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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ December, 2014
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/01/14 24 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) 95 days till Iditarod 43 (March 7th 2015) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley PITTMAN ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pat NORDMAN ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn JOHNSON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris WILLIAMSON ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steve PANTHER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Randy MARSHALL ('73) 12/01 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Crazy Quilt Dragon" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Wow! The 1st of December already; seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving. I trust by now your personal systems have been purged of tryptophan and it is now safe for you to operate heavy machinery or do brain surgery. Speaking of celebrations, there is a Bomber Babe who was born on this date. She is, if memory serves, the youngest of her sisters. She is also a fellow classmate and a friend. Consequently, a tip of the ol' propeller beanie is in store along with a hearty "Happy Birthday!" cheer for Pat NORDMAN ('54). Just hope her current husband/significant other passes the local Subway shop for somewhere a bit more up-scale for her birthday dinner. And Del Taco is not really scale, let alone up. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR here the mornings have been cool and next weekend promises to be busy what with Hazelnut Fest going on in the Festhalle, a 5k run which my granddaughters may enter, a lunch in Vancouver and No. 2 son appearing in a local winery as a solo act. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/02/14 23 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Roger GRESS ('61), Tim SMYTH ('62) Linda REINING ('64), David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kent MADSEN ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti SNIDER ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Randy RICE ('73) 12/02 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Ikaboos" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) To: Kent MADSEN ('65) Happy Birthday, Kent ... and many more. -Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tim SMYTH ('62) Re: Molasses type vitamin supplement from the '50s Our Mom used to make us Smyth kids take a spoonful of a syrupy type vitamin supplement every day. Did anyone else's Mom do the same and, if so, what was it called? [Tim remembers a brownish color... I remember bright yellow... neither of us can remember the name. -Maren] -Tim SMYTH ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) It's snowing in Kuna, ID and I am a "happy camper"!!!! Absolutely love this weather... so glad we moved here from CA... never thought my son-in-law would ever convince my daughter to leave, but once the kids were out of school, she no longer had an excuse for not moving. *grin* I will admit that my arthritis isn't that fond of this weather, but that's what they make "rubs" and patches and heating pads for. *grin* Hard to believe that it's already the first of December... time to start cookie baking, making the lefse and the rosettes, plus the "no-bake" cookies. also have to get a "care package" ready to ship to my grandson in boot camp, at Camp Pendleton, CA. he said there are 74 guys in his platoon, so need to double up the cookie batches, or they might end up attacking him. *grin* This is my favorite time of the year, and being where it snows, is the "icing on the cake". LOVE IT. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ 27 and snow, in Kuna, ID **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Wind, kinneyarden and b-days The other day, Terry DAVIS ('65) and I were recalling Things, Richland... I mentioned that Vegas is plagued by the same winds as Richland... he thought and said something about March... the next day he called saying that his garbage cans had been sent sailing down the street spreading glad tidings of garbage on their way... so much for March... Today we got two '65ers celebrating... one I am sure I have known since Kinneygarden... I'm sure I still have a photo somewhere of Halloween in Mrs. Warren's class... I am sure I can recall Kandie GRUBB ('65) in the front where we are all sitting on the floor in costume... I was a cat... no, not a Kat... a kitty... nothing like old photos to keep us at our proper size... anyway, I am sure the Bomber guy was in the same picture... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kent MADSEN ('65) and Patti SNIDER ('65) on your special day, December 2, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/03/14 22 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara SESLAR ('60), Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61) Mary RAY ('61), Lyndy WHEELER ('62) Donna NELSON ('63), Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) Karen KLEINPETER ('63), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Judy CAMPBELL ('64), Linda REINING ('64) Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65), Toby WHEELER ('65/'66) Pam EHINGER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick VINCENT ('71) 12/03 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Weasley Wailing Whale" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) Re: Class of 1960 Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday, December 6, 2014 TIME: 11:30 a.m. WHERE: 3 Margaritas (downtown near Lee Blvd.) Spouses and friends are also welcome! Please join us first Saturday of each month. -Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61) To: Tim SMYTH ('62) Re: vitamin supplement from the '50s The stuff I remember was called Vi-Daylin. We didn't take it but other kids we knew did. I remember tasting it. It was a lemon flavored sweet syrup. -Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary RAY Henslee ('61) I just wanted to share my recently updated Author Page and the fact that my books exist with anyone who may have missed my last posting. The Author Page on includes a link to each book page, a message to readers, and a photo. Each book page allows you to read part of that particular book by simply clicking on the book cover with the words Look Inside above it. To each of you and your cherished ones, happy holidays! -Mary RAY Henslee ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lyndy WHEELER Myers ('62) Re: Tim's vitamins It was called Vi-Daylin and it was a translucent color with a brown base but in some light it looked yellow even going so far as to look purplish. If you went to Dr. Baugher or Dr. McCartney you took it. I liked it but Toby ('65/'66) and Paige ('65) hated it. I tried to sneak theirs when our mom wasn't looking. I still like weird tasting things. Greetings to everyone from sunny Florida it is supposed to be 83 today. -Lyndy WHEELER Myers ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna NELSON ('63) Yes I remember a yellow syrupy liquid now. I don't know if it was a prescription vitamin. I needed a blood transfusion at age 3 because of pneumonia and Dr. Albertowicz had AB negative so after that my Mom was careful to make sure I got vitamins and iron. Yes, I guess at restaurants it was chicken livers for me and at home she cooked bacon, onions and beef liver to build my iron. I can still remember the smell of that syrup... I know I liked it well enough to sneak a sip or 2 extra:-) -Donna NELSON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) Re: Vitamins To: Tim SMYTH ('62) Hey Tim. My mother gave me Homocebrin from Eli Lilly. It was yellowish in color and tasted pretty good. Regards, "Pitts" -Jim "Pitts" ARMSTRONG ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63) Re: Vitamin supplement To: Tim SMYTH ('62) and Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) My sister and I had to take some, too. I remember it being sort of iridescent, green and yellow. Ours was called Vidaylin. That's probably not the correct spelling though. It was sweet and thickish. Were we all taking the same thing? [I'm SURE we were, Karen... all the same stuff... -Maren] -Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Tim SMYTH ('62) I was just telling my husband about some stuff that my mom gave me that was dark brown and tasted just terrible! For the life of me, I couldn't remember the name of it. I can actually see in my mind's eye one time being in the bathroom and her giving it to me. It's the same stuff that was thought that pregnant women would start labor if taken. Of course, this is when you were at your due date or beyond. Don't know if it really worked or not. I never minded taking that stuff though, even with the yucky taste. The name if on the tip of my tongue. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick still in the 20s for a high with no snow in sight. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Judy CAMPBELL ('64) To: Tim SMYTH ('62) and Maren ('63 & '64) The vitamin syrup that Mom gave Duke ('61) and me was Vidaylin (not sure about the spelling.) I loved it and used to climb up the cupboards to sneak an extra spoonful! -Judy CAMPBELL ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Tim SMYTH ('62) Re: Syrupy - type vitamin My mom also made my brother and I take it... if it is the same one, it was called, "Vi-Daylin" and it had a strong cod liver oil smell... they still make it, you can find it at Walgreen's. it is recommended for infants and children. I remember it being a yellow color. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ rained and melted all the snow in Kuna, ID so now we have freezing rain and icy roads **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti McLAUGHLIN Cleavenger ('65) Re: Miss Koss (RIP) I attended Miss Koss' burial service in the Resthaven Cemetery on Williams. I visit her grave every now and then. She is buried at the foot of a large tree - fitting, since I remember most her teaching us how to draw trees. -Patti McLAUGHLIN Cleavenger ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Toby WHEELER Davis ('65/'66) Maren, All of the Wheeler kids consumed this vitamin syrup every day too. I think it's called Homocebrin, but we called it something else (Vegesyrup). We all loved it and would 'lie' to our Mom when she asked if she had already given us a dose for the day... anything to get MORE of it. I remember it as being in a dark brown glass bottle, and the syrup was more of the golden yellow color, consistency of molasses. I believe it was 'expensive' and one time Lyndy ('62 - I remember it as being Lyndy... not me) went to the drugstore to pick up a bottle, put it in her bicycle basket, and then dropped it on the way into the house!) I remember this as being a really big tragedy! Lots of yelling involved. :-) Vi-dalyn That's it!!!! -Toby WHEELER Davis ('65/'66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: Liquid Vitamins I called my Mom to see if she would remember what it was that she gave us as kids. I'm with you, Maren, we took a yellow liquid that tasted good! At any rate, (Mom is 88 & going strong) Momma couldn't remember the name either! I just remember a brown bottle it was round shaped and a thick yellow liquid in it. Like I said it tasted pretty good too! Sorry no name though! Bombers Rule, Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/04/14 21 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Dick McCOY ('45), Curt DONAHUE ('53) Mike CLOWES ('54), Carol CARSON ('60) Judy WILLOX ('61), John ADKINS ('62) Nancy ERLANDSON ('67), Matt CROWLEY ('75) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda DANIEL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Michelle KAFENTZIS ('71) 12/04 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Samuel Seal" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: Patrick My brother and best friend, Patrick McCOY ('55), died last evening, (Wednesday, 12/2/14) in the presence of his three kids: Danny, Lynne, and Luarie (all Hanford Hi). They spoke to him as he went to sleep, saying things from the past. They all said he could understand movements, although he was unconscious. He came to our 60th wedding anniversary in August, and had a good time. I spoke to him last Thanksgiving night, and we had a short but loving conversation. He had been going downhill for several months. Being ten years older, Pat and I had little in common the first 50 years. He went into business quite young and was successful. I took my own path... UW work as a CPA. Then, when I retired and we both got the internet, we began to become very close. We were both football addicts. Dawgs and Seahawks. He became very into the Club 40 thing in those early days, and I can now reveal that he contributed $1,000.00 over the first two years of the scholarship fund. Well, Mom and Dad and sister along with brother, Pat, now gone. I am the last one. Later, Pat -Dick McCOY (from the Tin Can class of '45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Childhood Vitamins or whatever they called them. All I can remember being given by my mother was Cod Liver Oil. I can still taste it! UGH!! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco, WA where my smart phone says we are getting mixed snow and sleet. Must be at the airport. It's not at my house. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Vitamins Thank goodness the mystery of the vitamin name has been sort of resolved. For a moment I was worried that we were talking about the "hot" cure-all of my youth: Hadacol. This stuff would cure "anything". Probably due to the high alcohol content, it would more than likely pickle the disease rather than cure it. Believe it was concocted by a couple of "good ol boys" in some swamp from leftovers from their white lightening endeavors. But, hey, Arthur Godfrey endorsed it so it had to be good, right? -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the weather guessers are saying there is a warming trend coming before the return of the rain. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) Re: Vitamin Syrups All this talk about vitamin syrup brings back memories. I can remember Mom giving us Cod Liver Oil. It was gross and tasted terrible but it was supposed to make us healthy! -Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) ~ Lynnwood, WA where it is frigid but sunny and bright. Snow is melting. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Judy WILLOX ('61) Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Betti AVANT ('69) Re: All Bomber Lunch ~ aka Patti's All Bomber Lunch To: All Richland/Col-Hi Bombers Rushing there, rushing here, My, oh my, Christmas is near Stop a minute, take a break, See your friends, new ones make Come and enjoy good times with us. (If it is your birthday month you get a free piece of pie.) WHEN: Saturday, December 13, 2014 (always 2nd Saturday) TIME: 1pm - 3pm (Some show up around 12:30 WHERE: JD DINER, 3790 West Van Giesen, West Richland (Second building on the right after crossing the Yakima River Bridge.) -Judy WILLOX (Classic Class of '61) ~ Richland -Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) -Betti AVANT ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Jeff DeMeyer Obit Re: Vi-Daylin I guess we know whose moms loved them best, I never heard of the stuff. The question is - were you loved best if you got it or if you didn't? -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland It wasn't 83 here, Lyndy... maybe 30 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nancy ERLANDSON Ballard ('67) Re: vitamins My brother and I remember a liquid vitamin our Mother gave us. I remember it as liquid in a brown bottle. But don't have the name, it didn't taste bad to us. -Nancy ERLANDSON Ballard ('67) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Matt CROWLEY ('75) Re: Vitamin talk I was just glancing at the Alumni Sandstorm and noticed a lot of talk about liquid vitamins. Does anyone remember "Chocks"? They must've been the first fruit-flavored chewables. -Matt CROWLEY ('75) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Jeff DeMEYER ~ Class of 1962 ~ 1944 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/05/14 20 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 (2013) Bomber Memorial today: Marilynn WORKING ('54), Ken HEMINGER ('56) Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Bill SCOTT ('64), Carol CONVERSE ('64) David RIVERS ('65), Gregor HANSON ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David DOUGLAS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna THORSON ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art SNYDER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff FULCHER ('76) 12/05 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Presto the Magician" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: vitamins All I can remember is the Cod Liver Oil. I don't think my parents gave us any vitamins, unless it was the Chocks or something we could chew. The oil was yukkie!!! I think that was when we were sick. Not sure!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco with freezing rain and freezing temps today. Will warm up Friday and weekend to 40s. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken HEMINGER ('56) Re: Hadacol For those old enough may remember the old line about Hadacol.. "Why did they call Hadacol Hadacol..? Well, they hadacol it something"... -Ken HEMINGER ('56) ~ Great Falls, MT 26 with freezing rain. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: TCH Negative destruction Friday, 12-5 Jackie called my attention to the fact that the Tri-City Herald will be destroying or throwing out 57,000 negatives from their files on Friday, December 5th. All persons are advised to speak up if there are any you might want. Last Chance! "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Re: '64 in '14 - video People are starting to ask me -- AGAIN -- where is the video that they ordered (and PAID FOR). "4 to 6 weeks for delivery" now means 3 MONTHS? Our reunion mid AUGUST... it's now going on FOUR months. -Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA where I paid $2.53/gal for gas day before yesterday and yesterday I saw $2.45/gal!