) This one's all about a motorcycle dude who is one of the younger Bombers of my acquaintance. I know him because he married a fellow classmate. No going to hold that against him, not at this time, wouldn't be prudent. Besides, she's liable to lift what is left of my scalp. All that brings us to the next step. A tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a hearty "Happy Birthday!" for Larry BELT ('57). Re: And, from the last chance dept. Still waiting to hear about prospective baby sitting assistance for year-old twins. The sitter would not be doing this alone; grandmother will be there and will be the prime care giver. Any Takers??? -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the first day of Oktoberfest is forecast to be rainy, but the balance of the weekend is supposed to be nice (no rain). We'll see. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ('63) Re: Sock Hop Hey Class of 63! Love you guys! Good food, friends to catch up with, and lots of girls to dance with. Lets do it again when we turn 140! ROCK ON!! -Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ('63) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Fun stuff Our own Terence Paul Angel DAVIS Knox ('65) will be appearing in the Richland Players' adaptation of "Ordinary People" as Dr. Berger, the Shrink. So along with his past role as Dr. Peter White in St. Elsewhere and others Terry continues in his medical career. The play will begin on November 7, 2015, and run for three weekends with 2 PM matinees. -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Karla DIETTRICH ~ Class of 1965 ~ 1947 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/18/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff today: Carol CARSON ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jackie SHEARD ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steve SHOCKLEY ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cheryl BARBER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed SMYTH ('77) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) WHAT: Puget Sound Bomber Luncheon WHEN: Saturday, October 17, 2015 TIME: 11:30 am WHERE: Scott's Bar & Grill, 8115 Lake Ballinger Way Edmonds, WA 98026 A favorite Edmonds, WA neighborhood restaurant and bar voted one of the 'Top 10 Great Lunches'. Hosted by Steve CARSON ('58) and Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) Please RSVP to: Carol or Steve -Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/19/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Mary TRIEM ('47) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rafael ALCAZAR ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike LONERGAN ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris BOLKAN ('72) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Mary TRIEM Mowery ('47) To: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Comgrats on another year! Where are you having the Octtober board meeting? Am thinking I would like to come. Thanks. -Mary TRIEM Mowery (a '47 Bomber) ~ Richland *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: and the beat goes on Before I send the b-day Bomber his wish, lemme give a shout to Jack GARDINER ('61) for making it through another baseball season... now as you may know, at the end of the month Jack will be 73 years... uhhhh... well he'll have 73 years under his belt and last weekend while the Gold Medal class was whooping it up, Jack played 7 games inna row... 3 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday... thru it all he managed to only get one boo boo so he has plenty of time to heal for next season... Go Jack (his team came in 2nd place!)!!!!!!!!!!!! It is rather amazing to me that if this or that hadn't happened in our lives we might not know each other and might have far different lives... I am not proud of everything I have done, but if I changed anything, would the rest of my life have been the same? I think not. But for this or that many of us would not be Bombers and that would suck! Same goes for the b-day Bomber, had Castro not taken over Cuba, he would not have been a Bomber. He and I have become buds on facebook and I knew him a bit at Col-Hi. I admire what he and others who came to Richland in the mid-sixties from Cuba made of themselves when life handed them lemons and yet a chance at a new life. I am very proud to call him my friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rafael ALCAZAR ('64) on your special day, September 19, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/20/15 ~ NOT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NO entries for a REAL Alumni Sandstorm. We do, however, have 1 birthday and 1 Bomber Memorial today: BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bruce KILLAND ('71) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Mick O'BRYAN ~ Class of 1952 ~ 1934 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/21/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64), David RIVERS ('65) Cathy GEIER ('66), Patty THOMPSON ('68wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ann CLATWORTHY ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Treasure ELDER ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ned BARKER ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike WAGGONER ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dean HEILING ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bob McCOULLOGH ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy GEIER ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lyle LAUGHERY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karen ROW ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Stephen FORTE ('66) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) This is one of those days that come once in a year; an actual "two-fer". I'm sure the Junior Gyrene sometimes hits this feature: Two Bomber Babes celebrating a birthday on the same date. It happens from time to time. This time, I happen to know both of them; went to school with them; may have been in the same classroom at the same time with them; and graduated with them. The major problem now, is that they live on both coasts (separately of course). Therefore, the ceremonial tip of the ol' propeller beanie is performed twice; but a very loud shout of "Happy Birthday!" so it can be heard in Virginia and California is in store for Ann CLATWORTHY and Treasure ELDER (both '54) as they reach their 22nd and 21st birthdays (respectively). -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where Oktoberfest has wound down and the clean-up may get damp *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) When one goes to the doctor they always ask for you to update your medical history, and I've never told them about a problem I first noted 53 years ago today. Try as I may, I don't think I could write all my symptoms in the limited space they give on the clipboard questionnaire. Not sure if there is an order of urgency, but they include: My hands are shaky and my knees are weak I can't seem to stand on my own two feet I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree My friends say I'm actin' wild as a bug My heart beats so it scares me to death! My insides shake like a leaf on a tree And one thing I'm sure you never thought you'd hear from me My tongue gets tied when I try to speak I'm hoping there is no cure, and I'm confident that the cause is that little red haired girl I took to the Uptown that Friday night and the rest as they say is history. Love you, Nancy, don't even want to think where or what p.s. She still make my palms sweat -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Re: Iditarod stuff We're 166 days from the ceremonial start of Iditarod, 2016 (March 5, 2016), and 3 time winner young Dallas Seavey is already working with his team to make them better. Click his picture to see his next step in training: -Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: alla news what's fit ta print Here we are again... two special Bombers separated by a couple a years but sharing the same b-day... One has become a good bud over the years tho we have yet to meet... almost met when he was in Vegas a while back for a meeting of the Military Order of the Purple Heart... guess that tells you a little bit about what he did in the war, Daddy... the other got his first HB (I'm pretty sure) from me whilst he was staying in Vegas for a visit... a little Oracle ('63) called me and suggested I call him up and wish him a happy happy and I did... been tradition to do his BD in here ever since... Now I've been close to the hoosegow with this guy on at least one occasion... seems the old handball wall had become a might shabby since that night a crew from the Gold Medal Class slinked down during a B Ball game and decorated it with the a '63 and their class motto... "nobody likes a squealer" or something like that... at least this is one of the stories I've heard... there are several depending on the teller of the tale... as I further understand, there were more kids who came to have been there that night than were in all three classes at Col-Hi combined at the time... so anywho... It seemed only fitting that the wall be re-painted during the 50th reunion for these kids and so (and I don't wanna miss anybody here... but I can only remember two) Lamont DeJONG ('63), Roy BALLARD ('63) and SEVERAL OTHERS ('63) went around and conned the local merchants into donating paint, brushes and rollers under some pretense which I can't recall... the call had gone out earlier to be at the wall at a given time... I think when I arrived 3 people were there... more came later to give moral support, but only maybe 4 of us actually painted... now we weren't worried cuz we had two fine lawyer types to take care of any problems... that was until our pictures appeared on the front page of the TCH and the attached photo was snapped... So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ned BARKER ('59 and thank you for your service) and Dean HEILING ('63) on your special day, September 21, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Cathy GEIER ('66) Hi Here is a suggestion... put info re upcoming reunions in Sandstorm... help out the reunion committees. I graduated in '66. I've gotten 1 or 2 things about next summer reunion but nothing since... would be nice to know how they are doing. If you or another Richland resident has time he/she could do little short updates on weather, schools, sports teams, etc... We lived there- some have roots... I remain in Seattle doing yoga and substituting for Seattle schools. Some day the sky scrapers will block the sky and I will be gone to a small town where I can relive the small town life which I create here in Seattle. Best, -Cathy GEIER ('66) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [All reunions are listed on the