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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ October, 2004
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/01/04 Dateline: Alumni Sandstorm Headquarters in WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers, 3 funeral notices, and 1 Bomber Mom today: Betty Hiser ('49), Millie Finch ('54) Charles Cox ('56), Patti Jones ('60) Dennis Johnson ('62WB), Marie Ruppert ('63) Ray Kelly ('63), Roy Ballard ('63) Mike Howell ('68WB), Daniel Laybourn ('70) Vic Marshall ('71), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom), ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Re: Helen Skogen Although I never had Miss Skogen for a teacher she was best friends with Muriel Hamilton, Librarian at Carmichael. I worked for Miss Hamilton during the school year '50-'51 for 2 hours each day. Miss Skogen was always a very pleasant person. Re: Hurricanes After reading Pam Pyle's ('69) entry about the hurricanes, I called my cousin who lives in Virginia but works in Wash DC for the FBI. She said they had gotten 7" of rain (in less than 24 hours) from the hurricane. I told her that Richland gets about 7" of rain a year. That blew her away. To: Linda Reining ('64) When Hanford was in a no fly by zone (forbidden flying) the planes from Edwards Air Force base used to fly as far as Hanford and left their little trails. Were you any relation to "Sarge" Reining? Re: Rumbling Mt. St. Helens is rumbling again - they think it may go off in the next 3 to 4 days - nothing like the May 18, 1980 eruption. It has rumbled for awhile. I was surprised when it said over 200 ft. have been added to the top of the mountain since the May 18 eruption. To: David Rivers ('65) I went to a school in Seattle. When one of the instructors asked me where I was from and I said Richland. She replied, "Oh, that's where those match stick apartments are located." I had never heard them called that. My father and I both worked out in the area. Since he worked in radiation zones he received one of those P bottles each month. I did not work in radiation zones so I received one of the P bottles every 3 months. Since they were distributed alphabetically we had two of those bottles in our house four times a year. To keep them separate one was on one side of the toilet and the other on the other side. Needless to say my mother was not happy when those things arrived. They messed up her housekeeping routine. They were testing to see how much radiation you had in your body. (This was in addition to the dosimeter badges we wore.) At the time they started up Hanford the FBI checked up on you - your house, your school, beer joints (westerns call these taverns), your neighbors, etc. They had to find out if you were reliable, honest, and worthy of the Q clearance, etc. It was eerie - just like watching scary movies. A few years after the plant started you had to go to the Administration Building (703) to pay for your electric bill. One day I went down with my dad and there was a small boy (probably about 4 or 5) standing in line and he turned around to my dad and said, "I know what they make out there." Daddy asked him what and he said: "Toilet paper. Daddy brings his lunch box full every day." You could get fired if you talked about your job. Since I worked out in the area my dad and I talked a lot about what went on out there. If you talked about your job to strangers and the FBI found out about it they would fire you and give you 3 days to get out of Richland. They only time you had more than 3 days to get out of Richland was when you retired. They gave you 30 days. That was not the only thing you could get fired over. My dad told my sister and I that if we got into trouble he could lose his job. Put the fear of God into two children. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er ~ south/government Richland where the weather has been beautiful - supposed to be in the high 70s to low 80s for the next 5 or 6 days. Hooray! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Millie Finch Gregg ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Charles Cox ('56) Re: Golf Just to let everyone know that I had another HOLE-IN-ONE today [9/30/04]. This is my 5th... but who is counting? -Charles Cox ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) To: All Bombers Re: Move With all my heart of excitement I will be moved to West Richland off Bomber Range road by November 1st. Richland is where I have wanted to be for 42 years. I moved to San Jose in 1962 to try another area for a while. Finally it's happening. There is sadness and happiness from family, friends, neighbors and Bomber friends here. This decision has been coming for two years. Club 40 weekend deciding area where I wanted to live brought the right home. While in Richland from Sunday to Tuesday this week met at the Spudnut shop with Mary Judd Hinz ('60), "Pappy" George Swan ('59), his wife Jeanne, Marilyn Swan Beddo ('63). What a hoot. By the time we left, "Pappy was helping move me in to the house and Mary Judd Hinz ('60) had the house warming party planned. Yes, Mary, I will make the famous chili. Looking forward to lunches, helping Club 40 so forth. The question that rises the most is what about the Puget Sound Area - Fife luncheon. Tom Hughes ('56) has willing taken the luncheon into his hands. I will do the October luncheon and from there it's Tom's with hopefully some back up from Jim McDougal ('57). **Smile Jim**. I didn't say I wouldn't be telling anybody Tom that I will do the announcements for you **grin**. I will be back them up while they get the hang of it all. Yes I will come back and forth at times. Hopefully after I get settled in West Richland I will be doing an all Bombers luncheon there as no one has come forth to do it. Re: South Puget Sound Area/Fife luncheon No reservations necessary! DATE: October 10, 2004 COFFEE TIME: 11:30am LUNCH TIME: 12:30pm WHERE: Fife Bar and Grill In between Goodyear Tire and Day's Inn PHONE: (253) 922-9555 ADDRESS: 3025 Pacific Highway E., Fife, WA I-5 North, Exit 136 B (Port of Tacoma) I-5 South Exit 136 Turn left on Pacific Highway. E. PRICE: Price range $10.00 - $14.50 includes drink and tip All Bomber Spouses and Friends are welcome! Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - for a very short while. Yes, I will miss lots here but I can come back any time to visit. Two of my Kids are five minutes from here. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Johnson ('62WB) To: David Rivers (65) While lazily perusing your splendiforous contribution of late, I noted that you mentioned some Bomber salt and pepper shakers... I might mention that such a pair were recently for sale on Ebay... yellow in color, in the classic shape of an aerial bomb... stabilizer fins, etc... replete with the City of Richland prominently embossed thereon. I believe there was a reference to the "Atomic City" or at least a mushroom cloud also present. I am distressed to find (after the fact) that these two items would have been of some interest to you, for they are apparently no longer for sale - either having expired or they were purchased. I did not 'save' them to my "watching" page, and much to my chagrin, I did not bid on them. Be assured, that had I known that such a set held so much meaning to you... I would have promptly secured them... and presented them to you with minimal fanfare at the next meeting of the much-vaunted "Donut Delinquents" Perhaps they were acquired by the individual that you have accused of stealing yours... so that he may have a back-up pair with which to taunt you... quien sabe? In another vein, if no one else appreciated David's photo of he and Jim H lined up for a street race, I would like to comment that aside from Rink Jett (or is that Jett Rink? - I cannot recall specifically), there are no two more delinquent denizens than these. I believe that the concept for the various "street scum" movies (Hot Rods from Hell... Hot Rod Girl... Hot Rod Crazies... et al..) was a direct result of someone observing David and Jim in some earlier life of debauchery and decadence. The term "suicide front end" is not without some substantiation. From my aerie, high atop Shadow Hills... where the temperatures have finally reached a tolerable level for both streetrodding and flying - I remain: Polysyllabically yours, -Dennis Johnson ('62WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marie Ruppert Hartman ('63) Had lunch yesterday at the Spudnut Shop with the '63 & '64 girls. We got to chatting about why I had moved back to Richland, how I liked it, etc. Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) asked where I had bought and I told her on Snyder St. She said she used to live on Snyder back in the early '80s. To make a long story short, it was the same house! -Marie Ruppert Hartman (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Kelly ('63) Unfortunately, I don't find Mr. Steach's "explanation" of what will happen to the Bomber symbols to be acceptable. As a toxicologist, I can tell you that asbestos is pretty harmless if part of a solid structure whose integrity is not compromised. If it isn't released into the environment, it will be fine. At the same time, he seems to think nothing of substituting our genuine Bomber symbols for something which he feels should be equivalent. Typical liberal educational thinking in my mind... We'll tell you what's good for you... don't worry about a thing! -Ray Kelly (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) Hear, Hear to David Rivers ('65). He tells it like it is. Go David! Hey David I've got a big gold bomb, want it? The schools won't let the kids have it... guess why. -Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Mike Howell ('68WB) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Mike Howell ('68WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Daniel Laybourn ('70) Re: California earthquakes (Linda Reining's entry) Linda, just a small correction... Parkville is nowhere near San Francisco (in fact, it's closer to Bakersfield)... just east of Paso Robles. The town itself is known as the earthquake capitol of CA. The quake actually registered 5.9, which isn't considered very large in these parts. -Daniel Laybourn ('70) ~ somewhere on the Monterey Bay coast ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Vic Marshall ('71) Re: Asbestos in the bomb I have been reviewing the responses from the school board about replacing the Bomb in the mixing area and the Mushroom Cloud - citing asbestos as the reason for not wanting to re-use materials. Has anyone challenged how they came to this conclusion? There seems to be a tendency these days to conclude that anything over a certain age had to contain asbestos - when that may not be the case - but it does drive the cost of construction/remodeling WAY up - so is frequently cited as a reason for special handling, disposal etc. Not being a Richland taxpayer, it is of little financial consequence to me but I would hope someone questions how they come to these conclusions... seems a little too convenient to me... a new conspiracy theory to debate for a few months... -Vic Marshall ('71) ~ Beverly Hills, MI - Where there are no hills and I have yet to meet Beverly. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/02/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff: Norma Myrick ('54), Dick Avedovech ('56) Lois Weyerts ('56), Paul Ratsch ('58) Ernie Trujillo ('59), Michael Waggoner ('60) Roger Gress ('61), Ed Quigley ('62) Roy Ballard ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Linda Reining ('64), Jeff Michael ('65) Rick Maddy ('67), Steve Edwards ('68) Betti Avant ('69), Larry Crouch ('71) Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kay Conrad ('60) COLLEGE FOOTBALL TODAY: Notre Dame vs Purdue - 2:30pm (Eastern time) NBC LSU at Georgia - 3:30pm (Eastern time) BOMBER CALENDAR: <Richland Bombers Calendar> Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Norma Myrick Nunamaker ('54) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Norma Myrick Nunamaker ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('56) Re: Mt. St. Helens There is a cam recorder set up at one of the observatories where you can watch Mt. St. Helens on the Internet. The picture is compliments of the U.S.G.S. and is updated every 5 minutes. The web site is: Right now the picture is not showing anything very exciting, but apparently things are rumbling underneath. -Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Re: Class of '56 Ladies Luncheon Our Class of '56 Bomber Lunch Bunch will have our luncheon on Tuesday, October 5th at 11:00 at the home of Karol Brimhall Smith. We would love to have some more people join us for our salad luncheon. I will give you directions to Karol's home when you email me. We usually meet the first Tuesday of each month at someone's home or at a restaurant. -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Paul Ratsch ('58) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Paul Ratsch ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ernie Trujillo ('59) Re: David or Donna Howell (would have been class of '59 and '61 respectively) I was a close friend of both David and Donna (they were neighbors in Richland) before they moved to Grandview, just before we started high school in 1957. I've thought about what happened to Dave and Donna over the years. I had a short reunion with Donna and her husband Bill Brown, in Amarillo, TX when I was going throught Technical School for the Air Force in early 1960. Now that I live in Dallas, I'd like to touch base with either of them just to catch up. Anyone knowing of their whereabouts, I'd appreciate a reply or in the Sandstorm, as I read it daily. -Ernie Trujillo ('59) ~ Where Bombers and Cowboys have an easy coexistence. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Michael J. Waggoner ('60) Re: Kennewick Man Colorado's distinguished Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a Native American, has introduced a bill that if enacted would increase control of ancient skeletons by Native American tribes and reduce scientific access to those skeletons. The committee he chairs has approved the bill. I would hope that all of us would be willing and eager to have our ancient ancestors' remains examined by scientists, to find out about diseases and culture and history, and that Native Americans would not feel unfairly imposed upon by the scientists. The world has an unfortunate history of having religion block scientific inquiry. I side with the scientists, who are exploring the wonders of God's creation, not just following earlier generations' vision of that creation. -Michael J. Waggoner ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) To: Kay Conrad Johnson ('60) Happy birthday to my old neighbor & I don't mean in age. -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Ed Quigley ('62) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Ed Quigley ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) To: Ray Fisher ('63) How are you doing? The word from Steach is that they are removing the floor tile and of course all floor tile has asbestos in it... didn't you know that? I also have a supervisor's card in abatement. But I know it's all political. Ask Semler... he knows all along with Steve Neill. -Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Bomber Salt & Pepper Shakers Here are those Bomber salt & pepper shakers that were listed on eBay last week. -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Re: "Sarge" Reining Yep. I'm related to him... he was my dad. I remember those bottles being left by the front door and I never knew what they were for til I read about them in the Sandstorm... dad never talked about his job and I never knew what he did (still don't... never told me) although a few times he didn't come home, mom would just say, "your dad is hot, so he can't come home"... couldn't figure that one out... we would get hot, too, but we didn't have to stay away from home! It amazes me how all those people who worked out there kept quiet about their jobs and never talked ("loose lips sink ships"). I can't even imagine that happening in today's world. Can you imagine telling employees NOT to talk about their jobs?????? That would never happen! I also remember dad telling my brother and I that we better be good, cause he could get fired IF we did something bad. Geez, what a load to lay on a kid. To: Daniel Laybourn ('70) Thanks for the correction on where Parkville is... I was just going by the way they described the town on the news and where they showed it on the map... from where I was looking, it looked closer to 'Frisco than Bakersfield. By the way, since you are on the Monterey Bay Coast, did you feel it? Or any of the one we had on Wednesday that was centered in Keene (close to Tehachapi, but still part of Kern County). We had some small aftershocks today... have our handy earthquake kit, but always figure the "big one" will hit when I am least prepared... either in bed, out shopping, or some other inconvenient place! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - temps are finally cooling down... only in the 80s ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey there Bombers & Bomberette... Confidential to D. Rivers ('65): Cuz that's just the way it was... and You Are There (said with the honest/believable voice of Walter Cronkite). Wouldn't that make a great show... live in a room with Teller, Einstein, etc. discussing whether to unleash this device on the world? And they'd be saying anybody that worked on the Manhattan Project would have to be able to keep secrets, work in rubber suits, wear gas masks and NOT TELL ANYONE! Think about all those "construction" guys who came here to build some strange buildings while living in Quonset huts in North Richland. Wonder what they and their families thought when they finally figured out what they had built. They probably felt like I did when I went to Russia the first time and realized what a huge lie had been purpertrated on us all about what was behind the Iron Curtain. To this day I remember sitting in 9th grade General Science (Chief Jo) watching a movie about atomic energy and hearing the announcer say that people who worked at the reactor plants referred to being in the reactor itself as "working in the canyon". All the pastoral images of my Dad's comments about his work dissipated in a cloud of radioactive dust! Yeah, Richland was a pretty unique place back in the day... and I find upon returning after nearly 40 years... it still is! Confidential to "sky's in bloom" Mattingly ('60): Please email me... I've lost your address and have someone who needs your assistance. Bombers support Bombers! Oh, don't use Saint Helen's name in vain... she's getting kinda sensitive lately! -Jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: Paint and Tiles I was wondering if these photos were the areas of danger to the students? The lead paint in the mural and the asbestos in the tile. Does this mean I need to consider my shower stall tiles as being a health hazard? I quit eating paint (mostly the #2 yellow painted pencil), snorting tiles and smoking dried banana peels way back in the '60s. *cough* Anybody remember - WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Uuh... YOU GOT TEN SECONDS, BOB. Uuh... Bob... BOB! As you can see below, after all these years, I can still remember my name, eventually. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Steve Edwards ('68) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Steve Edwards ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) I see Mt. St. Helens is awake again, oh my!!!!!!!!!!! -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS, where we are under a frost advisory for the next couple of nights ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Crouch ('71) To: Vic Marshall ('71) Vic, it seems for years they have been trying to get rid of the BOMB and this times it's just for our own good, I (like you) don't live in Richland any more but if I did I would take my chances with the BOMB. If they do succeed in removing it they can store the horrible toxic thing at my house in the basement I'd love to have it. -Larry Crouch ('71) ~ Northglenn, CO - where it's 40 and raining. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Interesting Website I came across this article, thought it might be beneficial for some of the Bombers. ****** DEAR ABBY: Veterans and their families might be interested to know about a new Web site: <CLICK HERE. It's government-sponsored, and organizes 500 federal and state benefit programs, targeting citizens into one single site. Veterans can log on, answer a few anonymous questions and find out which benefits they may be eligible to receive. It's also a helpful site for case workers, relatives or caregivers. I answered the questions for my grandfather, a World War II veteran from 1941-'45, and discovered 21 benefit programs for which he might be eligible. -KEITH NELSON, WASHINGTON, D.C. DEAR KEITH: Bless you for sharing this information with my readers. Upon further investigation, I learned that CLICK HERE was created by the U.S. Department of Labor, with contributions by 10 federal agencies and several states. (There is at least one benefit in every state.) Hosted by, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, the site also includes a Spanish language version: Click Here for Spanish version. Bravo! ******* -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/03/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Jim Grow ('51) Gary May ('58), Michael Lewis ('60) Jim Andersen ('61), John Browne ('61) Tom Hemphill ('62), Gary Christian ('67) Rick Maddy ('67), Pam Pyle ('69) Daniel Laybourn ('70), Tom Kelleher ('73) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: George Brinkman ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Katie Riggins ('60) BOMBER CALENDAR: <Richland Bombers Calendar> Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Linda Reining ('64) I believe when I knew your dad he was working for Minor Construction which later because J. A. Jones Construction. He was in my office one day when I received a priority message about some VIPs that would be visiting Richland. The message said that there would be appetizers, etc. I was looking in the dictionary trying to find the word I needed and your father asked me what I was looking for and when I told him he said, "you can't find horses dorvers?" I still can not spell those words!!! I know at one point in time he worked in either 105-B or 105-C. That's when he would have received the P bottles. When you are threatened with losing your job if you blabbed certain things it scares you. I don't think most of the guys realized that what they were working on or with was as significant as it turned out to be. Most of the people that worked with my father only had eighth grade educations or less and even in the '40s it was difficult to get a job without a high school education. Those P bottles were quite a conversation piece. One of the guys on a job I had refused to use them. My boss wrote him a note and said, "Drink lots of beer." Our neighbor could see no point in using them until he was threatened with his job. He only had to use them four times a year (like me). Mt. St. Helens let off a little steam yesterday and is rumbling some more. They think maybe it will go off again in 3 to 5 days. Nothing like the May 18 1980 eruption. Thank God. -Betty Hiser Gulley ('49er) ~ south/government Richland - where the temperatures are in the high 70s. Bless coolness. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Grow ('51) Re: 500 Benefit Programs Richland is a strange town. Give me something for nothing. A free lunch. Well folks there is no free lunch just lunches that get paid for five times over. Has any one ever asked why there is such a thing as 500 Federal and State Benefit programs. -Jim Grow ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Gary May ('58) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Gary May ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Michael Lewis ('60) To: Michael Waggoner ('60) The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act was established as a Federal law in 1990. It is an attempt to restore the dignity and feelings of native Americans after the brutal way they were conquered by Europe's militaristic science and religion, and repressed since then until very recently. Some of that repression continues today. Do you give native Americans any choice other than that between the European science you suggest, with its experiments, or the European theology which you also suggest, with its inquisitions? Worse, the vast academic camp has taken over the role of what were in medieval Europe the vast religious institutions there. Science now is often merely an office of that new Authority. Being part Cherokee, I share some of the understanding with which western civilization is viewed by people who lived in this continent for tens of thousands of years. We are not laboratory specimens. Let it rest. Nature does not fit easily into a convenient marble block. There's lots, lots more that I could say on this. You can get the NAGPRA web site at -Michael Lewis ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Jim "Andy" Andersen ('61) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Jim "Andy" Andersen ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Kennewick man To: Michael Waggoner ('60 The situation of the old bones from the present-day bank of the Columbia River really has created some strange alliances among "advocacy groups" who have plans for these remains. While I would agree that the general impression over the last few centuries has been that Science and Religion have been "working at cross-purposes" fairly often, one must acknowledge that, since the adherents of the predominant sciences and the dominant religions share a common culture (and, therefore, often common long-term goals and aspirations on a cultural level), that those in any 'minority' relationship to that culture may feel that the repression by that culture is not limited to one camp (ie Scientists) or the other (ie the Missionaries). I have also to consider the contributions of, say, Teilhard de Chardin on the one hand, with someone like the noted American nuclear scientist who recently praised a book he found at the gift stand at Grand Canyon National Park, which promoted a view that the canyon could actually have been formed within the literal parameters given in the Bible for the length of the Earth's existence. The local Shahaptin-speaking indigenous people are about to lose the last of their native speakers partly because of political and religious efforts in the last century to wean them from their mother-tongue. They lost the primary source of their food to science-aided and abetted dam construction. They lost a very important 'sacred place' of their own 'religion' when the creation of the Hanford Reservation enclosed Gable Mountain, the place of "vision quests" for their young. Their cultural views have been disparaged and their values denigrated by many scientific, religious and political advocates of the dominant culture here for over a century; and this has occurred despite the fact of their residence here for, most likely, millennia. In the face of this recent history it's very easy to understand the unwillingness of the indigenous people to forego a recently- won protection from the routine grave-robbing and looting of indigenous burial (and other significant cultural) sites by members of the dominant culture, for whatever purposes. While I would love to discover that an ancient colony of Old Norsemen had inhabited the Lower Columbia region right after the last Lake Missoulian wall of water and debris had settled out (and, thus, open a claim to the Territory by modern Norwegians, much as certain inhabitants of Queens and the Bronx have done in the Jordan River Valley), it won't grieve me greatly to let sleeping dogs (or, in this case, bones) lie, to maintain their mysteries as deep and compelling as the contents of the Presidential files of former President Reagan, and the first Bush, to which we have been denied access by the his son. ^..^ PS - What's up with the eighth Berber, "Octo", anyhow? Ya just funnin' us?.. made me smile... ^..^ -John Browne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hemphill ('62) Re: Mariners Baseball Were there any other Bombers at Safeco Field yesterday? My wife (Linda) and I had a most wonderful day at the Mariners game where Ichiro tied and then broke the hit record for a single season. He hit # 257 to tie and then 258 and 259 to set a new record. For those who do not follow baseball, the 257 hit record was set in 1920 - 84 years ago. The fans were great with a sell-out of more than 45,000 people, which is pretty good for a last place team. The emotions and excitement is hard to put into words. We feel pretty lucky to have been at this game and others that were pretty special as well. In 2001 we were at the 116th win game that tied the 1906 Chicago Cubs record for single season wins. I have a lot of very fond memories of baseball in Richland. And, as my brother Mick ('66) says, "the older we get the better we was." We now wait for the 2005 Mojo. -Tom Hemphill ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Christian ('67) Re: Mt. St. Helens To Dick Avedovech ('56) I checked out the cam of Mt. St Helens. Nice pictures. But I have a more dramatic view. I just go out and stand on my deck and look North. Have a great view of the mountain from my home in Vancouver, WA. In fact, I walked out on my deck just as it burped its steam and ash yesterday. And my wife Deborah, saw the plume from work as well and it was quite an experience for her. She is originally from West Virginia and was living back east when the mountain erupted in 1980 so it was exciting for her even though it was a small event. But the earth quakes continue and are getting more frequent so I don't think the grand lady is quite finished yet. Should make for an interesting fall! -Gary Christian ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: The mural and What-not Hi Maren - As usual, I was sort of joking about the lead paint. I seriously doubt there is lead in the paint, unless they found a few of those very old barrels in the secret room below the girl's shower in the old gym, and I only said it for those that believe what they read... without questioning. I took these photos in June while passing through Richland. What I sensed with the towering mural was this huge in-your-face painting of the B17 Days Pay in a sortie with other bombers trying to portray the Col-Hi Bombers being named after such. Public art is special, with special meaning for... the public. Maybe whoever signed the document allowing the painting was thinking "public pacifier" for visitors. The mural should have actually been two B29s, one being Bocks Car, dropping a single bomb with a particularly odd shape on Nagasaki. The other B29 dropped scientific measuring equipment and what-not. Now that would have had the Richland newbies marching on city hall, yea baby!! Instead, alumni and students get Days Pay, which is okay, fer sure necessary, for honoring those Hanford workers sacrifices during the war. Now, with a sigh, everyone is happy-faced looking at bombers that dropped bombs on places without a clue as to where the bombs would go, but praying they missed schools during recess and hit the intended factory, but still maintaining the theory that when you bomb civilians, they lose the will to go on with their governments intentions. But this B17 mural would have been better suited on city hall, or main gate Hanford, not the high school gym. Meanwhile, our beloved asbestos mushroom cloud w/R in the Dawald gym is out of sight being walked on and breathed deeply by unsuspecting students. Sublime message? Doubtful. But a good start towards changing mascots. Being fair, at least we still see our mascot around the school and I can give the present administration and student body that. She (is it a she) has not disappeared, yet, from sight. The number one way of keeping our mascot intact is by educating the student body on objective historical fact and not the good guy/ bad guy regimen they get from teacher's subjective opinions, movies and media misinformation. Fact: A united America will go to any means capable to NOT lose a major war and our way of life; in this case W.W.II. Fact: No exceptions. And I never visualize the last American standing. Thanks for posting the pix, Maren. Do I smell the Sandbox? Remember the Alamo. As Usual, -Rick Maddy ('67) ~ "Hey dad, how do you spell MTV?" (from a political cartoon) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) Attention Mid-Atlantic Bombers!! Have I got an opportunity for us all... and I know you'll forgive the short notice when I invite you to join me at Applebee's Restaurant in Stafford, VA, on Garrisonville Road just west of I-95, on Saturday, October 16, 11:45a.m. At our first-ever gathering last May, I promised all that we'd do it again this fall; your consensus at the time was for an October date. And I have been working on an October date, but have just been a little OBE (overcome by events) in the process. Read on for exciting details and developments. In reading Sandstorm entries over the summer, I became aware that Major General James (Jim) Mattis ('68), USMC, was headed our way for his next assignment. As you may be aware, Jim commanded the US Marines 1st Expeditionary Forces through invasions of Afghanistan and, then, Iraq. And, don't quote me on this, but I THINK--if I understand what correctly what I've read--Jim has just earned a third star on his shoulders and become (??? help me out here, Marines) Lieutenant General James Mattis with his arrival at his newest post... the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (also known as "mec-dec") at Quantico, VA. When I learned this, I felt sure you would all want to join me in extending a big personal "WELCOME HOME to the Mid-Atlantic" to Jim. So, with a little help from several Bombers--Jim House ('63) and Larry Jacobs went out of their way to assist--I have been able to contact Jim Mattis. Gen Mattis--who, by all accounts, is just an all-around good guy and dedicated public servant--has assured me that he is definitely interested in getting together with fellow Mid-Atlantic Bombers; of course, his schedule provides a challenge... BUT, he had ONE SATURDAY IN OCTOBER AVAILABLE. Yup... October 16. Now, this first contact had to be via snail mail and telephone, and I just got the word back from Jim yesterday afternoon, when I picked up voicemail. Hence, the reason I said earlier I thought you might forgive the short notice... (I am in Virginia Beach, helping my son out while he recovers from the knee surgery he had a week ago; expect to be home again sometime this next week, as soon as Chris can get that leg bent enough to maneuver it in and out of his vehicle FRONT seat--so he can drive, rather than be a back seat passenger.) Soooooo, Bombers... ..WHATTYA SAY?! Join Gen Jim and me for lunch on Saturday, October 16??????? Feel free to e-mail me, or call via my cell phone [deleted # for privacy. -Ed], with any questions. Bomber cheers, -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Daniel Laybourn ('70) To: Linda Reining ('64) Re: the earthquake(s) Actually, Linda, I've only ever felt one earthquake (in SF) all the years I've been in California... however, my partner Vickey (NAB) did feel it (same room, different section of the house)... I observed the water in her glass rolling, but that's about it. Apparently, they have to be over 6.2 for me to feel 'em, I guess... -Daniel Laybourn ('70) ~ somewhere on the (today sunny) Monterey Bay coast ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Tom Kelleher ('73) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Tom Kelleher ('73) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/04/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and 1 NAB(?) today: Max Sutton ('57), Lola Heidlebaugh ('60) Roger Gress ('61), Ed Wood ('62) Larry Holloway ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Andy Ward ('68), Jeri Collins ('68) Mike Franco ('70), Greg Alley ('73) George Gell (NAB ?) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gloria Davis ('61) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Max Sutton ('57) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Max Sutton ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday - October 9th VISIT TIME: 11:00am ORDER LUNCH: 11:30am WHERE: DoubleTree/Columbia River Take Jantzen Beach Mall Exit off of I-5 RSVP: Please contact Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) if you are planning to join us! All Bombers, Spouses & Friends are welcome! See you Saturday. -Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) Happy Birthday to Gloria Davis Tinder (Classic Class of '61) -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ed Wood ('62) Re: Kennewick man To: Michael Waggoner ('60) Although I applaud your efforts to base decisions on science rather than religious beliefs, we need to remind folks of the difference between science and "junk science". Junk science is used successfully by both the left and the right to support their points that really can't bear up under close scrutiny. The best source of junk science debunking may be at where the Kennewick man was featured briefly in an Oct 2000 article. The only other mention of Kennewick in the website is pointing out the Kennewick is one of the few places in this country that still prohibits fluoride in its water - based on more junk science. -Ed Wood ('62) ~ Morrison, CO ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Larry Holloway ('64) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Larry Holloway ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) The only place I know my dad worked was in "N" Reactor and for J.A. Jones. I think that is where he was working when he retired. I laughed when you said he referred to appetizers as "horses dorvers"... he definitely had a way with words/expressions. To: Daniel Laybourn ('70) Re: Earthquakes How many years have you been in CA? I have been in this state since '74 and I have felt 4 or 5 of them! The first one I felt was when we were living in Santa Ana... the house was moving and I was knocked out of the rocking chair, ran outside and told husband (now ex) that I wanted to go HOME. He told me I WAS home. I said, "NO, I want to go home to Richland!!!!!!" He didn't think I was a bit funny! The worst one was the Northridge quake in '94? By then, we had moved here to Bakersfield... we had a pool and I swear you could have surfed on the waves that quake created! It cracked the pool decking and cracked the door frame above the kitchen/garage door! I'll still take the quakes over the hurricanes and tornadoes that the rest of the country suffers through! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - nice weather... only in the 80s and we are due to cool off some more. Hip, hip hooray! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Andy Ward Stewart ('68) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Andy Ward Stewart ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Jeri Collins Sandberg ('68) Click here to read the GuestBook entry -Jeri Collins Sandberg ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Franco ('70) Today as I sat at Safeco, watching Edgar play his last and Ichiro hit his 262nd, my cell phone rang. My wife, Cheryl (Curtis, 1970) and her father were on a cruise ship just leaving Seattle, heading out on a long voyage ending in Santiago, Chile (the country, Mike Davis ('74), not the stuff they serve at Denny's). She called me with the exciting news that one "funny boy" Brad Upton ('74) was appearing on board during her trip. Hearing her excitement, I reminded her that we caught his act in Pioneer Square a few years back. She remembered but was STILL was excited to see Brad's routine! Well, Brad, try and be gentle... and go easy on the Mariner jokes, we have had enough pain already. Have a good trip out there! On a sad note, we lost Mike Meeker this past week. What a great guy he was. All those of us who lived along that Davison, Hectrick, Willis street area in the late '50s and '60s remember those huge catches of fish the Meekers used to bring home from those camping trips. The car pool Saturday morning ski trips to Spout Springs... late night kick the can games... the Meekers and Mr. Meeker were a great part of a great time. We will all miss him. He always had a smile for all of us. My best thoughts go to all the Meekers... those memories last forever... and special thoughts go to my next door neighbor (1958-1964), great friend and a pretty fair cheerleader, Trish (1970). -Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Tom Hemphill ('62) I was live at Safeco also for Ichiro's record hits. It was pretty electric in the stadium. That lasted till his second hit and the Mariner's took the lead and then everyone went for beer and food and waited for Ichiro's at bats and the next fan appreciation night giveaways. I did not win anything but I have the ticket stub of the game and I will hang on to that one. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ It's a nice, cool fall morning in the Atomic city. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George Gell (NAB-Not A Bomber) Re: Rock N Souls, Isle of Phyve, Esquires, bands of the '60s I read a post from many months ago regarding the Rock N Souls from Richland and Pasco. I'm an avid collector of the local 1960s rock and roll scene. The members were Steve Rogers - guitar, Jim Kenfield - bass (replacing Jim Henning), Red Elder - drums, and Mark Gage - keyboards. They recorded one 45 on the Rich Tone label, which was run by local country musician Alden "Shorty" Holloway. The song titles were "Not Like You" "Got No Love", both band originals. They changed their name to County Fair for a short time. I'm also looking for a copy of the record for my collection, I can offer a generous reward for one. I'm also trying to find Jim Kenfield and Mark Gage, does anyone know? Does anyone have more information about the Isle of Phyve? I believe some of their members were Keith Gosney, Bob Magula, and Len Stanfield, and that some of them were from Richland. Another Richland band was the Esquires. I have information on them if anyone would like to know or share. I'd welcome an email from anyone who would like to chat about this subject, please contact me. Regards, -George Gell (NAB-Not A Bomber) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/05/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02), Betty Hiser ('49), Ralph Myrick ('51) John Browne, Jr. ('61), David Rivers ('65), Rick Maddy ('67) Brad Wear ('71), Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER LUNCH Today: Ladies of '56 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ++++++++++++++++ Click here to view the ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook Today we have 1 post from: Gary Ackerman ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) Re: Club 40 I am much late with this, because 1. We took a trip to Canada, 2. I have been very busy with my missed obligations, such as working the election season, and 3. I am a dreadful put offer. After Canada, in Sandpoint [Idaho] we visited Paula Doctor Werry ('51) and spouse, Elwood. (What a classy class, '51) Anyway, a late hooray for the excellent Club 40 party, and a big bow to Burt Pierard ('59), who retired, and big good wishes to AKA Bob Carlson ('54) who is our new prexy. But I missed you Maren, stuck in the Florida mess. This is a rather garbled message, but I am a garbled kinda guy. -Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Linda Reining ('64) I was in San Francisco in l956 attending a Civil Air Patrol conference. We got in Friday afternoon the ground was shaking. Went to visit my sister, who lived in San Bruno. My brother-in-law answered the door and wanted to know what the *#$% I was doing. Didn't I realize that they were having earthquakes? He had been sent home (he worked for United Airlines) because the building he worked in had been damaged. We had our meetings in the Palace Hotel (I think it has another name or had something added before Palace) and the chandeliers tinkled the entire time we were having our conference (through Sunday afternoon). It really frightened most people. I had lived in a small town in Ohio that manufactured black powder for ammunition (gun shells). During the Second World War they could only hire inexperienced help and if the powder wasn't packed right and lightning struck the place the powder blew to kingdom come. The earthquake felt exactly like the times that the powder line blew up. God love your father - he was always good for a laugh and messing up the English language. -Betty Hiser Gulley ('49er) ~ south/government Richland. It has only been in the high 70s the last 2 or 3 days. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) Another one of our teachers died last week. Her name was Dorothy Elliot. She taught elementary school. Dorothy was a fine lady and good teacher. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Junk Science To: Ed Wood ('62) Your recent post reminded me of an occasion involving industrial-strength halogens in service to mankind. I was chaperone to a group of Franklin HS students on a bus trip to admire the Seattle water system at the Landsburg Dam on the Cedar River. We all stood on a landscaped green above the dam, near the weir which traps floating debris. A lovely old drinking fountain is the centerpiece of the green, which all looks like something dating from the WPA days. At the end of the "lecture" the speaker gestured to the fountain, saying "And here is the end result of our procedures." I was about 15' from the fountain as he turned it on, offering a drink to any and all. The smell of chlorine was pretty evident, and I mused aloud about whether there were other animals that poisoned their water, in order to make it safe to drink- a comment which, apparently had not gone unnoticed. I was "dis-invited" to accompany future trips to the water system, as a result. Much of "junk" science is probably just that. There are also legitimate scientific enquiries that are 'politically incorrect', apparently- in a similar vein to the historical realities that are subject to 'glossing over' or 'reinterpretation' that Mr. Maddy ('67) addressed recently (with wit and perception). Maybe it's OK to sanctify pragmatism (as oxymoronic as that may sound) as long as the pursuit of Truth is not a casualty. ^..^ -John Browne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Thanks to all Thanks to Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) for confirming that all that stuff from my "past life" was real... it is always good to be reassured... Ballard ('63) I am VERY and often painfully aware that you have a big bomb... first you wouldn't have it if you hadn't made a rather round about trip to my house a few years back and second, I've had to "help" you carry it enough times to know nearly every pound of it intimately! As for Behymer ('64) and Johnson ('62WB) I am glad that Denny explained that he did NOT snag the salt and pepper shakers from my grasp... ( You missed the Hotrod reunion in Bakersfield, Denny... Cacklefest was WONDERFUL!) However, Gary only showed a picture of them and never once even suggested that he isn't the evil eBay snatcher. Tho they were shown against a black background I have every belief that they are sitting on Gary's kitchen table already covered with fingerprints and catsup... Well, lemme tell you now, Son... the race is on... he who dies with the most Richland memorabilia wins! Finally, I know there are some out there who may be a bit skeptical about the identical accounts given by the School District spokesperson and the Board member regarding the removal of the offensive symbols gracing the walls and floor of Col-Hi/Richland High School... Course Ballard has good reason to be skeptical... after the unceremonious way the Bomb was hoisted outa the gym after all the work Stull ('63) and Adair ('66) put into it... But to have such questioning from that flip flop wearing, Beach bum, surfer dude Maddy ('67) is just uncalled for... Well, Mr. Maddy... all I can say is: "Eddy would go"... so for all your skeptics out there... I have to believe that you probably don't believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and you probably don't think Oswald shot Kennedy either! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: Neurology problem If at all possible, could any of you guide me to a neurologist (neck) in WA state, west-side or east-side, for the purpose of treating a right side bulging disk in the neck - C7. My daughter, Heather, is having this difficulty. Possible fusion. She is a classic example of a person that is the very opposite of dad; she runs five miles a day, does not drink (maybe a margarita once or twice a year), never had a cigarette in her mouth and has never done street drugs of any kind. Why? Basketball since the third grade. Loves playing gym rat city league basketball, endorphin highs and is the epitome of health at the age of thirty-four. And now has a bulging disk in her neck, nor a clue as to how that happened. That is the way life is. Never ask why? I thought maybe someone that reads the Sandstorm has seen this problem, or at least dealt with it at some level during their lifetime and can drop a doctors name to me. Thanks for anything - same address as on top. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Wear ('71) Re: Funeral Notice I found out yesterday from Clark Riccobuono ('71) that Jim Andersen ('71) has recently passed away. Peggy Andersen ('70), Jim's sister said that his ashes would be spread at sea in Hawaii where he lived. He'll be missed by all who knew him. -Brad Wear ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Upton ('74) Yes, I'm on a cruise ship again, but only for 3 days... Seattle to San Francisco. I got on the ship yesterday at Pier 30. I brought a small radio with me so I could hear Edgar's last at bat. After he grounded out and the crowd started to chant EEEeeeeddd-Gggaarrrr, I hurried out of my cabin and could hear the chant from the top of the ship. What a treat. I think I could see Mike Franco ('70) crying! -Brad Upton ('74) ~ did my shows last night and now I'm just waiting around to disembark on Wednesday and fly home. I'll probably run into a famous friend of the legendary Mike Davis ('74) here in Astoria. Next Tuesday I'm opening for Sean Hannity in Phoenix... I've never felt like such a prostitute in my whole life. Please don't come see that show!! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/06/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Lenora Hughes ('55), Patti Jones ('60) Frank Whiteside ('63), Rick Maddy ('67) Gil Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Collins ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Harvey Irby ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Willie Mitchell ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pam Pyle ('69) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) To: Harvey Irby ('64) Happy Birthday Harvey. Bob and I hope you have a wonderful day. Hope we see you at a Las Vegas Bomber luncheon soon. -Bob and Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: South Puget Sound Area/Fife luncheon No reservations necessary! If you would like you can email me you will be at the luncheon. DATE: October 10, 2004 COFFEE TIME: 11:30am LUNCH TIME: 12:30pm WHERE: Fife Bar and Grill In between Goodyear Tire and Day's Inn PHONE: (253) 922-9555 ADDRESS: 3025 Pacific Highway E., Fife, WA I-5 North, Exit 136 B (Port of Tacoma) I-5 South Exit 136 Turn left on Pacific Highway. E. PRICE: Price range $10.00 - $14.50 includes drink and tip All Bomber Spouses and Friends are welcome! Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Whiteside ('63) Re: Recent trip to Colorado Rockies My wife and I just returned from Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, my long-time family stomping grounds. I thought I would send a few pictures of some of the local surroundings. These are just a cross-section of one disc. My blasted camera broke down after that, so I'm going shopping for a new one! Imagine my disappointment leaving temperatures between the 30s and 60s and returning to Louisiana to high 80s and high humidity. (I'm a cool weather fan). -Frank Whiteside ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) To: David Rivers ('65) Dear Dude, I very much take offense to the following statement from the 10/5 Sandstorm -- "I have to believe that you probably don't believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and you probably don't think Oswald shot Kennedy either" I can deal with Santa, I can deal with EB, and Oswald did not act alone, BUT, I know for a FACT that the Tooth Fairy left me a quarter under my pillow one time. I had this tooth that wasn't quite ready yet for me to put force on, but I was broke and looking for a job because that was how it was in the old days (hey, I was six). I knew who had the big bucks, so I got the heavy duty string, a large concrete block - you know, the foundation kind, humped (slang - USMC, taking a long stroll with heavy gear) that puppy up to the second story window... well, you know the rest. I GOT my QUARTER, Mr. Rivers. By the way, Sarge, thanks for sending me the "Eddie Would Go" bumper sticker all the way from Hawaii. One of my most prized possessions. And the East Side Rod & Custom Shop T-shirt. Awesome, dude. As they say in Vegas since Elvis left the building... Thank you, thank you very much. Sincerely, -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gil Blankenship ('81) I finally began scanning all my negatives from my Col-Hi days and placing them on a website. I invite those of you who attended RHS to come and take a look. These photos are generally from the years 1978-1981. The process of scanning negatives is not a fast one, and not many of them have survived the 20 some years since my graduation. I have not applied any post processing to the negatives, so those presented may not be in the best condition. My hope is to put up a searchable database of Bomber images. That day is some time off. But it is in the works (I already have a prototype - it's just time needed to complete it and test it). Any information that fellow Bombers can supply would help this effort. So, if you see yourself - or can identify anything about the photo (people, places dates, etc.) I will be happy to record that data. I will probably have to rotate the images through, due to limited web space. My target is to scan 1 roll a week and put it up on the site. Here are the current links: Main Menu: Roll 001: Roll 002: I will post when a new roll is added. -Gil Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/07/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Lola Heidlebaugh ('60) Jeff Michael ('65), Ken Staley ('68) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jessie Willoughby ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jon Boisoneau ('67) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Pam Pyle ('69), etc. - a most Happy Birthday. Time flies when you are having fun. To: Frank Whiteside ('63) Was your father Al (AC) Whiteside? I worked with him in B Area - I remember when GE left he went to Huntsville, AL. And I know that when he retired from GE he returned to Denver. I used to call him all the time when he lived in Denver - my sister and youngest daughter live in the Denver area. To: Rick Maddy ('67) Wow - did I live a deprived childhood. I had to get all my teeth pulled at age 4 and the tooth fairy left me ZILCH, DE NADA, NOTHING. BOO HOO!!! And I never heard of the Easter Bunny until I arrived in Richland at the age of 13. Was I ever robbed. Mt. St. Helens is still burping and they still expect an eruption - nothing like the 1980 one. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland. The weather has been beautiful - in the upper 70s during the day. We had our usual 15 drops of rain sometime during the night. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday - October 9th VISIT TIME: 11:00am ORDER LUNCH: 11:30am WHERE: DoubleTree/Columbia River Take Jantzen Beach Mall Exit off of I-5 RSVP: Please contact Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) if you are planning to join us! All Bombers, Spouses & Friends are welcome! See you Saturday. -Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey There Bombers and Bomberettes... Confidential to Frank Whiteside ('63) Those Rocky Mountain High photos weren't taken while traversing the "Peak-to-Peak" Highway between Estes Park and Nederland, were they? Say it isn't so! That was my favorite motorcycle ride in the whole world. We'd run up to Estes Park, catch the P-to-P and down Boulder Canyon (or vise versa) many an early Saturday morning during the 20 years I lived in Boulder. Ya know what... the Aspen's are STILL beautiful!!! The elk are STILL awesome. And the Rocky's (not to be confused the Rockies) are STILL to die for!! Thanks for the memories. I always wanted to climb Long's Peak, but settled for Mt. Audoban (the easiest 14er). My father-in-law referred to it as and old grandmother's walk. I was about all outa air long before the crest... but pushed on to the top. Slid on my butt back down the glacier! What a kick!! Re: Sharing with All Went out on my own on 1Oct. Still dj jeff, but now part of That's my wife and me. The web site is not up yet, but the domain name is purchased. -dj jeff Michael ('65) "who let the Portland weather in?" Tri-Cities. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Staley ('68) Re: Funeral Notice I noted in Sunday's Paper that Dorothy Faust Elliott passed away recently. Dorothy was my 5th grade teacher at Spalding Elementary School. -Ken Staley ('68) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I had her for 4th grade at Spalding. Bomber tears, Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Photo Album - Roll 3: CJHS Ok, so things are not working out as planned. I did get another roll scanned today (Roll 3), but unfortunately it was from Jr. High. So I created another album area for these and anyone lucky enough to have gone to Carmichael 75-78, trip on in and have a look. This may happen frequently as the negative sheets seem to have been mixed up in my many moves. Roll 3: CJHS -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/08/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Gloria Willett ('56WB), Tom Verellen ('60) Frank Whiteside ('63), Steve Simpson ('65) Pam Pyle ('69), Lisa Lysher ('79) Gilbert Blankenship ('81), Susan Lundgren ('82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan Sherwood ('63) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gloria Willett Green ('56WB) Maren, I emailed a Sandstorm entry on Oct. 5. Did you fail to receive it? -Gloria Willett Green ('56WB) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Gloria, Haven't seen it. Please resend. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Verellen ('60) To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Enjoyed your photos of Carmichael. It appears they haven't bothered to replace the desks. As improbable as it might seem, I think that some of the students in the photographs are the same as 20 years earlier (with longer hair). No doubt some of the lost boys in never-neverland. In one scan (2580-0075 the girls in the cafeteria) in the upper center above the girls heads is what looks like one of the ultraviolet light fixtures the were installed through out the school. I think every room had two, about three or four feet long set horizontal in a fixture with mirrors so the light could not be viewed directly. Their purpose or function one of those mystery items that I wondered about but never knew the answer. Does anybody know? Does anybody care? It's really starting to bother me and my patience is running a little thin after only fifty years. -Tom Verellen ('60) ~ near Lacey (it may shrink in the rain) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Whiteside ('63) To: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Re: My Dad Yes, Betty, my dad was Al (AC) Whiteside. He brought my mom and brother from Ft. Lupton, CO, to Richland in about January 1944. It's great to know you still remember him. Actually, we moved to Long Beach, Mississippi, in 1965 when he went to work at the Mississippi Test Flight Facility for the moon rocket program. Some others moved to Huntsville. My parents moved back to Denver when he retired in 1970, and he passed away in June 1977 in Denver. To: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: Rocky Mountain pictures Jeff, as I recall, some of the photos were taken in the area you described. I actually had about 33 photos, but because of space and time only sent 10. It's a great area where we go every year. I've been going there since the 1940s. I even have a photo of my grandfather and other relatives in Estes Park with old wagons and tents from 1889 when they were visiting. The Rocky Mountains have always been my favorite place. Would love to live there part-time some day. -Frank Whiteside ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Simpson ('65) Does anyone know how to reach Don Jones ('64)?. Glenna Hammer ('66) just emailed me that his father died. I want to contact Don. -Steve Simpson ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) ATTENTION: MID-ATLANTIC BOMBERS From the "As I Live and Breathe Department"... The Bomber fellowship never ceases to amaze and delight. At the height of a wave of envy over all the Bomber gatherings taking place at various locations "Out West", I wrote a little "gee-whiz-I-sure-wish-we-had-something-like- that-back-east" e-mail to Maren earlier this year. Her response was reminiscent of the line from Kevin Costner's film "Field of Dreams": "If you build it, they will come." An incurable adventure-seeker, I thought to myself, "Well, what the heck have you got to lose?" So, just as Maren suggested, I randomly picked an obviously-located- moderately-priced-ho-hum-chain-restaurant and posted in the Sandstorm a gathering time there for the first Saturday of last May. The rest is history, as they say... Bombers came from distances in excess of 100 miles, just to meet with other Bombers for a couple hours. AND...then they asked for more! Last week, I posted in the Sandstorm news of the opportunity for another gathering. Notice seemed a little short, but the opportunity which had arisen quite unexpectedly--to welcome the Mid-Atlantic arrival of fellow Bomber, Maj. Gen. James "Jim" Mattis, USMC ('68)--was unique...and entirely dependent upon Jim's demanding schedule. With just two weeks' notice, I wondered just how responsive local Bomberville could be. Once more, I'm astonished at the Bomber response, and can now report that our upcoming gathering is taking shape as another great day in Bomber history. I want to stress that the luncheon (details below) is open to ALL BOMBERS who happen to be in the area at the time; and, at this writing, it appears that Sacramento, CA Bomber Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) plans to steal the "I-travelled-the-farthest-for-this-insanity" award. Attendees reporting in so far represent Bomber classes from 1950 to 1969...and counting. And...AND...Bomber Earl Bennett III ('63) reported in this morning with his INTENTION TO BRING FRESH SPUDNUTS from the Spudnut Shoppe in Charlottesville, VA! OH-BOY-OH-BOY-OH-BOY-OH-BOY-OH-BOY... So, Bombers, what we've got cookin' here is an opportunity to hear some first-hand insights on Afghanistan and Iraq from Jim Mattis (who led American forces in both places until his latest promotion and reassignment), munch on Spudnuts(!), pour over old yearbooks, and eat lunch together...all on (we hope) a classically beautiful fall day in Virginia. PLEASE COME, BOMBERS AND SPOUSES/FRIENDS, ONE AND ALL! PLACE: Applebee's Restaurant, 1000 Stafford Marketplace, Stafford, VA 22554, (540)658-0717 DATE: Saturday, October 16 TIME: 11:45a.m.-??? (guessing 1:30-ish) DIRECTIONS: FROM INTERSTATE 95 (from the north or the south), TAKE EXIT 143-B, GARRISONVILLE ROAD WEST. LOOK FOR APPLEBEE'S IN STAFFORD MARKETPLACE SHOPPING CENTER ON THE RIGHT... JUST A STONE'S THROW FROM THE FREEWAY. FOR GENERAL ORIENTATION PURPOSES, THIS LOCATION IS ROUGHLY 40 MILES SOUTH OF WASHINGTON, D.C., AND 15 MILES NORTH OF FREDERICKSBURG, VA. MORE INFO AND/OR QUESTIONS: CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL OR CELL PHONE: P.S. to Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) and Pattie Crigler Cole ('59): Thanks so much for your birthday greetings! Bomber cheers, -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) Re: Fellow '73 Classmate passed Away I wanted to let our fellow Bombers know that one of our classmates passed away early this morning. Tim Shaw ('73) fought a long hard battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. I was with him last night for a few hours and was glad I got to talk with him before it was time. He was always funny and witty and a great person to be around. My thoughts are with his daughter Rose (13) and his family. We will miss him. -Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Photo Album - Rolls 4 and 5: CJHS Two more rolls today, 4 and 5 both from CJrHS Enjoy -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Susan Lundgren ('82) Re: Photo Album Roll 3: CJHS To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Thank you, Gilbert, for your efforts to share these pictures. I appreciate the challenges involved and am thoroughly enjoying perusing the albums. Some pictures are in CJHS and Col-Hi annuals... were you on staff as one of the photographers? Regards, Susan Lundgren ('82) ~ Anchorage, AK - where snow has not come on the ground permanently yet. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/09/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Mike Clowes ('54), Mike Waggoner ('60) Mike Brady ('61), Betti Avant ('69) Jerry Sions ('74), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER LUNCH Today: Portland/Vancouver Lunch COLLEGE FOOTBALL TODAY: Notre Dame vs Stanford - 11:30am (Pacific Time) on NBC LSU vs Florida - 4:45pm (Pacific Time) - on ESPN BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Tom Verellen ('60) Re: Ultra-violet lights in Carmichael Somewhere in the memory banks lies the information that these lights were there for sanitary purposes. Some "genius" thought that by bombarding the classrooms with ultra-violet rays, the many and varied germs, etc., would be eliminated, therefore making the classroom a safe environment. The students (and the teachers) would either be less prone to communicable diseases or have better teeth (no, wait the teeth thing was part of the "commie" plot to put fluoride in the drinking water). -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) - Carmichael '51 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Waggoner ('60) To: Tom Verellen ('60) This is just a guess. I believe that the UV lights were intended to kill bacteria. There was talk of using UV during the anthrax problem in 2001. -Mike Waggoner ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Seattle Storm The best game in town! My sister, Mary Jane ('63), and I watched the Seattle Storm beat Sacramento 82-62 Tuesday night to win the WNBA Western Conference championship. What a game! I have never been so excited at a sporting event since my old Bomber days. Sue Bird (broken nose and all), Lauren Jackson (Miss. World) and the rest of team are fantastic. Quite different from girls' basketball of the '50s. They can actually dribble the ball past the half court line (tongue in cheek). To top it off, these young women are excellent role models for our children and grandchildren which is a rarity in professional sports today. I highly recommend coming out to the championship games Sunday and maybe Tuesday or checking it out on ESPN2. -Mike Brady ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) I know you alumni have come through in the past. I am going to Eugene next week for a job interview. Any suggestions of things to do or see in half a day? I arrive in mid morning, have an interview the next morning, and leave that afternoon. Thanks a "Bomber" bunch. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - but hoping to be back on the west coast soon ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jerry Sions ('74) On Wednesday, Sept 22, 2004 my big brother Del Sions fell asleep and on Thursday, 9/23/04, his soul left the Earth. He has since been reunited with his father, his sister Lynda, a host of other family members and GOD himself. Del was a 1969 grad and was well known by many of my class of 1974 as well as my sister Lynda ('72) and Sharon ('67). My big brother had followed me all over the country and had ended up in Florida with me for the last 15 or 20 years. A man forms a relationship with his big brother that cannot be rivaled. He has left me with a big brother sized hole in my heart. Heres to you Del - Gone but never forgotten. ".... And He Said, Some Day I Hope You Get The Chance To Live Like You Were Dying" -Jerry Sions ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) To: Everyone Thank you for your kind comments regarding the photos and a special thank you to those of you who are identifying individuals in the pics! It does take quite a bit of time to process the negatives even though I am not doing any post processing (pixel clean- up or scratch removal). I hope you all are enjoying the walk down memory lane. To: Tom Verellen ('60) Good catch on the light fixture. I hadn't noticed them but now that I think about it, yeah - what were they? Perhaps an early version of the now popular Bug Zappers? Perhaps someone from the School District will chime in. My friend from Pasco HS (who I now work with out here in Maryland) conjectures government plot to detect radioactivity supposing that in such a case the fixtures would glow. To: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) I would love to make this event (I'm in Maryland) but other events keep me from it. Please keep me informed as to other NE region Bomber events! SPUDNUTS MMMMM! To: Susan Lundgren ('82) Yes. I was.. I believe the only student photographer for the CJHS yearbook. By this time I had my own 35mm SLR (a Minolta) camera which I had purchased from my father, and was shooting with it. The school also had a single 35mm SLR which was used primarily by the teacher who ran the book. His name escapes me. He was quite kind and helped me pursue my photographic exploits (as did my father who ran the RHS annual for many years and was my primary influence into photography). As the years ended the instructor typically destroyed the film. I convinced him to let me keep it. When I entered RHS I was unable to join the yearbook staff officially, I think the reason was a conflict with the Bomber Band schedule so I ended up doing 'freelance' work. I was on staff during my Jr. and Sr. years. During my Sr. year I was the Sr. Photo Editor - although a long story ensues there which I will not regail other than to state my photo and recognition for this position won't be found in the '81 book. Anyway - again I used (mostly) my own photographic equipment and frequently used my own film for day-to-day shooting. I used specifically school equipment and school film when provided an assignment. At this point I believe the yearbook consisted of a photo staff of about 5 students. Those who remember me should recall that I always had my Minolta and was always shooting something. It was quite an expensive hobby - had I not been working at the time I could not have afforded it. Thank goodness for the rise of the Digital Film era! I don't know what became of the bulk of the film at the end of the school year, I believe most of it was destroyed. Only 1 roll tonight (what can I say - the debate is on). Roll 006 - CJHS: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Timothy "Tim" Shaw ('73) ~ 8/11/55 - 10/7/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/10/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Gus Keeney ('57), John Browne, Jr. ('61) Mike Brady ('61), Betti Avant ('69) Vicki Owens ('72), Tim Lippert ('79) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Trip Home I made the first leg of my trip home just fine. The rain started in the Hood River area and continued through to St. Helens, OR. I will get a few things handled here and leave for Florence, OR on Tuesday to visit with my good friends, Dan and Dorothy Friend. I want to thank all the folks in Bomberland for making my stay in Richland so pleasant!!! -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Eugene or Bust! To: Betty Avant ('69) Search on to get a sense of the vibrant Arts & Crafts community there. Check the 'events' calendar on the WOW Hall website. The Maude Kerns Art Center at the U is always diverting- & there's a pretty good Natural History museum there, too. The Science & Tech center in Springfield can be interesting... and, if they still give tours of the Springfield Creamery, you can check out the local butterfat content- including the best yogurt this side of Bulgaria. I haven't been in Eugene overnight in a few years- but I still have fond memories... it's a fun place to ride a bike. ^..^ -John Browne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Retirement After working over 35 years as a Community Center Director in Seattle and Southern California, I am about ready to hang it up. I'm not ready to stop working, yet. I want to find something fun to do. I thought it would be interesting to hear what other retirees did to find meaningful work after retirement... both paid employment and volunteer work. Thanks, -Mike Brady ('61) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Try your hand at Bomber web mastering!! -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Bomber thanks Thanks to the responses by fellow Bombers about Eugene. I was there this summer for another interview, so saw some of it from a rental car. Vicki I think I will find it (as I fly into it). I will be staying at the Campbell House Inn, interview Wed. morning, and fly out Wed. afternoon. It will be a quick trip, but I am praying for a successful one. Bomber thanks again. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - for now anyway ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Vicki Owens ('72) Re: Eugene To: Betti Avant ('69) Dear Betti, I won't be much help on things to do in Eugene. I just hope you're able to find it! In August when four '72 Bombers (well, three Bombers and one WB) took a road trip together (maybe you read about it in the Sandstorm?), we never did see Eugene. Sharen Manolopoulos ('72) and drove from Redmond, WA to Medford, OR on I-5. At one point we realized that we were running behind schedule (those pesky outlet malls), so called our Terri Zangar Robert's house in Medford to let her know. Her son Nolan answered, and asked whether we had passed through Eugene yet. Sharen and I conferred and decided we hadn't. Nolan informed us we still had quite a ways to go. We fooled him. We got there much faster than he expected. Funny enough, we never did see Eugene! We must have passed through it, or at least its environs, since we were on I-5, but we never did see it. Perhaps were too busy talking to notice! But the rest of our road trip we kept saying, "Have we reached Eugene yet?" I hope you do better finding Eugene than we did. Best wishes on your interview! -Vicki Owens ('72) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tim Lippert ('79) To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Just wanted to say thanks for the scans. I am forwarding them to my dad so he can see them as he would recognize the staff and some of the students. I don't know if he (Norm Lippert) was the teacher that was advising for the yearbook when you were there but I think he might have been. I actually still have a (the?) camera from Carmichael. I think dad got it because it was just obsolete for however they do yearbooks now. It is an old Yashica and I think it has CJHS engraved on it somewhere. It still works and I have used it within the last few years. I started going in to the darkroom, I remember it being kind of behind the crafts room in the 9th grade wing, on Saturdays with dad and helping him print. That was when I was probably about 8 or 9. The fascination with the process stuck as I ultimately got a degree in photography (relatively useless) and found out how hard it is to scratch out a living doing that. I'm still working in the industry but on the image output side of things. Funny how things progress. Didn't you live up on Edgewood at one time? -Tim Lippert ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) I have renamed the pages and started splitting the negatives up in their own books, but don't worry - all the old links should work fine - and this should allow me to scan sheets out of order while still maintaining some 'semblance of filing. Today I added the following: Carmichael Jr. High School Photos: Book 2 Roll 007: CJHS Book 2 Roll 008: CJHS Book 2 Roll 009: CJHS Book 2 Roll 010: CJHS Richland Bomber Photos: Book 3 Roll 19791102.1 Homecoming Assembly (color) Book 3 Roll 19791102.2 Homecoming Assembly (color - partial roll) Book 3 Roll 19791102.3 Homecoming Assembly (color - partial roll) Instead of posting the individual links for these pages, I'll just say - click on the homepage link below and navigate to what interests you. -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice >>Joanne Sittig Swanson ('65) ~ 4/15/47 - 10/6/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/11/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Gus Keeney ('57), Judy Porter ('61) Ed Wood ('62), Ray Kelly ('63) Lynn Noble ('72), Rob Peutz ('73) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: 10/10 Jeanette Haberman ('73) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. +++++++++++ Click here to view the ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook Read recent post from: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Hi all. I got to place the last of Sue's ashes where she wanted them placed today. I contacted our old neighbor, Rocky Thurman and asked if he would be available or could recommend one of the Yacht Club Members to convey us to Martin Island for the dispersal. He said that I should look no further and he and his 26 foot Tollycraft would be privileged to do it. Late this afternoon Rocky and Mike Jones met me, Ruby & Mike Carroll, & Mike's sister Rita at The St. Helens Marina and we went to Martin Island. With a short remembrance, we dispersed Sue's ashes and started motoring home. About 100 yards down stream one of the engines quit. So, while Rocky and Mike worked on the problem engine, I took the controls and kept motoring on with the other engine. It felt great to be on the bridge again, and I think Sue didn't want us to leave quite yet!! Rocky and Mike Jones determined we had a faulty coil and replaced it with an on-board spare. We were back with both engines now and I asked Rocky if he would like to drive his own boat. He told me I was doing just fine and had me drive us back to the Marina. I was remembering how I used to like to have guests drive my boats and it would give me time to talk to the other guests and look over the boats while under way to watch for problems or items that needed attention. I then turned over the boat to Rocky to dock us while Mike and I handled the dock lines. I am mostly glad that Ruby, who was one of Sue's best friends in St. Helens could be there. I am feeling a lot of closure at this point and I think that is a good thing. -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Porter Cox ('61) To: Mike Brady (61) Re: Retirement I took early retirement in 2001 and do not have enough time in my day! All you have to do is volunteer where it is needed most - in the schools as a mentor or just helping in the class room. Our youngest grandson is 10 and he has had a great mentor for 2 years. And this year was so important for Alec, since his mother (our youngest daughter) passed away. He now has the opportunity to not only talk with his brother, father, and grandparents but also with his mentor concerning any thing that comes to his mind. As for me, I have found such a satisfaction in helping in classrooms (3rd & 5th grade) during reading and math. The kids today are in need of more adults that show they truly care about them and what they can achieve. Did you know that 5th grade math is pre-algebra? Being a volunteer is being paid, just not with a pay check. -Judy Porter Cox ('61) ~ Georgetown, TX ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ed Wood ('62) To: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Retirement Rather than "meaningful work after retirement", you might consider the concept of "transitional career". For those of us who have worked intently for decades, it's probably unhealthy to stop work completely and retire on the shuffleboard and golf circuit. When I left my first career, I decided I didn't want to do something that I would always compare with my first career, so I embarked onto a transitional career that bore only a faint resemblance to what I had been doing since graduating from college. The transitional career was chosen to take advantage of what I could offer, what I really wanted to do, and also to allow lots of time for fun and travel that was missing in my first career. In my case it was boards of directors seats, executive coaching, and economic development volunteer work. I make sure I restrict my activities so I really do have time for travel, mountain activities in Colorado, education, and other fun things. My transitional career is designed to enable me to gradually taper off activities over many years if I wish. Like most of my friends who have gone through retirement transition, I find myself so busy doing a worthwhile wide range of things, that I wonder how I ever found the time to work full time. Good luck! -Ed Wood ('62) ~ Morrison, CO ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Kelly ('63) To: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Things to see in Eugene I went to grad school in Eugene, Oregon and recommend the following: University of Oregon campus: Beautiful trees everywhere, wonderful old buildings such as Deady Hall, a cemetery right on campus dating back to 1800s which is refreshing and peaceful to walk through and provides an opportunity to make gravestone rubbings with paper and charcoal. Eugene is in a time-warp from the activist/hippie sixties: Next to the U of O campus and in the immediate neighborhoods are coffee shops, student hangouts and wonderful shops with all kinds of handmade products. Willamette River: Runs right thru town and next to a park called Skinner's Butte Park. It's also fun to drive up to the top of the butte for a great view of the city. Hope it doesn't rain. It's one of the most beautiful cities in the country, so ENJOY! -Ray Kelly (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lynn Noble Paden ('72) To: Betty Avant ('69) First, good wishes to you for a successful outcome with your interview! I didn't see your original entry in the Sandstorm so I'm not sure what your original questions about Eugene but looks like you got answers you were looking for. Feel free to email if you have any other questions that I can help with as we used to live there. I used to stay at the Campbell House quite often when I worked in Eugene/Springfield for about six months after we moved to the Portland area. You'll enjoy it immensely -- I always felt so spoiled after staying there. Make sure you try their scones with your yummy breakfast. You'll never find a better one anywhere! It's much like home away from home. -Lynn Noble Paden ('72)m aka: "Bi-Coastal Bertha" ~ In Vienna, VA - where the humidity is gone and it's feeling a little more like home finally -- just in time to go back to our Oregon home next week... I get so confused! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rob Peutz ('73) Re: Tim Shaw ('73RIP) It was with tears in my eyes, that I read the funeral notice for Tim Shaw. I have many fond memories of Tim "wrong way" Shaw. He was a true friend. My prayers go out to his family and friends. Re: Eugene or Bust To: Betti Avant ('69) and Vicki Owens ('72) One of our favorite brew pubs is the Steelehead Brewery. They are located in Eugene, and for Vicki Owens, San Francisco (easier to find on the map. *LOL* Because I lived in Corvallis (Beavers), Eugene (Ducks) was enemy territory, the Eugene/Springfield has many things to offer. Good luck on your job interview. To: My wife, Jeanette Haberman ('73) Happy Birthday 10/10. Thanks for the great weekend. "Beavers and Ducks" :) -Rob Peutz ('73) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) To: Tim Lippert ('79) You're welcome for the scans. I hope you enjoy them. I believe it was your father who let me shoot for the Cougars, he also let me work in the Darkroom from time to time. Please tell him that I said hello and that I stuck with it all through High School. I also kept my original camera (a Minolta T102?) for a number of years. Amazing how long those early SLRs would last - really well built. I banged that old camera up pretty good. Even dropped it down a flight of those concrete stairs at RHS. I was standing in horror as I watched it bounce from the second story (science building) to the first landing! I picked it up, inspected the (slightly bent) lens -took off the cracked UV filter (thank God dad convinced me about filters) and continued shooting. That ole camera finally broke down on me for the last time around '84(?) and I got rid of it. Really hurt to dump it, I got it from my father and both he and that camera were really my start. Following that I moved to a Minolta x700 and finally to digital (currently shooting a mix of Kodak 210, 290, and Sony DSC-P150). I still have a couple 35mm's laying around - but I haven't used them in years. It's just too expensive. And, actually most of my time while in Jr. High School I lived down on Cullum street about a block from Lewis and Clark. I think in '77 or '78 was when my family moved out to Edgewood (about 9th grade) - good memory. I find it hard to believe people remember me at all - let alone where I lived! Hey! You not the one that kept egging & TP'ing our house are you? :-) Today's work: Carmichael Jr HS Book 2 Roll 001: CJHS (B&W mixed loose film) Book 2 Roll 002: CJHS (B&W mixed loose film) RHS Book 3 Roll 17970215.1: Basketball (color RHS v Shadle Park, 91 to 80) Book 3 Roll 19790215.2: Seattle Basketball Finals Half Time Show (color) and Bomber Band Book 3 Roll 19800302: Yakima Band Trip (mostly my friend Val) and some from work Book 3 Roll 19080401: Candids (partial roll - 5 frames) I need some help placing dates for some of these RHS rolls. Three sheets (19790215.1 spans 2 sheets) were dated 1979-02-15. Probably the date I could finally afford to get them developed (color was expensive). According to research and deductive reasoning - 19790215.1 is the RHS v Shadle Park game ending with a score of 91 to 80. (thanks to All Basketball Stats web page) The next roll 19790215.2 looks like a group of shots from the half-time show of the state finals. Bomber Band, Cheerleaders and two shots of a baton routine along with some roll closing shots of the Seattle Aquarium. I don't have the exact dates on either roll. Any Bomber Mania buffs out there who can provide correct dates? I will keep them both as 19790215 until I hear different. I will also take this opportunity to apologize for partial rolls. In the past the negatives were not kept as distinguishable units but rather where they would fit in existing contact sheets (a cost issue for an 18 year old spending all his cash on developing - grin). I am attempting to re-constitute original rolls into discrete contact sheets wherever possible. That's it for today - the scanner is heating up so the film is slipping - makes for interesting scans. Perhaps I should post those as a contest "Guess the Photo" As always - you can get to the photo albums at: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Martin Bennett ('78) ~ 8/15/59 - 10/2/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/12/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Bell ('51), Millie Finch ('54) Tom Hughes ('56), Craig Buchanan ('57) Mary Judd ('60), Donna Nelson ('63) Jeff Michael ('65), Frank Hames ('69) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Clancy ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roma Harrold ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley Sherwood ('62) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Bell Norton ('51) The Richland Seniors Association (RSA) is sponsoring another "all ages" dance at the Richland Community Center on Friday, October 15th with the Easy Swing Band from 1pm - 4pm. Everyone is welcome and the cost is only $4 at the door. Refreshments are always served. We are also sponsoring another "all ages" dance on the fifth Sunday [10/31] from 1pm - 4pm, which happens to be Halloween. The Easy Swing Band will also play for that dance at the Community Center. The cost is still only $4 and refreshments will be served. Hope to see some of you at these dances! -Betty Bell Norton ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54) Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND I just want to wish my husband of 49-3/4 years a very happy 73rd birthday today. He is not a bomber, but reads the sandstorm faithfully - so honey I gotcha and now everyone knows!!! I love you. Bomber cheers always, -Millie Finch Gregg ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: South Seattle (Fife) Lunch All Bomber Lunches website Well, I finally am able to get out a report on the Fife lunch. Did not make it last month but will try to get back into the task this month. We had a good turnout and the discussions were flying long and hard. Even after we got up to leave it was another 20 minutes getting out the door. It was great to see Curt Donahue ('53) and Charlotte Dossett Holden ('51) back again. I know it is difficult for both of them to get to the lunches but we really appreciate their efforts to show up. Dave Hanthorn ('63) and his sister, Alice Hanthorn Johnson ('59), were back this month. Their brother, Jack ('56RIP), was one of my best friends in school and it is great to get with them and talk about the times I spent at their house over the years. Reuben Linn ('58) made it back and it was great to see him again. Irl French ('51) was in attendance. It would not be the same without him and his jolly demeanor. My wife, Agnes, and my grand daughter, Jessica were also in attendance, Last, but certainly not least, Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) made it to the last lunch before she returns home to the Tri-Cities. She has bought a house in West Richland and will be moving "Home" after many years. We will all miss her very much. She has provided all of the inspiration that started all of the Bomber lunches across the country. We all wish her the best of luck and hope she can make the occasional trip across the mountains to join us in Fife. -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Craig Buchanan ('57) To: Gus Keeney ('57) Gus, Thank you for sharing this touching chapter in your life. -Craig Buchanan ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Judd Hinz ('60) Re: '79 Homecoming Pictures To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) I can't thank you enough for not destroying your old negatives. I was going through your RHS pictures thinking I might spot my daughter as she was Class of '80. I was mistakenly thinking the 1979 homecoming assembly pictures meant Class of '79. Was I ever surprised to see pictures of my daughter, 25 years later, being escorted to her throne as the homecoming queen. I had no idea these pictures even existed. And in color yet! I would love to have copies. (I will contact you separately.) I forwarded your site to my daughter and she was as surprised as I was. She is in contact with the '79 homecoming king and will also forward your site to him. What a day brightener. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. A very grateful Bomber mom -Mary Judd Hinz ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Nelson ('63) Re: Bomber Lunch Gustav's Restaurant in Leavenworth, WA is expecting Richland Bombers for lunch Saturday, November 6th. They open at 11 and just tell them your a Richland Bomber and they'll direct you to the room reserved for us. -Donna Nelson ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey there Bombers and Bomberettes... Well, ya done got me again! After all these years I thought I had seen most all the tricks at wedding receptions... but, no, the Bombers had not yet spoken! I was part of a wedding reception of a Bomberette of a few years back who wed this past Saturday. The ceremony was at the Promise Garden in Pasco and the reception at Meadow Springs Golf Club. These folks, including several other Bombers, were "party people." That's a good thing... and no surprise. But wait... here's the kicker: One of the attendees is the "Spudnut Lady." Her contribution to the reception was a Spudnut Cake!" Seriously, there was a traditional wedding cake and a multi-layerd cake, kind of a pyramid, of various types of Spudnuts. It was quite the hit! Certainly separated the locals from the out of towners! And the kids... they couldn't hardly wait for the cake cutting so they could get at those Spudnuts. And to the sports buffs: So how did the Cougar play book get into the hands of the Seahawks the next day! Daaa. -dj jeff Michael ('65) ~ In Bomberland where the beauty of autumn is awesome! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Hames ('69) Re: Del Sions ('69RIP) My condolences to the Sion's family. I have many fond memories of Del(mar) Sions from our days in high school. -Frank Hames ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Photo Album Project Todays work: Carmichael Jr. High: No new pages RHS: Book 3 Roll 19800228.1: Cheerleaders / Teacher B-Ball (partial roll) Book 3 Roll 19800228.2: Cheerleaders / Teacher B-Ball (partial roll) Book 3 Roll 19800228.3: Cheerleaders / Teacher B-Ball (partial roll) Book 3 Roll 19800402: Candids (partial roll) Book 3 Roll 19800403: Candids (partial roll) That's all for now. If I have time, I will try to do more later tonight. Keep those identifications coming! As always - you can get to the photo albums at: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/13/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Gus Keeney ('57), John Northover ('59), Gary Behymer ('64) Rick Maddy ('67), Bob Thorson ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wanda Wittebort ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David Edgar ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Julie Alexander ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry Gilstrap ('83) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Made It!!! Hi, I made it to Florence, OR, with a stop in a rest area on I-5 below Albany. Got here in time for dinner!!! Weather was beautiful and listened to a Janet Evonovitch audio book. Gonna be nice here in Florence for the time I am here. -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Northover ('59) To: Portland OR - Bombers My wife and I will be leaving Cannon Beach on a Sunday, heading to the Portland Airport for our flight back to San Diego. We want to have lunch in Portland ... a restaurant with a view of the river or mountains.. or scantily clad dancing girls!!! ... I guess for my wife ... scantily clad boys!!! ... to be fair. I have been on the internet looking ... but it is hard to tell how good or bad a place is going to be from their web pages ... The last time we did this we ended up in some 'hippy' area ... very interesting people but the restaurants were sparse. AND that was the day the fires in San Diego started ... we had a 2:00pm flight out ... but were delayed until about 10:00pm ... did make it home ... to an ash covered world. SO ... any suggestions would be most welcome. v.r juan the hungary 7-13 '59 -John Northover ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Many thanks to Pat O'Neil and daughter Eileen O'Neil Hinch ('73) who stopped by Almota Elevator Company today! What a treat... One can spot a Bomber most anywhere! I last saw Eileen in July of 1966... my interests at that time were more in the direction of her 19 year old sister. -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: 3D Movies To: The Class of '73 that went to Lewis & Clark Elem. and anyone else interested... Some of you remember my brother, Roger Maddy ('73NAB). I thought some might get a kick out of this. Roger is one of an eclectic group, probably count them on one hand, that knows how to "properly (keyword)" render movies into 3D (anaglyph - red/cyan). The art form is an imperfect world, which he loves, and one ultimate goal in this world is to make a 3D movie that lasts at least forty-five minutes without giving you a headache, among other problems within the media, and having 3D rise from novelty to a state of recognition by the industry. Medicine and other professions are now starting to see the emergence of 3D in their fields. As for Hollywood, not until Disney, or other producers of 3D movies, start getting technicians that understand the do's and don'ts with 3D production will this ever occur. Oddly, there is not even a job description or pay scale for this job in the industry. If you have ever read a 3D comic or seen a movie (i.e., Spy Kids 3-D), you will know what I mean. Im sure some of the '50's alumni remember many of these movies (around 150 were made in the '50s). The digital world and technology in television will change what we see on television in the very near future from A to Z as the FCC moves toward - is it analog? Yes, I agree, hopefully we will find entertainment in the Es. They (who is they?) say ten years, but many say half that. You cannot view 3D movies on your standard television set. Your standard television will most likely be a dinosaur within seven to ten years. But, your monitor will work just great for these. Roger's latest short, "That Mt. St. Helens Volcano doesn't Scare Me One Bit" has a burping Mt. Saint Helens in the background. The truck Roger is sitting in is five inches long. He took a left and right still digital photo (known as a cha-cha) of the truck in combination with footage of the mountain and footage of him speaking from the driver's seat. These one minute "movies" are quite revolutionary in the 3D world and a passionate study for my brother. Hours and hours of untold hours of study. What you are viewing has a very steep learning curve and Roger shares this information while he learns in various website groups. Hopefully you have speakers because there is sound. Other movies, "Facing Reality" filmed in Mt. Rainier Nat. Park, "Eyes of a Giant" in downtown Seattle, and "Keep Your Eyes on the Fountain" from downtown Olympia with the Capitol building in background and several others are worth a look, trust me. You will need 3D glasses. The '50's Alumni probably only need to get into one of those boxes stored away. Red/cyan are preferred over red/blue. Both will work. Cyan is blue and green in 50-50 mixture if I recall. Website for free 3D glasses is on his page. I download the movies into a C:/folder, then open it for viewing in Windows Media Player (WMP). The shorts are .WMP files. I keep the movies, of course, but you just delete them after viewing. Or, just click on them. I think the links are hot. All of my brother's work is Rated G (all family members). He is an artist, not a pornographer :-) Enjoy: On the other hand, my passion is sitting on Main Street HB and drinking too much coffee with the locals. Gotta go. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Thorson ('69) I, along with Frank Hames ('69) and probably many others from the class of '69, want to add my prayers and condolences for and to the Sions family. Delmore ('69RIP) is a friend I don't ever remember not knowing. His mom, dad, sisters and brother were all friends of my mom, dad, sisters and brothers. Jerry, your tribute to your brother in the Sandstorm was a difficult job done well. Will there a memorial service in Richland? -Bob Thorson ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice sent by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Daisy Buerkle Craddock ('48) ~ 1931 - 8/31/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/14/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Kathy O'Neil ('63), David Rivers ('65), Gary Turner ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) To: Dan Staringer ('78) Re: Bomber Alumni in Campbell, CA I am behind in reading my Sandstorm issues, but I just read your entry about finding others who live in the Campbell, California area. My family and I all live in the Campbell/San Jose area and are Bomber alumni. I teach at Del Mar High School just down the street from Campbell. I have taught in the Campbell Union High School District for over thirty years. My husband and I live in nearby Los Altos. We go to the King's Head in Campbell for dinner and dancing about three times a month, in fact, we were there last night. My sister, Patty O'Neil Lopez ('65), teaches at a middle school in San Jose. My brother, Tim O'Neil ('76), and his wife live in San Jose, too. He is an engineer/project manager at General Electric in the nuclear division. It would be fun to hear from you and others in the San Jose area. I know there are a few of us here. Mike Quane ('63) graduated with me and we have been friends with he and his wife for many years. -Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: HB BS the 3D stuff was kinda interesting... the only movie I remember is one Carl "Beaver" Beyer ('65) and I saw in Pasco while our folks were dancing it up at the Elks... it was something about a mask... this mosaic mask with all this turquoise in it... don't remember much about the movie just the mask which has never left my memory... creepy thing... and Maddy ('67) wants to wish this on the little kids of the future... I wouldn't bother to write anything but I can't stand a fibber... especially a Bomber fibber... Maddy does NOT just sit on main street in HB drinking too much coffee with the locals... Maddy spends every waking moment sitting on the pier watching the scantily clad babes... and they ain't even Bomber Babes! I know... he's tried to get me to join him but I said "no no no... it is wrong and I won't do it!" Sorry, Rick... but you asked for it! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Turner ('71) To: John Northover ('59) Re: Portland cuisine THE view restaurant in Portland is The Portland City Grill on top of the US Bank Tower at SW 5th and Burnside (just look for the tall pink building that seems out of place.) While spendy, the food is good and the view from the 38th floor goes on forever. This being October, that view may well be limited by clouds and fog. In that case head down to Riverplace at the south end of Waterfront Park and go to the Harborside for excellent seafood and tiered seating that gives you a great view of the river and Mt. Hood. Finally if you really want to literally be ON the river, walk down the dock to the Newport Grill, a floating restaurant at Riverplace. Lots of seafood and chips selection, but you can't go wrong with the bronzed salmon. I could go on with more choices, but I'm getting very hungry... enjoy your visit! -Gary Turner ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/15/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick ('51), Dick Avedovech ('56), Dennis Johnson ('62WB) Fred Schafer ('63), Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karla Bierlein ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rob French ('71) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Girls of '54 Lunch RICHLAND SENIORS ASSOC. Today: "ALL AGES" Dance BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) This is for Joan Magnuson ('52) Joan, They came and tore down your house on the corner of Sanford and Duportail. I just noticed it gone today. Don't know what they are going to do with that spot. Oh, yes... I sat next to Nancy James at a class for landlords that the Richland and Kennewick Police were giving. I believe she is your niece. What a small world. I hope your read the Alumni Sandstorm or this bit of writing is for naught. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('56) Re: Mt. St. Helens Here is another good website to see a series of photos taken each day by USGS of the active volcano. Another website that has pictures and information on the Mt. St. Helens eruption is This is a TV channel that has some very interesting pictures of red hot lava inside the dome, etc. Perhaps not as exciting as Hawaii's eruptions, but still, something to see in our own backyard. To: John Northover ('59) One of my favorite places to eat on the Columbia River is "Salty's". Beautiful view on the river and great food. A very nice place to eat and enjoy the scenery and close to the airport. Their address is: 3839 NE Marine Drive, Portland, OR 97211; Phone (503) 288-4444. -Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Johnson ('62WB) Re: Ruminations on 3D movies... the old ones... like me... I recall going to Benton City (my mom was involved in some artsy fartsy volunteer group there) with my sister, Rita ('64) and brother Steve ('66) and watching "Fort Ti" in 3D... so exciting... the attackers came right through the screen and into your lap... arrows streaming directly toward you... those uncomfortable cardboard "special glasses" cutting into the bridge of your nose... taking them off, only to be disappointed at the 'magic' of 3D... the picture was like a double exposure... didn't understand the technology then. There was also some "scary" movie about the same time... bats flying out over the audience (figuratively of course). I know there were plenty of other films using 3D, but of course, after the novelty wore off, and CinemaScope was developed, they sort of went away - probably to the 'elephant burial ground' that drive-ins became. Re: Speaking of sister Rita ('64) She and her husband are moving up to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. Found a beautiful old (restored) Victorian that used to have a "speakeasy" in the basement. While we were on the phone, discussing their plans (she is caring for our dad, and he is included in the move of course), she gave me the address... so I hit my "mapping" program to see just where it is. As the program ID'd the location... a small red dot showed up nearby indicating a "point of interest"... so, I clicked on it -gee, right across the street from her new home is a place denoted on the map as "Grateful Dead House". Searching the internet revealed that this was the home where some of the original band members lived while they were honing their skills and speculating about what to do when they became famous. I advised her that there were still a sufficient number of DEADicated DEADheads that the likelihood she would be awakened at 0200 by the sound of 15 VW vans idling away with the stereos at full blast might have an impact on livability there. Well, that ought to about "do it" from this end. Faithfully reading the Sandstorm every day over my cuppa. Wistfully yours (from Las Vegas, home of the world-famous Donut Delinquents) -Dennis ('62 woulda/coulda/shoulda/mighta) Johnson ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) To: John Northover ('59) Re: Portland Dining If you don't want to go to downtown, Double Tree Columbia has a good view of the river and is just 15 minutes from airport, located at Hayden Is., Jantzen Beach just off the I-5 bridge. The Brickstone Dining room at the Double Tree Columbia River is where we have our Bomber Lunches -Fred Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ Vancouver USA sunny... at least for a couple more days. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Well, I made it back from Eugene in one piece (at least I think I did). Tuesday morning flying from Denver to San Francisco we had a 100 mile an hour tail wind, so arrived about a half hour early. When they made the first boarding call, they said there was fog in Eugene and we may need to divert to Portland, but thankfully it lifted enough for us to land. I got my rental and drove to the Campbell House. If any of you are in Eugene, you must try and spend a night there, it is really first class. My room had a Jacuzzi and fireplace plus a bed high enough that it had a step stool to climb into it. I feel my interview went well, but I will keep you all posted and thanks to those who wrote on things to do and see. I didn't do too much, as I fell asleep after lunch (I ate someplace down on 5th Street, another good place to see). -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS, USA (but hopefully a westcoaster again) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/16/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Rhodes ('52WB), Roger Gress ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judith Porter ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave Hanthorn ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Carol & Claire Rediske ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck Felder ('70) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Today: Notre Dame at Navy - 9am (Pacific time) - CBS BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Rhodes ('52WB) Re: Our Move Well, things did not go as we had planned. When we put our home up for sale, we thought it would take about 2-3 months to sell it. SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! We sold it in 2 weeks. Needless to say we were not prepared for such a quick move. Starting October 20th we will be living in an apartment in Richland until we find a home to purchase. We have a 3 month lease, so that will give us some time to really look around for a home to buy. We will be at [physical address & phone number removed for Dave's privacy. Send him email if you want it. -Maren] E mail is still the same I think... if not, I'll advise. -Dave Rhodes ('52WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress ('61) To: Judy Porter Cox (Classic Class of '61) Have a happy Birthday. -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/17/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Lenora Hughes ('55), Dick Avedovech ('61) Jim Hamilton ('63), Joanna Faulkner ('63) Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) Re: Las Vegas Bomber luncheon It's time for another Bomber luncheon in Las Vegas, NV. WHEN: November 6th at 12:00 Noon WHERE: Road Runner ADDRESS: 9820 W. Flamingo If anyone needs any further information, please contact me and I will be happy to help you. We want a large turnout this time, so everyone who can make it-- please come. -Lenora Hughes Bejarano ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('61) Re: Mount St. Helens Nat'l Volcanic Monument Johnston Ridge Observatory Web Cam -Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) Today I challenge everyone in the Bomber Nation, to make October 17th, "Contact a Misplaced Friend Day". We've all had childhood friends with whom we shared much. An illegally procured Pall-Mall in the windbreak, a warm Oly on a cold Friday night, double dates and rides back and forth to college. Later we stood together at the front of the church as each other's Best Man. Time moved on and we shared less and less. Children were born, Parents passed away, Children were married and eventually Grandchildren showed up. Never, ever, would I have imagined that we would allow ourselves to slip under each other's radar. Now when we run into old friends and they ask, "What ever happened to ". We just shrug and say, "I'm not certain, I haven't heard from them in years". To: Dave Pugh ('62) Happy 60th birthday. To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, "Stay Well, Do Good Things and Enjoy Life". Semper Bomberus jimbeaux p.s. Some friend I am, his birthday was Saturday the 16th -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) Re: Recent notes about Bombers in th San Jose, CA area I wanted to comment that I live in Campbell. CA and have recently made email contact with Dan Staringer ('78) who lives very close. The King's Head is quite close also. If anyone wants to arrange a get-together, please let me know. Bomber Cheers, -Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Franco ('70) Is it possible that Karla Bierlein ('71) is really 51 years old?!?!?! No way!!! Late Happy Birthday to one of the really good and fun people from the old days. By the way, Trujillo isn't still sleeping in your parents' back yard from our 20th reunion, is he??? -Mike Franco ('70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/18/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Ken Ely ('49), Patti Jones ('60), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack Lowrey ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bob Chiles ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Keith Hunter ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robert Hinkle ('75) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Ely ('49) Happy birthday to Jack Lowrey ('49) on the 18th. Just remember, Jack, the more birthdays you have, the longer you live. Cheers! -Ken Ely ('49) ~ Orangevale, CA where it started raining yesterday, Sunday. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Genealogy & a Sandstorm entry I did about 6 weeks ago I said at the time I put the entry in that "if you didn't want ghosts from your closet do not do genealogy". Here's my story. I was emailing a lady on a genealogical website and it did a post instead. The post was there for about eight months. I opened an email one night to find an email that a man was claiming my Uncle was possibly his grandfather. The Uncle of mine he was talking about had no children. He died a Prisoner of War II. I immediately set out to prove this man who claims his mother and aunt are my uncle's children are true. One half sister happens to live in Renton close to me. We met for about six hours one night. So far nothing that has transpired proves they aren't. After my uncle dying 59 years ago and the family having no knowledge of these children as my sister Nina Jones Rowe ('65) said "it is all so surreal". Discussing this at a recent luncheon brought different conversations about genealogy. At the last of the luncheon Dave Hanthorn ('66), Alice Hanthorn ('59) and Reuben Linn ('58) (Reuben were talking in the parking lot. I had set out to find a soldier that had known my uncle while he was in the Philippines which this man from the Philippines told me about. Because of age I knew it would be a long shot but with the internet so much can happen. Reuben said he had a Prisoner-of-World-War-II friend who was about 84 years old that could help me. I met with him for lunch today with his lovely lady friend (withholding their names for their privacy). He has worked for the Prisoners of World II for years helping people find people and many other capacities. Reuben was invited to join us but couldn't... we were all disappointed. Maybe next time, Reuben. With all Reuben's friend's information he found that he was on the same ship that my uncle died on. The Japanese ship was bombed by Americans and only three hundred out of about 1600 survived. Reuben's friend had information for me to read as well as loaning me books that would tell me about the final days of my uncle and others. One book is written by a man who's father might have known my uncle because of what they did in the Army. Both died on the same ship. Even though many of the World War II vets are in their late 70s and 80s, I still hope to find the soldier who knew my uncle. This situation was closer than I suspected. This is only part of the story. Many contacts and discussion have transpired. The biggest recommendation at this point is that a DNA be done. I have emailed the children of my uncle tonight. Asked them Again a Bomber helped another one. I am so thankful for Reuben's help. Thank you Reuben. Re: Nina Jones Rowe ('65) being a grandma Nina has given me permission to put her granddaughter's picture in the Sandstorm. Moving into her new home is keeping her really busy. I was in Portland area when little Jessika turned one year old. What a delight. She wouldn't let me hold her as she doesn't most. Decided I would get her. Every time I went past her I would smile and talk to her. I finally sat down on the couch and Jessika came over and patted me on the knee. About four minutes later she came back again laid her head on my knee and patted my leg. I got her with a great smile on my face. With Nina's two grandchildren being there, of course Nina has one in her arms at all time... and then can't understand why she was tired at end of the evening. **Grin** Welcome to being a grandma Nina. Re: My move to West Richland Another Bomber blessing. Tom Hughes' ('56) wife Agnes,their granddaughter, Jessica, and Jessica's mother, Valerie, came to help me on Wednesday. Agnes offered to come and help pack boxes. Didn't know the troops were coming with her. Valerie and Jessica helped me in cleaning out my storage and pile it where it would be easy to go on the truck while Agnes packed three huge boxes. What would have taken me two days was accomplished in three hours. My son Scott (who is heading all of the moving weekend) came to pick up my granddaughter (I was taking care of her). He had the biggest smile as he walked up thanking each one of them for helping make his work be easier. Bombers connections do it again. Thank you Tom Hughes ('56) for loaning me your gals for the afternoon. Big thanks to Agnes for bringing the troops. Lots of good laughter went on amongst it all. Not to mention Tom will be bring the gals to West Richland to visit... and he'll park their RV at my place. Will be looking forward to their visit. Twelve days to move day. Re: Glenna Hammer ('66) Tri-city Chaplaincy and Hospice Emailed Glenna (my cousin on my dad's side) that I would be moving to West Richland the end of the month. We discussed it before but she was surprised it was finally happening. In my email I let her know that I was ready to volunteer with chaplaincy which also so surprised her. Her mother, Genie Hammer (Bomber Mom RIP), was involved also. I've been listening to them for the past few years tell me about the volunteer work I have always wanted to do but couldn't see much I could do from here. Glenna emailed me back that there is an introduction meeting on the 10th of November. Aw geeze it is at 7:30am. I am a night worker but said I would be there. Then (as only a Bomber can) Glenna challenged me to fill a table of 10 people at the meeting of Club 40 Bombers. This invitation is for all. I didn't except the challenge of ten but said "I would work on it in a couple of months". I have heard mention of the Chaplaincy and Hospice many times through the Sandstorm. Here is the information that Glenna gave me. For those that are interested to find out more: Annual "Lighting the Path" Breakfast of the Tri-Cities Chaplaincy, which provides hospice care, grief programs and chaplains throughout the Mid-Columbia region. Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004 7:30am (please plan to arrive no later than 7:20am) Three Rivers Convention Center, 7016 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick A continental breakfast will be provided, thanks to the corporate sponsorship of Bechtel and Washington Group International. Re: Club 40 Time has not permitted me to write about the fun of Club 40 this year. One of the biggest highlights for me was the boat trip up the Hanford Reach. I have sent pictures to John Adkins ('62) that hopefully give good highlights of the trip. A Kennewick Lion was our captain. Rick delighted us with his fun jokes making sure we didn't miss anything through the trip. He was very knowledgeable about all the different things that he pointed out. Even stopped at different boats to see the 25 and 30 pound salmon were being caught. Of course the people on board the boats couldn't wait to show us. Always the endless of meetings of Bombers made the weekend go to fast. Re: Puddlers Emails back and forth today show they are starting to wake up again after different travels of life. Unless Pappy's hunting keeps him still too busy, I expect to see him in the Sandstorm again soon... right Pappy??? Monday after Club 40 some of the Puddlers met at the Spudnut shop. In conversing we found the following puddlers woke up our memories and discovered that we all went to Spalding: George Swan ('59) Jan Bollinger Persons ('60), Lora Homme Page ('60), Marilyn Swan Beddo ('63), Mary Judd Hinz ('60), and me. Mary had her own puddle trip down the Yakima recently. Maybe she will tells everyone about it. How about it, Mary? Yes this is long and I thank you for bearing with me through my move, Bombers. Would much rather be emailing once in a while instead of a long one. Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - Enjoying the beautiful view before I move to West Richland to view the Beautiful hills around, the great Columbia and all the wonderful things of the desert. Especially drying out from the dampness. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Status I am writing briefly to apologize for my lack of scanning and my non-response to recent e-mails. I underwent emergency surgery Thursday and have just gotten home. I will be only slightly ambulatory for the next couple of days so I won't be able to do much scanning. I will reply to the individual e-mails as quickly as possible, but decided to shotgun a quick status here so everyone would know that I am not ignoring you. -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Keith H. Sterling ('50) ~ Age 72 - 9/29/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/19/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Marilyn DeVine ('52) Bill Witherup ('53), Bill Berlin ('56) John Northover ('59), David Rivers ('65) Jeff Michael ('65), Shirley Collings ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry Davis ('80) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) Went in for my flu shot Tuesday and feeling YUKKY! Since the presidential election is coming up it reminded me that in 1956 I caught the Asian flu. Called my ear doctor and he told me if I could come in to see him in 10 minutes he would take me. I told him that I was in my housecoat and nightgown. He said come on up. Went in and he looked down my gullet, in my ears, etc. and said, "I want you to do the following four things: 1. Get this prescription filled. 2. Go vote. 3. Go home take and a pill, and 4. GO TO BED. I said, "Go vote?" He said, "Of course, it's a presidential election." Got my pills and went to vote. The lady at the polls looked at me and said, "What are you doing here in your housecoat and nightgown?" Told her I had the Asian flu. She handed me one of those large paper ballot sheets and a pencil and said, "Go over to the stage and vote. Fold up the ballot and stick it in the box and take the pencil home with you!" I have gotten a flu shot every year since that time. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - the sun is shining - yesterday it pitter pattered all day. Getting fall weather - the wind is blowing, the leaves are skittering across the road, and is definitely COOL. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) Re: moving Whew! Finally, I'm in the "new" house. I had the most wonderful crew helping on October 10th. They even brought 2 dozen Spudnuts! I mostly just stood at the door and directed traffic! I thought I'd have a garage full of boxes when they got finished, but boxes were in the rooms they belonged in, and all the furniture was placed! (It sure helps to have an idea ahead of time where things are going.) Now I have to make the decisions of where the CONTENTS of the boxes go... ha! Tonight I tried to put a set of bookshelves together but my cordless screw driver ran out of steam. (A good excuse to watch the ball game and catch up on emails!) This is the first time I've been into my email here at the new house. Had to go to daughter Janet's until I got connected with Charter, today. I'll have a new address eventually, but this 1 will get mail to me for now. Grandson Anthony Taylor ('04) is back from Marine Boot Camp and I can't wait to see him. I had intended to go to his graduation, but cancelled my long-planned-for 2 month trip in the RV. Just too much going on here: buying this house and having to paint every room, painting all the rooms in the old house, getting it ready to sell. (I did a good job, with lots of help: the house went on the market on a Tuesday and was sold by Sunday! At full price!) Life is good here in the North end of Richland! Best regards to each and all, -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Witherup ('53) Happy 63rd birthday to my sister Sandra (Witherup) Hankins, Class of '59. She is in a great band, Les Femmes D'Enfer. (Women from Hell). They have two CDs out, and Les Femmes D'enfer has a website, too.- Big brother, Bill Witherup, Class of '53 ********* For those Seattle side of the mountains, Bill Witherup ('53) is giving a talk and showing a film on Eugene V. Debs. Paste in the information below. Thanks, Bill Witherup '53 Bill Witherup presents EUGENE DEBS FOR OUR TIME, a talk and video: Eugene Debs and the American Movement, October 22nd, 7:30 - 9:30 PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, upstairs in room # 6. This program is hosted by Humanists of Washington. Admission is free, and there will be a discussion following the film, moderated by HOW President Barbara Dority. Please come and bring a friend (or an enemy) so that we might have a lively discussion. -Bill Witherup ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Patti Jones Ahrens' ('60) Move to West Richland I have only known Patti for about a year now and always at the Bomber Luncheons at Fife but I can just see her smile in her writing about moving to West Richland. She now lives in a very beautiful place at Browns Point in Tacoma over looking the harbour, the ships, sunrise and sunsets, etc., so moving to West Richland must have been a decision not taken lightly. Good luck and best wishes to you Patti and many thanks for your bringing Bombers together on a monthly basis. And thanks to Tom Hughes ('56) and family too. They are really great people that I have come to know quite well over the past year. I know the Bomber luncheon will be in good hands with Tom and David Priebe ('57) and I will get down there soon. Re: The Election No politicking here. Most of my close Bomber buddies know how I am going to vote but the idea of this message is to GET OUT AND VOTE. A lot of us did not go to WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm or the current action in Iraq so people could sit on their bums at home and not vote. Too many men and women have paid a heavy, if not the ultimate, price to protect our freedom to vote and darn it (I was going to say "damn it" but this is a family publication) GET OUT AND EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE... DEM, GOP OR OTHERWISE. Just because Max Sutton ('57) and I are going to cancel our votes out, we are proudly casting our votes as our heads and hearts tell us. Only in America!!! -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ Anacortes, WA - and just back from China where voting is an unknown. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Northover ('59) Many thanks to all the Bombers that responded to my request for the location of great restaurants in Portland. We ended up at at the RiverPlace Hotel. We came off the 26 and took the Market Street exit and headed towards the Marina. Drove around the area for about 15 minutes or so and decide to go the Three Degrees due to parking considerations ... looked like you could get 90 minutes of parking on the street, which was all taken up or pay $6.50 for all day in various parking garages around the area. The RiverPlace Hotel offered two hours of valet parking with validation by the restaurant. We got there about 11:30am and breakfast was still being served ... The food was great - I am a pancake kind of guy .. had sour cream pancakes with a local black berry jam ... Julie had one of the best Caesar Salads she has had in a long time ... She likes salsa on the side and they served a regular salsa along with a very warm tomatilla salsa which was super!!! The view was out over the marina and I guess looking towards south-east-north- west Portland?? I get sort of turned around ... would not make a good pidgin!!! Lots of bridges!!! After a very leisure brunch we headed to the Burnside Bridge(???) ... made a connection to East 84 and were at the airport in less than 15 minutes. If anyone needs recommendations for the San Diego area ... do not hesitate to contact me. v.r john 7-41 -John Northover ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Contact a misplaced friend day Way to go Jimbeaux ('63). I've spend many years trying to keep in touch with lost friends and just kids we knew... I write emails to people when I find their addresses and hope to hear back... a number of years ago, I gave Brian Johnson ('65) a very singular task..."find Kaye Johnston ('65)". A few months or weeks before his 12 month deadline was over he was at his wits end. Finally thru ex's and others, we were able to find Kaye (nka Kay). But that's not the point of this story... we had to scour the earth trying to find this one girl... BUT Kay had still been getting mail from the Gubmint checking on her health (regarding that little iodine release they did when we were little)... WE played hell trying to find her and the Gubmint knew where she was all along! Sppppppppppooky friends! I must say... as much as I try to keep in touch and regain acquittances... it seems there are some people who are happy not to reunite... I hope it wasn't something I said... a misplaced ill-conceived punch during a kegger when we were all a little obnoxious... maybe it's my breath or my deodorant has failed me... But there are a bunch of them out there... One time Terry Davis (Knox '65) and I got to the point where we actually went to a guy's ('65) house and banged on the door with several other of the old gang in tow... the guy opened the door and the tears immediately flowed... he was so happy we had barged into his life... he came around for a couple of the Sorry Seven get-to-gethers and then faded out again... his Sis ('63) said not to call him any more because he is shy and would prefer not to hang any more... ok... we can respect that... another guy ('65) has refused to open the door when people knock (he lives in another state)... Some of the girls almost got him to show up to our 35th... I think that was it... but he didn't... He has accepted my mail on the yearly letter I send before the June fling but when I sent a card regarding his father's passing it was returned... If anybody out there is reading this and what Jimbeaux wrote yesterday... and feels nobody cares or wants to hear from them... YOU ARE WRONG! Reach out and touch someone. There was a time I truly believed I "knew" (i.e. could say hi to and call by name) every kid in school... I never thought I would forget any of those kids... but as look at the yearbooks I find that I have and I don't like that feeling! I heard one time that some of the kids from the class of '63 didn't even remember Frank Osgard ('63WB)!!!! Thanks, Jim! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey Bombers and Bomberettes... It's kinda slow on the ole Sandstorm lately, so I'll throw down a couple comments. Re: Firstly... It kinda freaks me out to hear that so many of my classmates are grand parents! Like, when I was a kid and my grandma and grandpa came to visit or we went to their place (Lewiston, ID), they were like OLD. Now I just can't see Nina Jones ('65), Pat Snider ('65) Patti McLaughlin ('65) and many others as being "that old." We musta had kids who had kids way earlier than our grandparents and parents had kids. (What'd he say?) Re: Secondly... Yes, I too, remember Helen Skogen. I credit my enjoyment of many school subjects to teachers I had at Spalding and Chief Jo. Mr. Carlson (6th grade) was totally responsible for giving me a leg-up in math and science. He also put "Jeff" on the brown envelope that contained my first quarter report card. Doesn't sound like much of a faux pax, but sure PO'd my mom. She sent him a severely nasty-gram. I got a big kick out of it. He was also the first teacher to allow us to just put our initials on the upper right hand corner of some of our papers. I developed a sloppy way of doing my initials that has followed me through many a legal document all the rest of my life. Re: Item three... I did the sound for the Cancer fund raiser at the Desert Inn Saturday. Expected to see some Bombers there and I'm sure I did. But they were probably grandparents and my adolescent brain could not find their files on my hard drive. They probably didn't recognize me either... but I'm still the same guy that used to thread the film in the 16mm projectors in the classrooms. Can you believe it? Still doing the same stuff only with new technology. What a strange trip it's been. So if you Bombers and Bomberettes were there along with Bill Lampson, Rob Rettig, Brad Preston and others raising $50,000 in one night for cancer... GO BOMBERS... great show!! (Oh, some Bombers had excused absences... Cougs home game.) dj jeff Michael ('65) In the Tri-Cities where the hard rain and temps fell last night. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Re: Need used computer Our older daughter had received a Micron 98 for her high school graduation to take with her to college. When she graduated from college, she received a laptop. So we thought it would be fine for our younger daughter to take the Micron to college with her even though it was becoming out-dated. When younger daughter came home from school, we asked her if there was anyone she could give the Micron system to so we wouldn't have to bring home an out-dated Micron, so she did because she, too, received a laptop. Here's the problem, older daughter now has her first position as a school teacher, 4th grade at Lewis and Clark. Prior to that she was pretty much a full-time sub at Jason Lee. Older daughter did not realize that the Micron system was given away in Cheney until she began looking for it to take to her classroom for the students to use. Is there anyone locally (Tri-Cities) who has a system they would like to get rid of for a good cause? If so, please email me at the above address. Anything to follow the bill "No student left behind," which Bush proposed and Kerry voted for. The teachers are liable to see that all of their students pass their grade, parents have nothing to do with it!! One of the most absurd bills I have heard about. God help the teachers! -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/20/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Gus Keeney ('57), Connie Hanson ('64) Gary Behymer ('64), Patti McLaughlin ('65) Bill Tanner ('71), Treg Owings ('76) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carolynn Hamilton ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn Baird ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leo Webb ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sue Oberg ('79) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Trip Home I am currently in Henderson, NV at my daughter, Dana's. The leg from Florence, OR to Sparks, NV was pretty uneventful except for the section from Susanville, CA to Sparks I had to drive almost 80mph to keep from getting run over by the big trucks. I had a nice visit with my friends in Sparks and even got to go to the University of Nevada Homecoming game with Rice University. Turned out to be a good game and UN won!! On Monday I drove from Sparks, NV to Henderson with no problems. When I got here, we had to dash to go to a Pool Tourney with Dana's new boy friend, Tony. They ended up short a person and Dana subbed and won her match!! I guess when she left home with my custom pool cue payed off!!! I plan on being here for a couple of days then heading out on the final leg home. -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Connie Hanson Lincoln ('64) Re: Good Restaurant in New York City We will be going to New York City the week of Thanksgiving and I wondered if any has a suggestion for where we should go for a typical Thanksgiving Dinner? Any suggestions would be appreciated. It has been 37 years since we have been there and I know a lot has changed. -Connie Hanson Lincoln ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball photo from Richland Anyone want to guess who these fellows are & the year? I believe Gene Conley is in this photo? -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Hiding somewhere in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti McLaughlin Cleavenger ('65) Re: Grandmother? Hey, Jeffrey Michael ('65)! I know you MEANT that I am not old enough to be a grandmother; but I need to make it clear to a lot of gossips that I am NOT a grandmother. My son is at the University of Liverpool working on an LLM in international law and playing cricket; but he is NOT a father. Lovely though it may be, neither of us are in a hurry for that event. -Patti McLaughlin Cleavenger ('65) ~ in a cool, gray Richland (like Liverpool) wishing I were retired ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Tanner ('71) To: Frank Whiteside ('63) Frank, I saw your entry in the October 8th Alumni Sandstorm. Were your parents Al and Helen? I so, my folks (Bob and Margaret) were good friends with your folks. I know they moved to the South a number of years ago. I remember visiting them somewhere along the Gulf Coast. I always wondered what happened to your family. -Bill Tanner ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Treg Owings ('76) Went to a meeting of the Area Conservation Districts in Sunnyside today. The highlight was someone brought donuts AND some SPUDNUT cinnamon rolls!! Great way to start the morning! -Treg Owings ('76) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) I am pleased to announce: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/21/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff: Evelyn Meyer ('46), Ray Gillette ('49) Jim Jensen ('50), Jim McKeown ('53) Mike Clowes ('54), Alan Sargent ('56) Gus Keeney ('57), George Swan ('59) John Browne, Jr. ('61), John Adkins ('62) Frank Whiteside ('63), Deedee Willox ('64) Jo Conrad ('65), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandra Witherup ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie Foster ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lucy Foster ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jenny Anguiano ('98) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Girls of '54 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Evelyn Meyer Crowder ('46) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo Hi: I would guess the picture is 1947--if I had the time I could figure out a lot more than Don Richey ('47RIP), Ray Hultman ('47) and Gene Conley ('48). The boy in the letter sweater has a 4__ on his sleeve and I don't see anyone in my 1946 class so 1947 is close. -Evelyn Meyer Crowder ('46) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette ('49) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo The baseball team photo shown looks like it could be the 1947 Bomber team (could be 1946 maybe). Gene Conley ('48) is in the back row (2nd from right). Don Richey ('47rip), the middle row second from right. Also, Orville Marcum ('48RIP) is in the front row second from left. That is all the names I can recognize. -Ray Gillette ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo I believe this photo is circa 1945. I believe I recognize the following: Top Row: 2nd from left - Pat Sheeran ('48RIP), 8th from left - Gene Conley ('48); Middle Row: 1st from left - Dick Gailbreath (sp), 8th from left - Don Richey ('47RIP); Bottom Row: 2nd from left - Orville Marcum ('48RIP), 3rd from left - Farrell Binns ('47), 4th from left - Wally Caldwell ('49). Neat picture! Brought back memories. Played ball with all of these except Dick Gailbreath. Thanks for sharing, Gary. Re: Had computer problems for weeks!!! Finally had a new hard drive installed and memory doubled. I'm still having some difficulties which can only be attributed to my status as novice, fourth class. Additionally, there have been some very serious illnesses in our family and among some local friends. I still owe some responses to Bombers who were kind enough to offer comments or send emails. Please bear with me. -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim McKeown ('53) To: Connie Hanson Lincoln ('64) We go to New York every year. We lived in Connecticut and I took that damn train into G Central every day... so we know the City very well. It probably depends on where you are staying, but your best bet for a Thanksgiving Dinner might be most of the Hotels, especially the larger ones. There are so many places to eat, and a new restaurant opening every day, my guess would be that if you are staying near the Theatre District you could check the menus in a 7 or 8 city block area, and probably have a choice of 30 or more. In any event, enjoy the City... there's only one "Big Apple"!! -Jim McKeown ('53) ~ Sacramento where the wind and rain were unbelievable, yesterday... ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo Judging from the cryptic marks across the bottom of the picture I's hazard a guess that it was taken in 1948. But that's as far as I'm going to stick my neck out. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ the monsoons have returned to Albany, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Alan Sargent ('56) I dont send many entries to this great resource, but I at least scan most offerings. Because of Christopher Reeve's death I feel the need to take the time to peck out a thought or two. Chris and I shared membership in a club we did not want to join and certainly did not ask to join. I too am a "Quad" with Spinal Involvement, confined to a wheelchair for over 17 years. I'm considered "Functional" because I'm not on a respirator, can move my arms and have the use of two fingers and thumb on my right hand. I type the few e-mails I send out using a "push stick". I was hard on Chris when he first started saying we would walk again, but he gently made me see that it might be possible at least for future club members. I'm asking that each of you in this diverse, articulate group at least take the time to do a little research on Stem Cell Research before you make up your mind. I have no political or religious agenda, I'm not pushing any politician. I just wanted to do this for Chris Reeve. As long as the push stick is hot, I've got a couple of other things I need from you Bombers and this Epiphany. I've become lazy about doing more and I apologize to long time friends and connections I've made thru the Bomber sites. We moved to Vancouver, WA to take advantage of lower rent in a house one of our daughters owns. We still have two daughters and a bunch of grand kids and even a great grand daughter in the Tri-Cities. So we have a foot in both locations. Trying to shed the hermit image and get out more, I was pleased to be asked to join a PAC. I thought it stood for "political action committee", I found out it stood for "Play All Cardgames" At the first weekly meeting they served "krispy kremes" and admitted they had never heard of "Spudnuts" also I was wearing a green and gold sweatshirt. They wanted to talk Oregon Duck football! Help!! How do I respond to these Westsiders?? -Alan Sargent ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Made It Home!! Hi All, I made it home this evening in time for Dinner. Jay's Donna had a casserole in the oven that was almost done when I got here!! The trip from Henderson NV to Yuma was a piece of cake but I still have three tapes to go on my audio book!!! I guess I'll have to make another trip somewhere soon!! The time with in Henderson with my daughter Dana was fun and I guess I'll have to make it a point to go up there more often!! I kinda have more time off work than she does!!! Thanks to All the folks in Bomber Land (Bomber Land is every where North Of Yuma it seems!!!) who made my stay up there so much fun. Special thanks to my sister, Missy ('59), for taking the time out of her busy schedule to drive me to Redding, CA for my doctor appointment. Thanks again everyone!!! -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Can you remember when? Pete Overdahl ('60) sent this site to me: It brought back a lot of memories so I sent it to some Puddle Pals. Lora Homme Page ('60) pointed out that although it said a '57 Chevy was what everyone wanted, the car driving back and forth in the site is a '56. That started me to thinking, a rare occasion indeed. I have never been much of a vehicle enthusiast. Give me wheels that keep going around and get me from point A to point B and any desired points in between and OK, getting back would be nice too and I am happy. Nowadays, I prefer pickups with the same basic requirements, preferably with four wheel drive. Sorry Ricky. Ranger Rick, my little 1990 Ford Ranger gets me and me darlin' dog, Darby about just fine don't ya know. But when the goin' gets rough and sloppy or deep and snowy, Henry, me ol' '81 Ford has always come through. I like the older ones because I can work on them without taking a special course from NASA or Hi Tech U. The funny thing is that I always considered my self a Chevy/GMC person. Somehow those all went that a way and I ended up Fixing Or Repairing Daily. I never became a pickup man until after I returned to Bomberland from the service (a Chevy and then a GMC). In fact, when in school, I did not own a car. So, I was at my Dad's mercy. If I wanted to be mobile, whatever he bought, I drove. Between the time I burst upon the streets of Bomberville with a Driver's License and answering Uncle Sam's call, Dad owned no less than four different cars. The first was a 1950 Studebaker Champion. I always fantasized that I was streaking along in my P-38 Lightning but my peers ridiculed me for not putting a Bra on it. I always wondered what Planet they were from as there were three points on the front end of that car. The second was a big upside down bathtub called a Nash. Don't remember the year. I always felt like I was driving a Wells Fargo Stage from the inside when I drove that one. However, I highly suspect that it was the reason for my demise as a "Ladies Man" because every time I hit the gas or a bump, the front passenger's seat, complete with occupant, would fall backwards into a prone position. You see, those cars were ahead of their time and the seats laid down to form a bed (for camping of course -- what else)? Number three was a nondescript Plymouth (so nondescript that I fail to recall the year on it either) but, I put a lot of miles on it going hunting. And, behind door number four was a '54 Ford that I hardly got acquainted with before marching off to boot camp. As I have mentioned before, I think Dad was smarter than I gave him credit for. He blocked my buying a crotch rocket, sorry, motorcycle, most likely saving my life. He also saved me by scaring off any members of the opposite sex who might have been even remotely interested in me because none of them wished to be seen in any of those cars. However, I discovered that there were girls actually living in other towns who liked to have fun and saw some humor in falling backwards when I tromped on it or went out of my way to drive on bumpy roads. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA - where the little puddle, by the already harvested punkins (soon to be Jack'olanterns) that were next to the corn stalks drying for Mrs. Pappy's Halloween decorations, has temporarily dried up but promises to rejuvenate soon ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Puddle ducks To Pappy: Have you got the decoys out there on the puddle, yet?.. and if you leave them overnight, do the coots come in and play tag with 'em? My own seasonal puddle is back- but it's too cold even to go wading... ^..^ -John Browne, Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Adkins ('62) Re: Club 40 Pictures Anyone who has any pictures of the Sweet Adelines' performance from the Saturday evening at Club 40 - I need those picture to finish the Club 40 photo CD album. Contact me at my e-mail address. Thank you so very much. -John Adkins ('62) ~ Richland - cloudy and rain predicted ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Whiteside ('63) To: Bill Tanner ('71) Yes, Bill, my parents were Al and Helen. I remember you and your parents very well. Our parents were inseparable for a long time. I recall being at your parents' home on numerous occasions and you visiting at my parents' home with your parents. When I was in jr. high and high school, you were just a little guy, but I always thought of you like the "little brother" that I never had. We played catch and hit baseballs at the Chief Jo field. It's great to hear from you. I had wondered about you and your parents as well. -Frank Whiteside ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Re: Election To: Bill Berlin ('56) I couldn't agree more! Get out and vote! Did you know that Australians are REQUIRED to vote and are FINED if they do not? We met a couple in California who were on holiday here in the USA. They said they couldn't imagine NOT voting. They did not understand why Americans don't vote. I used to hear, "I don't vote because it puts my name in the system for jury duty. That always made me angry. Good men and women have DIED to give us the freedom to vote, and we aren't even willing to do jury duty?! Well, that argument won't work anymore since they take the names from vehicle licensing now. I bet no one is refusing to drive in order to get out of jury duty! What ARE we willing to do to retain the freedom that has been handed to us by brave young men and women who fought and died for that freedom? -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA - where it has cooled off, the trees and bushes are all turning gold and red - so beautiful. This is my favorite time of year! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jo Conrad ('65) Big happy belated B'day to Carolynn Hamilton ('60). Hope it was GREAT! -Jo Conrad ('65) ~ Bellingham WA - it is clear and dry ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Ok, so I have been able to do a little work and here are the results: CJHS: - no new pages RHS: Roll 2 has been renamed to 19800612.1 and has been reposted with new photos 19800612.2: Graduation was added 19800612.3: Graduation was added 19800612.4: Graduation was added 19800612.5: Graduation was added 19800915: Registration was added (also contains shots from Farrell's where I worked) 19800111.1 Flag Team was added 19800111.2 Flag Team was added 19800111.3 Flag Team was added 19800503: Band Tour was added As always you can get to the photo albums through my website at There are currently, approximately 750 photos available online. If you enjoy the photos and would like to contribute to expanding the website capacity or covering the expenses, please see my Donations page where you can make a secure donation through paypal. (shameless plug for cash) at: Please remember that these photos are copyrighted and may not be downloaded, saved, printed or published without expressed written permission. -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/22/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Dick Roberts ('49), Jerry Molnaa ('52) Mike Clowes ('54), Dale Ennor ('59) George Swan ('59), Susan Erickson('59) Lora Homme ('60), Roger Gress ('61) Kathie Roe ('64), Rick Maddy ('67) Chris Marshall ('69), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Trisha Saucier ('77) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo TOP ROW: Eighth from the left is Kay Connolly next to Gene Conley. Second from left Dick McCoy? Third from the left maybe Chuck Larrabee? Fourth from the left Jack Davis? Fifth from the left Vern Lawson? MIDDLE ROW: Second from left Allan Neidhold? Third from the left Dale Geir? I wish someone would give us the real answers before our brains shut down, huh Ray Gillette (49). -Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Here's your answers, Dick!] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jerry Molnaa ('52) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo The picture is from the 1945 annual that is available at The players names are listed below the picture. They left out the names of the first four players in the second row. They are from left to right-- 1. Dick Gailbreath, 2. John Mumm, 3. Bill Whaley, and 4. Don Allen. My thanks to Don Manley ('47) for coming up with those additional names. Don and I walk at the Columbia Center Mall every day. I printed a copy of the picture and Don filled in all the names from his Annual. Next challenge? -Jerry Molnaa ('52) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball Photo Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your 1944/45 Columbia (River) High School Richland Beavers! For verification check the 1945 Columbian. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dale Ennor ('59) To: "Pappy" Swan ('59) Admittedly, my eyes aren't what they used to be (except still brown), but that looks more like a '55 Chevy than a '56. Could be wrong, though. The '57 was, as noted, quite a car. I remember one night after By's had closed, the elder Perry brother (can't remember his first name) gave Wendell Briggs ('59) and me a ride as far as the "Y" on our regular late night trip to the Top Hat in Pasco for a cup of coffee. (I know, we did a lot of stupid things in those days.) Anyway, after dropping us off, he turned back to Richland and layed rubber in all three gears. That with just a 327ci engine! I couldn't believe it. -Dale Ennor ('59) ~ Whitefish, MT - where we had 2-inches of snow over the weekend. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) To: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Corn Dancing Is Not All its Cracked Up To Be! Good to hear from you again, JB. I was afraid ya might have gone under (Just watched Jeremiah Johnson again). The ducks are coming in to the puddle but they don't stay. I think it may be from a combination of the lack of water in the puddle and my new camouflage system. You see, I decided to combine new information gleaned from watching The Outdoor Channel with my, long ago learned Marine training in camouflage and concealment. I very cleverly conceal myelf in a shock of cornstalks (borrowed from Mrs. Pappy's Halloween Decor). Make that a very large shock of cornstalks, only because I have to wear insulated clothing so I can sit still for long periods of time while making noise like corn, called "Corn Calling." And, OK I always have my survival rations pack permanently attached to my midsection which sorta makes me look well "plump." Never know when ya gotta survive until the next meal ... or snack ... or ... When I see ducks winging their way south toward me from the vicinity of Deedee Willox Loiseau's ('64) settlement up north, I get ready. Making loud corn calling noises I move about the puddle rapidly. This rather rapid movement of a shock of corn and the calling really gets those puddle duck's attention and they peel out of formation and make low strafing-like passes on the moving target of talking corn (me) trying to "pick corn" as they fly by. Lordy, I do have to get back in better shape as all this activity (somewhat reminiscent of a one-man festival like a native American Corn Dance) is rather strenuous for an old duck hunter. But, I can report good to excellent success of the attraction process. However, there are still a couple (well maybe a bunch) of problems to work out. It seems that the ducks are so used to the puddle having water in it that they just take it for granted that it is at full draft and they buzz right in like flying boats. Then they land, discovering too late that the clear water is air and they roll up in a ball of feathers. Then, they indignantly straighten up, wiggling their little butts as ducks do, acting like they fully intended to do that and commence tiptoeing about, tipping and feeding or gathering gravel. About now, I am getting all poised to shoot when they flush but it never fails, one of them tips too far and with only imaginary water for support falls over on its back and lays there with its feet waving in the air like that commercial, "Help, I've fallen and there's no water to buoy me up ... You know the one? Then, they finally figure out that something is not right in this puddle and they spring up to fly away. I jerk my gun up to shoot and knock a big ear of corn loose from my camo that hits me in the head rendering me unconscious until the next go around. So far its Ducks 357 to Pappy 0 but that's why its called a sport. As far as the Coots playing tag with the ducks at night, I can't say as I'm old and go to bed early so I'm always asleep, nursing lumps on my head, or still unconscious. And, on the voting, once again Deedee -- Well said! -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ southern Burbank, WA a little ways south of Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) and for weather, I'm having what she's having. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Susan Erickson Kuntz ('59) Re: North Central WA Bomber Lunch - DATE CHANGE NEW DATE: Saturday, November 20, 2004 (not the 6th) TIME: 11:00 AM, order 11:30 AM WHERE: Gustav's in Leavenworth, WA ADDRESS: 617 US Hwy 2 (West end of the downtown area) We will be meeting on the 2nd floor. The early part of December wasn't available due to the Christmas Lighting. Hope some of you out-of-towners can come. Car pooling can be arranged for those in Wenatchee. -Susan Erickson Kuntz ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: '57 Chevy Since the Puddle frequently communicates before entries come out in the Sandstorm, Gary Persons ('57) has already pointed out to me that the Chevy going back and forth in the memories that George "Pappy" Swan ('59) sent in yesterday is a '55, not a '56, as I thought. And, yes, Gary, I noticed the still picture later on that is a '57. There's no question about that one. Since the number of years for which I recognize car models is pretty small, '56 through '60, I did not know that the '55 and '56 were identical except for the tail lights and something invisible to me about the chrome. However, since 1957 is the year that I got my driver's license, I started paying attention, mostly to the important things like how to steer and how to fill the tank with gas, which was much simpler in the old days. You pulled into the Standard Gas Station on the corner of Lee and Stevens Dr. and took up a collection from all your passengers, usually six or seven kids. When you had the $1.05 necessary for three gallons of gas, you waited for the kid to come out to run the pump, wash the windows, and check the oil. Anyone who felt the need, used the restroom and then we were off. Three gallons would usually keep us cruis'n for the rest of the night. Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) remember, don't you? My dad tried to teach me how to change a tire but the only time I ever had a flat I couldn't remember anything he said. Not to worry, Harriet Fischer Haugen ('60RIP) was with us and she could do anything. She changed it in about two minutes and we were back on the road. My dad decided to buy a new car in 1957 (what was he thinking!?) but he was a Ford man, not a Chevy man, alas, so instead of the coveted '57 Chevy, we had a '57 Ford. All was not lost, however, because it had the biggest Ford engine available and a stick shift. He could never figure out why he kept having trouble with the transmission and I didn't think it was prudent to tell him that it took me a while to master a speed shift. I think there was a TV sitcom about a talking car once and I'm so grateful that it was strictly a phantasy. If my dad's car could have talked,my dad would probably have had a stroke and I'd still be grounded, but I sure had some fun in that car. -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ in the future where the cars are smaller and slower, the gas and tickets are a lot more expensive, and Jan and Patti and I are a LOT older. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Old Baseball photo from Richland. The picture is from the 1945 Columbian. -Roger Gress (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kathie Roe Truax ('64) I no longer receive the Alumni Sandstorm [via email], but do read it on the website from time to time. I just finished reading all the October entries and was touched by the caring expressed, amused by the funny stories, and marveled at people's memories. We Bombers certainly care about each other and care about our home town. I am now a member of the Richland Kiwanis Club and would like anyone interested in giving something back to the place that gave us all these wonderful memories to contact me. It would be a pleasure for me to sponsor you as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Richland -- it's a group of good people doing good things for our community. Bomber cheers, -Kathie Roe Truax ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) To: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) You asked "What ARE we willing to do to retain the freedom that has been handed to us by brave young men and women who fought and died for that freedom?" Good question Deedee. I will toss my hat into the ring and say Im willing to not give up my guns and ammo so America can be "safe." That is what Im going to do. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Chris Marshall Hopkins ('69) Re: Looking for Classmate Hi, Got a call from Peggy Adair ('72)this evening, and she asked me if I knew how to contact Jeff Godwin (69). I do not have a clue, and wondering if anyone can help Peggy find Jeff? -Chris Marshall Hopkins (Proud Grad of 19'69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Today's inclusions are CJHS: - no new pages RHS: 19800622.3: AFS 19790303: Band Trip Canada 19790605.1: Last School Day 19790605.2: Last School Day As always you can get to the photo albums through my website at There are currently, over 800 photos available online. -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Karen Webster ~ Class of 1964 ~ 8/22/46 - 10/13/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/23/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Avedovech ('56), George Swan ('59) Lora Homme ('60), Deedee Willox ('64) Linda Reining ('64), Betti Avant ('69) Bill Peterson ('77), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jean Eckert ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tim O'Neil ('76) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Today: Notre Dame vs Boston Coll - 11:30am (PDT) - NBC LSU. vs Troy State - 5pm (PDT) - MAYBE on ESPN?? BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Avedovech, Jr. ('56) Re: Stem Cell Research I want to thank Alan Sargent ('56) for making the effort to say something about stem cell research. Alan, I have long supported stem cell research because it has the real potential to overcome very disabling diseases and improve the life of many afflicted people. As a scientist I can see this potential very clearly and hope that ignorance will not subjugate this cause as it has in the past with new scientific discoveries. If there are interested supporters of this cause, I would encourage going to the website where there is good information about what is being done and a means to support this effort financially if one wants. -Dick Avedovech, Jr., Ph.D. ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) To: Dale Ennor ('59) Re: Old cars and aging bodies No, Dale, your eyes and auto awareness are better than mine, as several others have pointed out. And, speaking of a lot of stupid things in those days, I recall that back then I thought it was normal to hitch hike (unless I could borrow Dad's car) all over the Tri-Cities, half the night, in quest of various trivial pursuits. However, I still support my mutually unlearned colleague (only when it comes to cars) Lora Homme Page ('60) as I too only care if the wheels keep going round and round. However, I must admit that age is taking its toll on me. For example, yesterday my submission to Sandstorm stated, "I very cleverly conceal my self in a shock of cornstalks..." However, it came out in the Sandstorm that "I very cleverly conceal my elf in a shock of cornstalks ..." [This editor tried to remove the SPACE between "my" and "self"... Bomber apologies. -Maren] Now I must admit, I cannot deny the latter statement, especially after a recent visit to my doctor. When the nurse weighed and measured me, I broke the scales but verified that I am indeed the incredible shrinking senior citizen. When I graduated in 1959, I stood an astounding 5' 9 1/2" yet today if I really, really stretch I can make it to just a hair over 5' 7 1/2" thus I am shrinking so fast that by the time I die -- I may not exist. On top of all that, I was seeing my Doc about a mid-line abdominal hernia that "popped up" so to say. I think I am coming apart at the seams and may be recycled soon. However, my "much younger" sister, Marilyn Swan Beddo ('63) is of the opinion that the hernia is the result of my shrinking stature putting pressure on my "innards" causing them to bulge through my survival pack but that's probably more than you wanted to know. Nevertheless, there is still hope. The Doctor said not to lift anything heavier than a shotgun. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ in southern Burbank, WA where it is raining again and the ducks are ... ducking. My little puddle is rejuvenating, in fact, it seems to be reproducing. At last count, there were no less than six puddles in the driveway. Oh, my gosh! They're everywhere, they're everywhere! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) To: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: Guns and ammo I wonder why anyone would believe that making it against the law to own guns would stop armed assaults. People who use guns for illegal purposes are CRIMINALS who, by definition, don't obey laws. Prohibition in the 1920s and early '30s just helped some of them become obscenely wealthy in the black market. I might also point out that people were killing each other long before the invention of firearms. I believe there was a guy named Cain, wasn't there? He certainly didn't have a gun. The only people who will give up their guns are law abiding people who don't shoot each other anyway. I'm aware that the statistics say that most people are killed by people they know; friends or relatives. It seems to me that if people are so out of control that they will shoot a "loved" one, they'll find another way to vent their insane rage if there doesn't happen to be a gun handy. Maybe we should outlaw steak knives and baseball bats while we're at it. Then I guess they'll just have to beat each other to death, which a lot of folks whom I assume don't have guns now are doing anyway. Can we outlaw fists? I guess it might prevent postal workers from going to their work place and shooting up the place. They'll just have to go to the internet and find out how to make a bomb out of fertilizer, or something. That's better anyway, it destroys the building as well as kills a lot more people since it doesn't depend on the aim of the guy with a gun. The right to keep and bear arms is included in our Constitution for a very good reason based on the experience of the people of the time when it was written; an unarmed populous is at the mercy of any criminal, terrorist, or invader who comes along, say nothing of their own oppressive rulers. That was true then and it's just as true today. We've been blessed to have not had those experiences but we will. I've seen a bumper sticker that I'm sure you have all seen. "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Rick, you and I are definitely "politically incorrect" and I expect to hear a resounding silence from the readers, (or be chastised severely) but I admire men like you who are willing to stand up and be counted. -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ Probably one of the first who will be hauled off to the Gulag or the funny farm. Probably the funny farm. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) To: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: Guns and Ammo I'm with you on that one, Rick. We aren't giving up our guns either. My hubby says when they come to take it away from him, he will give it to them one bullet at a time! *LOL* It has been shown that the crime rate actually decreases in places where most people own guns. It makes sense to me. I see it as a good deterrent. Banning guns will NOT make America safe. The criminals have no trouble procuring weapons, legal or not. I like the bumper sticker that says: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." Too true to be funny. To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Ducks Along with the ducks, we have the geese. They leave their lovely little calling cards all over the place. One day, my son and hubby were playing basketball in the driveway. My son moved to the left just in time; a big glob came right down beside him, right where he had just moved from! The Canadian geese come in the fall, while some of the geese stay here year-round. I do love the sound of them when they fly over in formation. -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA - where it's rainy and around 50. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) What a shock to read in yesterday's Sandstorm that Karen Webster ('64) had passed away. I have fun memories of Karen and our years at Carmichael and Col-Hi! She was "one of the good ones". Re: "What are you willing to do for freedom" I agree with Rick Maddy ('67)... I will do whatever it takes NOT to give up the right to bear arms... and I also agree with DeeDee Willox Loiseau ('64)... we need to get out and VOTE...protect your freedoms!!!!!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - the rains came, almost kept the home-improvement show, "Extreme Home Make-Over" from fulfilling their redo on a 100-year old farmhouse and barn, BUT they got it done, in FIVE days----the show sent the young widow (husband was killed in a horrible traffic accident in June, just a mile from home) and two children to DisneyWorld for the entire time----lots of volunteers from Bakersfield working on this project! Even had the local Country radio station, KUZZ (which is owned by Buck Owens), give all the workers a bbq on Thursday!!!!! Reminds me of the way Bombers work. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Thanks a bunch To all you Bombers out there who wrote notes in the Sandstorm or to me personally about Eugene, Oregon. I had a lovely phone call this afternoon offering me the job I had traveled to Eugene for the interview for. It not only pays a whole bunch more, but I will be closer to the "old stompin' grounds". Both of my folks are interned in Richland. Go Ducks, I guess, but will still follow the Cougs. and Huskies. Oregon here I come, at least in about 3 1/2 weeks if Mr. Weather Man cooperates. Bomber cheers, -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS... but soon to be an Oregonian ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Peterson ('77) Happy Birthday Trish Saucier ('77)!! So busy with life that we don't always do a good job of staying in touch. But (like most of us) I do think about old friends from time to time and smile. Have a great birthday! -Bill Peterson ('77) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Today's inclusions are CJHS: - no new pages RHS: 1979-03-02: Music Department 1979-06-06: Band Picnic 1979-11-13: AFS & Moscow ID Band Trip 1980-02-26.1: Stadium 1980-02-27.2: Stadium As always you can get to the photo albums through my website at There are currently, over 900 photos available online. -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/24/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Wight ('52), George Swan ('59) Larry Mattingly ('60), Lora Homme ('60) Mike Brady ('61), Donna Bowers ('63) Frank Whiteside ('63), Linda Reining ('64) Jim Adair ('66), Mike Howell ('68W) Brad Wear ('71), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The Alumni Sandstorm Road Trip to move our beloved, world famous Sandstorm Editor to New Orleans will be leaving Richland on Friday, November 5th. If you live anywhere along the route, this is your opportunity to meet her face to face by scheduling a Bomber Lunch or informal Dinner. We'll go out of our way for free food. The schedule & route are flexible, limited only by the need to turn in the truck in New Orleans by November 11th. The tentative route is: I-84 to Salt Lake City; I-80 to Cheyenne, Wyoming; I-25 to Denver; I-25 & US 87/287 to Amarillo, Texas; US 287 to Dallas/Fort Worth; I-20 to Shreveport, LA; I-49 to Lafayette, LA; and I-10 to New Orleans. Side trips are certainly in order, if they are not too far off the goal route. If you are interested in trying to put something together, email me or Maren and we'll see what we can work out. Invitations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Designated Driver, navigator & scheduler ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim "Pitts" Armstrong ('63) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Wight ('52) I read the recent comments about stem cell research - while ALUMNI SANDSTORM is not a political forum - and shouldn't be - the election hype has politicized this issue. Here are some facts all should know.... I, for one, believe stem cell research - and many OTHER types of medical research - should go forward, and federal assistance is warranted. We voters are the largest influence in the matter. Regards, -Dick Wight ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Guns and Roses and Vehicles, old, new, or whatever Re: Fessin' up Sorry Maren about the "my self" rather than "myself." I really am getting old and I guess it is that one mistake leads to another thing and I started it. A Cyber Rose to you, me lady. Re: On Gun Control Always use two hands to control your gun, be deliberate in your aim, and squeeeeeze off those shots. Shot placement is very important and remember, speed kills, usually yourself, if you rush and miss your own shots. Furthermore, I will maintain control of my own guns thank you very much, until they ... You know what ... from my cold, dead hands but they better be quick and then hide because -- I believe in reincarnation! In reality, I just want to hunt legally and target shoot safely at my gun club without bothering anyone else. Why then do some feel so compelled to take that away from me? To: Lora Homme Page ('60) You said it so well (as usual) -- Not much I can add to your thoughts on Guns and Ammo. Re: On Automobile Control Automobiles don't kill people -- The people who are supposed to be operating them kill people, however people die when automobiles are involved, therefore, I suppose it follows that all vehicles should be confiscated, cut up, and melted down to make plow shears. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ in southern Burbank, WA where there is a new sign near the puddle that reads. "Slow Elves At Play." Their IQ was too low to work for Santa so they asked if they could open a home for slow elves on the shores of the puddle and I said OK. Look, I'm firm on gun control but I don't care to deal with elves with an attitude. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Tri-Cities OK, I have a few minutes to write some thoughts. I was in the Tri-Cities last weekend. We had a small fireworks display for the Hermiston HS Homecoming Friday. So I arranged for a couple of business appointments for Saturday. Thanks to a nice Bomber friend for the use of an unused bedroom in the basement. Driving from one place to another I could not help but marvel at the Tri-Cities. I take a fair amount of pride in being from Richland. It has continued over the years as I have watched the pundants predict it would dry up and blow away. But every time I take time to drive around a bit I can't help but smile. Kennewick and Pasco also have dynamic areas. New buildings, signs of replacing old water and sewer lines underground, new paving, progress in almost any direction you look. Battelle is expanding their lab complex and the face of Hanford is changing. I checked out a Mimosa tree I planted for a friend 30 some years ago up in the SW corner of the city. It is beautiful and solid. I felt a bit sad at the sight of some houses and yards totally unchanged with no paint or water. But the very positive look and attitudes of the people leave no doubt. The old atomic city is there for good. It has a history most take pride in, and it will always be my good old home town. I am surprised not to hear rumors of protest... With all the condos going up along the Columbia, the folks along GWWay in the South end will soon loose sight of their river. Remembering the discussion a year or more ago, of the nerve gas shells and bombs stored at Umatilla. At the time someone wrote in to the Alumni Sandstorm saying that they thought the bombs and shells had been all destroyed. I was watching the game at Hermiston waiting for half time so we could do the display. I was talking with a fellow who works at the Umatilla Ordnance Depot. I commented on the fact that the nerve gas munitions were gone. He said no they had just started burning them about the first of the month. He was not allowed to give any of the details other than they were destroying/burning them at the present time. He also could not tell me how long it would take to burn them all. Actually, I believe they are just burning the actual liquid/gas and then will processes the metals and explosives in the munitions. So, sometime in the foreseeable future, they will be gone. Re: Guns I have to agree with those who favor the second amendment and gun rights. Australians gave up their guns a few years ago. I see Pyro friends from that country at conventions and symposiums and they tell me personal assaults with guns are up over 20 percent since the gun ban. I was about to buy a 9mm Glock pistol. But based on the advice of a Special Agent friend of mine, I purchased a 357 Sig automatic with several spare high-capacity magazines. A cleaning kit and 500 rounds of ammo were just delivered this morning, so I am going to end this and drive to an indoor range for an afternoon of shooting. It has to be indoors today as I can't hear the TV for the roar of the cloudburst of rain against the skylight. I am looking forward to a duck and goose hunting trip to E WA next weekend. Re: Fireworks note We are in the midst of designing the giant annual CDA display for the Friday after Thanksgiving. For those of you who will make the trip to Coeur d'Alene, expect the very unexpected. More on this as plans firm up. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ from home south of Tacoma where a couple of days ago I picked the last of the tomatoes and pulled up the vines. But the dahlias are still going strong. I have vases of their vibrant colors in several rooms. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: The Incredible Shrinking Elf, or something. I'm sorry to hear that your elf was a mistake, Pappy, I thought maybe one of the little guys had joined your frogs at pool side. However, all your talk about shrinking got me to wondering so I took my trusty ruler and went into the bathroom where I can see mySELF (No elves in here.) in the mirror. I stood veeery straight and attempted to hold the ruler across the top of my head to the wall, knowing that to get a ruler absolutely level on top of one's own head, even when you can see it in a mirror, probably isn't possible and would be off by a quarter inch or so. I made a mark and measured. Aahhrrghh! I stood back against the wall and made another mark and measured, then another. An inch and a quarter! I've shrunk a whole one and one quarter inches! I feel like the last scene for the bad witch in The Wizard of Oz. Help, I'm melting!! Since my dad is 97 years old and my grandparents and great grandparents lived to be in their nineties, I could live to be over 100! At this rate of shrinkage, I too will have no height at all for the last years of my life. How can a person weigh 100 pounds (no way am I going to tell all you people how much I REALLY weigh!) and have no height at all? And that takes me back to the discussions we had a while ago about the different dimensions that science is currently aware of: height, width, depth, and time. What is it going to be like to live an existence without height? Will our (flat) feet work or will we just sort of undulate like inch worms? Looking on the bright side, Pappy, we won't have to worry about falling and breaking a hip. One more question for you, Pappy. In yesterday's Sandstorm, you said, referring to me, "I still support my mutually unlearned colleague (only when it comes to cars)... Did you mean that I'm UNLEARNED ONLY WHEN IT COMES TO CARS or that I'm UNLEARNED ABOUT EVERYTHING and you support me only in matters that concern cars? Both "unlearned" statements are true, for the most part, but I'm sort of curious which you meant. To: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Deedee, your story about the kid's narrow goose-bomb miss reminds me of something that happened to me when I was about 16. Harriet Fisher Haugen ('60RIP) and I had been in David's Shoe's when it was located on the east side of the Uptown Shopping Center. As we walked out the door, water dripped off the roof and ran down the back of my head and long hair. I reached up to wipe it off and discovered to my absolute horror that it was NOT WATER! I screamed and started running around in circles holding my hand as far away from myself as possible until Harriet (who, as I said yesterday, could do anything) grabbed me by the arm, ran me to her car (a '57 Ford, her dad was also a Ford man), and raced to the Standard Gas Station on the corner of Stevens Dr. and Lee Blvd. (also mentioned yesterday). She pushed me into the restroom, shoved my head in the sink, and scrubbed my hair until she got all the bird sh --- "stuff" out while I screamed and she yelled at me to shut up. I'm so glad it was Harriet that I was with, if I'd been with Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) she'd have been running around in circles with me and probably wouldn't have let me in her car with bird stuff all over me. I guess I'm also grateful that it was a pigeon and not a goose, but I'm here to tell you that I don't care if it's a hummingbird, being "stuffed" on by a bird is a disgusting and humiliating experience. There are those who would say that if it had to happen to somebody it was good that it was me since I've always been a "stuff" head anyway, but they probably aren't my friends. I know, I know, once again I've ventured into that topic that certain people find offensive. So farm me out, Maren, I've been banished to the farm before. -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ E I E I O ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Don't forget to vote! I urge everyone to get out and vote on November 2. Many (including me) believe this is the most important election of our lives. If you can't get to the polls on your own, contact your party headquarters and they will provide transportation for you. Also keep in mind, you don't have to vote at your designated polling place. You can vote at any convenient location. Re: Voting outside your precinct I understand it varies from state to state whether you can vote outside of your precinct. Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that provisional ballots Ohio voters cast outside their own precincts should not be counted throwing out a lower court decision that said such ballots are valid as long as they are cast in the correct county. Republicans leaders have been fighting against allowing voters to vote outside their precinct because most last minute voters tend to be Democrats. Sounds like Florida, 2000 all over again? -Mike Brady ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Bowers Rice ('63) To: All You Hunters out there When I was a child in Richland walking home from Spalding or Chief Jo, I absolutely loved the sound and the sight of all the geese and ducks flying in a v-formation to go south for the winter. And because my daughter married a southern boy, we have had the privilege of going down there often, we were able to see where all those birds go for the winter one January. My son-in-law Clint, an avid hunter, took us next to some acreage his family owns to a protected bird habitat. We went out to see them, it was an incredible sight-thousands of ducks, geese and every imaginable bird all in the same area, in trees, in fields, floating on ponds, hiding in marshes. Clint would take his all-terrain vehicle and as he drove through, the birds would lift off in flight. It was an incredibly beautiful experience seeing how absolutely magnificent they all are and how they could lift themselves from the water and then fly. Its a little like watching a Harrier Jet hover then fly off-only its God's rendition and in living color! Pappy you would be in Hog-Heaven down there!! Sincerely: -Donna Bowers Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ here in St. Louis where Halloween is on hold for the Cardinals, but the trees aren't on hold and they are magnificent right now. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Frank Whiteside ('63) To: Rick Maddy ('67), Lora Homme Page ('60, DeeDee Willox Loiseau ('64), and Linda Reining ('64) Amen, brother and sisters!! (Can I say "Amen"?) As a fellow gun owner for about 50 years, I am a firm advocate of the 2nd Amendment as well! I took gun safety classes, belonged to a gun club and hunted for many years (but not since I left Richland in 1965). I have a lifetime membership at a shooting range at the present time. Louisiana is a strong 2nd Amendment state, but let me warn those of you who travel and carry--know the gun laws of the states you travel through and plan to visit, or you may find yourself thrown on the ground, handcuffed and thrown in jail as a felon. California is quite strict and in New York and Washington,D.C.--think ten times before traveling while packing a weapon there. There are others as well that are NOT gun-friendly. I have a pamphlet about the gun laws in all 50 states that you can get through many gun magazines and organizations. The laws change constantly. I suggest you purchase one of the pamphlets if you plan to "pack and travel" or bring enough money to bail yourself out if you have the misfortune to get stopped and arrested. If you are not sure in some states, unless you are in a dangerous area and are willing to take a chance, it might be best to put your weapon in the trunk unloaded with the ammo separated. Some states are very paranoid and will make a criminal out of a law-abiding citizen. Just a warning, as I've read and heard about some real horror stories about such situations. 99.9% of gun owners are responsible and the rest are the criminals. Believe it or not, an amendment is on the ballot here to protect hunting and fishing because of the activist animal-rights groups and the possibility of court challenges. -Frank Whiteside ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Lora Homme Page ('60) Just one word on your item in yesterday's Sandstorm ~~~ AMEN!!!!! Well said and if they come and take you away to the gulag OR funny farm, you will have plenty more Bombers keeping you company! I heard a neighbor, who had served in World War II, talking about registering guns and he said that is what happened in Poland---when the Germans invaded, they knew which houses had the guns and they just busted down doors and took them! and yes, I know this discussion isn't politically correct for the Sandstorm, so will stop before Maren has to use her "blue" pencil. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - no rain, lots of sunshine, but rain predicted for later in the week. Hey, Pappy, bet we got more puddles than you do! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Adair ('66) From an ad in the local "Nickel News": Richland Columbian Yearbooks, $25.00 each. Have years 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, and 1968. Dave McDonald ('59) is selling these and he doesn't have a computer. He wanted me to post this for him. You can contact him or email me -Jim Adair ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Howell ('68wb) To: Lora Homme Page ('60) I have a bumper sticker that says "I'll give up my gun when they pry it from my dead lifeless hand." I stand by that and I won't give up my guns even if I have to hide them and lie about it. -Mike Howell ('68wb) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Wear ('71) To: Rick Maddy ('67) Rick, If they outlaw guns I'll make you one out of a cigarette lighter and a car antenna. Works great and surprisingly accurate out to 20 yards or so. Even if they outlaw ammo, I'll make you some of that too. The cat is out of the bag, and they'll never get it back in. Crime soared in Australia after they enacted their gun laws, it would be worse here if they banned guns and ammo. S/F Brad Wear ('71), WSU '75, USMC forever. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Today's updates CJHS: - no new pages RHS: 1979-22-02.2 was republished with additional photos 1979-11-02.3 was republished with additional photos 1979-12-15.1 Basketball Finals 1979-12-15.2 Basketball Finals 1979-12-15.3 Cheerleaders 1979-11-30 MBA Kingdome Seattle 1980-03-01.1 Band As always you can get to the photo albums through my website at There are currently, approximately 1,000 photos available online. My web space is over 50% consumed. If you enjoy the photos and would like to contribute to expanding the website capacity or covering the expenses, please see my Donations page where you can make a secure donation through PayPal. (shameless plug for cash) at: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/25/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Dick Pierard ('52), Dean Enderle ('57) Jim Russell ('58), George Swan ('59) Mike Brady ('61), Ed Quigley ('62) Roy Ballard ('63), Linda Reining ('64) Chuck Monasmith ('65), Pam Pyle ('69) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barbara Franco ('67) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) I am sorry the Great Maren Smyth Roadshow won't be coming through Boston, but after all it is a bit out of the way and it is starting to get cold again, which means the oil barons will go through their annual routine of emptying the pockets of poor people trying to keep their houses warm. We could have some great fish for her and the most incredible sports enthusiasm I have ever seen with world series fever and a winning NFL team. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dean Enderle ('57) Re: Entry on Gun Control -Dean Enderle ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Russell ('58) Re: Entry - Rite to Arm Bears -Jim Russell ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Just thinkin' and ponderin' To: Lora Homme Page ('60) My Puddle Pal Colleague and my fellow sufferer of diminishing height. Perhaps, rather than a ruler, a carpenter's level would better serve as an instrument of height marking. But of course, that would require an elf on a chair or someone else to serve as bubble monitor. It all gets so confusing. For example: I've been pondering the question of, if we shrink but don't lose weight, we would develop such a wide base that falling would cease to be a concern of the NOW and would become a past, therefore irrelevant, problem of the THEN. Oh no, not again, I'm not sure what I just said. And, I meant that you were unlearned only when it comes to cars whereas with me, cars only begin the list. But, I am beginning to think that you may be more learned about cars than I (except when it comes to driving to the Tri-Cities from Spokane via Vantage). Furthermore, I'm sorry, I don't think that I would be able to support you after all. I know that you refuse to reveal your weight (standard procedure for all ladies) but remember, my doctor said, " ... Nothing heavier than a shotgun." And then ... I know it was purely coincidental but you and Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) just had to go and bring back old nightmares for me about bird bombs. One fall night in the late fifties, as I approached the front door of a certain young lady Bomber's family home fully intending to ask her out, I passed beneath a tree, and I felt something graze my nose and plop on the front of my tee shirt. Thinking it was probably a bug or a falling seed pod, I continued on. Then, just as I pushed the door bell button, I glanced down and in the porch light I realized that apparently a roosting bird had made a rather large artwork display on the front of me and I verified that when I made a panicky swipe over my nose with my hand. Spinning rapidly and running, I heard the door open behind me as I crashed through the picket fence. Well, there was no time to reopen the gate! As I ran down the street, I heard her Dad cussing and yelling something about ... some _ _ _ _ kid just knocked the fence down! Just one more story in the twisted anguish of an adolescent Pappy. No, I will not reveal her name as I don't want a long overdue bill for fence repairs. Hopefully, she and family have forgotten. What a legacy, mashed roses, broken picket fences, and uncool cars. Life was hard for a boy ... who? To: Mike Brady ('61) Just wondering why most last minute voters tend to be Democrats? To: Donna Bowers Rice ('63) You're right. Having been a Kansas farm boy when I was a little guy before coming to Richland, I would be in Hog- Heaven down south or anywhere that I could hunt or watch wildlife! Remember, I too, live next to a wildlife refuge. Someday, before I shrink away, I would like to hunt ducks in the flooded timber of Arkansas. Click here for "Additional Text" To: Linda Reining ('64) Bet you do have more puddles. The sun came out, the puddles dried up, and the elves have beached their little wind surfers, canoes, and boats and have gone out hiking. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA - where it is a beautiful fall day. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady ('61) It sounds like the NRA has done an excellent job convincing many Americans that "the other side" wants to take away their guns. Heaven forbid, I won't be able to shoot my AK-200 shot whatever! -Mike Brady ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ed Quigley ('62) To: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: Pigeon "strafing"... Count your blessings that it wasn't a seagull or even worse, a blue heron; when one of those flies over my deck, and releases a load, it's like being in a field when a chopper turns loose with a mini-gun! :) Yuk... To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Surprised over no protests about the condos cutting off the river view C'mon, Larry, be real! Those with the gold, RULE! (My cup of cynicism overfloweth.) Living on Salmon Beach (Tacoma), I see more and more commercial development of the waterfront, while residents on the shoreline seem to be fair game for every bureaucrat and government office there is, simply because we do not have the deep pockets or the political "pull" to fend them off. A few years ago, after the "big" earthquake, FEMA, State fisheries, and various and sundry others, were all over Salmon Beach, threatening us with new rules and regulations. Amazingly, all the pressure disappeared, when Congressman Brian Baird went to bat for us (more than likely due to the fact that his wife owns a home, here!). Another example... Did you use to waterski off of one of the 3 islands in the middle of the Columbia river? You know, the ones that have been turned into seagull sanctuaries, as if they needed one? And notice how all the docks on the Richland side of the river are now gone? Granted, the asphalt walkway down there is nice, but... And now they want to let the top of the dike go back to it's natural state (read "brown weeds and sheet grass"!). And need I mention "political correctness"? When are the citizens of the nation going to cry, "Enough!"? One more... Did you realize that kids in Australia are not even allowed to have slingshots? They're classed as weapons! Is that where we're headed, along with "warball" being outlawed across the nation? Man, fire up the Sagebrush Rag! My God... We're all starting to sound like old codgers! -Ed Quigley ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) Happy Birthday to Jim "Pitts" Armstrong ('63) the only guy I know that could blow smoke out of his tear ducts. Have a good day Jim. And to another friend Jim Adair ('6), those yearbooks would go good on your shelf, at least 3 would............. Have a good week, Jimmy. -Roy Ballard, a one yearbook guy ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: Bird s"tuff" When my youngest daughter was in 4th grade, she had walked to school ahead of me (I followed a few minutes later, in the car). A I turned the corner, there she was, standing with her thumb up and crying! A pigeon had decided to use her head for a depository!!!!!! Man, what a smell! I put her in the car, drove back home, and had to wash her hair THREE times to get that "stuff" out!!!!!! She didn't walk to school for the rest of the year!!!!!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ sun is shining in Bakersfield, CA rain predicted for later today. I love the rain, so can't have too much! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Chuck Monasmith ('65) With sadness I read about the passing of Karen Webster ('64RIP). She was in 9th and I in 8th in a Carmichael Algebra class. As I perused the list of Bombers who have passed I noticed two missing names. Names I have touched on a black wall. Mark Black (66) and Bill Dowd (65). Can it be their high school alumni has no special place of honor for those who gave more than any of us? [BOTH Mark and Bill are listed here, Chuck! -Maren] -Chuck Monasmith ('65), RVN I-Corps ('67-'68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) Re: Click here for Mid-Atlantic Bomber Lunch pictures The Bomber spirit flexed its wings for the second-ever gathering of Mid-Atlantic Region Bombers in Stafford, VA on October 16. It was great seeing familiar and new faces, and especially fun to be able to extend a Bomber welcome to Jim Mattis ('68) now, officially, Lieutenant General James ("Just Jim") Mattis, USMC, who arrived at his new Quantico, VA post just two weeks prior to the lunch. And, stealing the prize (tacky certificate) for Bomber dedication (insanity?) was Ann Clancy Andrews ('50); she and daughter Jackie flew into the area from Sacramento, CA, and drove to the luncheon that morning from Lancaster, PA. The time and distance factors for Bombers in this region provide for an interesting study in what it really means to be a Bomber; folks from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia (West Virginia, DC, and Delaware, where are you?) inquired about our luncheon this time, and most of the attendees drove more than two hours--one way--just to attend this luncheon. Here's a complete list of those who came last week: Earl Bennett III ('63), Pattie Crigler Cole ('59) & husband, Billy, Ann Clathworthy Hogshead ('54) & husband, Carl, Terry Durbin ('62wb), Jim Mattis ('68), Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) & Jackie Andrews, Ann's daughter, Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) & husband, Charles. In putting together these luncheons (which is absolutely a NO BRAINER, believe me!), I've quickly learned that special thanks always seem to be due to one or more "OIB's" (other important Bombers) who have gone out of their way to help in some way. This time, those thanks go to Claudia Schoffel Henry ('68), Jim House ('63), and Larry Jacobs (whose graduation year I don't know). Having heard that Jim Mattis would be reconnecting with his Bomber roots, Claudia sent me their 3rd grade class photo from Jason Lee... which I printed and gave to Jim for a good laugh. And, it was Jim House and Larry Jacobs who made it possible for me to contact Jim Mattis... snail mail got the job done, until more expedient contact links could be established. Thanks to all of you! Some of you will be interested in an update on Jim's status. The U.S. Senate acted on his promotion (to Lieutenant General, or "3-star") a few weeks ago. The 30- day period during which they can rescind their decision (due to what Jim calls "buyer's remorse") will expire in another week or so, at which time the 3rd star can be pinned on his shoulder. And, in the new post at Quantico, Jim says he is out of the country as much as he is in it. Lots of traveling. As to his off-the-record thoughts on Iraq: he seems to believe firmly that, in spite of a very different and difficult enemy, we are likely to see remarkable progress against the insurgency after the elections take place in January. Jim mentioned that he believes it was an error to delay elections, rather than hold them sooner; he also told me he has been somewhat surprised by the fact that most of the citizenry here still does not grasp just how absolutely unrelenting and unwaivering is this enemy in its extreme opposition to personal freedom as WE know it. Jim "wishes" the media would be more forthcoming with objective reporting (are we surpised?). For those who inquired and were unable to attend last Saturday's gathering, we'll look to get together again next spring... late April or early May. I'll send direct email to those who have emailed and asked to be added to my Mid-Atlantic Region mailing list and will broadcast info via the Alumni Sandstorm, as well. In the meantime, enjoy the photos. Bomber cheers, -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Re: Entry - Gun Control -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice >>James Alan Andersen ('71) ~ 5/27/53 - 9/28/04 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/26/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Roberts ('49), Larry Dibbern ('58) Dave Vallely ('60), Larry Mattingly ('60) Lora Homme ('60), John Browne, Jr. ('61) Ray Kelly ('63), David Rivers ('65) Jeff Michael ('65), Tedd Cadd ('66) Don Andrews ('67), Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The Alumni Sandstorm Road Trip to move our beloved, world famous Sandstorm Editor to New Orleans will be leaving Richland on Friday, November 5th. If you live anywhere along the route, this is your opportunity to meet her face to face by scheduling a Bomber Lunch or informal Dinner. We'll go out of our way for free food. The schedule & route are flexible, limited only by the need to turn in the truck in New Orleans by November 11th. The tentative route is: Leaving Richland on 11/6/04 I-84 to Salt Lake City; I-80 to Cheyenne, Wyoming; I-25 to Denver; I-25 & US 87/287 to Amarillo, Texas; US 287 to Dallas/Fort Worth; I-20 to Shreveport, LA; I-49 to Lafayette, LA; and I-10 to New Orleans. Side trips are certainly in order, if they are not too far off the goal route. If you are interested in trying to put something together, email me or Maren and we'll see what we can work out. Invitations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Designated Driver, navigator & scheduler ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sally Sheeran ('58) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) To: All Re: '45 Baseball team I'm really embarrassed. I only got one right! -Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Dibbern ('58) To: Dick Pierard ('52) Like they say here in Texas, "cap a well, freeze a Yankee". I did hear a good one the other day, though. It seems there was a man that inherited close to a billion dollars and so he wanted to give his three sons something they really wanted. The first son said he really wanted a Jaguar so the man bought his son seven Jaguars, all different colors and one for each day of the week. The second son wanted a motorcycle so the man bought him thirty motorcycles, one for each day of the month. The third son, an 8 yr. old, said he wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit so the father bought him the Dallas Cowboys. -Larry Dibbern ('58) ~ from Hillsboro, TX - where the clouds are boomin' the sky is lightin' up and it's pourin' rain. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Vallely ('60) Re: gun control - equal time -Dave Vallely ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) To: Ed Quigley (62) As an owner of an explosives company who almost daily deals with 4-6 separate agencies in each of 6 states, along with several Federal agencies with a long list of issues, reality smacks me regularly. But it doesn't stop me from raising a fuss in our defense once in a while. And, we win some. Yes, those with the gold seem to win all the time. It is disgusting to see the true greed in the hearts of man. When I bought my present home South of Tacoma on a 1/2 acre in '95 I had a 70 acre open field with a nice pond abutting my back property line. Ducks and geese used the pond and 2 families of quail and several pheasants used my gravel driveway every day. 4 years later I had 93 houses back there on most of the land. What happened to the wet lands you ask?... simple, we were told that the developer and engineering firms hired one of the county wet lands specialists away from the county. Yes I raised a fuss and the most I could get was for them to not build 2 story houses right behind my house looking down in my back yard. But that was a concession, all the others along that same boundary have 2 story houses looking right into their back yards and the back of their houses. It is ugly. Several of them have sold and moved on. So, getting back to the GWWay view of the river. While it may seem to be an exercise in futility, I am still surprised that they aren't kicking up a fuss. Have the good citizens of Richland been beat down that far? Not trying to be radical here just asking about something I noted about the home town. And yes, Vince FitzPatrick ('57) and I and our families wore out a couple of motors on his boat water skiing off one of those islands for several years. Are they off limits now? If so it is another item on a long sad list. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) To: Donna Bowers Rice ('63) Thanks for the beautiful description of the birds in the South, Donna. I could see them in my mind's eye in living color, lifting in waves as you drove through the sanctuary. I also have memories of hearing geese and looking for them in the fall while walking to school. They give me a good feeling to this day. Re: fear mongering -Lora Homme Page ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne, Jr. ('61) Re: Going Hunting Man... all this autumnal honking is just about deafening! I can see the headlines at the checkout counter: "Strafed by Mallards!" egads If I could see myself today, as I was in, say, '59, a skinny, nervous, 5'7" kid in his dad's size 12 combat boots & 2 or 3 pairs of sox, in a surplus parka (from the Korean conflict), headed out Van Giesen on foot, with a 16ga. Winchester 97 pump (visible hammer on half-cock) and 5 shells in his pocket- I can already see the gumballs lit up & me on my face in the mud with a foot in my back and my hands cuffed to my ankles... but I made that trip dozens of times in my last 3 years in town, without a fuss- not even a sideways look. Of course, that was Before fear of lawsuits ruled the world... and insurance companies had all the money that wasn't spent on oil. I traded my last (4th) Model 97 for a 40" bar & chain for a Mac saw big enough to hog through a 6' cedar in about 90 seconds (and after I'd used it to ground-sluice 13 coots for Thanksgiving dinner for the family & friends- they all fit, dressed, on a turkey platter... hardly big as bantie chickens). I loved that 97- but after the trigger spring broke, I got tired of retempering the one I made out of my scrench to replace it. I'd get about 4 or 5 shots & it would be bent too much to slam that pin into the primer hard enough to set it off. There's not another feeling like taking a hand load for geese out of the magazine & looking at the little dent in the center of the shell, as half a dozen whistlers weighing about 25 pounds apiece go chortling into the fog out on the mud flats... darn! So, my hunting career sort of petered out, and a new level of hunting and gathering commenced- I think it was around 1973 or '74. It has crept back though... brought on by the memory of eating Canada goose (not Canadian geese- I got nothing against canucks- but think I'd prefer the domestic, grain-fed variety) that strolled along the tracks near the elevator alongside the Schuster Parkway, crops bulging with wheat and soybeans. I could probably air-sluice these guys, if I had one of those RPG units, and knew how to calibrate it. Johnny, the One-shot Wonder- boy! Actually, I'd like to have a few of those stingers that the mujahedeen got from the CIA back in the '80s. It would be a kick to put a tracer in it and freak out my rich neighbor when he comes back in his Bell to pick up the wallet he left on the mantel because he was watching the early stock returns and got excited about getting to the office early to cash in. (Actually, he might dig it- but his pilot would probably take evasive action and make them both a little ill.) I don't know if I'd enjoy blowing down the feathered fly boys that go flapping through my skies, these days... not the way I once did. All that acid musta made me soft-headed... think I'd rather eat chanterelles... but, then, maybe it's 'cause I'm still cheap, too... Guns (& ammo!) cost money. I still go out in the woods, in the Fall, though... and hardly ever get shot at- even when performing my "rutting elk caught in a barbed-wire fence" mystery moves. Talk about cheep thrillz.. Hey- when I was living in my school bus, I'd stand straight up in my stockinged feet every morning and just touch the ceiling in front of the fire box end of my wood stove. In the evening, after wrestling shake bolts, fire wood, etc., I'd stand in the same place- and could get a finger or two between the roof & my hippy hair-do. It seems that all those disks squish out every day, as a result of vertical activities; and then, overnight, expand to their optimum springiness as we somnolesce. Maybe getting older takes a little spring outa them, too- just like that old untempered screwdriver blade that couldn't keep whacking that pin down hard enough... If they want you, they'll get you, pistoles or no. Me, I think I'd opt for the blazing saddle (in lieu of six- gun)... or hide out in my parka, becoming One with the 'Shroom. ^..^ -John Browne, Jr. ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Kelly ('63) To: Betti Avant ('69) Congratulations on your new job in Eugene. I think you will really like it once you get used to the rain. And don't worry, it only takes about five years to grow webbed feet! -Ray Kelly (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Louie Louie and stuff I find it amazing that I can leave the office on Friday knowing I am going to write a Happy Birthday for Sunday and come in Monday and find I didn't do it... Missed Lucy Foster's ('65) B-day last week and woke up yesterday to find that I missed the birthday of the Wailer's greatest fan... actually I think "he's with the band" Jim "Pitts" Armstrong ('63)... Then I see that Roy Ballard ('63) has a worse sense of humor than I have... I have refrained for many years from mentioning Richland's longest attendance record for Richland Schools... (NOT BEST attendance... just the longest... made Terry Webb ('63) and Bob Middleton ('63) and Johnnie Reed (??) look like slackers... BUT I will refrain from mentioning the Student's (With a Capital S) name. So your secret is safe with me, Doc (secret code... hope you figure it out I'm talking about you, Jimmie). Well I guess I'll go back to being shunned by the women here at work... fired my secretary Friday... she actually asked me "why"... oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd let me count the ways... one time she suggested I take out the money one of her mistakes from her salary... I managed to keep from laughing since it would have required her to work for free for several years... so anyway... I am a bigger scum bag today than before... Geeez... If I could only go back to school days... when the guys stored their shotguns in their lockers after a morning of hunting... I could go out with the boys and sit in the cold freezing weather... waiting for a duck or a goose or or or... maybe I could do what Marve Steele ('65) and Tommy Plankers ('65) did... hit a little ice on the bridge... spin that car round and round and then KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOM shoot that ol' shotgun off right thru the roof of the car with the windows rolled up... That was the greatest picture... the two of them toolin' into the parking lot with that huge hole in the roof... but since I was never one for sitting in the gold waiting for ducks or geese... maybe I'll hafta pass! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey there Bombers and Bomberettes... Wow...busy weekend. Community event in Kahlotus Friday night and a wedding in Quincy Saturday afternoon. Sure kept the music machine and flashing lights bumping down the roads of life (and SE WA). And we DID have fun! To: Pappy Swan...good to have you back on line. Missed your perpuddlements for awhile there. As I wiped the tears from my eyes while reading of the duck camo adventure, I was, like, wonderin' if Ms Pappy would be willing to use a video cam while you're performing. She might need an infrared attachment for the early morning excursions. Oh, but wait, we're going to reset the clocks this Saturday night, so the ducks will have an hour more sunlight if they arrive on schedule. But, let's see, you'll be going to bed an hour earlier (with the chickens). It's getting all fowled-up now! Either you'll get two hours more sleep, one hour less sleep, or miss the bird's-eye view entirely. I'm so confused! Let's just deal with it when the cows come home wagging their tales behind them. When all is said and shot (the video, not the ducks), Maren can post it on the web for all to see! Just think, Pappy, you'll not just be a star...but a shooting star! APB: There have been no sightings of the famous Bomber comedian since he was last seen at a bar, or was that Barbados, during Britanny Spears' 14th wedding. I think he was chatting-up Ms Doubtfire at the time. Where oh where could he be? Re Patti McLaughlin: You're right! dj jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tedd Cadd ('66) Re: Entry - stem cells -Tedd Cadd ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Don Andrews ('67) Re: Rights I already voted (absentee), I just sent my latest payment towards my NRA life membership, I received my T-shirts from the Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Assoc. (great products thanks to David Rivers' ('65) information), and just put my magnetic yellow ribbon and American flag on the tailgate of my pick up. Oh, by the way, yes I'm a Republican. -Don Andrews ('67) ~ Bomber Cheers from Vancouver, U.S.A. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Today's updates: CJHS: -none RHS: 1980-02-28.1 Republished with new photos 1980-03-09: Work 1980-03-10: Clubs 1980-03-12: Candids 1980-03-13: Candids 1980-03-14: Todd Depoe & Work 1980-03-17 1980-04-04: Stadium Construction There are over 1100 photos on file. All photographs are copyright Gilbert M. Blankenship and may not be saved, used or published. As always you can get to the photo albums through my website at: -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/27/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Marla Jo Lowman ('55), George Swan ('59) Sandy Finney ('60), Jan Bollinger ('60) Lora Homme ('60), John Adkins ('62) Leoma Coles ('63), Larry Holloway ('64) David Rivers ('65), Joanne Boyd ('67) Gil Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER LUNCH Today: Girls of '63 & '64 BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) and Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) Re: Northern California - Sacramento Area Bomber Lunch To: All Bombers in the Northern CA and Sacramento Areas (and, of course, anywhere else) DATE: November 8, 2004 (Monday) COFFEE TIME: 11:30 A.M. LUNCH TIME: 12:30 P.M. WHERE: Coco's Restaurant PHONE: (916) 966-0707 ADDRESS: 7887 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA DIRECTIONS: The restaurant is located on the NW corner of Madison Ave and Sunrise Blvd. From Hwy. 50, exit at Sunrise and go north 4.1 miles, turn left at Madison. From the West: exit I80 at Madison Ave (East) 4.6 miles, make a U Turn at Sunrise. From the East/North: Exit I80 at Sunrise (South), 4.1 miles, turn right at Madison. We have reserved a private dining room and we do need to have a head count. Please email me. We had such a good time last meeting and in part it was due to the privacy. Hope to see all of you on the 8th. -Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) ~ West Point, CA -Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) ~ Sacramento, CA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Entry - Gun Control -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) Re: taboo Sandstorm subjects -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: Entry - Gun Control -Lora Homme Page ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Adkins ('62) Re: Club 40 photo CD Albums The 2004 Club 40 CD Album is ready for delivery. Ten bucks - 215 pictures send me an e-mail with your mailing address - I will send you a CD by return mail. You can send me the ten bucks by return - return mail. Re: Grandson #3 Yesterday, at about 4:15pm, my daughter gave birth to Ryan John Thompson. He looks like a keeper. -John Adkins ('62) - proud grampa ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Leoma Coles ('63) Just got home from vacation and trying to catch up on a week's worth of Sandstorms. I was in Las Vegas all last week and celebrated my 59th birthday! It is truly hard to believe that the years have gone by so fast, and next year I will be that really "old" age of 60!! And Leo Webb ('63), I see that you are getting older too... Happy Birthday last week. Had fun in Vegas, but the weather was windy and cold and wet! So much for getting a tan and enjoying the pools at Circus-Circus! Now, it's back to work and I have to work for 7 days to catch up to my next days off, so I will bid everyone a good night. Keep writing and Thanks to You.. Maren for keeping us all in touch!!! -Leoma Coles ('63) ~ Salem, OR - where it's cool and rainy tonight, but it was sunny enough yesterday to get my 8" lawn mowed. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Holloway ('64) Just thought I would add my story about duck hunting to the list. I got into reloading my own shot gun shells several years ago. I bought a used loader from a fellow employee and was given several Remington used cases. I was just a green horn at it and didn't know too much other than what I had read in books on the subject. I had loaded some magnum 2 3/4" shells and invited my brother Loren ('66) to go duck hunting one Saturday morning. It was cold a dreary as usual for duck hunting and we got all the decoys laid out in the sloughs. I then proceeded to try calling some ducks down for a little dinner. I managed to get some to come down to check us out, not sure why but they did. When they got within range we both jumped up and fired. Oh, by the way I forgot to say that I had given my brother some of my shells to use. Anyway when we fired our guns they went bang and the pellets then proceeded to dribble out of our barrels. Neither of us knew what was going on so we checked out the guns to make sure the barrels were empty then fired again with the same results. Needless to say we then switched to factory shells for the rest of the day. When I got home I downloaded some of the shells and found that inside at the base of the shells there was paper that funneled the powder toward the primer. The paper in all the shells was old and had crumbled down and was covering the primer. The paper was delaying the primer from igniting the powder and causing the primer to go bang and the powder to fizzle out the end of the barrel like a sparkler and the pellets to dribble out. I have since given up loading shot gun shells and hunting I now only target shoot at the range. I do load my own pistol and rifle shells with more care now and have never had any problems, knock on wood. -Larry Holloway ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Road Trips I see Uncle Burt ('59) is taking a road trip and noticed a while back that Gus Keeney ('57) was in my neck of the woods before he made the trip from Henderson, NV to Yuma, AZ... I've made the road trip similar to Burt's several times in various modes of transportation... one time in a Karman Gia with no air when I wanted to see the Watergate hearings... didn't understand the concept of humidity... I mean I learned plenty about it in Vietnam... but didn't know it existed here in the states... the crud in my blood from Vietnam came out and I was covered with a rash like I've never seen before... hadda beat feet for home real fast! But the Vegas to Yuma trip is one of my best known roads... well maybe not the best known since those were my drinking days... but most traveled maybe... yesiree... from here thru Searchlight on thru Needles (where I left a car once... well pieces from one end of the needles to the other... nice Highway Patrolman... Marine type found me... drivers side of the car was gone... all 4 wheels were gone... top was to the dash... he smelled my breath and said since I was a Marine I couldn't be drunk..dropped me off at a Denny's... nice guy... then ya go thru Earp... Parker Blyth, etc... till ya see the big lights of the big city... drove that road for 2 years every weekend... In those days it was all open range and very "dippy"... the cattle and the burros would lay down "night night" in the dips... dang they can scare ya silly when you happen upon them at 100+ mph... the look in their eyes is priceless... they probably said the same about me... so anyway... I'm glad Gus made it OK and hope Burt will drive carefully... hope he's going in a car... -David Rivers ('65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Pay attention, Rivers!! Burt's driving the U-Haul full of all my stuff... He'll be careful! -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Joanne Boyd ('67) Re: Entry - Gun Control -Joanne Boyd ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gil Blankenship ('81) With all the political discussion that is going on in the list, I wanted to just take a moment and say thanks to all those who have served, are serving and will serve - so that we can continue to agree to disagree so openly and so fervently without fear of reprisal. -Gil Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/28/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff: Doris Palmer ('49), Mike Clowes ('54) Lois Weyerts ('56), Ray Hall ('57) Gary Persons ('57), George Swan ('59) Sandi Schmidt ('59), Jan Bollinger ('60) Mary Judd ('60), Jim Andersen ('61) John Browne, Jr. ('61), Mary Ray ('61) Shirley Sherwood ('62), Tim Smyth ('62) Patty de la Bretonne ('65), Betti Avant ('69) Anita Fravala ('73) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anna May Wann ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul Phillips ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paula Bergam ('60) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* GRRRRRR -- OK, you guys are making WORK for me... I've been trying to put all the taboo subject matter into "Additional Reading"... so those who don't want to read it don't have to. The Alumni Sandstorm is FUN for me... but this Additional Reading stuff is WORK and I don't wanna do it, so y'all PLEASE cut it out... -Maren ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Doris Palmer Overla ('49) Re: Birthday Greetings To: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Happy Birthday. Celebrate and have a grand time. You will notice that I did not use any of your alias'. [I added the "aka". -Maren} To all other forty-niners who have birthdays today. I know there is one that lives in the Seattle area but with my poor forgetful brain I can't remember the name, but to him and any others have a great day. -Doris Palmer Overla ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: How 'bout them RedSoxs The curse of the Bambino has been broken, but in its wake is a new curse: The Curse of A-Rod. Think about it. When he played for the Mariners, they lost in the ALCS to the Yankees, whom they should have beaten. After A-Rod was traded to the Texans, the Mariners set the single season win record, and the Texans went straight to the bottom of the league. They stayed there until A-Rod was traded to the Yankees. Now A-Rod might have gone to the RedSox, but that was not to be. This event opened the door for the Sox to acquire a player they really needed: Curt Schilling. And what happened to the Yankees; well, after taking a 3-0 lead in games in the ALCS, they lost 4 straight to the RedSox (a first for both teams in series play; the Sox coming back from a 3 game deficit and the Yankees blowing a 3 game lead). And A-Rod was playing for the Yankees. Coincidence; I think not. Maybe next year with be the year of the Cubbies. -Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ just watching the eclipse in Albany, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) Re: Class of '56 Luncheon Can't believe another month is about to begin. Our November luncheon for Class of '56 ladies will be Tuesday, November 2, at 11:00, at the home of Nola Davey Meichle. Please email Lois Weyerts Harrold if you plan to attend and I will give you the particulars. We had 10 "Bomberettes" attend our luncheon in October: Karol Brimhall Smith, Barbara Baalman Jones, Annette Verellen Parnell, Mary Jones Metcalf, Lennardine Worrell Henry, Millie Brooks Bohlke, Maxine Newell Kovalchick, Benita Wahl Gottsch, Ruth White Tanner, and Lois Weyerts Harrold. We always have a great time and look forward to some new faces. -Lois Weyerts Harrold ('56) ~ North Richland - where the leaves are calling me to get raking! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Hall ('57) I have finally found your address... can you reenter my subscription to receive the Bomber newsletter daily to my current email account... I hope this is ok... thanks Facing a hernia operation on November 9... prayers needed please... thanks Go Bombers -Ray Hall ('57) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ************IT'S ANOTHER BOMBER PARTY!!!*************** Bombers will gather in Richland to say good-bye and good luck to our Alumni Sandstorm editor, Maren Smyth, as she sets out on her cross-country trip to relocate in New Orleans. This will be an open-house style (no-host) gathering, so Bombers can drop in for pizza, a beverage, or just to say "good luck" and chat with other Bombers. * DATE: Thursday, November 4th * TIME: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM * PLACE: Round Table Pizza - 245 Torbett, Richland The restaurant has asked for an approximate head count to assure good service, so if you plan to attend, please reply. Bomber cheers! -Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Additional Reading - Gun Control Re: And now the fun stuff. To: Gil Blankenship ('81) Gil, I like the way you express yourself. You're not just another developer of film, are you? I too am very glad that we can continue to, as you put it, "agree to disagree so openly and so fervently without fear of reprisal." However, I am just glad that Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Lora Homme Page ('60) seem to be on my side. After they put in their two-cents worth, I always feel like I get change back and come away richer for the experience. But don't tell them. To: Lora Homme Page ('60) I would not be too concerned about the personal Email that you received yesterday. Obviously, the writer felt safer in slamming you personally rather than addressing the public forum where all could review his sermon. At least he identified himself. Remember, sometime back, I received one from a phantom writer who never would come forth. To: David Rivers ('65) As a young Marine, also during my drinking days, I prowled the roads more to the north of your long racetrack. The last two years of my hitch, I was stationed at Pickle Meadows on Sonora Pass west of Carson City. I was a survival and mountain warfare instructor. From that small Marine Base, I and a couple of buddies ranged north and south, east and west on liberty and leave with a philosophy that, "A Marine is never considered drunk, so long as he or she can hold on to one blade of grass and not fall from the face of the earth." Those days are long gone but I marvel at the fact that we survived. Must have learned something from my own teachings of survival classes. Semper Fi. To: Larry Holloway ('64) I enjoyed your story about reloading shotgun shells. The following (Probably farmed out due to length) is a reprint of an article that I wrote for the July '04 Issue of the Tri-Cities Shooting Association's Newsletter. As you will see, I had a similar experience several years ago which my dog Buff refused to let me forget. Re: Additional Reading -- too long -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Just out here having fun in the warm Columbia Basin Sun (today anyway). ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sandi Schmidt Silves ('59) Re: Classes of 1959 and 1958..... and 1960-'61 Hi there... My maiden name was...Sandra L. Schmidt. My family lived on Goethals Way in Richland. I graduated in 1959 from Columbia High.... I would like to find... Mel Brisendine... Ben Artz... Ruth Artz... Carolyn Seivers (?) not sure of spelling. Any info on Class Reunions would also be appreciated. Thank you, -Sandi Schmidt Silves ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Judd Hinz ('60) Re: '79 Homecoming Pictures To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Just received the book of pictures, and I love it!!! It's perfect. Even better than I expected. I can't wait to show it to Kathleen and all the family at Thanksgiving. You can't know how much this means to me. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. -Mary Judd Hinz ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Andersen ('61) Re: Gordon Andersen ('54) Gordie is having a procedure to his heart Friday morning in Richland... wanted his friends to know so they could say a prayer for him. Doctors will put in a stint or shunt once they get into the procedure and see what the blockage is. -Jim Andersen ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne Jr. ('61) Re: Additional Reading - Gun, etc. Control -John Browne Jr. ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Ray Henslee ('61) I wrote a collection of poems reflecting our times, followed by essays containing commentary and historical facts. I am trying to find a publisher who might be interested in reviewing them, but I am finding that it is not easy to get a publishers attention when you are an unknown. In the meantime, with the election upon us, I thought that I would share one of them with you. I hope you enjoy reading it and find that it has some merit. It is posted on my website at the following web page address: I do agree with those of you who have written in about Stem Cell research. It is important for us to consider the greater good. I added a new category to my website a while back that some of you more seasoned alumni might enjoy. The category is titled 50 Plus Humor. Have a great day! -Mary Ray Henslee ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Shirley Sherwood Milani ('62) Click here to view the ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook -Shirley Sherwood Milani ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tim Smyth ('62) Re: Red Sox Great Win Red Sox fans around the world, rejoice. We finally did it. My heart goes out to all the Red Sox fans who were born and died without experiencing on earth what happened an hour and a half ago. Especially our Smyth family friend, E.H. "Murph" Manolopoulos (Bomber Dad RIP). Murph is smiling in heaven today. -Tim Smyth ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patty de la Bretonne ('65) Dear Maren, Did I miss something? Are you really moving to New Orleans? Wow. Grandchildren will do it if anything will. I may be down that way in a couple years--just for a trip. Best to you and enjoy those kiddlies. -Patty de la Bretonne ('65) ~ Seattle ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Maren, I see we are moving in opposite directions. I bet your reasons for moving are like mine; the need to be closer to our loved ones. I know that is my major reason, that and a need to change my working hours and not have call at night or weekends. Have a safe trip. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS, soon to be Eugene, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) Re: Maren's move to New Orleans So, Maren, I thought you just went to New Orleans for the birth of your second grandbaby? Are you actually moving there - lock, stock & barrel? If you are, and if it's to be close to those grandbabies - YOU GO GIRL! I have laid down the law at my house - when we retire (July, 2010), we're selling our house and moving to where the grandkids live (oh, wait a minute, I am constantly reminded that I have no grandkids yet; that's okay, I have faith that in the next five years I will have some grandbabies)!!! Have a safe trip and enjoy those babies!!! -Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/29/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Roberts ('49), Wally Erickson ('53) Bill Berlin ('56), George Swan ('59) Thora Metcalf ('59), Lora Homme ('60) Helen Cross ('62), Jeff DeMeyer ('62) John Adkins ('62), Roy Ballard ('63) Steve Piippo ('70), Mike Davis ('74) Gilbert Blankenship ('81) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: James Daugherty ('70) BOMBER CALENDAR: <Richland Bombers' Calendar> Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) To: Anna May Wann ('9) y birthday. Keep up the good '9er image and your good work and contributions. -Richard "Dick" Roberts ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) Re: Gordon Anderson ('54) I have some great memories of Gordon Anderson and I playing "one on one" basketball during lunch time, or even after school. I've always liked Gordon for his simple humor and that "grin". He's a very likable kind of guy you enjoy being with. I've often wondered where he ended up living and what he did after graduation. If I'd known he was living in the Tri-Cities, I would have definitely looked him up when I was there for my 50th Class reunion. He was always easy going and a "class" guy in my eyes!! Gordon, you have my prayers and I'm sure there are many more prayers out there in "Bomber Land". That's what is so neat about the Alumni Sandstorm, it keeps us Bombers informed about our classmates we looked up to and gave us great memories. Your friend and older classmate... -Wally Erickson ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: "A Marine is never considered drunk, so long as he or she can hold on to one blade of grass and not fall from the face of the earth." I love the Marines, Pappy. I was not one but I still salute to the Semper, not Fi, but Peratus (USCG). I was told exactly that stated above, about drunk Marines, one time but it was from a Royal Irish Marine. I am keeping my guns and ammo too. I have had all three since I was a very average student at Col Hi and used to hunt rabbits and geese down at Burbank. I must have missed Pappy and Dede so I will have to get down there someday and see their "spreads" [a/k/a Ponds]. Semper Poteen [Irish Whiskey] -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ Anacortes, WA - where we have another sunny day. Perfect night last night in paradise for the full eclipse of the moon. Who else got to see it in Bomberland? ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Subject: Letter to the Editors Re: Taboo subject matter Thank you Maren for publishing the site address for the Alumni Sandstorm Editorial Policy. That clears up a lot of questions for me but raises some others. I am wondering if it might not be appropriate for the editors to keep that address permanently listed with the others at the end of each day's issue. Then, none of us will have an excuse for sinning. [Good idea, Pappy! Thanks! -Maren] Today, rather than going hunting, I sat here and reread your editorial note and the editorial policy a few times and pondered but not by the puddle, it was too chilly to sit still out there today. I reminded myself that as I now understand it, this publication and web site are maintained and paid for by you [Absolutely right. -Maren], and it is not any kind of a co-op Bomber organization site. Thus, there is no additional board or committee that determines content or anything else. [Right again. -Maren] And as you have pointed out, Additional Reading stuff is WORK for you. So, I yield to the Sandstorm Editorial Policy. However, I respectfully suggest that the policy might be applied more evenly or else modified to reflect what is routinely accepted. The policy states that the editors try ["try" is the key word. -Maren] to keep non-Richland material from creeping in, but the Sandstorm very often is composed of few entries specifically about Richland or Bombers. If you think about it, how many people would attend a reunion or a Bomber lunch if the rules said you may only introduce topics that are pertinent to Richland and its history. [Nobody made that rule for lunches/reunions. -Maren] How is gun control deemed a taboo subject, but not stem cell research? Aren't both highly charged political issues? {Yes, they are. It's EASIER (and more FUN for me) to publish HERE. -Maren] I mean no disrespect to Mary Ray Henslee ('61) but her post slipped in a vote in favor of the research on the front page, yet gun control was tagged as a taboo subject and moved to the back. Now, Gun Control was openly discussed for a few days in the Sandstorm before being relegated to the back page and today it was more or less outlawed. According to the stated policy under a "Partial listing," political invective/rhetoric, negative opinions, rants, and "guns" are all taboo subjects. Does that mean that both Stem Cell research and Gun Control issues should never have been printed initially? [You got it!! This often happens when I decide it's gonna be OK to publish ONE SHORT entry. -Maren] Nevertheless, "Gun Control" is out -- understood. Actually, that makes me very happy because no criticism received, no response required. However, will you no longer entertain publishing postings about "hunting or target shooting written by Bombers" if they include the taboo subject "guns?" Just seeking a little more guidance in hopes of avoiding any future problems. [As long as hunting/target shooting entries aren't gruesome (another taboo subject), they will probably be published. -Maren] Moving on, after thinking about this all day, I have reached my conclusion and I have this to say -- OK. Respectfully submitted, -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Thora Metcalf Ziegler ('59) My son designed my new web site for my business and is in the process of designing one for our log home company. I think he's pretty good and want to give him more exposure. Any one interested can contact him thru my site on the last page. All comments will be welcome and he is always trying to perfect his work. Thanks Bombers for your support. -Thora Metcalf Ziegler ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: Peace and Love I fervently pray that the people who feel that if we ignore them, the bad guys will see the light and go away are right. However, two attempts to do that resulted in World Wars and I don't see that anything has changed a great deal. Actually, according to history (referring once again to that guy named Cain, et al) nothing has changed much since the beginning. Teddy Roosevelt said it very well. "Speak softly and carry a big stick." I have a little trouble keeping up with what is and what is not currently politically correct, so I don't know whether this is acceptable, but I suggest that we take a look at history and learn from past experience. Is learning still OK? [Learning is ALWAYS OK, and it's a good thing I appreciate sarcasm. -Maren] Re: Personal Pot Shots I have enjoyed the discussions in the Sandstorm very much and have learned a lot (if that's still allowed, if not, then, not me, haven't learned a thing!) from all of them, controversial or not. I think it's sad when immature people get so emotionally involved that they stoop to taking personal pot shots at people with ideas that are different from their own. I learn (or don't) a great deal more from the people who disagree with me than those who do. I'm sorry that the few who write in to complain can stop the exchange of ideas. There seems to be a lot more participation in the Sandstorm when something besides the weather is being discussed, but so be it. -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ From the Good Ol' Tri-Cities where the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the leaves are falling, and it's a beautiful fall day! Come on in, the water in the Puddle is fine. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Maren, I feel like I missed something too, I never read of your decision to move, just suddenly you are moving. All the best in that humid place, but to be near grandchildren sounds like a great reason. I say sounds like, because I don't have any of my own yet (I hope.) Well, after weeks of drought, and fear that our trees are dying, we then had a week of heavy rain, sometimes with thunder and lighting, sometimes not. It looks like Ireland again with all the green around here. And with the changing fall colors it's really been pretty. (And we lose our humidity in September, so it's been a great fall, since we got the rain, and know we won't lose all our landscape. That is neat that the Red Sox won after all those years of waiting. Sort of like we felt when the WSU Cougars went to the Rose Bowl in 1998 after 61 years of waiting. We went because we felt we might never have another 61 years to wait. Good luck to you, Beth Avant ('69) on your move to Eugene, Oregon. My grandmother and lots of aunts and uncles used to live there, so I went there every summer. Even picked beans in their bean fields in the '50s, so I have a small awareness of what being a migrant worker was like. And I'm sorry that Indiana is off the pathway on your way to New Orleans, Maren, but if it's not too long a side trip for you, let me know and come on over!! I'll kill a turkey... or a fatted goose. No I won't, but I will get something good out of the freezer, and make dessert. I am trying my hand at making apple butter from scratch tomorrow, so I may even have some of that. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ still by the little lake that has looked pretty good after it raised back up to it's correct level, and stopped drying up. I saw my first woodpecker of the season the other day. He wasn't a red-headed one. Haven't seen the little hummingbirds at the feeder in over a month, so I figure they must have gone south. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Jeff DeMeyer ('62) Click here to view the ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook -Jeff DeMeyer ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Adkins ('62) Re: Club 40 photo CD Album The photos from the Club 40 weekend have been accumulated and put in order and set to music. Many different Club 40ers made their pictures available for this photo album - 215 pictures. If you want one send me an email - the cost is $10.00. I will send you the CD photo album and you can send me the $10.00 by return mail. -John Adkins ('62) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) If anyone would like to see "Stolen Honor" about John Kerry, go to and you can watch it. Sinclair broadcasting made the film, but is having problems showing it due to the fact the Kerry campaign is threatening to sue anyone that shows it. It's about 41 minutes long and is very informative. It got to me and I was just there helping... not quite like David Rivers ('65) and others who were in it down and dirty. I would like to say thanks to all vets for their participation. -Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) To: Ray Hall ('57) Years ago, at Howard Amon Park by the ping pong tables, under those huge trees, I remember you and your buddy throwing silver dollars (or were they 50 cent pieces?) up in the air... way up in the air... and trying to find them lodged in the grass. Way up in the air. -Steve Piippo ('70 and almost graduated) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Davis ('74) To: Ray Hall ('57) Good luck with the hernia operation, Coach. We will be thinking of you. -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) To: George Swan ('59) Thank you, actually - I am not. I had the fortune (or perhaps, misfortune) to have grown up in the home of a Government teacher -those Bombers who remember my father will recall that he... well... let's just say that he raised a professional Devil's Advocate. I like to think that above all, my father gave me the ability to look at all sides of the coin (and there are rarely just two). Some may call it indecisiveness, some stubbornness and some just a plain old love to argue. But, in the end he really did teach me to think about all alternatives, reasons and long term outcomes. I recalled recently an assignment my father gave me when I was a young (and dare I say naive) student. In addition to everything else I give you to do, read the daily paper and at the end of each day provide to him only those articles dealing, either directly or indirectly, with issues of interest to government - either local, regional or national. It took me most of the semester to learn that it involved almost every aspect of life and therefore - practically the entire paper. I guess still differed with him somewhat in regards to the effects of a JC Penney White Sales as it relates to government, disposable income or liquid cash, the result of spending such monies in the local economy and therefore bla bla bla. I actually got to use that argument recently during a discussion of whether or not government tax rebates actually work. I prefer more direct relationships, as in Maryland's law which prohibits the purchase or sale of any weapon not on the states approved list and how that law violates (or upholds) the Second Amendment. But - to this day I understand and appreciate such distant relationships. Now, all that being said - I haven't always used this wisdom correctly. But I have learned that in life (and government) there really is no simple answer to any problem (though our politicians would have us believe so). And, I have discovered the one real truism in life - there is my side, there is your side and somewhere in the middle the truth can usually be found. What is important is that we keep talking so that we can understand each other and perhaps, see and understand (if not accept) other points of view. I love that about this country above all else - that we are free to hold such discussion. I enjoy hearing points of views which differ from my own - even if they are wrong :-) -Gilbert Blankenship ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/30/04 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Marilynn Working ('54), George Swan ('59) Joanne Rolph ('59), Lora Homme ('60) Pete Overdahl ('60), Jim Andersen ('61) John Browne, Jr. ('61), Roger Gress ('61) Rosann Benedict ('63), Linda Reining ('64) Sharon Sasser ('64), David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karen Cole ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Betty Pyle ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Stein ('64) COLLEGE FOOTBALL Today: LSU vs Vanderbilt - 6pm (Pacific Time) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilynn Working Highstreet ('54) Re: Club 40 and '54 Reunion CD To: John Adkins ('62) What a wonderful job you did on putting the pictures together on the 2004 CD!! Thank you so much, John. The music made me want to dance and I did sing while the slide show was going on. Then when some of the pictures came up, they even made me laugh! Fantastic memories to keep for a lifetime... which, by the way, I plan to extend another 50 years!! grin I feel honored that you were able to deliver my CD, but you forgot to get the $$$. That's okay... it's in the mail! I hope EVERYONE gets one of these CDs. -Marilynn Working Highstreet ('54) ~ Kennewick, WA - home after returning from a drive to Sacramento 10 days ago and dodging the snow storms. Did have to turn back at base of mountain out of Dorris, CA and go back to Klamath Falls on the way down, but just hit a little rain in Oregon on the way back 2 days ago. California is cold, too. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) To: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: A Mutual Admiration Society Thank you Bill. And I genuinely love the "Coasties", as we fondly called them with mutual respect. Despite all of the inter-service jokes like having to be at least six feet tall to serve in the USCG so that they could walk ashore if their vessel went down, I was damn glad your branch of the service was Semper Paratus "Always Ready!" I wouldn't have made that height requirement then and remember, I am now the incredible shrinking senior citizen. I was especially glad that your people were but a radio call (or closer) away many a time in later years when I was engaged in research diving and operating from research vessels and in and from small boats (both salt and fresh). Actually, every branch of the US Armed Forces has touched my life at one time or more and I respect them all. I often speak proudly of serving with the Marines. OK, a lot. The initiation was a very tough four months but the pride lasts a lifetime. I volunteered right out of high school for four years with them and requested the infantry. I was torn between making it a career and going to college because they had given me confidence that I never had before. I finally opted for the latter. A few years later, I served some more with the 3rd Marine Air Wing. But, for the record, I never saw combat nor was I ever in country in Vietnam. The closest for me was at one point in the early sixties, we (3rd Battalion, 5th Marines of the Fleet Marine Force) were waiting on a troop ship within a small fleet off the coast for about two weeks. We were ready to go down cargo nets into landing craft, transfer to a carrier, the USS Princeton, and go fully armed, by helicopter to address some crisis, but it passed and we secured. We practiced, practiced, and practiced (training) but the stuff never came on our watch. To all of those who served, are serving, and will serve with any branch, especially those on whose watch it has come or will come, I snap to, and I sincerely salute you! Attention! Veterans and Servicemen on Deck! Semper Fi! The short version of Semper Fidelis! (Always Faithful) -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA - where I too saw the eclipse of the moon. I wish those elves would stop doing that, the little rascals. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sunnie Andress aka Joanne Rolph ('59) To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) May you have a successful move to New Orleans and a happy life close to your family. Husband and I, on the other hand, moved to Vermont when all our children and 16 grandchildren still live on the West coast!!! ( No, we weren't trying to get away from them! They really are terrific people!) : ) We do love Vermont! To: Thora Metcalf Ziegler ('59) Your son did a great job with your website, Thora! Give him an extra hug from me! Those of us who are artists and craftspeople really love the internet as it puts us and our creations in touch with friends around the country and the world. I love my websites too... and I'll keep visiting yours to see what you've been up to. I hope all our Richland Bombers are having as wonderful an Autumn as we are here in the Northeast Kingdom. Our colours were absolutely glorious this year... and we enjoyed a visit from Pete ('60) and Karen Bradley as they traveled through our area on vacation. If any of you are out our way, we'd love to have you visit! I'm off to the Studio to continue preparing for my November show. ( the "little guys" are taking over the house!) -Sunnie Andress aka Joanne Rolph ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lora Homme Page ('60) Re: Political Correctness Maren, I was not laboring under the delusion that you determine political correctness when I said it was difficult for me to keep up with what is or isn't. As I understand it, it's your responsibility to determine only what is appropriate for the Sandstorm, not society at large, and I respect, admire, and appreciate your ability to do so with tact and diplomacy. Not an easy nor enviable task. There was certainly no sarcasm directed at you. I'm looking forward to meeting you at your going away party [11/4 5:30pm RoundTable Pizza, 245 Torbett] in Richland before you move about as far away as you can get and still be in the Continental U.S. Bon voyage! (Woops, is it still politically incorrect to use French words? Just kidding.) To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) I really enjoy your hunting dog stories, Pappy; how frustrating for poor Buff. It's lucky that they love us anyway in spite of our shortcomings. I have a Border Collie named Missy, short for Mischief, who is smarter than I am. (I heard that!) When we bought this house, there was the ruin of one of those big kiddy vinyl-liner pools in a big hole with a wood deck around it in the backyard. Something had dug a way up and out of the hole so after we moved in, a family of quail established a nest behind the old metal frame. I loved it because if I crept up slowly and quietly, I could stand very still on the edge of the hole and watch them up close when the babies came out to play. Have you ever seen one of those little guys up close? They're no bigger than your thumb and so fast! I didn't worry too much about them since Missy didn't seem particularly interested after I pointed out to her rather forcefully that she was to leave them alone. One day I happened to glance out the window just in time to see her jump down in the hole. I about had a stroke and hit the door running and yelling. It seemed like the hole was about a mile and half from the house, but when I finally got to it, there was Missy standing in the middle, ears up, waging her tail and grinning as they darted around her feet! I suppose her next step would have been to round 'em up and move 'em out, or something, but we didn't stay long enough to find out. We got out of the hole and went in the house, much to the relief of the quail parents who were not at all glad to have a big (compared to a quail) black and white carnivore standing in the middle of their front yard no matter how benevolent. Carnivores are not to be trusted. That was two summers ago, now, and we haven't had a family of quail in the neighborhood since and I miss them. Now I watch the squirrels, but certainly not up close. They just run to the top of a tree and sit up there rudely shouting squirrel obscenities at me. One of our trees has red seed things on it and occasionally when I'm being verbally abused by a squirrel, one falls off and sometimes lands pretty close to me.... Do squirrels throw things? -Lora Homme Page ('60) ~ In the lovely Tri-Cities - where it's cloudy and chilly and the squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pete Overdahl ('60) To: George "Pappy" Swan There has been and always will be Pro & Con on Gun Control. After carrying one for 34 years now, I have a little bit of advise. Please, if you own one or more please make a copy of the Serial Numbers, Make and Model and any special identifying marks. So many are stolen and the owners want to report this to the police. No way to enter this into the NCIC or other data entries. It is easier to give them back to you then have them destroyed. This is good advise for other items in your home with serial numbers. It doesn't take long to shoot a roll of film and keep the prints in a safe location if you do become a victim of a burglary or other type of theft. -Pete Overdahl ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Andersen ('61) Re: Gordon Andersen ('54) Gordie had the procedure... just over with it. The conclusion is that the stint or shunt would not fix the blockage. Sometime in the next few weeks they will do open heart again. Really appreciate your prayers and emails. Will keep you informed on the open heart when it happens. He will be mad at me for sharing this with his friends, but too bad. Thanks again. -Jim Andersen ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Browne Jr. ('61) Re: Lu-Z-Ana bound Godspeed, southbound travelers!.. Gentle zephyrs at your back & dry roads in the passes. Say, there was a "new productions" show at the 911 Media center in Seattle, recently, with some Tri-Cities- inspired talent involved. Saw this excerpt of an unfinished feature (I think they put these shows on to encourage backers) of a Nez Perce physics major at WSU who's bitten by a radioactive co-ed and, in complications involving a thyroid operation, he loses his larynx. He stays in school though, gets a fellowship to study in London, and shares space with a "moral relativist" room- mate. On a London street he sees a chance to be heroic (running down a cut-purse) but gets bopped on the head by a London bobbie, who misapprehended the situation. Our hero goes into a swoon, and is apparently possessed by an ancient warrior spirit who tries to warn mankind of some impending danger- but the kid can't speak. As these weird gasps come out of his face there's a cutaway to a bomb going off somewhere in the ocean. Later, the kid gets whacked in the head in some horseplay, swoons, begins to channel this ancient spirit again- and there's an explosion in a desert, somewhere. The room-mate figures out that his roomie is, somehow, connected to the explosions, and decides to "auction" our afflicted hero off to some group of terrorists- if he can 'prove' the connection that he claims. That's where it ended... it was pretty good. they might call it "The Nuke Whisperer"... ^..^ P.S. Good luck to all once-and-future hernia sufferers out there... My own little ordeal at the end of July seems to have been a success. One thing I opted for was an epidural, instead of a general anesthetic. If Fate sends me under again, I'd do that again- been reading some stuff about general anesthesia making some inroads to memory (not that there aren't some things that I'd LIKE to forget)- especially among those with a few years under their belt. I woke up in post-op without missing a beat (although I felt 'beaten' in certain areas). If the laparoscopic option had been available I'd have done that, too... Bionically yours, ^..^ -John Browne Jr. ('61) ~ Vashon Island, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roger Gress ('61) To: Ray Stein ('64) Have a Happy Birthday. -Roger Gress ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rosann Benedict ('63) I guess I must be one of the few that feels the Sandstorm is subscriber-paid for. I thought it was a $12/year membership fee. So what's the deal with Pappy Swan's ('59) claim that this is paid for by Maren Smyth??? -Rosann Benedict (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Rosann, To clarify: I pay for NetAtlantic to distribute the Sandstorm every day (AFTER we send it to them for distribution); I pay for extra bandwidth, extra space and no APUs (Annoying Pop Ups) on Tripod for the Alumni Sandstorm website; I pay for the web hosting and domain name:; and I pay for an Alumni Sandstorm dial up connection to the internet. Those and other Bomber-related expenses are BARELY covered by the $12/year donation that has been sent to me by many of you. Pappy was asking if there is some kind of an Editorial Board of directors comprised of Bomber alumni... and there isn't. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Gilbert Blankenship ('81) Call me dense... didn't put "two and two together" and realize that your dad was "the" Mr. Blankenship, til you mentioned his being a teacher in yesterday's (October 29) Sandstorm. I had him as a teacher in my junior year ('63) for US History. he was a strict teacher, but he made me learn, even though all those blasted dates got confused when it came time to put them down on paper! I barely passed his class (think I "aced" a D for the Semester...) only thing that made that feat possible was the fact that I got As on my daily work and flunked each and every blasted test that he gave... not his fault, but mine... the minute that blasted test paper was put in front of my face, any and all information that I knew or thought I knew, flew right out of my head!!!! did good just to remember the date AND my name!!!!!!! I did much better with multiple choice tests... feel sorry for the kids, nowadays... doubt they are able to graduate with a 1.5 gpa and I KNOW that is what my average was when I graduated!!!!!! I have to agree with Pappy and others who have made comment about the rules being published... was not aware that we had them. I do think some of the subjects do belong in the Sandstorm... but I will try to remember the taboo subjects and refrain from discussing them in the Sandstorm. as for the taboo subjects being sent to the Sagebrush Rag and discussed there... as far as I can tell, it is no longer being published... haven't received one in months. -Linda Reining ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sharon Sasser Warren ('64) Finally! I am checking out of paradise (San Diego) on November 3rd and making the move back to the Tri-Cities. I purchased a home in Kennewick and am looking forward to getting settled and reconnecting with old friends and spending time with my family. I have set up a temporary email account and would love to hear from those of you living in the area. I'm very interested in participating in some worthwhile community activities, so let me know if you are involved in something that needs another participant. Of course, you can always reach me through my parents-- they still live on Sanford and are listed in the phone book. -Sharon Sasser Warren ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Number 10 in your program Nuther Birthday... yeseree... one of the Bombers' favorites and I am sure enough ink has been written about this boy to fill volumes... but for today he is the Birthday Boy. I am sure he is turning 30 or something like that. Last time I saw him that seemed to be about the age showing on his still boyish face. Kinda reminds me of Richland's own Dick Clark sans scalpel. Course the last time I saw Dick Clark (I think it was an event for the Hag) I am pretty sure I could see his naval where the cleft of his chin should be... I think they've pulled that skin about as far as they can without serious results... speaking of which... I was at a dinner a few months ago for a friend of mine and Debbie Reynolds and Phyllis McGuire would at the table next to mine... Ms. Reynolds looks pretty normal... but her friend looked just like Jack Nicholson in the role of the Joker... wait till they see me now! Boy, I can sure get off track... no wonder my juries look at me so funny... so anyway, the Birthday boy was one of those who had all the natural charm and charisma of a true star... which of course he was... I know some kids were very much in awe of him but on and off the court he was always a gentleman and a scholar... one time I was sitting home minding my own business... wadn't doin' nuthin'... hey Mr. Dunahey...... ooooooooops there I go again... so anyway... I'm sitting there... the birthday boy was taking his family to L.A. to see the sites and wanted to stop by and say hi to one of the '65ers who lives and works there... they were going to be at Universal Studios (a place where the '65er used to love to go and pose so that fans could see him and ask for autographs)... the birthday boy asked me to give him the address of the place where the '65er was filming in Burbank and his address and phone number so he could go see him and maybe see some filming... I gave Birthday boy the info and thought nothing more of it... so I'm sitting there... wadn't doin' nuttin' and ring... the '65er is on the phone in a panic... "you gotta get over here right now... [Number 10] just called me and they are gonna try and stop by and see me... hurry... I need you here... I'll fall all over myself if I meet him by myself... " So I jump in a fast car (one that makes it from my house to the '65er's in 3 hours flat) and zoom over to L.A... the birthday boy calls and says they don't have a car and will be unable to make it... so the '65er and I just hung out as usual... Now it's time to wish a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ray Stein ('64), number 10 in your programs! -David Rivers ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/31/04 - FALL BACK at 2am AND.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Betty Hiser ('49), Ann Pearson ('50) Jim Grow ('51), Marilyn Peddicord ('53) Wally Erickson ('53), Marguerite Groff ('54) Millie Finch ('54), George Swan ('59) Mary Ray ('61), Bob Mattson ('64) Linda Reining ('64), David Rivers ('65) Terry Ganz ('68WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rex Davis ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bob Mattson ('64) Richland Seniors' Assoc. DANCE Today - "ALL AGES" BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) To: Lora Homme Page ('60) My daughter has an oak tree right by the corner of her house where the squirrels abound. She and some friends and relatives were having a picnic under the oak tree and squirrels tossed acorns all over the table, into the food, into the drinks and onto the ground. Talk about jealous!!! Maren - Congratulations. San Francisco used to be my favorite city but now it is a toss up between N'ORLENS and SAN FRANCISCO. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland. Weather perfect for this time of the year - even had more Pitter patter rain than normal for this calendar year. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) Maren, Do you have an address we can ALL send in our dues? I know it is time for me (probably past time).. Would it be possible to have all dues to be paid in January or whatever month is good? Just a suggestion. -Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Look for an email to the Alumni Sandstorm e-group SOON with my new address... the email with my new address will NOT appear on the website. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Grow ('51) Maren, I lost your address and don't even know where I stand on paying for the Sandstorm. I pay sometimes but can't remember when. Publish this letter and your address so others will get caught up. I sure did not realize all the extra costs involved but can understand them now that you splaindem. Thanks Very Much, -Jim Grow ('51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See my note to Ann (above). I'm gonna try to get the "Billing Dept." (ME) working better once I get settled. My idea is to let each person know when it's their "time". -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Peddicord Whitley ('53) Maren: I knew I shouldn't have deleted all those Alumni Sandstorms when I returned on Tuesday from 5 weeks out of the country. Are you moving? What will happen to the Sandstorm? New Orleans is HOT - sure different from the woods you have become accustomed to. Grandkids are worth it, however. Good luck to you. -Marilyn Peddicord Whitley ('53) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Thanks, Marilyn. Yes, I'm moving and I will continue to publish the Alumni Sandstorm from my new place (right across the street from my daughter, son-in-law and those two darlin' granddaughters I remember how HOT it is... I lived in the south for 15 years. This time of year is the BEST time to leave Washington, though. Not sure I'd be able to leave in the Spring... I'm gonna miss Spring. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) Re: Gordon Anderson ('54) Sorry Gordie's operation wasn't a success the first time around. It looks like he needs even more prayers and thoughts for his full recovery. Come on "guys" and "girls" from Bomber Land, lets show Gordon Anderson we really care!!! You don't have to do it on the email, just pray for a successful surgery next time around for Gordon. I'm sure he would do the same for us. Re: Napa Valley trip I do want to thank my Bomber friends for their input on places to stop and see. We decided to stay overnight in Napa so that we'd have a full day in Napa Valley, and ended up staying in Calistoga (all less than 30 miles). I have to say one of our favorites was V. Sattui Winery. They have a great deli & specialty foods dept., so we decided to have lunch with a bottle of their wine "European Style". Another favorite was Sterling Vineyards, the tram ride to the winery and self guide tour. Both wineries don't sell their wines in the retail market... interesting. We went at a great time of the year, the weather was ideal every day of our trip. The traffic wasn't that bad in the Napa Valley for September, we were very pleased. No, I didn't get a "mud bath" in Calistoga!! I did consider it. Thanks again... Wally Re: Maren moving I do understand her decision for moving to be near her daughter and grandkids. We moved from beautiful Seattle/ Bellevue area to be close to our six daughters all living in the Spokane area. We chose Coeur D'Alene for it's closeness and beauty, but didn't want to be in their back yard. We're close enough to be there for them, that's what's important. Good luck Maren on your travels and be safe!! It still sticks in my mind when I asked Maren how much time she puts into the Sandstorm; she said "24/7"... think about it and she's retired, but she loves what she does. And, she does it with style. Thank you again, Maren. -Wally Erickson ('53) ~ Coeur D'Alene, ID - where it's starting to get near freezing temperatures in the evening. I love it!! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) I second Marilynn Working Highstreet's ('54) comments on John Adkins' ('62) Club 40 CD. It's fun to watch the images of our reunion while listening to music that takes back to the past. I urge you to get one. John has done as awesome job on this. For you Class of '54 grads, it's like reliving a lot of the weekend; especially our gathering at the Community Center. At just $10, it's a steal. Maren, we'll miss you being in the "neighborhood" (within driving distance). I think it's wonderful that you will be able to live near your daughter and those sweet babies. Have a wonderful time spoiling them. I planned on being at Round Table Pizza to say "So Long" on the 4th. However, I have a conflict and can't make it. I also planned on giving you the subscription money for this wonderful web site. Once you are settled, you'll have to give us your new address. Happy trails and safe travel for you and your kindly U-Haul driver. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54) To: John Adkins ('62) You outdid yourself this year on the CD - it is awesome. I agree with Marilyn Working Highstreet's ('54) comments in yesterday's Sandstorm. I sang, I laughed, and one time almost cried because of the pic at the time. The music is outstanding. Kudos to you John!!! Cheers, -Millie Finch Gregg ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Re: Squirrel Disrespect and tiny bumble bees in the wine To: Lora Homme Page ('60) Yes, I have seen one of those little guys (Quail) up close? When they begin flying, which seems to come very soon after hatching, they resemble fuzzy little Bumble Bees. I love 'em. And yes, I do believe that squirrels sit up there in the trees rudely shouting squirrel obscenities and throwing things at me also. Perhaps this verbal abuse and "stoning" comes from squirrels who have been reading hard copies of our entries in Sandstorm that were left laying about on lawn chairs, etc. However, I try to keep my resident "busheytails" content by providing feed for them in addition to feed for the birds, especially in the fall and winter months. We have put up squirrel feeders and it seems that they cause less trouble, like raiding bird feeders, if we provide their own snack bar. We try to offer them dried corn, unsalted peanuts, dried fruits, sun flower seeds, and various nuts. At times, we just put out a "Parrot Food mix." We enjoy having them about and being able to watch them as well as the birds and are willing to tolerate their rowdiness. I remember all to well when all I could attract to my back yard was an occasional English Sparrow. I was lonesome. Now I have little friends. To: Pete Overdahl ('60) Thanks Pete. Good advise about making photographic, written, and electronic copies of the Serial Numbers, Make and Model and any special identifying marks of items in your home and filing those records in a safe location. I had intended to mention that earlier but it got lost in previous discussions. In addition, firearms (I avoid using the "G" word) should be stored safely and securely. To: John Browne, Jr. ('61) JB, veddy intarethting, I am suspecting dat der recent "new productions" show at the 911 Media Center in Seattle vich you haff describe in grossen deetail ist da dyerect result of someone stealing da plot fer da next Michael Moore movie? -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA - where I am staying in my bed with the covers pulled over my head all day because my wife made me watch "Monsters Inc." last night. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Ray Henslee ('61) Re: Stem Cell (Political Additional Reading) -Mary Ray Henslee ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Mattson ('64) Re: Candy Racing from house to house, block after block, getting and passing the word on where the big five and ten cent candy bars were to be had. Taking one bite of the apple you received before chucking it, you had to move fast, and what you wanted was pure candy weight. The hot, wet rubber mask was discarded soon enough, one not only needed to breathe but to see. And the dumping of the plunder, the arranging of piles into good, better and best. The rampage, it's still going on out there, in the dark, so be generous. Happy Halloween to one and all. -Bob Mattson ('64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [And happy birthday to you, my friend! -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: Coasties To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) Pappy, if it is true that they had to be 6' tall to be in the "Coasties", then they made a big mistake when they let my first husband, Dale Gray ('59?WB-RIP), in. He was only 5'7" and was a career "Coastie". He was in Viet Nam from '67-'68... saw some action, but never talked about it. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - no rain, sunny skies, but cold and just the way I like it! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: A fishin' we will go Birthday time again at the ranch... remember them cool Buddy Holly glasses... I mean the real horn rims... yeah... thems the ones... I remember them too... always tooooo big for my scrawny little face... but this guy... A Marine by the way... and a Viet-vet... could carry those babies off... always looked great in them... It's always a joy to see him sauntering up with a big ol' poop eating grin on his face and let's ya know the world is all-right no matter what might be goin' on at the time... The same back then... always good for a story or two and always around in a pinch... it's time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bobbie "Tuna" Mattson ('64) on... of all days... you guessed it... Nevada Day! (I think it's another holiday in the rest of the states) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Terry Ganz ('68WB) Re: Gun Control (Political Additional Reading) Terry Ganz ('68WB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` September, 2004 ~ November, 2004