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill SCOTT ('64) Re: The Rail Queen For all of my loyal readers out there and my fans yet-to-be, I am pleased to announce the publication of my new novel, The Rail Queen. This is the fifth in my Tales of Strong Women series. Like all of my previous books, The Rail Queen is built around a strong female character (don't worry, men, there's plenty of action), seventeen-year-old Swedish-American Montana schoolgirl Ryka Sundstrom. Ryka has the outlandish notion that her fascination with steam locomotives can lead to building her own railroad. It also leads her to a great deal of trouble. The Rail Queen is available in paperback and ebook at, and kindle. I get the biggest royalty at CreateSpace. It also may be ordered through me, though I won't have my personal stock in for another week. You may read an excerpt at my website, . Thanks to all my loyal fans for waiting, and Happy Reading! [Ordered from easy peasy. THANKS, Bill. -Maren] -Bill SCOTT ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) COD LIVER OIL... that was the name of that stuff I was trying to think of! It's funny what things we remember, but I can bring up exactly where my mom and I were standing in our bathroom and her giving that stuff to me. I was in grade school at the time. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick where we got freezing rain last night. Not as bad as last week though, but still... **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: No way Could another year have gone past... zooooooooooooom is about all I can say... I should have got up in the middle of the night to write this one... I do some of my best writing trying to go to sleep... and, well this is one a those VERY special HBs... I must say I tormented this Bomber-babe from 7th grade on... you cannot imagine my shock when I learned at grageashun that we would not be walking "down the isle" together... we had been next to each other in everything else alphabetical since forever... As I have said, many times, I have always been more than slightly naive about pretty much everything academic... from the day Johnny REED ('63wb) took me to school on my 5th birthday (me thinking "OK I'm five... time to hit the books") thru going to take the SAT test and Tony HARRAH ('65) forgetting to tell me I hadda sign up somewhere) to and including Law School (what do you mean they post assignments on the board before the first day of school)... I just guess I never quite got it... as I could never memorize (I know this makes no sense), but had a photographic memory... when I was interviewing for my big job I was still calling Martindale Hubbell "the big phone book"... those are the huge volumes you see on TV and in movies when they show Lawyers' offices or Judges' chambers... nuthin' in there but firm resumes, addresses, and phone numbers... oh and ratings... mine is Premier AV if you were wondering... (la te freaking da)... so to get back to where I think I was... we did not walk down that or any other isle together... but she's always been a special lady in my heart... lest you get me wrong... her kids AND her husband ('64) are special to me as well... but we would always be close and I am so very glad that has been the case... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65) on your special day, December 5, 2014!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) P.S. Be thinking of you as I wing my way to Ellen's ('63) in Wikiup and to have brunch with some girl named Carol inna red sweater with the rest of the Gold Medal Class of '63. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gregor HANSON ('65) The RHS Class of 1965 will celebrate the 5th anniversary of our 10 year high school reunion (50 years!) the weekend of August 21-22- 23, 2015, at the Richland Red Lion Hanford House Hotel. Reservations for lodging at the Red Lion Hanford House can be made by contacting the hotel directly (509) 946-7611 - rate of $93/night when mentioning Class of '65 Reunion. Further information on price and schedule of events will be distributed soon. We are also searching for "missing classmates" (list to be published soon) whom we have lost track of over the past 50 years. Please contact Gregor HANSON in Richland to make sure we have your correct address and contact info! Thanks. -Gregor HANSON ('65) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Ken SCHEIRER ~ Class of 1985 ~ 1985 - 2013 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/06/14 19 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Carol CONVERSE ('64), John FLETCHER ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Neil GOFF ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry DeVINE ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha LAWELL ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lamont DeJONG ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda McKNIGHT ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dawn MASON ('71) 12/06 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Candy Pirates" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Today is the birthday of two Bombers. One is a guy I knew slightly back then, and got to know more through Club 40. So, a tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" cheer is in order for Terry DeVINE ('52). The other is a Bomber Babe of my recent acquaintance, namely through the Portland lunches. Speaking of which, she might get serenaded at lunch today with the singing of "Happy Birthday". Wouldn't count on it, but she can count on a tip of the ol' propeller beanie. With that, we wish Linda McKNIGHT ('65) a very Happy Birthday. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR hearing rumors of increased border patrol activities due to some "legal eagle" from Lost Wages, NV trying to crash a party north of here. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: 6-7-8 Club I've always said there ware two kinds of clubs, clubs that keep people out and clubs that let people in. On second thought there are three kinds of clubs, clubs that keep people out, clubs that let people in and clubs that no one wants to have anything to do with. A couple of examples are MENSA and National Honor Society which have minimum standards that keep their numbers down. Then there are clubs like the Audubon Society, customer loyalty "clubs" that run the gamut of Victoria Secret to Starbucks, PBS and the Gold Medal Class of '63 Marching, Caroling, and Chowder Society who (or is it whom) is having their Christmas Gala as we speak, who'll take about anyone. The Chemo "club" along with the Root Canal club don't exactly have people buying new clothes for Rush. All that being said there seems to be a fourth kind of club where you just kinda "get joined". An example being the 6-7-8 club, whose members are also members of the aforementioned GMC63MCCS. Happy Birthday to LaMont DeJONG on the 6th, Jim (Number 32 on your program and number one in your heart) HOUSE on the 7th and Anita (The Cradle Robber) CLEAVER Heiling on the 8th. Hope you are up to your celebrations. -jimbeaux p.s. Me thinks there might be a fifth kind of club, that everyone does and doesn't want to join at the same time, that being the Birthday Club. You don't really want to get older but it sure beats the alternative. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) Re: '64 in '14 video Maren and all others wondering about if they will ever receive the video from our class reunion last summer. I was told from one of the girls in the class of '63 that it can take a very long time to get them, (up to a year) but we WILL! This company is a very reliable [read: SLOW] one and is very, very busy. I did call them I think in October and was told that they were working on them. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John FLETCHER ('64) Re: Cod Liver Oil I'm glad someone brought up (no pun intended) cod liver oil. My Mom put a nice twist to the daily ordeal. She would hide a piece of candy somewhere in the kitchen. As I was gagging down the vile potion I would search for my reward. I tried really hard to catch her hiding the candy, but I never did. Thinking of the "kitchen", I had to laugh. We lived in a small trailer in North Richland and that kitchen must have been the size of a coat closet. Becky WERSEN Fletcher ('65) and I visited an acquaintance at a mobile park here in Portland. She lived in a very nice mobile home and I mentioned "this is opulent compared to the trailer I grew up in". I was quickly informed of my error: "Harrumph, I live in a MOBILE ESTATE". -John FLETCHER ('64) ~ Raining in Portland. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: twofer OK so I'm now getting ready for my flight to Wikiup... I'm a guy... no hot water... pilot light out so I'm now waiting for the heater to recover... always something... sure glad Cecelia BENNETT ('65) went over the pass yesterday and is sitting with the girls ('63) all snug and warm... I spent too much time on the water heater so I really need to go pack... (like I said... I'm a guy) before I do that ho I need to wish an HB for the next two days... oh by the way... I too took that yummy yellow vitamin and would beg for more... so there musta been two flavors... yuk and yummy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lamont DeJONG ('63) and Linda McKNIGHT ('63) on the 6th and the same to Ed BORASKY ('59), Number 32, Jim HOUSE ('63) and Jerry SPEARS ('64) on the 7th, your special days!!!!!!!!! Re: Prayer request Rosalie LANSING ('63) is with her husband, Chuck, at Harborview... Chuck had a stroke affecting his left side. Rosalie has her cell on. -David RIVERS ('65) P.S. Lamont and Carolyn... hope to see you on Lamont's birthday in Wikiup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Glenda ALLEN Cook ~ Class of 1956 ~ 1938 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/07/14 ~ PEARL HARBOR DAY 18 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Jeanie TURNER ('61) Mina Jo GERRY ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim HOFF ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed BORASKY ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim HOUSE ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry SPEARS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karma KING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy HARVILLE ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike DAVIS ('74) 2010 Entry from Patti JONES Ahrens ('60-RIP) 12/07 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Rolly Polly Policeman" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jeanie TURNER Anderson ('61) Re: Bomber Lunch in Vancouver, WA What a blessing to be back again with our Bomber friends at our December Lunch today. It was so great to get hugged from the many folks who had prayed for me this past summer when I was under going treatment for breast cancer and radiation. Thank God, I didn't have to have chemotherapy. It was such a delight to spend lunch with Linda McKNIGHT Hoban ('65), who was celebrating her birthday today. Our Bomber group is so sweet and caring and it was wonderful to see everyone again. We did miss Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60). We will meet in late February. Anyone in the area who wasn't with us today we would love to have you join us. I believe pictures will be coming from others who were at the lunch. Hugs, -Jeanie TURNER Anderson ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mina Jo GERRY Payson ('68) Re: Class of '68 Lunch Just a pleasant reminder '68 Classmates: Lunch on Monday, December 8, at the GWWay Roundtable. See you there. -Mina Jo GERRY Payson ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Jan MARKFELDER Clayton ~ Class of 1971 ~ 1953 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/08/14 17 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bernie QUALHEIM ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anita CLEAVER ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol FORSYTHE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John WILSON (?66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Toni SHADE ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bethany HAGAN ('00) 12/08 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Professor Whiz" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Wild weekend How I remember that song from the Rockin' Rebels... It was the perfect song to tool the Uptown... that would describe the weekend with the girl named Carol in the red sweater... but my story starts last week... I had planned to drive my '52 F-1 to the airport and it had developed a very annoying squeeeeeeeeking noise from under the hood... at first I thought it was the A/C compressor (yes kids I have one car with A/C)... a little listening with a dowel told me it was my alternator... well, no need to run to storage and get one offa the shelf, as I carry one in each car for road trips... so pulled one outa the Henry J, changing alla belts for good measure... no need to put a meter on it... it's new... right!?... the ancient amp meter showed me no problem so I drove it for the week culminating in a function Thursday evening... my turn signals weren't working as I approached my destination so I made a mental note to replace the flasher and be VERY careful going home... heading home the lights seemed a tad dim... and just as I pulled up to my driveway after driving across the valley and back... my engine stopped... wouldn't even grind when I turned the key... put the charger on (couldn't leave it sitting in the street) and pulled it into the driveway. pulled out the old meter and found it was producing about 11 volts... arrrrrrrrrrrrgh... fix it when I get home... Friday I got up bright and early so I could do the first two days of the 6-7-8 club and well you know from my post on the 6th how the first part started... I called Rosalie ('63) to check on Chuck and then began dealing with Terry DAVIS' ('65) car problems long distance... with the help of Jimmie ADAIR ('65-'67) and Kenny DAME ('68) got Terry taken care of and stood in line to get my boarding pass... the lady and I got to chatting as she booked me in and conveniently had my cell number put on the gun check tag so I could go out and smoke waiting for TSA to buzz me if anything was amiss... ahhhhhh nice to be checked in early so I can eat something before the flight... not so fast, Buster Brown... as I approached security, the agent gave me a very puzzled look... he turned to his partner, studying my license and pass... "Am I missing something?"... "nope" his partner responded... the lady at the counter had given me my receipt and somebody else's pass... trek baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to the counter... get new pass and back thru security... there were no little bins so I piled all my belongs etc. on the belt and the lady gave me a pitying look... she tried to explain that I was on some express check in thing and didn't need to strip to my pin feathers as usual... at that point a screw fell outa my watch bracelet which left me watchless all weekend... I had no idea how much I count on a watch when I am away from home... Slept alla way to Seattle and text Cecilia BENNETT ('65)... as I had made my own reservations (which I am not allowed to do again) AND my plane was late it was getting close to din din time in Wikiup... with the help of Tom Tom, we made the slow trip to Wikiup... love that Friday nite rush hour Seattle traffic... why do they call it "rush hour"???? It's like Smokey says in his song "what's so good about good-bye"... made it to Wikiup and called the ladies ('63) to let them know they could "throw the steaks on", figuratively... finally we pulled in to Ellen WEIHERMILLER's ('63) drive and I had a much needed smoke... I walked in the door and: 1. no crab claws; and 2. no Mary Ann WEILAND ('63)... hmmmmmmmmmmmm... but Jimbeaux ('63) did have a really cool '64 Lampoon year book and a radio with the coolest knobs you've ever seen... we took up the topic of knobs until we were shut down by the ladies... there was also a nice bottle of "Watkins" whiskey with a picture of Mary Lou ('63) on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As it turned out, I hadn't held up dinner too badly as Kippy Lou BRINKMAN ('62) and husband, Gary, had yet to arrive... dinner was fabulous, as always and after it was "game time"... We played the WATKIN's family's favorite game... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oops I mean wooopie... it was a charade game and only Kippy was able to master the clue for "words of wisdom"... then came the grab bag, my favorite game of these evenings... I pulled out some really cool stuff, but everyone kept taking them... I ended up with some fake hair and glasses that needs to be returned for a refund... Gary ended up with the "raunchy stuff"... Jimbeaux started a new game... "trivia of '65"... eventually everyone left the table but Jimbeaux persevered in asking questions... since he had the answers, he seemed to be enjoying himself... Gary was tired so Kip and he hadda leave... then it was PJ time... the annual event of taking pictures nobody is supposed to see began... most everyone had lost the letters off their PJs so there was a lotta scotch tape in use and Jimbeaux and the ever young and lovely Miss Nancy ('65) had brand new letters... I got fed up with my feet jammies and picked up some "Packer" bottoms on which I glued the R/cloud symbol... then it was movie time (sorry I can't send any of the PJ pix but they didn't send them too me... guess they can't trust me)... they did send me picture of Cecelia and me with our new teeth (they sent more than just that one but I KNOW better than to share) and I will enclose it along with the group chowder/Carol/red sweater shot. GILA with Terrence Knox was the feature of the evening... if you've ever been to Indy in the winter you will love this film... a true Christmas classic ranking right up there with Miracle on 34th street and a Christmas Story... some of the biggest names in show business as well... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nighty nite! Up bright and early for the Chowder fest... the gathering was small and intimate compared to some years but warm and fuzzy as always... the Birthday boy ('63) was in Portland so he made it over for his special day, tho Carolyn ('63) had another commitment... it was a great time of meeting and greeting as this get together always is... Dave HANTHORN ('63) Note to self: share picture in camera... after we had eaten it was picture time but the drizzle outside made it less than appealing to go outside... Ann ENGEL Schafer ('63) put her foot down soundly and we headed for the bar and Christmas tree to crowd in for a shot... I commandeered Tony (NAB) as usual to do the honors... and we had at least 2-3 cameras going... enclosed is the group shot and a great one it is... I hope nobody left before we got this shot or I won't have your name ... so the kids present were [All '63 except those listed with another class year]: Nancy WICK Hamilton ('65), Jim ARMSTRONG, John CAMPBELL, Don BRACKENBUSH, Lila JENNE Brackenbush, Susie SHAVER, Ellen WEIHERMILLER, Ann ENGEL Schafer, Mary Lou WATKINS, Jeanne TURNER, Mary Ann VOSSE, Louise HARTCORN, Eddie THOMPSON, Cecilia BENNETT ('65), Dave HANTHORN, Leo WEBB, David RIVERS ('65), Rob HILLS, Lamont DeJONG --- Jim HAMILTON, and Joe FORD. And now... for the grand finale to this saga... two people were rather conspicuously missing from the gathering... the birthday Bomber-babe and her other half ('63)... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anita CLEAVER ('63) on your special day, December 8, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) P.S. Eddie, I am also enclosing the site for Goldfinch glasses tho I didn't see yours. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Bruce IVERS ~ Class of 1957 ~ 1938 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/09/14 16 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dave HANTHORN ('63) David RIVERS ('65) Pat DORISS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth MILES ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy FINNEY ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John MARSHALL ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill VOILAND ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda OTT ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Margi MAY ('66) 12/09 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Fee Foot the Gentle Giant" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave HANTHORN ('63) Re: GMC '63 Caroling, Marching, and Chowder Thingy Hi Maren, Here are my pics from the GMC '63 Caroling. Marching and Chowder thingy in Olympia. And yet again, I missed out on the chowder part! Oh well, it was fun to see everyone anyway. -Dave HANTHORN (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from wet and soggy Mercer Island **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: ahhhh memories Well I made it home from Wikiup just fine... as I was heading home figered I'd stop in for a little breakfast at Michael Gaughan's South Point... fergot it was NFR (National Finals Rodeo)... Michael is a huge patron of NFR and all things cowboy... the arena at his house is larger than most states have... so the place was full a hongry cowboys... but I waited in line anyway... met Lane Frost's (died after riding "Taking Care Of Business" never before ridden bull up at Cheyenne a number of years ago made famous again in the movie 8 Seconds) dad and uncle... the uncle is the dad of young rider, Joe Frost, who made history this week with an 85 score 8 second ride on never before ridden "Rattler"... breakfast was good and off I went... I was nice and tired and had a great nap then put the nuther new alternator in the F-1... still kicking myself for missing the question "who was banned from the Opry in 1965" after dinner in Wikiup Friday nite... I mean anybody who knows anything 'bout the Opry knows that Johnny Cash was banned and then ended up leading the performers and the audience in the last song performed at the Ryman before the Opry moved to Opryland... "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"... I mean they still perform at the Ryman but the Opry moved after that show... So today an ol' flame celebrates her b-day... I met this Bomber- babe when I was in the 9th grade... she walked up to me at my locker, stuck out her hand and introduced herself... later, when she would find my car parked in front of a "next ex's" house she would slip a sympathy card in the open window so I would find it on the seat... I remember taking her to see "Days of Wine and Roses" in the 1940 Chevy I bought from Bob MIDDLETON ('63)... as we passed Park Pumps, the tail-pipe fell off but Louis HOGAN ('65) scooped it up and saved it for me when we returned... we've stayed good friends all the while... well I think we have... haven't we????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Margi MAY ('66) on your special day, November 9, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Re: '65 Ladies' December Lunch WHEN: Friday, December 12, 2014 TIME: Noon - 2pm WHERE: Fujiyama's Japanese Steakhouse, 2522 Queensgate, Richland The December '65 Ladies' Lunch will be held next Friday, December 12, at Fujiyama's Japanese Steakhouse, which is behind Stirling's Restaurant on Queensgate (across from Wal*Mart). '65 Ladies: if you graduated from Richland's Columbia High School in 1965, mark your calendar and join us Friday for our final Lunch of 2014. If you have any questions, please contact me! -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/10/1$ 15 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Helen CROSS ('62) Gary BEHYMER ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy WOOD ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry WERSEN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff MICHAEL ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Loretta JENSEN ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Angie GUNTER ('66wb) BOMBER TWINS BIRTHDAY: Linda (10th) & Richard (11th) McCLELLAND ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary VALLELY ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mark BOLME ('71) 12/10 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Rhyming Rabbit" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) To: Sandy FINNEY Harvego ('60) Hope you had a very Happy Birthday yesterday {on 12/9]. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Hope, IN where we thank God for every day of rain, anything beats snow and ice which the weatherman tells us are coming. I did survive the home tour last Friday evening... still waiting for my son to send me the video he took, but I'll send 4 photo **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Jefferson Teacher Ed Morgan While at coffee this morning in 'quaint' downtown Colfax, I came to learn that local area retiree, Ed Morgan once taught at Jefferson Grade School in Richland. He was there the 1960, 1962, & 1963 class years. Don't know which grades he taught. Anyone remember him and/or have a class photo with him in it? -Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Christmas isa comin and...da de da da da So if I remember correctly it was January, 2014 about a week ago and I was trying to remember to put the "14" on checks... now it's chilly and I have long pants on with thermal tops and long sox... so OK I've been reminded there are seasons so enuff already... I'm ready for shorts, Ts and converse... I mean it's roadster time, kids... this turning the valve to let the hot water run thru the heater in the cars has lasted long enough... I wanna go back to "who wears short shorts... "... speaking of that, I remember one day in Seattle riding with Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65) in the summer... we passed an area with white slump stone style block walls like mine in Vegas... there was a blonde girl walking in shorts and a tank top... but her body was invisible... all I could see were her shorts, her top and her shoes... I asked Janine if the girl was an albino... she gave me a stern look and said: "That's how we all look up here, David!" ooooooops my mistake... so since it is December and I gotta buncha names on my yellow stickie... guess I'll just deal with it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Larry WERSEN ('63) [It was Larry's house I was parked outside of when Margi ('66) put the sympathy card in my car... but I wasn't there to take music lessons from Larry], Jeff MICHAEL ('65) (Hey Jeff, if yer listening... the reunion people are trying to find you), Loretta JENSEN ('65) (I know, I know yer in Japan agin) and Mike BOTU ('65-RIP) on your special day, December 10, 2014!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/11/14 14 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) Larry MATTINGLY ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim WILLIAMSON ('53) BOMBER TWINS BIRTHDAY: Richard (11th) & Linda (10th) McCLELLAND ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim QUALHEIM ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jennifer JANICEK ('90) 12/11 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Wintergreen Witch" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) I have noticed that there is/was a Bomber birthday for twins born on separate days. I think that would be a nice arrangement as it definitely settles who was born first; and they each have their own birth dates. It does not settle the age old argument about which one mom liked best or who got the best presents. Life is really not like a box of chocolates; there usually is a key to what's in the box inside the lid. At least they weren't born on a Federally mandated holiday. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR awaiting the forecast wind event (weather guesser jargon for wind storm) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Wide field of interests in pyrotechnics. There are times when Pyrotechnics encompasses a rather wide range of interests. I know a couple of the guys in this project, they are normally quite serious in their experimentation and research efforts. Some of these seemingly amateur experimental types have advanced degrees in chemistry and energetic materials. But along with serious research and development sometimes they just have a little fun. Club launches rocket-powered porta-potty Click to read more "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/12/14 13 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dick PIERARD ('52) Barb ISAKSON ('58) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet MARTIN ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Burt PIERARD ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paige WHEELER ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick MORRELL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Becky ALEXANDER ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lanette POWELL ('79) 12/12 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Queen Melissa" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick PIERARD ('52) Re: Burt Pierard's ('59) birthday Today (Friday) marks another millstone (as I once heard some old Southern guy say) in the life of my esteemed brother, Burt. We owe him much for his efforts in the enabling the preservation of the B reactor, and his ongoing involvement toward securing the creation of a Manhattan Project national park. When he was here in North Carolina last spring, we drove over to Tennessee one day and toured the museum, visitor center, and what remains of the Oak Ridge plant. This completed our personal visits to what we regard as the four principal sites of the birth of the atomic age in the USA. The others were of course Hanford, Los Alamos, NM, and the Trinity Site within the White Sands Missile Range in N.M. where the first plutonium bomb was set off and only is open to visitors two days in the year. If there is any other place of equal significance that we have missed, let one of us know, So to him goes a tip of that legendary propeller beanie. Who knows how many other projects he now has in various stages of development and we will eventually read about? Happy birthday BRO! Duly recognized by this Rotarian as a true Kiwanian! -Dick PIERARD ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) Re: Update on Jerry IRWIN ('58) He's just not doing so well and also has given up on drawing, but he just has heard that he may be excepted in one of a nursing home in our area. He's been wanting to come back to Richland for a long time. This is his home town... where his family is and his stomping grounds and friends are. So let us give a extra prayer for him to get his wish. Jerry Irwin Regency Nursing Home at North Pointe, Room #107 1224 E. Westview Court Spokane, WA 99218 -Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) ~ Richland -Barbara HORTON Peterson ('58) P.S Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: kinda hard to splane It seems I may have confused a few people with all my talk about Wikiup... Now inna town fulla kids born of the Manhattan Project, it should be a simple matter of thinking the problem thru... you may wonder how one can get from Wikiup to my little Golf Course, "Rivers Edge" in Tumwater in the amount of time allotted... oh ye of little faith... a simple algorithm using a time-space dislocation theory and a slight amount of quantum physics reveals that the use of leaded gas in a given vehicle going 60 MPH oh wait... maybe it's a train leaving St. Louis at 6pm traveling 40MPH and a train leaving L.A. at the same time and traveling 53MPH will meet in Margaritaville at exactly 4:00 allowing the given vehicle to proceed uninterrupted thru the dimensional hole created in time for brunch at the Rivers Edge... got it? Ok... if not, please call the birthday Bomber-guy and he will splane the whole thing to you in layman's terms... till then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Burt PIERARD ('59) on your special day, December 12, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/13/14 12 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Bob MATTSON ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie DAME ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary HYLBAK ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill HEDGES ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave COURSON ('71) 12/13 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Snaper Stick Crocodile" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob MATTSON ('64) Re: much too short Today's mail brought the much anticipated 50 year class CD. Thankfully most of the interview with Marshall SMITH and myself ended on the cutting room floor. Although I did enjoy the entire production, I couldn't help but find it somewhat empty to an extent. I expected everyone on it, or, I wanted everyone that was there included. I was looking forward to seeing all my old friends and classmates yet again. Especially those who I didn't get a chance to visit with. So what if it lasted over five or six hours. A three CD album would have captured what I wanted. All in all, I'm pleased I opted to buy it. Later, -Bob MATTSON ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Portland / Vancouver Lunch We had another great lunch gathering on Saturday, December 6th at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver, WA. Great visits and even discussed some politics. Thanks to all that joined us. We'll be looking forward to 2015 socials. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: so it's like this I got up this morning to pack for the brush off and had a phone message from Magoo... I called and he said "we gotta talk" the boyz are almost here from Utah and the plan was to head over and stay at the motel 6 a few miles from the donut derelicts in HB, then to Santa Fe Springs for the Moon show then to the brush off... uh oh... Magoo gots no moola... now I've got reservations at Sarah's for lunch and four rooms reserved... I need to pack and now don't know if we are leaving this morning or tomorrow... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh nothing is easy... but one thing for sure... I'd best do a group hug in case we leave this morning... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Connie DAME ('65) the girl with the mostest in hair and from behind on the 13th and Donna BOWERS ('63) a fab big sister on the 14th, your special days in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Pat McCoy ~ Class of 1955 ~ 1937 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/14/14 11 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) Linda REINING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick McCOY ('45) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole NOVOTNY ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry BUNCH ('66) 12/14 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Oliver Ostrich" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Here we are, about half-way through December, which means that it is the birth date of a very senior Bomber. I wouldn't claim him to be the "oldest living" Bomber, but he's close. He is also a founding father of Club 40. And rumor has it that he might just show up at the next annual meeting of that organization. He is probably too old to take a tip of the ol' propeller beanie, but at least we can shout "Happy Birthday!" to Dick McCOY ('44, '45, and '02). To: Dick PIERARD ('52) How come you and your brother did not make a side trip to Chicago to visit the Field House at Stagg Field on the Campus of the University? That's where Enrico Fermi got the whole thing going. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the wind has died down and we await next weeks rain. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) Woohoo! Thanks to Keith HUNTER ('63)... he put a web site for Spudnuts on FB... I went to the site and found that there is a donut shop in Meridian, ID that also sells Spudnuts! Will definitely be trying them! Can also order the mix from the site... since I have a deep-fryer, I might take advantage of that, too. It lists all Spudnuts Shops, by State... have also been to the one on Channel Islands Blvd. in Oxnard, CA. Meridian is just "a hop, skip, and a jump" from where I live in Kuna. can't wait to try them and see if they compare to the Spudnut Shop in Richland. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ Kuna, ID still loving the weather in this part of Idaho and still keeping fingers crossed that we get snow for Christmas... all the snow that we had, early in November, is all gone... rain melted it all away, but it lasted for two weeks, so can't complain too much. *grin* ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/15/14 10 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Pat UPSON ('49), Rex HUNT ('53) Mike CLOWES ('54), Helen CROSS ('62) David RIVERS ('65), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dorothy STAMPER ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim SMITH ('58wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha GOSLIN ('65) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: David RODRIGUEZ ('69) & Linda BAROTT ('71) 12/15 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Muddlers" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49) Re: Gasoline price!! Hey Maren, been watching your gas prices from the deep south, that you have been letting us westerners drool over... how about this?!! Filled up the Buick on regular gas at the Costco station in Aloha, Oregon today $2.27!! Can you beat that?? Happy Holidays all you Bombers!! :) -Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49) ~ from Portland, OR **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rex HUNT ('53) Linda REINING's ('64) post about snow (in Idaho] proves she is nuttier that a payday bar... Wow our dry spell has ended we got almost 3/4 of an inch from this storm. Sun is out and temps back in high 60s Can hardly wait till its back in mid 80s... just to make Linda home sick we are expecting some fog by Tuesday. -Rex HUNT ('53) ~ from the heifer dust capital downtown Hanford, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Wow! From celebrating the birthday of a much older Bomber; we now come to the birthday of younger Bomber Babe. There is some talk going around that this is her 21st, but I know it is only her 19th. How do I know this, you ask? Hey, we went to school together and sat in the boys' gym for graduation together. If that's not enough, too bad. A tip of the ol' propeller beanie is in order; along with a hearty "Happy Birthday!" cheer for Dorothy STAMPER ('54). -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the weather guessers have postponed the rain until Tuesday. Well, they'd like you to believe that. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Just wanted to wish all Bombers every where a happy Christmas season!! We went to a holiday party today in Hope and didn't even have to wear coats!! it's been 48 all day here, even after it got dark!! Quite a switch from our usual frost, snow or ice, or our best winter scene when it only rains!! But the weatherman keeps telling us the white stuff is coming!! We'll take every no snow (or ice) day we can get back here!! -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Hope, IN **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Love Bombers!!!!!!!!!!!! So the B-day Bomber-babe is one who is so very special to me and has been for a long time... known her most of my life... never dated her and when it was once suggested we get together we were both kinda shocked and burst out laughing at the same moment... some friendships are better left as is... but first a little update on the weekend... rained like crazy alla way to Huntington Beach Friday afternoon... Sarah treated us all to lunch before we left... at my house, we looked at the hub of the almost new pick- up we were going in to check out a noise... all seemed fine so hit the road... noise really got loud and we checked it again before going to the motel... now hub seemed a tad lose... called MADDY ('67) for a garage referral... the sleepy time... got up early for the Donut Derelicts and then to the garage the minute they opened... they gave us a ride to the pier where we met Rick for a nice breakfast... and great conversation... the Boyz are way impressed with Rick... specially Magoo as he did 5 tours in Vietnam... I called Mary Lou WATKINS ('63) to thank her for the wonderfully sunny and HOT weather... she was doing laundry (I think that's kinda like a girl saying "I hafta wash my hair when ya ask her out for a date)... so she didn't meet us... Garage picked us up and then to Moon Eyes thru the 605 traffic... got there and started looking for the Rat Fink booth... I spotted Irene Roth's brother, LaGrand from way away (love my new glasses) mainly because he is as big as a small house... a whole bunch of our finky friends were hanging out at the booth... Jeff DeGrandis and Kenny Michroni who have been wild and crazy buds since they met when Kenny was doing Lion King and hired Jeffy to work on it... they are famous for many movies including Finding Nemo and Cars which Kenney got to make in a trade off deal with Sony... several of his friends are portrayed by cars... Magoo was the '59 Chevy... took a million photos (not me no camera) of the gang and Ilene gave us each a "family portrait" of the Fink family... Ed, Ilene and the Rat Fink hiself... and a new Rat Fink Christmas shirt... then off to the brush off... great food and companionship and headed home around 10:30... Got to Magoo's and I finished the ride home in my F-1 as his place is all the way across the Valley and didn't want the boys to hafta drive me alla way home then back to Magoo's for the nite... I got in around 2:00 am... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... realized this morning I had wished Donna BOWERS ('63) an HB on her anniversary... no clue why I had it on the yellow stickie... sure wasn't on my cheat sheet... a special "thanks" to Jimbeaux ('63) for the updates on Rosalie ('63) and Chuck... so as I was sayin', I have felt particularly close to the B-day babe for a very long time and am so very happy to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marsha GOSLIN ('65), on your special day, December 15, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: 1959 Phil BELCHER ('51-RIP) To: All Bombers Found this in my '59 G E News files. Wanted to pass it on. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/16/14 9 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54), Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Linda REINING ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65), Jim DAUGHERTY ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Arlene THRESS ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joan CAMPBELL ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack KEYS ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tim SMYTH ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie HANSON ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry DAVIS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Billy DIDWAY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth RUSSELL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary RAEKES ('79) 12/16 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Cocklebur Cowboys" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Yet another, another birthday. They just keep rolling in, folks. This time we celebrate the birthday of a Bomber Babe I went to school with, and even graduated with. And we both admitted much later that we didn't remember each other in school. One would like to think that we all knew each other, but if you don't have classes together, it is not easy. So, a flourish and a tip of the ol' propeller beanie is in the offing. Let the halls ring out with a hearty "Happy Birthday!" cheer for Arlene THRESS ('54). I do hope her current husband will take to some nice place for dinner tonight. Applebee's is close, but for a birthday dinner? -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where late fall weather is to be as expected. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Re: Gas Prices To: Pat UPSON Tervooren ('49) Like Maren, I live in the New Orleans area. Gas at Sam?s Club on Airline Highway is $2.07 and is $2.09 at Costco in the city. Probably won?t be long before it will drop below $2.00 at some stations. Not sure what the cheapest price is in the rest of the state. To find the cheapest prices in your area go to -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Rex HUNT ('53) How did you know Payday was one of my favorite candy bars? *grin*... and, I might be "nuttier than a Payday bar", but I'll take the weather here in Idaho over the tule fog and dust storms in "your neck of the woods" any day. *grin* Hope Hanford, CA doesn't get too much flooding... my youngest daughter is still living in Bakersfield and they have had flooding and heavy winds that have blown down fences and caused major power outages... don't miss any of that at all. You can keep your temps of 60+ and look forward to temps of 80+... our temps have been fluctuating between teens and 40s and am still loving it. Am still keeping fingers crossed that we get a white Christmas. If not, we will drive about an hour away and enjoy the snow in Bogus Basin. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ at the moment, it's 30 and skies are clear in Kuna, ID **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: funny how ya learn stuff So there I was, the new kid at Jason Lee, my 6th grade year... being hot crap at Spalding had not worked out so well, specially after the gang fight I orchestrated on the playground... so I figured by 6th grade these guys would already have their king pins lined up and I'd just lay low... Kinda like the day I arrived at MCRD and the DI decked me before I even made it to the yellow foot steps... just blend in... that would be my motto... He was easy to spot... made it known right away that he was the "man"... At that point I knew Brian JOHNSON ('65) from church... even slept over a few times and met Jerry and Johnny DEITZ ('64 RIP/'66)... staying over at Beej's place was always cool cuz his folks let him roam at night... If I didn't have a good reason for being out... I was a lock in at my place... that's how I met Stanley MIDDLETON ('63-RIP)... wandering the streets with Beej one night... so things went well and my first real conversation with the b-day boy was one night when they had open house or something at school and he was explaining the fine art of the "circle jerk"... things got pretty graphic and I knew he was either fulla crap or I was way outa my league... took me a little while to learn his full name... as things would happen, one crisp wintry day a bunch of us were hiding by the side of Stuart ZIEGE's ('57) house throwing snow balls... the rule was "loud pipes... don't throw"... unfortunately none of us were great rule followers and we heard them coming our way... we all reared back to throw at a very nice blue custom came by and wham... I don't think any of us missed... we split and ran into the little area that ran between Ziege's place and the b-day boy's... we all about broke our legs as the b-day guy was burying coffee cans with the open side up as booby traps for intruders... we told him to run and he did... we made it inside his house and his sister, Judy, told us we were in big trouble... we were convinced this guy wouldn't be able to find the right house but he was outside roaring his pipes... we wanted to know who he was... at about that point, Brian opened the door and shoved Richard BRUNELLE ('65) out side and screamed to the driver: "this guy's gonna kick yer a_ _"... then shut the screen leaving poor Richard to fend for himself... it was then that Judy said we should know who the driver was... because he had the b-day guy's name... we guessed the two names we knew and she said no... "Angel" So it was Ben, aka Benny Angel who was out there... the guy finally left... thank goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my life-long friend, Terence Paul Angel DAVIS Knox ('65), on your special day, December 16, 2014!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) Re: birthday Happy Birthday to Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)... The Man... The Myth... The legend... was going to sing the birthday song to you in German... but the dog ate my 3x5 card... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOD. -Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim DAUGHERTY ('70) Re: A General Mattis Christmas Story [Jim MATTIS ('68)] Came across this on one of my military Facebook groups. Kind of long but though some of the Marines might like it. Featured from the National Museum of the Marine Corps Museum?s Facebook Page A couple of months ago, when I told General Krulak, the former Commandant of the Marine Corps, now the chair of the Naval Academy Board of Visitors, that we were having General Mattis speak this evening, he said, "Let me tell you a Jim Mattis story." General Krulak said, when he was Commandant of the Marine Corps, every year, starting about a week before Christmas, he and his wife would bake hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Christmas cookies. They would package them in small bundles. Then on Christmas day, he would load his vehicle. At about 4am, General Krulak would drive himself to every Marine guard post in the Washington-Annapolis- Baltimore area and deliver a small package of Christmas cookies to whatever Marines were pulling guard duty that day. He said that one year, he had gone down to Quantico as one of his stops to deliver Christmas cookies to the Marines on guard duty. He went to the command center and gave a package to the lance corporal who was on duty. He asked, "Who?s the officer of the day?" The lance corporal said, "Sir, it?s Brigadier General Mattis." And General Krulak said, "No, no, no. I know who General Mattis is. I mean, who?s the officer of the day today, Christmas day?" The lance corporal, feeling a little anxious, said, "Sir, it is Brigadier General Mattis." General Krulak said that, about that time, he spotted in the back room a cot, or a daybed. He said, "No, Lance Corporal. Who slept in that bed last night?" The lance corporal said, "Sir, it was Brigadier General Mattis." About that time, General Krulak said that General Mattis came in, in a duty uniform with a sword, and General Krulak said, "Jim, what are you doing here on Christmas day? Why do you have duty?" General Mattis told him that the young officer who was scheduled to have duty on Christmas day had a family, and General Mattis decided it was better for the young officer to spend Christmas Day with his family, and so he chose to have duty on Christmas Day. General Krulak said, "That?s the kind of officer that Jim Mattis is." -Jim DAUGHERTY ('70), YNC(SS), USN (Ret) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/17/14 8 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff: Gary TURNER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda RISLOV ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna YOUNG ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike CROWLEY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim GEIER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Corey BOEHNING ('87) 12/17 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Wooden Indian" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary TURNER ('71) Happy Birthday to Jim GEIER ('71)?one of my best buds since Mrs. Murphy?s first grade class at Marcus Whitman. Have a great time in Thailand, Jim! -Gary TURNER ('71) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/18/14 7 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Betty BELL ('51), Mike CLOWES ('54) Pete BEAULIEU ('62), Greg ALLEY ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathryn JENSEN (53wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole CLARK ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dawn O'NEAL ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan NELSON ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kay NORTON ('73) 12/18 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Flying Hat" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty BELL Norton ('51) The Richland Seniors Association's December dance will be Friday, December 19th from 1:00 - 3:45 at the Richland Community Center, 500 Amon Park Drive. The EASY SWING BAND plays great danceable music to about 50 happy dancers each month! The cost is only $6 at the door, good snacks are available and a nice door prize is given away each dance! Come and join us! I also want to wish my daughter, Kay NORTON Hass ('73) a happy 60th birthday on the 18th! Love you, honey! -Betty BELL Norton ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Holy Cow! It is the birthday of another Bomber Babe of my acquaintance. This one I actually knew back in the day. We were both detainees in Home Room 321 for the first two years. In the third year it was decreed that "home room" would be what ever class you were in for first period. She was one of the smartest Bomber Babes I knew back then. At any rate, it is good seeing her at the occasional Club 40 Annual Meetings. I will now tip the ol' propeller beanie, and hope you will join in the "Happy Birthday!" cheer for Carole CLARK ('54). I do hope she has a pleasant 20th birthday. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where weather guessers are bemoaning the lack of snow on Mount Hood **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: Gasoline prices I'm informed by a knowledgable friend in the oil refinery business on why the bottom has fallen out of gas prices, now beginning to resemble the inflation-adjusted price of the 1960s. Think Saudi Arabia... Until recently the Saudis controlled slightly over half the global supply and market for oil. Now they control slightly less than half, given the development of new oil supplies such as oil shale deposits ("fracking") in the United States. (The United States has become a net exporter of oil.) Unlike other producers, Saudi Arabia does not adjust supply to meet demand. Instead, they adjust their output ever upward--and the worldwide oil supply--to ensure a level national oil income for itself. Less profit per gallon induces more Saudi pumping, and global oversupply. Prices drop. Due to its higher extraction costs, oil shale will close down at some rock bottom price (so to speak), said to be $50 or $60/barrel, where we are now. More turbulence. Any other theories out there? -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Greg ALLEY ('73) Re: Bomber Bowl. The landscape of the Bomber athletic areas are sure changing in this cold weather. The old press box and bleachers on the original home field side are torn down and there will be all new seating and press boxes. It was indeed time as the building was in bad shape. I went to a game this past October and the bathrooms were really in bad shape. Also the old green building below the high school is now a newer building with roll up doors probably being used for storage. That building was used when I was young for summer activities. I was in the summer basketball leagues and you could also check out ping pong, shuffleboard, and other equipment in the summer months. -Greg ALLEY ('73) ~ in cold gray Richland looking towards spring ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/19/14 6 days till Christmas ~ 2 days till Winter Solstice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jim McKEOWN ('53), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Frank WHITESIDE ('63), Jim HAMILTON ('63) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Evelyn BUBNAR ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tony HARRAH ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bonnie BUSHNELL ('71) ' BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lisa McCURDY ('86) 12/19 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Snowman" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: Birthday Happy belated one day Birthday to Kathy JENSEN Collins, a best Bud, from that great class of "53"... she is a magician, because of the disappearing act her Senior year, but all that matters is she is back and doing well. Edna, especially wishes you a wonderful day... and I hope the Chubber did something special for you on your special day. Much love, -Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from very wet Sacramento, CA with more coming... and we need it. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Holidays Since I am leaving for Alaska tomorrow and will be there thru my birthday on January 6. (wow 73, no wonder I feel like I am wearing out) I will take this time to wish all alums and their families the best Christmas with friends and loved ones. And... A Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year. Keep safe on New Years Eve (NYE). Going home after NYE displays I have seen way too many bad wrecks. I will spend some time helping Jackie getting her 2 NYE displays ready and we will have Christmas dinner with friends. Two days after Christmas I fly to Dutch Harbor, AK to do their NYE display. Jackie's displays are the City of Wasilla at 8PM and a private display at 10PM. Mine is at midnight sharp. ("weather permitting" is always the standard phrase at Dutch). While I tend to ignore my birthdays, Jackie does not. So we will have a nice dinner at a favored Japanese TeppanYaki joint. I will have a Zimmer installed in my right knee joint in late January. I had the measurement MRI done this week and it takes 4-5 weeks to have the appliance made. This is not like the joint replacement. The appliance is made to exactly fit. It is "minimally invasive". Google Zimmer Knees for information. Doc says I have to spend the night but can go back to work the next day if I feel like it. I certainly hope it will be that easy. -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Being from a large oil-producing state, our budget takes a hit every time the price of oil goes down. It is nice for the consumer. I have repeatedly heard it mentioned by some Congressmen that this is a good time to raise gasoline taxes. Some state gas taxes are a lot higher than others, hence much higher gas prices in some states. Anyway, OPEC has, in the past, met many times to "price fix" by manipulating supply and demand. Usually, some countries end up "secretly" (ha!) selling their oil supplies "under the counter," so that doesn't usually work very well. Oil companies normally cut back on gasoline production to produce a lot more fuel oil for heating when the weather gets really cold, so imagine at some point that will reduce the gasoline supply. I think at some point, just like the stock market, prices will bottom out and prices will go back up like they always do. In the meantime, countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and Middle Eastern counties that get most of their revenue from oil will suffer big time. We are fortunate that oil is not a huge part of U.S. income. People will have more money to spend on other things, so I would think in the long run that lower gas prices would help stimulate more buying of products. Guess the lower prices will give them a reason to not build the pipeline. Warren Buffett will still be able to ship oil on his railroads for a while longer. It's hard to foretell the future, but with the government sticking its nose into everything, we should probably enjoy the low gas prices for now, because they will likely boost federal gas taxes so they will have more money to spend so the national debt (now well over 18 trillion) can continue to explode and p produce more "shovel-ready" jobs! -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: And the thunder rolls It was 70 years ago today that the legend was born. Every time I hear thunder I'm pretty sure it's the Birthday Boy and some of the Southenders creating chaos somewhere up above the clouds. There's Dick, Jim MAULSBY, Paul, Bobby, Billy and those interlopers from Spalding, Ralph, Dobie, Shelley, Chuck and WEBB stirring the pot, playing with the pencils and having all kinds of fun. Happy Birthday to Pook SMITH. To paraphrase some jug eared recruit at Fort Benning, "Ain't nobody don't know Pook". Miss you, my friend. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: There are friends and there are friends Every year I go on and on about this b-day guy... but I mean every word. At the end of the summer of my junior year I was returning from one of the coolest few months I'd ever had. With the exception of getting thrown in jail in Walla Walla and losing my drivers licence at the end of the summer, the last half of my junior Year had been a blast... Paul Revere and the Raiders, being one of three mystery kids in a teeny tiny school and on and on... now I was back at Col-Hi and things seemed different... we still ran around and got crazy but slowly but surely the atmosphere began to change... all I wanted was to stay in High School and continue the wonderful social gathering it had always been... I wanted to drink, drag, dance and make out forever... my friends, however, were widening their circle and I began to narrow mine... When Nancy MIDDLETON's step dad, Russ, had enough of me I was looking for new places to stay... eventually I'd end up in a boarding house in East Pasco... hey don't get me wrong I loved it, but things were getting much more serious and life was starting to feel a little too real... As I've always said, even with three degrees, Academia remains a mystery to me. Many of my long time buds were changing their focus and I had no clue what was going on. I was beginning to feel betrayed and I had no idea why... Terry DAVIS ('65) has recalled many times that he and I seldom saw each other during our Senior year... I was withdrawing and becoming more and more reclusive... I spent more time with Stan MIDDLETON ('63-RIP), Jim COX ('64) and Jim WODEHOUSE ('63) than before and less time with my old gang... there was one of my old buds... my long time mentor, the b-day kid, that I continued to spend a great deal of my time with... he still had his casual, unstressed way about him and none of this college stuff seemed urgent to him... I am sure that is only my perspective as everyone always "seemed" to deal with life much better than I... many years later, I would learn that we all go through pretty much the same thing and no matter how cool a kid seems we are all just scared poopless... but that was my "now" and I knew no other and could see no further in my future than the weekend... perhaps I was simply experiencing the fear of the unknown, as our carefree days were coming to an end... maybe I realized that after gradgeashun life was gonna become real and earnest and for that I was totally unprepared... what ever the reason, this kid stuck with me through thick and thin and I will always remember him as my total bud... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tony HARRAH ('65) on your special day, December 19, 2014, and a special remembrance of the Senior born that same date, Pook SMITH ('63-RIP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) P.S. Rosalie ('63) and Chuck (NAB) are back home in Richland from the Hospital in Seattle and she is at home and he is in rehab. As Chuck did all the driving and stuff you might wanna stop by on Van Giesen a couple of houses from my old house or give her a call in case she needs a little help now and then. If you need the address or phone number gimme a call or an email. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/20/14 5 days till Christmas ~ Tomorrow is Winter Solstice Accepting entries now for Christmas Day Sandstorm and the 26th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anne COLLINS ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry LaROCK ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David RODRIGUEZ ('69) 12/20 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Santa Claus" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) To: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Re: Gas Prices Thanks for your insights and sentiments with which I mostly agree. (1) On our discretionary spending, math wizard economists assert that every penny saved from costs at the pump translates into One BILLION Dollars of alternative spending in the U.S. economy (disregarding savings or reduction of credit card debt). (2) Regarding oil trains, projected coal and oil hauling trains for export have hit some stiff head winds in the bottleneck trackage and politics of our Seattle area. Not to mention the plummeting international price for coal as well as oil (another story, centered in China and India). Now a tedious point, (3) the current or a possibly increased federal gas tax does not contribute to the budget deficit or the overall national debt. However, while the 18 cent federal gas tax is a user-charge restricted to transportation projects, in recent years the rest of the federal budget has been raided to compensate for the declining value of this fixed federal gas tax. This 18 cent/gallon amount has not kept pace with overall cost inflation or with the better gas mileage of newer cars (declining revenue as road demand increases). The Alaskan "bridge to nowhere" was the poster child of politics at the trough, and worse still was the deficit-exploding $800 Billion "stimulus package" of "shovel ready" projects which you mention. (It is said that the only real shovel ready projects were in cemeteries...) In Washington state (one of seven states still escaping a state income tax) we happen to have one of the highest state gas taxes at 37 cent/gallon. Here, at least, I find myself thinking that any marginal addition to this or the 18 cent federal gas tax would be almost lost (background noise) in our familiar market fluctuations to the total price/gallon at the pump. -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Birthday Greetings To: David RODRIGUEZ ('69) Here's to a happy birthday. We first met in kindergarten at Jason Lee in Mrs. LeClair's class. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/21/14 ~ WINTER SOLSTICE - SHORTEST DAY 4 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Ed WOOD ('62), Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Lori SIMPSON ('70), Mike FRANCO ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kent HAMRICK ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joanne ROLPH ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan WARD (65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Clint KELLY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duane LEE ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jon ANDERSON ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff OSBORN ('82) 12/21 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Bad Dolls" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed WOOD ('62) Re: Gas taxes - TANSTAAFL Robert Heinlein (1907-1988) was once one of my favorite authors. His novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress introduced the TANSTAAFL acronym to me, although Heinlein can?t be credited with its creation. TANSTAAFL (There ain't no such thing as a free lunch) is common sense, but as all we know, common sense is less common than it once was. Regardless of what kind of taxes (fees, user-charges, etc.) are used to pay for roads and similar infrastructure investments, it is truism that they must be paid for. They don?t just happen. -Ed WOOD ('62) ~ Morrison, CO **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Re: Gas Prices To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) You are quite right in stating that gasoline taxes do not add to the national debt. I realize they go to the "Highway Trust Fund" (the term "trust" is used loosely, as I find little to trust about the federal government or the insane way they handle the federal budget). The fund was supposed to go broke already, but like every other fund, tax money was transferred from other funds to keep it going. This is the way the government seems to run everything. Although they claim that the "debt" is over 18 trillion, this does not include "unfunded liabilities" for Social Security, Medicare and other "entitlements". I have seen estimates everywhere from $63 trillion to over $120 trillion, depending what is included and who is doing the mathematics. The truth is that we really have no clue, which makes it even scarier. Insomuch as it is the consumer that bites the bullet any time that taxes are raised, semantically speaking, the real "debt" falls on the individual taxpayers/consumers. Every penny that comes out of our pockets adds to individual personal debt on your family and may lead to personal deficit spending. If we ran our personal budgets like the feds (and some states), we would have been living on the streets long ago. Only the federal government can go on a spending rampage and continue printing money at an unprecedented rate. We learned nothing from the experiences of Germany after WW1 when people had to haul their currency in wheelbarrows to buy simple everyday goods. Other countries have gone through similar experiences. Russia and Iran and others are going through such crises right now because of the price of oil and sanctions. I have always followed the "Kiss Rule" (as one professor I had once called it... "Keep it simple, stupid!"). My wife and I never made large salaries when we were working, but we always spent far less than we brought in... lived well within our means, dividing our desires into "wants" and "needs". I have been retired for 15 years and my wife about 11. I have always used the old "Ben Franklin" chart to make decisions. Divide a paper into two categories... pros and cons and then list the items under each one. This always made it really easy to make financial (and all) decisions. Sorry, I didn't mean to digress from the "gas prices" topic at hand, but all of these things go into the personal survival of individual families and our country. I have no faith in the way our tax money is handled by government. With China and other countries breathing down our necks at every moment, our politicians need to do whatever is necessary to get our country back to #1 and regain the respect we once knew. I'd like to know what anybody will think about the financial situation of our country at the present time. Is there anyone out there who is NOT concerned about our country or our financial condition? If not, you should be!! This is not a political rhetorical question. We need some answers regardless of your political views. Your kids and grand kids will reap the results of the direction in which our country is headed. -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) Re: Greg ALLEY's ('73) post on 12-18-14 And Mr. Ernie Curtis was the nice gentleman who handed out all the equipment to keep us busy and out of trouble when we weren't swimming at the Big Pool on those long hot summer days. Good memories.. -Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) Hmmmm so are we going political here? -Mike FRANCO ('70) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/22/14 3 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Rex HUNT ('53), Marilynn WORKING ('54) Mike CLOWES ('54), Joretta GARRISON ('58) NO BOMBER BIRTHDAYS Today!!!! BOMBER ANNIVERSARY: Bob CHILES ('58) & Suzie GUNDERSON ('60) 1-4-3 12/22 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Parade" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rex HUNT ('53) People have to stop equating Social Security with tax. It is a different fund. Eisenhower raided it first to build the interstate highway system. Then every president since has bled that fund for what ever pet project was on his menu. Each one has always said it is a loan and will be paid back. Yet not a dime has ever flowed from the government to the fund. So till people wake up and start thinking about who they vote for, it will as the song says "GO ON". Have a nice day. -Rex HUNT ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Gals from class of '54 lunch Well, we had a huge crowd at our lunch Friday noon at Rosey's... and a big surprise from "Santa" in the form of a classmate named, David "Lefty" KUNKLER ('54)!!! He picked up the tab for all 11 of our lunches, including Jeanette's husband, Jim MEFFORD ('54). Jim was there as Jeanette's driver, since she is still recuperating from hip replacement. Lefty said that was his Christmas present to all of us!! He comes by and does the same thing on his birthday!!! What a guy!!! This group of ladies say "thank you", and now will treat him with a little more kindness!! Those attending, besides myself, of course, were Judy NIELD Zackary, Shirley STREGE Bigelow, Dona McCLEARY Belt, Norma MYRICK Nunamaker, Jeanette DUNCAN Mefford, Sue HALE Blahuvietz, Ruth WINCHESTER Shook, Ginny WEYERTS Wendland, Cathy JENSON Collins ('53), and Joan KNIGHT Lusty. A fun time was had by all. The two men sat out in the restaurant so us women could chat by ourselves in our separate room. Female talk, you know!!! Merry Christmas to all Bombers and here's wishing everyone a Happy and safe New Year... 2015!