website... keep checking there for any updates. -Maren] *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Trisha Pritikin, aka Patty THOMPSON ('68wb) Dear Bombers, Bomber "Wanna-Be's", and Friends, I have been a subscriber and consistent reader of the Alumni Sandstorm for more than a year now, and have posted a question or two about places and events I recalled from childhood in Richland. I have been encouraged by several people at the Club 40 Reunion held at Richland Red Lion Hanford House the weekend of Sept 11- 12 to post to the group, so here I am! I was born and raised in Richland, and spent my childhood in an "F" on Stevens Drive. My family left Richland when my Dad, a GE nuclear engineer (100 Area), was transferred to GE in San Jos, California, and then to work with GETSCO in Spain. I would have been class of 1968. I am very thankful that so many people at the Club 40 Reunion came up to our table to participate in an anonymous health survey supported by the University of Maryland. While a number of people reported being in excellent health (which pleased us greatly), there were others who reported thyroid problems, several cancers, and other health issues. Club 40 members are all, for the most part, children of Hanford workers. Although not yet a Club 40 member, both my parents worked at Hanford. While some have successfully filed survivor claims on behalf of parents deceased from cancers recognized as radiation-related under EEOICP, others of us have not been successful. We want very much to honor the experience of those former workers who have had their claims rejected, by recording their data anonymously on an online map through this project. While we are not able to overrule a negative decision under EEOICP, we do wish to record this health data so that it is not forgotten. As children of Hanford workers, we are a very special group. We share the unique heritage of Hanford. And, as such, we are in a position to help and support one another. Some of us have come through childhood in Richland without health impact, and for that I am thankful. But, others of us (and I include myself in this latter group) now have hypothyroidism and other health issues that may or may not be related to childhoods spent in the Hanford area. It is essential that the record of health impacts among children of Hanford workers is included along with the record of health impacts amongst our parents, now documented through EEOICP. As children, we were highly susceptible to the contaminants in our environment. Many people at the Club 40 Reunion not only provided anonymous health data themselves, but took home brochures that included the website for the health survey so that family members and friends could also submit data. If you would like to submit your or family members' data anonymously, the biomapping wellness survey can be found online at On a final note, thank you to everyone for a very warm and welcoming experience for both Kate Brown, project lead, and myself. We entered the Bombers scholarship raffle, and almost won (which means we didn't win L) the Bombers' quilt, an awesome prize! We made new friends and were truly impressed by the camaraderie and friendship in evidence in the reunion. -Trisha Pritikin, aka Patty THOMPSON ('68wb) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Cliff PETERSEN ~ Class of 1970 ~ 1951 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/22/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) Mike RICE ('60), Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Charlotte NUGENT ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy COPPINGER ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Toni SHEPARD ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: JoAnne BUCHOLZ ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bert HAMMILL ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Amanda SCHMOKER ('03) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: obits When I got home home from Club 40, I picked up on several obits. God bless them all: Sonny YALE ('46-RIP) Nina ANDRE Barlow ('48-RIP) and Pat LARRABEE ('45-RIP)... wonderful classmate. -Dick McCOY (from the Tin Can class of '45) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) Re: something a little different Music of the '60s and '70s has long been a wonderful part of my life. Recently I looked up something that was on my mind about Peter, Paul, and Mary and I found a wonderful video of Mary Travers singing to her granddaughter shortly before she died from leukemia in 2007. Hope you enjoy it as much did. Mary Travers singing "When Morning Bells Will Chime" to her granddaughter. -Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Mike RICE ('60) Happy Birthday Mike WAGGONER ('60) [on 9/21]. I believe the best reunion was the 50 year, we (Donna BOWERS ('63) and I) were lucky to sit with such and outstanding group of people. We so enjoyed the evening. -Mike RICE ('60) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ('63) To Jimbeaux! ('63) Sounds like that red haired girl has you "ALL SHOOK UP"!! Best Regards -Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ('63) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: ah what fun How time does fly and the more "mature" we grow the faster it seems to whiz by. While I often see the B-day Bomber-babe when I visit Richland, it was a true pleasure to see her at our 50 year reunion... I've known her since Jefferson, thru Chief Jo and on to Col-Hi... I've had some Bomber lunches with her sis ('63) and all in all I can say she is one of those Babes I am extremely fond of... Here's hoping her day is a fun one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JoAnn BUCHOLTZ ('65) on your special day, September 22, 2015!