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where the 50 weather is feeling nice. NO white Christmas this year! Okay by me!!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) I trust one and all have had a nice Winter Solstice. Chanukah will be soon over. Christmas is just around the corner. I'm not to sure about Kwanza. At any rate, with the amount of daylight increasing, I would like to take this moment to wish one and all a Happy Christmas. I hope that Santa will be good to you. Re: Gas Prices At least they are headed in the proper direction for the moment. It would seem that governments (local, state and federal) still can't manage to keep the roads fixed no matter how much they rake in on road/gas taxes. I guess it is a degree of "overhead" that eats up the taxes rather than paying workers to fix things and buy the materials to do it. Reminds me of when I was working, every time we got a pay raise, union dues went up. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where weather guessers are calling for a wet Christmas in the valley and a possible lowering snow level (2 - 3,000 feet). **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sue Pritchett, aka Joretta GARRISON ('58) Re: Stocking Stuffers It's not too late for those last-minute items for the stockings. Richland Seniors Association has "alphabet-house ornaments" depicting the early homes in Richland in the 1940s. At only $3.00 each, we have A, B, Ranch, Prefab, Precut, F, H, C, and R. We also have Hanford Falcon ornaments ($5.00) and Richland Bomber ornaments ($6.00). Send an email and we can arrange pickup at my home in Richland. Thanks. -Sue Pritchett, aka Joretta GARRISON ('58) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/23/14 2 days till Christmas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Roger GRESS ('61), David DOUGLAS ('62) Pete BEAULIEU ('62), Roy BALLARD ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Maryanne GRENINGER ('67wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck HOLTZ ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig LANSING ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BLANKINGSHIP ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sheila STAMBAUGH ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy RIGGINS ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Denny KUYKENDALL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pat HARTY ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff O'MEALY ('71) 12/23 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Captain Tintop" Today **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) To: Bill BLANKINGSHIP ('62) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bill... and many more. -Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David DOUGLAS ('62) I joined a writers group a year ago. I'm writing a novel based on my high school years and need some information. When does basketball season end (not including the state championship games)? I saw gas for $2.09/gal today in Mesa, AZ. Hard to believe. It used to cost over $50 to fill my Sienna van tank. -David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) To: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) and Ed WOOD ('62) First, I agree with Frank on his views about federal spending. It seems that wanting to deal at the same time with biennial budgets (and deficits) and the cumulative national debt--walking and chewing gum at the same time--is a disqualification from elective office. In the beginning, the constitutionalist James Madison originally wanted state budgets and the federal budget to compete with each other within a single overall tax ceiling. Priorities and budget deletions. Later when six-year Senators started acting like two-year Representatives--bringing home the bacon rather than looking out for the overall and long-term common good-- scrambling for photo ops took over and mortgaging of the national future was assured. When expansion into the unlimited West was complete our exploitive habits simply turned toward out-of-sight- out-of-mind future generations of taxpayers. Second, Ed, the expression "no such thing as a free lunch" comes from Barry Commoner and his book, The Closing Circle (1971). He offered four rules of ecology: (1) everything is connected to everything else; (2) everything must go somewhere (. . . think Hanford cleanup); (3) nature knows best; and (4) there is no such thing as a free lunch. As for the last rule, we of the iconoclastic class of '62 or even Frank's Gold Medal Class of '63 can break this one any time we want. Next time you and Janice are in Seattle, let me know and I'll show you a free lunch. -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Oh, my God. no birthdays for yesterday [12/22]? I suggest that when we have a day like that, that we celebrate, Rex DAVIS ('49) Day, What a guy. 'Nuff said. -Roy BALLARD ('63) ~ Richland ... And a Merry Christmas to Rex and all. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Best friends are the goodest I know that's like putting "Camero" on the license plate of your '67 Camero... the funniest Magoo pointed out, on one of my neighbor's cars... he said "who would put "towncar" on the license of a towncar?" redundant as heck. Before I start out on today's BFF b-day guys I wanna say a couple of words... First: I didn't really miss Susan WARD's ('65) b-day on the 21st. Instead, I got home very late and was not gonna put our editor Bomber-babe inna bad position... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I love you the mostest........ Next: If you have not read "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen, get a copy and read, think and ACT! It is NOT a political book. We just had our power go out for about an hour. I know, to some of you an hour is nothing... I took the time to do some work outside I had been putting off. While I was doing that I thought again about the book. In fact, last weekend while we were driving to the coast we all got to talking about an attack on the infrastructure of the Country. Rather timely considering what Sony just went through. I have hounded several of my friends to stock water and food stuffs till I am blue in the face (I'm a big disgrace to the Aborigine race, my boomerang won't come back... oooops)... One second after it is too late. Now, the good stuff... dunno the whole story on the two b-day Bombers today... I'm friends with one and respect the hell outa the other and am BFFs with his sister ('63)... (I have never said BFF before in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) What I do know is that these two guys have been friends forever and given the way I feel about my friends like that I know how it feels to be so close you might as well be brothers. I had the honor of nominating one of these guys for the Quilt of Honor, but was unable to get up to Washington for the event. His b-day pal was kind enough to help ensure his presence at the presentation. I'm not saying that to brag, it just shows how I feel about a guy I only know through his sister. The two guys I nominated are special men and I was thrilled they were honored as such. So I am so very glad to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bill BLANKINGSHIP ('62) and Craig LANSING ('62), on your special day, December 23, 2014!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Maryanne GRENINGER Merritt ('67wb) To: Tim SMYTH ('62) the liquid yellow, sweet vitamin I was given in the '50s was called Vi Daylin. I loved it! -Maryanne GRENINGER Merritt ('67wb) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/24/14 ~ HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Diane DAVENPORT ('62), Ed WOOD ('62) Donna NELSON ('63), Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Alan LOBDELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn GROFF ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave MILLER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kerry LYNCH ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art SCHAFER ('70) 12/24 CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "North Pole" Today (the last one) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Diane DAVENPORT ('62) To: Bill BLANKINGSHIP ('62) Happy Birthday, Bill [on 12/23]! Hope your 70th year is the BEST! -Diane DAVENPORT ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed WOOD ('62) To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: TANSTAAFL So what caused six-year senators to start acting like two-year Representatives? Was that the 17th amendment? Commoner may have been the first to use the TANSTAAFL phrase (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) in the field of ecology. It's certainly appropriate in that setting. But his book, The Closing Circle was published five years after Heinlein used the phrase in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, dealing with libertarian political themes. Economists used similar phrases decades earlier, and if you really want to get a bit more expansive about it, you can even push back the calendar to the dawn of the second law of thermodynamics. But I like your offer to repeal the TANSTAAFL truism when we next visit Seattle. See you then, good buddy. -Ed WOOD ('62) ~ Morrison, CO **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna NELSON ('63) For some reason I've been thinking about presents I got for Christmas as a kid like a Toni doll (I still have), Muffy doll, panda bear (Suz and I both got), many more dolls, clamp on roller skates and from early 35 mm movies the pounding bench and a popping toy, tricycle and as a senior... contacts!!! What really prompted me to write was in our "F" house (before our Dad dug it out) basement Jan, David Craig and Connie Bloom lined up their chemistry sets one time. You had to step up on cinder blocks to the dirt part where the sets were. Don't know why they chose our basement and don't remember them mixing chemicals much but the green case with 3 rows of white milk glass bottles come to mind with tools, beakers and test tubes. Just memories! -Donna NELSON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) and Ed WOOD ('62) Most of us have probably heard the old saying, "There is no such thing as a free lunch," our entire lives. My dad and father-in- law used to say this constantly and I believed it. But in the 1960s, things changed with LBJ's "Great Society" plan. We now have a "redistribution of wealth" plan. Is there really no free lunch? I think the saying needs to be adjusted to fit the way things have been since these societal changes have been made... maybe something like, "There is no free lunch except for those corrupt politicians who come into office poor and leave with millions and a large segment of the population that has turned "assistance" into a normal way of life that has been handed down from one generation to another." I'm NOT trying to make a political point of this, but rather a personal observation from my own life since graduation in 1963. At one time, there was no "government assistance," and then along came the Great Depression from 1929 up to about 1942 when we plunged into WWII. The only assistance people had was from their families, churches, neighbors and private charities. However, things got so bad that the "New Deal" was created as the government's way to deal with the situation. It served its purpose by helping families with its numerous acronym agencies. The country limped along until we were involved in the war. The huge wartime industries created millions of jobs, created businesses and spending was stimulated. The New Deal was supposed to be a "crutch" but ended up creating numerous agencies that we still have today. So the war really got us out of the Depression... lots of soldiers, military and private industry jobs... a big jump start to the economy. But during this time, people really WANTED and NEEDED jobs and were extremely grateful just to earn money to support their families. This concept seemed to stretch through the 1950s and to the mid 1960s. Then along came the Beetles, Hippies, free love and lots of far out stuff. Then the "War on Poverty" and "The Great Society." These were supposed to "fix" many of society's problems. In January 1970, I got my first teaching job in New Orleans, a short stint in Central Florida and, finally, a permanent career in Jefferson Parish Public Schools until I retired in 2000. ALL of the schools in which I taught were the worst of the worst. Some of the kids I taught ended up in Angola for committing murders... and some were the ones murdered. Here's where the "free lunch" part comes in. Almost all of the kids were on free breakfast and lunch (now even take-home food and summer programs). No one objected to feeding kids that were really "in need." In fact, we as teachers, many times pitched in to help kids. But, as time went by, I noticed a lot of kids seemed to have wads of cash and spent it freely on candy, drinks or whatever was available to buy. These "poor" kids wore expensive clothes and wore expensive tennis shoes. Numerous parents picked up a number of these kids in Cadillacs, Lincolns, BMWs, and other expensive cars. When the 8th grade prom came along, many of the poor kids had the fanciest clothes and came to the school prom in stretch limousines! I had the cheapest car in the entire parking lot as did my wife. Obviously, something was wrong with this picture. After a few years, I was making about $7,000 a year and had next to nothing. I had to pay for my own lunch and drove a cheesy little compact car. I won't even get into the insane discipline problems these kids caused. But the larger point is, A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING A "FREE LUNCH" while those of us who work and pay taxes and always have, ARE PAYING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S FREE LUNCH. About half of the population pays NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX and "redistribution" programs have become the norm. Some people will continue to deny this, but if you are one of the working stiffs who is struggling from paycheck to paycheck... maybe a major reason you are "POOR" is because you REALLY ARE PAYING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S FREE LUNCH!!! Work has become a dirty word!!! -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) ~ Bayou Gauche, LA where it was in the mid to high 70s yesterday **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) In answer to the question by David DOUGLAS ('62) the last regular basketball game for Richland will be played at Hanford on February 6, 2015. If a tie breaker is necessary, it will be played on February 7, 2015. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland where we are wishing you a "Holly, Jolly Christmas!" **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Alan LOBDELL ('69) Re: Money and Gas If we look back to just before QE1 [Quantitative Easing], QE2, QE3, and now QE4 you would find that when oil was $70 a barrel we paid about $1.68 a gal for gas. After the QE giveaways our dollar took such a devaluation that when a barrel of oil was $70 we were paying up to $3.90 a gal. for gas. Now there are those who think oil may drop to $50 a barrel. That still won't get us under $2 a gal since our money is not worth that much anymore. Then look at Fractured Federal Financing which is a strange way for banks to get, keep and lend money and you will see that if you take away all the fake non-existing money our national debt is about $8 trillion. This whole system is convoluted on purpose so you do not figure it out. Ron Paul did a video explaining how it works but I barely comprehend and will not even attempt to explain. The money and power brokers want us to be in the dark. I see a real tough time of our kids and grand kids coming. -Alan LOBDELL ('69) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/25/14 ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Rex HUNT ('53wb) Wanda WITTEBORT ('53), Karen COLE ('55) Ann BISHOP ('56), Betty McELHANEY ('57) Pete BEAULIEU ('62), Mary Ann VOSSE ('63) Linda REINING ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Betti AVANT ('69), Mike FRANCO ('70) Brad UPTON ('74) Happy Birthday to 68 year old Jimmy Buffett today BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Pat ACKLEY ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry BOWLS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Irene WALDNER ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay COATES ('72wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Merry Christmas As we reach the day when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, it is good for us to stop and think that this little vulnerable Baby would one day be led to a cross and become the One Sacrifice needed to grant the world?s population, past, present, and future, the forgiveness necessary for life eternal with Him. God bless you all and a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco, WA where it is raining. No white Christmas here! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rex HUNT ('53wb) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read Free Lunch -Rex HUNT ('53wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Wanda WITTEBORT Shukay ('53) Wish Mary Pat ACKLEY Morrow ('53) a Happy Birthday on December 25th. -Wanda WITTEBORT Shukay ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Karen COLE Correll ('55) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read Free Lunch -Karen COLE Correll ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sara Ousley, aka Ann BISHOP ('56) To: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Well said brother! -Sara Ousley, aka Ann BISHOP ('56) ~ Texarkana, AR **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty McELHANEY Hudspeth ('57) Re: Christmas Sorry to break in on your private club, but wanted to say Thank You for your Holiday greetings. Your CHEERFUL letters have really put me in a GOOD MOOD for CHRISTMAS EVE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! BAH HUMBUG! -Betty McELHANEY Hudspeth ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) Re: Politics Can we please leave politics out of the Alumni Sandstorm? [Problem is that I'm so NOT political myself, that I sometimes have trouble recognizing it. See what I did with today's entry from Pete BEAULIEU ('62) and maybe a few others. -Maren] -Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) Merry Christmas. Donna NELSON's ('63) memories of Christmas reminded me of one of my most-favorite memories... I was about 6 years old, I think, and I wanted a "Tiny Tears" doll from Santa--my mom, dad and I were sitting on the couch, when I heard sleigh bells at the front door (we lived in a prefab on Rossell), I carefully opened the door... not sure if Santa would be standing there or not... found the Tiny Tears doll, on the porch, complete with her trunk, which came full of clothes and accessories... I swore I saw Santa up in the sky, too, since I could still hear the sleigh bells. years later, I found out that "Santa" was actually Mrs. Betty Noble (mom of Danny ('58), Larry ('60), Patsy ('61-RIP), Betty ('63), Becky ('60-RIP), and Lynn ('72))... they lived next door to us, in a precut. wish I still had the doll... had her til I became a teenager. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ the weatherman is predicting snow for tonight... so we are keeping fingers crossed that we have a White Christmas in Kuna, ID **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Today is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. Four Bombers that I know of celebrate their special days on this day. A blessing and a curse. They are blessed to celebrate on such a holy day. But the other side of the coin is that we give gifts on birthdays and Christmas. Uh oh... something's amiss here. How do ya distinguish between birthday presents and Christmas presents? Dunno... I've had the pleasure of getting to know one of these kids over the years and count him as a fantastic friend. He is also one smart dude... he gave up riding his Harley... corse as with me, he hadda learn the hard way... we are all blessed that he pulled through and can walk and chew gum at the same time again! In the early '70s, when I was still teaching, we had a free lunch program. If Vegas hadda inner-city my school would have been considered an inner-city school... a really tough neighborhood... not "tuff"... tough... the lunch was the same... paid or free... the kids on free lunch would throw it away saying they couldn't eat that garbage and would go across the street and buy candy and such, the kids who paid for it, dutifully ate it all up, as did I, a teacher, if I hadn't brought a lunch. Along with the saying "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" is a corollary "if it's free it ain't worth nuthin'"... nuff said. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Pat ACKLEY ('53), Larry BOWLS ('64), Irene WALDNER ('69), and Jay COATES ('72) on your special day, Christmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK OK OK for our Bomber-babe, Parrot head Editor... HB Jimmy Buffett (NAB)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Merry Christmas to Bombers everywhere. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ from rainy Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) The Beatles, hippies and free love was the problem?... where did I put that home lobotomy kit??? -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) One of the reasons I've enjoyed reading the Sandstorm since the very beginning is that we've managed to keep politics out of it. Has there been a change of philosophy? Do we get to rant about very complex social problems by quoting the same old tired racist, simplistic bullet points that get repeated over and over and over again? All hate and fear is a sad thing to spew. If this is the way of the new Sandstorm, maybe it's time this online newspaper calls it quits. [NOT the "new" Sandstorm... I don't always recognize political when I see it... Bomber apologies to one and all... from now on if I even THINK something is political, I'll put it somewhere else -- see today's entry from Pete BEAULIEU ('62). -Maren] -Brad UPTON ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/26/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Dick WIGHT ('52), Curt DONAHUE ('53) Jim McKEOWN ('53), Karen COLE ('55) Mike BRADY ('61), David DOUGLAS ('62) Frank WHITESIDE ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Kent MADSEN ('65), Mike FRANCO ('70) Gary TURNER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vera SMITH ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick WIGHT ('52) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Dick WIGHT ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Political Entries Well done, Maren!!! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: Happy belated birthday Happy one day, belated birthday, to our bud from way back, Pat Ackley Morrow ('53)... We used to spend every Saturday, either at their place in Kennewick, or our 2 bedroom prefab on Craighill, listening to Jackie Gleason followed by a Playhouse of some sort that had movies... kids bedded down wherever... wonderful memories... love you both, Patti and Jack... -Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from rainy Portland where we are enjoying the holiday with daughter Deb and her husband, G'kids, and the cat Patrick... back to Sacramento on Monday **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Karen COLE Correll ('55) In my defense, my entry was an insight into welfare during the depression. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. -Karen COLE Correll ('55) ~ Nine Mile Falls, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike BRADY ('61) To. Brad UPTON ('74) Like -Mike BRADY ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David DOUGLAS ('62) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Boy am I stupid I always knew I wasn't the brightest bulb in the string, but boy am I naive. I read all of the Sandstorms leading up to and including Christmas day and I never saw a single racist, hateful, fearful bullet point in the whole bunch. I saw some honest personal anecdotes and, yes some observations that would be called political in nature... but boy I'm so damned dumb I missed all the rest. I'll try and keep a keener eye out from now on. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great new year! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kent MADSEN ('65) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Kent MADSEN ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) I'm with Brad UPTON ('74). Plenty of places for politics. Let's keep this politics free... actually avoid negative rock-throwing. Happy NY all. -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary TURNER ('71) Re: Thanks Thank you, Maren, for relegating the political stuff to another venue. We had the Sandbox for awhile but it... like most political sites... eventually turned into a place for people to vent their personal problems and fire off ad hominem attacks in all directions. Plenty of spots on the interwebs to argue that stuff... let's preserve this as a nice place to enjoy a respite from the less pleasant issues of the day and continue to focus on what we all agree on... we are fortunate to have grown up in a place where we all... lobs and cons... share a wonderful sense of place and can celebrate our life long friendships. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! -Gary TURNER ('71) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/27/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Richard ROBERTS ('49), Dick WIGHT ('52) Marilyn DeVINE ('52), Mike CLOWES ('54) Mary RAY ('61), John ADKINS ('62) Larry BOWLS ('64), Cathy GEIER ('66) Brad UPTON ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn SCHULTZ ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeannine HUGHES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharon CHAPMAN ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti ECKERT ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray NELSON ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) Thanks, Maren, for creating a cat box for the political nonsense. -Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick WIGHT ('52) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Dick WIGHT ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) I was sorry to see that my Christmas greeting to all my Bomber friends didn't make the Sandstorm. I must have forgotten to click "send". So... a belated Merry Christmas to each and all, and Happy New Year, too. To: Dick WIGHT ('52), David DOUGLAS ('62), Frank WHITESIDE ('63), David RIVERS ('65), and Kent MADSEN ('65) I'm like Maren in that I didn't realize "those" entries were political. I thought they were just interesting information that I liked reading. I am sorry to see them relegated to another site. But what do I know, right? I hope I haven't said too much...don't want to get sent to that other place! -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ Richland with frosty mornings and warm sunshine later in the day and I am wondering why the people who don't like to see interesting entries, can't just skip them. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Christmas is over, all the presents have been unwrapped and, in some cases, either broken or returned. So, today's birthday Bomber Babe knows any new presents that show up are for her. Guess it has got to be sometimes confusing to young ones having birthdays so close to the holidays. A flourish and a tip of the ol' propeller beanie before the hearty "Happy Birthday!" cheer for Jeannie HUGHES ('54) will start the celebration. And a note to her current husband, please take her somewhere nice for dinner tonight, don't make her heat up Christmas dinner left-overs. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where weather guessers are calling for rain, then lower temperatures but no precip for the coming week. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary RAY Henslee ('61) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Mary RAY Henslee ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -John ADKINS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry BOWLS ('64) To: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Christmas Birthdays Good news, bad news - no maybe they are both good. *LOL* I got a new Harley for my birthday, but it is a 6" plastic scale model. It is from my riding partner who also sold his Harley after my crash. As it was something of a joke, so I will put it with the remaining relics of my riding days and see if I can sell it for a quarter at the next yard sale. Thanks, David -Larry BOWLS ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Cathy GEIER ('66) Re: Hello, is this ok? Hello Merry Christmas Bombers!!! I, Cathy GEIER, class of 66, am in Richland for 2 more days. I would love to catch up any classmates if it is possible.Maybe walk the river afternoon or evening? If not this time, another time! I am still living in Seattle, loving it and planning on coming to our big reunion. I can be reached at Hi Maren, If this is ok to put in.. many thanks. if not that's ok also. When I come here its usually only 2 or so days and I only have time for family. This time I am staying a couple extra days. The beauty and good living of our childhood and high school time remains. Thanks Cathy -Cathy GEIER ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Brad UPTON ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/28/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Norma LOESCHER ('53) Duane LEE ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Linda REINING ('64), Irene WALDNER ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron STEPHENS ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy STEACH ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robyn RICHARDSON ('78) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Entries I, for one, would like to see the entries that have to be decided upon by Maren stopped. It is unfair to her. I don't understand why, when a person expresses their opinion, someone feels compelled to debate with them. Let it go! If you can't, you have the person's email address, debate with that person privately! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco where we may or may not get rain or snow or both and then; maybe not. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) Re: Suggestions for us Sandstorm writers Reading the Sandstorm should be refreshing and relaxing, bringing back memories that celebrate our strong sense of place, and enjoying observations of an uplifting and/or humorous nature. Accordingly, here are two suggestions. Feel free to add or subtract. Pin the label "stupid" or "ignorant" or dumb" or "naive" only on yourself. If you do that, you will be following in the footsteps of some of our greatest comedians, whose insights and humility endear them to us. Some of our favorite Sandstorm writers do this today. Avoid using emotionally charged labels like "left-wing socialist/ communist" and "right-wing neanderthal/obstructionist." Thank you, Maren, for giving us a way to click on something that "might be political," or to continue down the main Sandstorm road. Bomber cheers, -Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) ~ in chilly, windy Richland where I spent the morning at a funeral and the afternoon quizzing a helpful Verizon salesman about my new iPhone **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Duane LEE ('63) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Duane LEE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: Moved to EXTRA - ONLY PART might be political... click to read -Dennis HAMMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) I am a "happy camper"... since moving to the Boise area of Idaho, we have gotten snow, twice, and had a "White Christmas"... LOVED IT. my youngest daughter and grandson have been here from Bakersfield and it was their first time seeing/being in the snow... they loved it, too. in fact, when it snowed Christmas Eve, they were both outside, playing in it and my grandson decided that skateboarding in the snow, "sounded" like a great idea... WRONG... wheels don't work in snow/ice and he "ate it", but he was laughing the whole time... he's 13. Have you ever had a peanut butter hamburger???? don't wrinkle up your nose... it's GOOD! there is a bowling alley/arcade/ restaurant in Meridian, ID called "Big Al's" and their food is delicious... they make the peanut butter hamburger... I ordered mine, medium-rare and it had a big dollop of peanut butter, right in the middle of the grilled hamburger, so it was gooey and even ran all over the plate and onto the fries... was sooooooo good. my youngest daughter and I had the hamburger... rest of the family had salads, pizza and/or fish tacos... "chickens". *grin* Am looking forward to 2015... grandson will graduate from "boot camp", mid-January... will officially be a "jar-head". we will fly down to San Diego... NOT a fan of flying and they no longer let you get on the airplane "looped", so have to "bite the bullet" and get on that blasted plane. things we do for our grandkids. *grin* -Linda REINING ('64) ~ we still have snow on the ground, in Kuna, ID **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Irene WALDNER Russell ('69) Well, I'll tell you about living with a Christmas birthday. Yes, it's pretty special, but doesn't any baby have a chance of 1 in about 365 days to be born on any given day? I do seem to collect a circle of acquaintances with birthdays on or around December 25th; those people are my 'birthday sisters' or 'birthday brothers'. How do we make the day different? My Mom and sister were careful to separate