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/23/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff today: Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Phyllis CUNNINGHAM ('64) David RIVERS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim HAMILTON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: George ZIELINSKI ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Loren HOLLOWAY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karen STRAND ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robert POSENAUER ('73) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Bumper Crop of Grapes The house next door to mine has a couple of old grape vines in the back corner of the yard. Counting the original owner (I bought my house from him) there have been 5 owners of that lovely brick home in the years since I bought my house in 1995. The first 4 were not interested in my offer to trim and tie the vines to promote a crop. The latest couple to buy the house this last spring have become great friends with Jackie and myself. When I explained that a friend of mine in California wine country who is a vineyard manager for one of the larger wineries, had taught me how to prune, tie and water grapes, he said "go for it". The vines were a mess and I cut away a full recycle can of long vine. By the end of a month buds were breaking out all over. These are concord grapes used for juice as the pith is course and they have lots of seeds. As you can see in the picture we had GRAPES! Over 100 garlands like the picture and many more smaller bunches from 3 vines ignored for years. As the color turned purple I backed off the water a bit to help increase the sugars. I have a "steam juicer" and over the last week have generated 60 quarts of juice. The juice is perfect. Cooled, you can drink it right out of the steamer. It is delightfully sweet. I am sharing with several neighbors and they are making waffle syrup and jelly. Success in growing plants is one of the true pleasures of life. "Happiness is in the grapes" -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) Re: Class of '64 - Re: 70th birthday party SAVE THE DATE! Our class birthday extravaganza will be August 27, 2016, at the Community Center in Richland. Let's join together to celebrate the biggest and best birthday yet. Class of 1964; Please mark your calenders now. See you in 11 months. -Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: The Bobbsey Twins Well today was a day when two guys celebrated their join b-day... one has departed but the other does his best to act for two... .a couple a dayz ago he brought a few tears to the eyes as he thanked the day he met the ever young and lovely Miss. Nancy ('65)... what a guy... who wouldn't swoon over that kinda talk... he's onna those guys I enjoy spending time with as often as I can... and the other guy I miss like crazy... then there's another one who I don't recall seeing at the reunion and if I missed him I am sooooooooooo sorry... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim "Jimbeaux" HAMILTON ('63), Steve SIMPSON ('65-RIP) and George ZIELINSKI ('65) on your special day, September 23, 2015... which means that many of the class of '63 will be marching very steadily to 71 as the cycle begins again!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: '66 in '16 - 50-year class reunion August 12-14, 2016 Richland Red Lion/Hanford House The link to the '66 in '16 - 50-year class reunion page with basic information added is: As plans progress, I will update the page. Hope to see all of our classmates at our reunion next year, August 12-14, at the Richland Red Lion/Hanford House. Bomber cheers ~ -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland where we welcome in the first day of Autumn ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/24/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff today: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) David RIVERS ('65) (Bomber? I have no idea) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roy CROSS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Andi BISCHOFF ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dina SPANJER ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John RECK ('66wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rene NOWAKOWSKI ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Alan LOBDELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron FRYMIER ('69) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Writing from Lincoln City, Oregon today. Another very nice trip under my belt. (Lots of good sea food, too! **grin**) There are about 7 Richland Bombers on this trip. Super good company. To: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Thank you so much for sharing information about the Concord Grapes. I have one vine at my house and last year (2014) I had a great bunch. Made jelly, gave a few gallons to the Union Gospel Mission in Pasco, shared with Meals on Wheels and anyone else who wanted some. Last fall I had it trimmed/pruned by professionals. This year is a completely different story. Had very few grapes but lots and lots of leaves. Wondering what feed I should give it and when? Also when to prune? I kind of watch the vineyards but that may not be enough. Thanks for any help you can give. I googled pruning but I don't think I "got" it. -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ heading back to Richland Thursday morning *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: group hug Gotta fly out to a seminar early inna morning and I just looooove flying these dayz... the night before I get all yucky in my stomach wondering what wonderful adventure will await me... will I have removed alla my bullets from every nook and cranny, will I have something else they find offensive like the AK 47 round I used to carry on my key chain... what an adventure that was... here I was trying to get thru Sea-Tac with some AEC contraband all worried they'd hold me for it and instead they want me to throw away an empty round I'd carried since '67 or '68... prolly '68... on the same key chain was a 6 foot Porsche key that looked like a sword... ok not 6 foot but very big... this was before the shoe bomber so after being escorted to the curb by two line backers I put it in my shoe and shuffled thru... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh... nuthin's easy... last night I noticed this wrinkledy old people's skin on my calf... when you pinch it... it stays that way... I thought only 100 year old people got that... Geez at the reunion I was marveling at Cecilia BENNETT's ('65) buff self... and here I am looking like the Ancient Mariner... for about 3 months I have been trying to remember to take a buncha oil to the recycle place... they hide their calendar on the web site and I forgot to put it in favorites so an hour later I finally found it... they only take oil every other week, three days outa that week so at least I had the right week and day... off I trekked with 11 gallons of oil (yeah I procrastinate but the place ain't close)... having failed to notice that the oil guy leaves at 1:00... yup I got there at 1:10... Well all I can say is I certainly hope this gaggle of Bomber b-day guys and babes have great birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Roy CROSS ('65) on the 24th; Bethie PARKER ('63), Ann LINK ('63) and Hector ALVAREZ ('64) 9/25 on your special days!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Re: Focus on Rex DAVIS ('49) Read about Rex who recently (Sept 2015) joined the WSU Athletic Hall of Fame, recognizing his coaching of Cougar Gymnastics and Tennis: ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/25/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff today: Helen CROSS ('62) Larry BOWLS ('64) and Donna YOUNG ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ann LINK ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Beth PARKER ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Hector ALVAREZ ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim PARVIS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy NELSON ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard McALLISTER ('69) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Deedee WILLOX ('64) Armand Loiseau ('53 Bulldog) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) First, a day late Happy Birthday to my brother, Roy CROSS ('65). I will call him later today [9/24], and even get to see him when we are out there for a short trip to Washington later in October. Maren, cougars in Washington usually refers to the WSU Cougars. [I knew that... just like huskies are U-DUB. -Maren] Congratulations to Rex DAVIS ('49) on his sports achievements. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ In Hope, IN where we are enjoying true Indian Summer and where we will celebrate Hope Heritage Days this weekend *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Larry BOWLS ('64) and Donna YOUNG Bowls ('64) Re: Our 50 Year Anniversary Trip - Gretna, LA Donna and I had a great time visiting and sharing 50 year old memories with Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) in Gretna, LA. Maren, you must know, has the distinction of being the chief editor of our high school online news letter "Alumni Sandstorm". No one works harder to ensure the letter gets assembled, edited and emailed daily with all the posts from our high school classmates. Thank you for your hard work. You make a huge contribution to the memory of Col-Hi and all the alumni. We love and appreciate you, Maren! -Larry BOWLS ('64) and Donna YOUNG Bowls ('64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [The food was great! The company was better. Thanks, Larry & Donna. -Maren] ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/26/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pat UPSON ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Helen & Carol EVANS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shisla ANDREW ('66) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Larry HARROLD ('56) & Lois WEYERTS ('56) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Gonna take this time to recognize a pair of younger Bombers. They did something special on this date a few years back, and it's still working for them. So, let us take this moment to wish Lois WEYERTS and Larry HARROLD (both '56) a "Happy Anniversary!". Don't know which one this is, but I hope Larry takes Lois to some place nicer than Dairy Queen. I know they have decent food there, but, it's Dairy Queen. At least step up to Applebee's. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the first autumn monsoon has come and gone, and now we await the lunar eclipse. *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Rob MURPHY ~ Class of 1968 ~ 1950 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/27/15 ~ NOT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not enough entries for a REAL Alumni Sandstorm. We do, however, have birthdays and 1 Bomber Memorial today: BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol CROSE ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Andy MILLER ('71) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Jenny FRANSEN ~ Class of 1982 ~ 1963 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/28/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff today: Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim JENSEN ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn GULLEY ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Darlene NAPORA ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Toni HAUSENBUILLER ('98) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Mike HOGAN & Lori SIMPSON ('70) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: BD greetings Here's wishing Darlene NAPORA Shuley ('69) a very happy birthday. Now you have caught up with me but not for long. Have 1 on me, OK? -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ from Richland to Austin ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/29/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) David RIVERS ('65) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kay MITCHELL ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack GARDINER ('61) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) from the "Boy! Is My Face Red!" dept.: Dunno what I was doing or thinking of yesterday (9/28). I should have sent an entry to the Alumni Sandstorm extolling one and all to wish a Bomber Babe a "Happy Birthday!" and tipping the ol' propeller beanie. So, if Marilyn GULLEY ('54) will accept my apologies for missing the momentous occasion of her 21st, I just might get home free. Now for the good part. I have not forgotten the birthday of an older Bomber Babe. We go back a few years. Even had a class in school together. I know that she is over 21, but not by much. Now, the tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a hearty "Happy Birthday!" are now in store for Kay MITCHELL ('52). Missed you at the past Club 40 gathering. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the leaves are beginning to turn and fill the yard *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Whataguy Here it is... a birthday I look forward to all year long. One of those guys I all but worshiped as a kid. To call him a "lover of the game" is a total understatement. This guy eats, sleeps and dreams baseball. I believe he would even top Dean HOFF ('62) and Doug LUKENS ('62)... though it may be a tie between the three... I mean he doesn't wear Mickey Mantle's number around his neck, tho I do know he has pictures of Bo Belinsky and me on his computer so the jury is still out... now you do know that this kid is turning 73 today so I think it would do well to remind him of his special day... so be sure and email him or call him as I will if ya gots the number... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jack GARDINER ('61) on your very special day, September 29, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: RHS Student earns $50,000 college scholarship 9/28/15 Herald "A Richland High School senior who has received numerous accolades for her energy research and science projects has earned a $50,000 college scholarship. Swetha SHUTTHANANDAN, 17, ('16) will be among the 20 students honored at a reception of the Davidson Institute for Talent Development in Washington, D.C., on September 29. She is one of only three students to receive the top scholarship prize awarded each year." Re: Bomber "R" at Rish Stadium The "R" is now proudly back on the hill at the remodeled Rish Stadium!! -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/30/15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Millie BRESINA ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rita DIDWAY ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tami SCHUCHART ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike BECHARD ('66) *************************************************************** *************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) This time I did not forget; checked several sources and at least two calendars. Now I may or may not recall this Bomber Babe from back in the day. but I do know that she was in the gym when we all got our diplomas. That alone qualifies her as a fellow classmate as she walked in ahead of me. All of which is beside the point. I now tip the ol' propeller beanie and give the "Happy Birthday!" salute to Millie BRESINA ('54) on what may or may not be her 21st (it's her call). And of course all the pleasant returns of the day. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the days have dwindled down to the end of September *************************************************************** *************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Phil BROTHERS ~ Class of 1958 ~ 1938 - 2015 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` August, 2015 ~ October, 2015