a birthday gift with different wrapping paper and a b-day card. Some Christmas kids get Christmas names: Holly, Noel, Carol, Nicholas, etc. I was named after an aunt who died the month before I was born, but Irene is Greek for 'peace'. That's a good Christmas name. I have always loved sharing my birthday with Jesus, but I have a birth certificate to prove the day, Jesus was most likely not born on Christmas (talk to your pastor...) Hey most everyone is off work and having a party on my birthday! There are some very witty Merry Birthday/Happy Christmas cards out there now; didn't used to be. I thought about having my celebration mid year in June, no one else wanted to. The down side? You can never have a good birthday party with school friends. Everyone is too busy getting ready for Christmas, and moms don't want to interrupt their schedules for taking their kid to a party. My dad and brother did give combined gifts; I didn't mind that. My mom is gone, but my sis, husband and son are judicious about separating gifts and well wishes. Restaurants that give out free meals or desserts on a person's birthday have to adjust a bit, because they are often closed on the 25th, and we are too busy eating ham left overs to want to go out for a meal! And I almost missed my own birthday. I arrived at 11:35pm! You do an enormous job, Maren. Thanks -Irene WALDNER Russell ('69) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/29/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Paula BEARDSLEY ('62), Tony SHARPE ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Clif EDWARDS ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck LANGE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dot EGELAND ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Hannah LEE ('94) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) Just want to take a minute to remember my younger sis on her birthday [12/29].. Rest In Peace Janice Lee BEARDSLEY Renz-Moe-Detrick ('64-RIP) Sure do miss hearing her voice and her laughter. Sis Nancy ('65) and Janice's daughter, Rhonda, went to visit Janice's family in S. Carolina this year and welcome the newest member to the family. Nancy sent me this picture... I miss you every day, Sis! Thanks for all you do to keep us connected Maren. Means more than you know. -Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) Family and Friends are everything...treasure them. *************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony SHARPE ('63) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Tony SHARPE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Remembering I'm getting ready to go to the drag strip for the Christmas lights... it is really unbelievable... but I suggested eating before so now I'm running my tookiss off cuz spent too much time on stuff... As we approach the end of 2014, let us remember that "WE ARE THE BOMBERS MIGHTY MIGHTY BOMBERS" and that means each and every one of us. It's not only Number 32 ('63) who bleeds green and gold (of course Marines also bleed crimson and gold) it is each and every one of us. When I tell people that the kids in Richland were more like siblings than neighbors I mean it from the bottom of my heart... I feel that way for each and every one of you... I am sure some people think I get a little sappy about this but hey... I can't help it. I love my town and I love each and every one of you. So for the new year let us put aside our differences and remember what makes us one... "WE ARE THE BOMBERS MIGHTY MIGHTY BOMBERS"... it is a lifetime thing kids... sorry but we iz stuck with each other so get used to it! Today was the birth of two special Bomber-babes who are with us in spirit but have left the building along with Elvis. I had the wonderful experience of having one for my "girlfriend" and we had memorable times together. The other I had known since second grade and miss greatly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kathy WERSEN ('64-RIP) and Janice BEARDSLEY ('64-RIP) on your special day, December 29, 2014!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Clif EDWARDS ('68) To: Linda REINING ('64) In my career as a sales rep I traveled many times to the Boise area and had an account in Meridian. I do not remember there being a "Big Al's" as it was a pretty small town. However, in Vancouver, WA, where we have settled, there is a place here called "Killer Burger" where every burger includes bacon. First on their menu is a "Peanut Butter" burger. I mentioned something about it like, "that would make me gag," or an equally inappropriate thing. The cook heard me and said it is one of their best sellers; if I was brave enough to try it and didn't like it there would be no charge. So I gave it a try, with bacon, pickles & onions. It was good! Not great, but good. I thought it was even better with a Mirror Pond IPA [beer], which gave the cook a good, knowing grin. In the words of Andrew Zimmern on Bizzare Food," If It Looks Good, Eat It!" This tasted better than it looked. Another random memory from one of the Road Warriors. -Clif EDWARDS ('68) ~ Vancouver, WA where as usual, the weather can't decide what season it is. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Jerry MARTIN ~ Class of 1957 ~ 1939 - 2013 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/30/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Norma LOESCHER ('53), Mike CLOWES ('54) Frank WHITESIDE ('63), Leo WEBB ('63) Linda REINING ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Brad UPTON ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Phil GANT ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doug HAWKINS ('62) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Lance HARTMAN ('60) & Marie RUPPERT ('63) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Jim HAMILTON ('63) & Nancy WICK ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) Happy Birthday, Phil GANT ('53)! You are my brother-in-law in spirit! Though Charlie and I never married, he was my soul mate. You became a wonderful part of my family, and you took me into yours! I wish you and Patti a sunshiny day and a much happier new year than 2014 has been. Bomber cheers and love forever, -Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Another one of those in-between holiday birthdays. This one made his older brother Charlie ('53-RIP) some what happy in that the birthday boy would not interfere with Christmas gifting. Hey! Brothers can be that way. At any rate; today we celebrate the birthday of a Bomber of my acquaintance both back in the day and most recently through Club40. It has been fun although the first time I saw him, after 45 years, I thought he looked like a used-car salesman. What else could one assume if the guy was wearing a full "Cleveland"? Be that as it may, it is time to tip the ol' propeller beanie and give out with the "Happy Birthday!" for a friend and fellow classmate: Phil GANT ('54). Have a good one. How about a non-political sigh of relief for lower gas prices for the moment. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where we are somewhat safe from the east winds roaring out of the Gorge and might remain dry until later in the week. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) To: Tony SHARPE ('63) SUPER DUPER LIKE!!!! -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Leo WEBB ('63) Great point, Tony SHARPE ('63), I saw it as a history lesson. -Leo WEBB ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Clif EDWARDS ('68) Re: Big Al's, Meridian, ID According to their web site, Big Al's opened in 2004. Web site also shows a Big Al's in Beaverton, OR and Vancouver, WA. We have only been here since this Summer, but we love it here. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ Kuna, ID we got more snow, yesterday and more is predicted for today and Tuesday. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: am I late? The end of the year can be so very confusing... I gotta email from Kippy ('62) and Ellen ('63) that sent me scrambling to my cheat sheet thinking I'd done slept thru a portant birthday but then checked the Bomber Calendar to make sure and wheeeeeeeeeew I'm thinking I'm OK... well not like I'm OK I'm just me... same ol' me I was yesterday, but my post should be OK... as well as me 'n' Frank WHITESIDE ('63) bein' best buds and all and Tony SHARPE ('63) too so guess I'll jest get to it and wish my good friend, Doug HAWKINS ('62) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on his special day and yellin' to them HAMILTONs ('63;'65) a HAPPY ANUBERSERY!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) Dear Maren, I've enjoyed reading the Sandstorm from the very beginning but I am done. Please take me off the list and discontinue my subscription. I'm paid through Sept., keep the change. -Brad UPTON ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/31/14 ~ NEW YEAR'S EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54), Dave ROBERTSON ('60) Ed QUIGLEY ('62), Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Jim HAMILTON ('63), John CAMPBELL ('63) Tony SHARPE ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Jo MILES ('64), David RIVERS ('65) John ALLEN ('66), Bruce STRAND ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Grace DeVINCENTIS ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wayne WALLACE ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doug HILDEBRANT ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John ALLEN ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary GRIGG ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mikel BOATMAN ('99) Happy New Year from Tony DURAN ('55) [change 2013 to 2015 -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) 'Tis the morning of the last day of 2014, a semi-momentous year. Some of us had a fairly good time, and a few went off in a high dudgeon (which is not a car brand, but a bit of a snit). We lost a few Bombers this year, but, thankfully good old Richland/ Columbia/Richland High keeps turning them out all-be-it sorta brain-washed about aeroplanes. We can all hope that the coming year might be better. There will be celebrations of reunions for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and even 70 years following graduations. That's something to think about; if you graduated in 1995 (how last century) it will be 10 years come this May/June. Let's hope those ten years have been good to you and yours, and the coming 10 will be as good or better. It only works out that way in graduation speeches unfortunately. We all walked out of that ceremony with the idea of changing the world for the better, and look what it got us. Enough speechifying, enjoy the games, the parties, and spare the hang-overs. Happy New Year, Bombers! -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where I hope this epistle is not (too) political. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave ROBERTSON ('60) Re: A lively Op-Ed Page. I am all for it. The contributor could indicate in the subject line "Extra" or "Op-Ed" and Maren could link it to the proper section of the Sandstorm. Living in Richland, we were surrounded by some incredible, talented high school class mates. Athletics who won state tournaments and later became pro baseball and football players, a Rhode Scholar, Peace Corp volunteers, many Ph.D.s who taught at major universities or did research in the private and public sectors, professors, musical artists, authors, comedians, a four star general, naval captains, highway patrol men, veterans who defended our country, lawyers some who later went on to teach, medical doctors, and many of us who just slugged it out and raised a family. I always thought it would be wonderful to hear Bomber opinions on contemporary issues of today. How has time shaped their perspective and where their moral bearing is today as they look back? Some, maybe, I would agree with some not, but it would be fascinating to learn their views. I think also that this would broaden the number of people who contribute to the Sandstorm. Nothing better than a little opinionated discussion -Dave ROBERTSON ('60) ~ Chapel Hill, NC -- Living in a blue city in a red state where it sometimes snows in the winter. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed QUIGLEY ('62) Re: Being offended. . . Over the last couple of weeks, I've found myself being amazed that some people just CHOOSE to be offended by reasonable discussions which may challenge their own opinions. . . I don't mind the way that Maren has chosen to deal with people's sensitivities except for one thing: being new to the iPad, when Maren's links take me away from Mail, to a web page, can anyone tell me how to get from the browser back to Mail with one click or sweep? Oh, and Maren, can you provide a link that maybe has all the sensitive discussions in order so I can just go there and read through them instead of doing all this "jumping around"? Some of us are getting WAAAAY too old for that type of exercise! [Ed, Sorry I know nothing about iPads... wish I could help... this "extra" stuff is the easiest way for me... -Maren] -Ed QUIGLEY ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: Can't we all just get along? OK folks let's just all take a deep breath. There isn't that a lot better. Here we are old enough for a free soft drink at Jack in the Box [AND Taco Bell] and we still haven't figured it out. I'm not real keen on many labels, having labeled myself as an "Unrepentant A**hole", quite probably spot on. I've realized that my opinions are worth about what I'm paid for them. If my agenda was fulfilled there would be no one sitting on the Home side of Husky Stadium eight or nine Saturdays in the fall, and that ain't even going to happen. So I choose to save my breath for cooling my soup. Not unlike tequila, I think there is a perceived omnipotence in the e-mail platform that gives someone the false courage to say things they would never say to someone to their face. I can't imagine anyone of us going to someone we had never met and even before the pleasantries were completed telling them they were full of it. Would we take someone to task as vehemently for relishing broccoli or painting their face at a Seahawk game? Would I tell them that it's OK to do it, but they shouldn't be allowed to vote? Deep breath, deep breath and I won't even get into people taking their dogs into Home Depot. It just ain't worth it. It's been what, twenty some years, that we've all been enjoying the Sandstorm. Somehow it's now no longer about discussing what is greatest about being Bombers, our commonality. To have anyone bid "Sayonara" because of the bickering of a few shouldn't be the way we roll. Let's think about the Greater Good. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony SHARPE ('63) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Tony SHARPE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John CAMPBELL ('63) Re: Good job, Maren Maren, I would like to compliment you on your efforts to find common ground for the Sandstorm readers. Many of us have different views on the changes that we have experienced over our lives, but we share a common bond of growing up in Richland. I would urge fellow readers to stay the course and not get upset over a few "bumps" among friends. Regards, -John CAMPBELL ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jo MILES ('64) Re: Friendships and love Sadly, friendships and love can be defeated by harsh words and social opinion, as we have seen too often on Facebook. Please help keep the joy and compassion alive in the Sandstorm. -Jo MILES ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -Dennis HAMMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: hard decisions Gotta call from my Little Sarah today, she is finally going to put her mother in assisted living. She is so frightened and said: "I'm not ready for her to die, Dad, it is too much". She had hoped her mom would go for it about a year ago but we all know how that is. Her mom fell again while Sarah was at work and Sarah had to come running from work. We all want to take care of ourselves and never see how we are aging. I had to have a pass made for the Courthouse the other day for some Pro-tem work and as I sat the girl pulled up my last Bar picture. I used to be very good about getting it taken every year but have no idea when I last had it done. She took a new picture and this gray headed guy popped onto the first thought was "who the hell is that"... then I laughed and said... "gee I got older" My friends and I never seem to age when we get together... I mean jeez... it was just last year that the class of '62 turned 70... It seemed so much easier when I put my mother in assisted living. She went kicking and screaming, but had wandered away from home in her pajamas and it took me forever to find her. The police found her and she was put into the North Las Vegas Hospital far from her house. It didn't help that she was not speaking to me again so I didn't even know she was missing until Sarah knocked on her door and couldn't find her at home. -David RIVERS ('65) P.S. somebody remind me to put 2015 on my next post!!!!!!!!!!!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ALLEN ('66) -Re: Moved to EXTRA - Might be political... click to read -John ALLEN ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bruce STRAND ('69) To: Brad UPTON ('74) Don't go Brad! How to we keep up with your upcoming gigs? Missed you last time you were in the Phoenix area due to a conflict but we always want to know when you are "coming to town." [I told Brad he could send his upcoming gig schedule if he wanted to. -Maren] -Bruce STRAND ('69 ~ Doug's brother) ~ Freezing in Tempe, AZ at 32.5 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Carol HOLLINGSWORTH Entrikin ~ Class of 1955 ~ 1936 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for the year. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` November, 2014 ~ January, 2015