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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ June, 2014
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/01/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara SESLAR ('60), Mike BRADY ('61) Jim HAMILTON ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ellen FOLEY ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don LLEWELLYN ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carolyn ROE ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John GILE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jon LINDBERG ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roberta LAWRENCE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Michael FURNER ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kerry STEICHEN ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) Re: Sandra STICE Smith ('60-RIP) I noticed another Bomber obituary in the Herald. -Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike BRADY ('61) Re: RV FOR SALE? My wife and I are getting serious?again,,, about buying a RV. We're thinking of buying a used one, approximately 25' with a price range of 20 to 25K. We live in the Seattle area and would be willing to travel to pick it up. If you or a neighbor or friend have a good one for sale in my price range, please contact me. -Mike BRADY ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: Carolyn's Birthday So I Googled the lyrics to Sweet Caroline for the Birthday Girl, thinking I?d come up with something sharper than the "Rapier Like Wit" of His Baristerness, Matlock Jr. Fingers got too big for the keyboard and I found that there are no lyrics on-line for "Sweaty Caroline". That was good, because the Birthday doesn't sweat. Horses sweat and she's so cool that she "Glows". It was many, many years ago that she took this wayward Southend kid under her tutelage, teaching me about the cucumber sandwiches they served in the Chief Joe lunchroom and which fork to scratch with at a proper luncheon. While she is known as one kind person, I later figured out that I was only her conduit to Dick PLOWS, Pook, Bob & Billy HYATT and the list goes on. I felt so USED. Over time her tutelage has morphed into tolerance and as I believe Sonny and Cher so succinctly said, "and the beat goes on". She's captured the hearts of all whose lives she has touched. Best wishes to Carolyn ROE DeJong ('63) and I hope LaMont takes you on his promised "no limit" shopping trip to the Dollar Store. I think we have a coupon if he wants to wait. -Nancy & Jimbeaaux p.s. Should you ever be home long enough to check your answering machine, there's one from us placing our next reservation for the Cowboy Suite. -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: didja know??????????????????? It is almost that time again... I mean THAT time... the time when tons a kids will be in Richland celebratin' the Bomber-b- day babe's b-day... ya hoo ya hoo ya hoo... well Ok we'll be 18 days late but hey... we try... yes indeedee... the '65ers'll be in town in droves and bunches of '63 kids will be there too... can't wait can't wait can't wait... For one and all... I'll hit town on Thursday around 7 pm... alligiant has changed its flight times so I May miss a few at the DQ... but Friday there will be tons of us at the Spudnut Shop... Friday, don't forget to show up at Cecilia Bennett's (just south of Haines on the River side of GWWay on the little island of grass between the houses and GWWay... get there before they close the streets... Saturday is always car watching in the Uptown and in the park across the street... Ruth Simpson has asked that we have the party Saturday at her house (Cecilia please confirm)... If Mary Lou WATKINS('63) and Ellen WEIHERMILLER ('63) and their gang aren't too busy hangin' out in Pasco, maybe they'll join us... we'll show the Hoquium Grizzly just what a cult really looks like... I sure hope the b-day Bomber-babe and LaMont are there... can't wait to see everyone... so nah... I ain't gonna say it... too over-used and silly... ah heck... Be there... ... or don't............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carolyn ROE ('63) on your special day, June 1, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: pink & purple highlights for Relay for Life walk coming up Got some new highlights today for the Relay for Life walk... pink for breast cancer awareness and purple of survivorship. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ sunny and hot Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/02/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Anna DURBIN ('69) Lori SIMPSON ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick REED ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Neil McCARTNEY ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry FELDER ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gloria MINARD ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lori SIMPSON ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Anna DURBIN ('69) Re: My sister Sorry that it is my sad job to share that my sister, Marye DURBIN Godinez ('63), died at home peacefully after a battle with cancer. -Anna DURBIN ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) I am looking for any info for the class of '64's 50 Year reunion. My sister, Cherie SIMPSON ('64), has not been notified of it, so far! Thanks, -Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Marye DURBIN Godinez ~ Class of 1963 ~ 1945 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/03/14 "It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty, delta day.." Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Helen CROSS ('62), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Linda REINING ('64), Shannon WEIL ('82) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: 06/03 Mick MIKULECKY ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan VANDENBERG ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Re: Bowe Bergdahl's release Is Bowe related to the Richland Bergdahls? I saw fliers and billboards listing him as a POW when we were driving by Tacoma in April, early May. Now I am seeing on Fox News that he left under a cloud, maybe he wasn't even captured. I did just see the dad on TV, Bob Bergdahl, but I couldn't tell, is that the Bobby BERGDAHL ('62) I grew up with, his mom was my Sunday School teacher at CUP church, so I really did grow up with him. I've meant to ask this since I saw the billboards around the Fort near Tacoma, but just haven't gotten the time to do it. As usual, we didn't have enough time, but we did enjoy the time we had there. A lot of the orchards were blooming, so it was a great time to be driving around the state... had a brief get together with my brother Roy CROSS ('65). All 3 of his kids have graduated in the last year, 2 last year, his son from Southridge in Kennewick and he's at the UW, and his daughter Karin from WWU in Bellingham and she is now working in the beautiful Whidbey Island area. and his middle daughter Kaitlyn just graduated from the U of Richmond, VA and I'm not sure what she is up to yet. We've had a terrific Easter season, and are too busy, but happy to be busy, still with life at the church. I also had a neat 5 day get together with Carol RICE Forister ('62) in Pella, Iowa, later in May after we returned from the west coast. We enjoyed (especially me) life with a Dutch touch there and got to see a lot of tulips, and share a few laughs. Carol is battling muliple myoloema cancer, so she would appreciate your prayers. Can't believe it is June already and we are all but half way to Christmas... it finally warmed up here in the midwest after a horrible and cold winter. I am amazed that some of my perennials made it, but actually most did. And now we are suffering from hot days. we humans are never happy I guess... -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Hope, IN **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Lori SIMPSON Hogan (?70) Re: Class of '64's 50 Year Reunion What is Cherie's e-mail address and I'll send her the registration form that needs to be filled out and sent to Kathy HOFF Conrad ('64), along with the payment. Carol Converse Maurer ~ Kennewick, WA -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick very nice weather, but hear we are to get winds again in a couple days :( **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Lori SIMPSON Hogan (?70) Re: Class of '64's 50 Year Reunion Your sister, Cherie ('64), can find all the information on the reunion by clicking on: Then, scroll till she finds the 2014 Reunions Then click on the one for the Class of 1964 She can find all the information about our upcoming reunion there. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shannon WEIL Lamarche ('82) Re: Kent "Wig" DAVIS ('82) I just wanted the Bomber community to know that one of our own has very recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an aggressive form of cancer that is attacking his bones, and he needs our help! Kent "Wig" Davis, son of the late BJ and Norm Davis and brother of Sheila ('71), Steve "Bear" ('72-RIP), Mike ('74), Karen ('76), and twin brother, Keith "Jumbo" Davis ('82). Wig started chemotherapy today and Jumbo started a fund raising campaign to help cover some of the medical expenses that are sure to pile up. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, and if you can't give, then please keep him and his family in your prayers if you are so inclined. Thank you!! Click here to support Kent DAVIS cancer fund by Keith DAVIS -Shannon WEIL Lamarche ('82) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/04/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff and 2 Bomber Memorials today: Barbara SESLAR ('60), Bob CROSS ('62) Duane LEE ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Helen CROSS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sally REES ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Heather RYANNE ('92) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) Re: Class of 1960 Bomber Luncheon DATE: Saturday, June 7, 2014 TIME: 11:30 a.m. WHERE: 3 Margaritas (downtown near Lee Blvd.) Spouses and friends are also welcome! Please join us first Saturday of each month. Turn right inside the restaurant and you'll find us at the corner table. No reservations needed. -Barbara SESLAR Brackenbush ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob CROSS ('62) I want to wish my lot younger cousin Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) a very Happy 70th Birthday. Love you, cus, and hope you have a great summer also. -Bob CROSS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Duane LEE ('63) Bobby IRWIN ('62) needs your prayers. He had a heart attack and is in Kadlec. Doctors are keeping him in a coma to keep him stabilized. -Duane LEE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) To: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Re: Bob Bergdahl on TV I saw something that said the Bob Bergdahl on TV was 54 years old. If that is true, then he could not possibly be "our" Bob BERGDAHL ('62) because that would make him two years old in 1962. Yeah, I thought that name sounded familiar too, but I could not remember from where. -Dennis HAMMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Richland named 7th best small U.S. city 6/3/14 Tri-City Herald "Richland has been named the U.S.'s seventh best small city to live in by the financial website Nerd Wallet. The site looked at more than 900 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000, with scores based on factors from cost of living to percent of residents without health insurance, a city news release said. Richland was recognized for its relatively affordable housing, falling poverty rate and growing population and income, the release said. Sammamish was the only other Washington city on the list, ranked fourth. For more information go to" Re: Bowe Bergdahl I am fairly sure that Bowe is not related to the Richland Bergdahl family, at least he isn't the son of any of the Bomber Bergdahls. Re: Passing of Ernie Galbraith (Bomber father) A wonderful neighbor of ours passed away on Monday, June 2. Ernie Galbraith was 96 years old, but was still able to maintain his own home and yard until just recently. He faithfully took his little dog for a walk using a motorized scooter. Ernie came to Richland in 1943 and was a retired nuclear chemist and personnel manager. He was the father of Kirk ('61), Reed ('63), John ('66) and Mary Ann (?74.) Einan's is in charge of arrangements. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memoriala >>Jackie POOLE Campbell ~ Class of 1954 ~ 1936 - 2014 >>Kaye WHEELER Curran ~ Class of 1955 ~ 1937 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/05/14 - Irwin Edition ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Barb ISAKSON ('58), Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Duane LEE ('63), David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barb GORE ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard RUSHWORTH ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) Re: Jerry IRWIN ('58) Send cards and letters to: Jerry Irwin Regency @ North Pointe - Room 107 1224 E. Westview Court Spokane, WA 99218 Phone # 1-509-465-8800 Bonnie RICHARDSON Reno ('58) e-mailed me today [6/3/14]. She has seen some improvement in Jerry lately, although he may be hitting a plateau and improvements will now be slower. His daughter, Jennifer, is trying to get him a place in Richland. In the meantime, he is now close to her house and she gets by to see him 2-3 times a week. She went to see him yesterday [6/2/14], and we got him in his wheelchair and went down a few hallways, then he went back to his room and watched TV. She is still communicating with the alphabet board, although sometimes he tries to print words with his left hand. He is doing a better job at eating, and they're working with him in this respect. They are also working with his standing and taking steps while holding on to the bars. Through all of this, his spirits are still good. She pray with him each time she leaves. Bonnie said: I do not see any cards of encouragement from his friends, so I hope that folks will again send him cards and notes. I know that he likes getting mail. She hope everyone is continuing to pray for him and also his family. She asked him how we could pray for him and he pointed to the pictures of his family, so she know that he is concerned about them. Hopefully he can be moved to Richland soon so that he can have more visitors, she said this place is very lonely for him. Our Friend and Bomber needs more encouragement and prayers. We Thank Bonnie for her devotion to visiting him and passing word to the rest of us. Your classmate -Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: The adventures of Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) - Part 1 There is simply too many stories and fond memories of our good friend Bobby to limit my posts to just one message, so I'll share a few in the coming days. Bobby and I were part of the South Side Gang in the '50s until 1962 when we graduated and went on with our lives. We fished, hunted, terrorized the neighborhood, played a lot of silly games and just had a lot of fun. Bobby was everyone's "best friend." He loved all of us and we all loved him. We have lots of visions of Bobby, including his bicycle with a steering wheel instead of handle bars, and how about standing between two cars to start the drag races at Columbia Park. He made us laugh and do stupid stuff, but we survived our gangland antics. Bobby and I climbed the RR Bridge at the mouth of the Yakima River one day. We got to the top, a black steel structure in 100 + heat. We intended to climb down but and it hurt too much to get on our knees and reach around the hot girders. So we jumped into the river, not knowing how deep it was or what sunken tree limbs were just under the surface. We survived. Well, this is a start. I'll share more later, if you don't mind. -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Duane LEE ('63) Re: Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) Bobby passed away at 5am Wednesday morning [6/4/14]. His systems had all shut down after his heart attack and he was going to be moved to Hospice. Everyone probably has a thousand stories to tell about Bobby. Sad day in Richland. -Duane LEE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: One of the good guys Words cannot express the sorrow I feel over the loss of Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP). Today I planned a silly post apologizing for missing Sue VANDENBERG's ('65) b-day and all kinds of goofy stuff about heading for the Rat Fink Reunion at 4am Thursday morning. Bobby was one of those guys I always looked forward to seeing when I get home every June. There is a picture at R2K where a bunch of us were trying to pose just as the photographer took the picture... On the left, Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65) can be seen just wandering (on the left) as can Bobby on the right... it is one of the few pictures I have of Bobby and I always laugh when I see it, because WEBB ('64) and I were clearly not good picture organizers... I mean all of us should have been grouped together, but hey... when you depend on guys like us... perfect is not the result. I remember one year swiping a candidate sign off a wall that said "Bob Irwin for... something"... I hunted Bobby down that whole weekend and it turned out that he was in Seattle watching some sporting event... He sent me a picture of him holding the sign [I remember a picture of him holding that sign standing in front of Two Bits (I think). I'll be looking for that tomorrow.,, my pictures are all messed up moving from Win-XP to the new Laptop with windows7. -Maren] but as I wrote a while back my work computer had all my pictures on it... thank goodness I backed them up on an external drive at the end of 2013, but they are in such a mess I can't find that picture... so this one will have to do. God Bless you, Bobby, we will miss you, but we will live our lives as you lived yours... love fun and Bombers!!!!! The Crisco duck tail will live forever! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/06/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Candi LLOYD ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Thomas FRASER ('78) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Dave TAFF ('56) Sharon PANTHER ('57) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Mike MURRAY ('66) & Betsy COFFMAN ('66wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: The adventures of Bobby IRWIN ('62 - RIP) - Chapter 2 Bobby was one of the best artists, especially with detailed line drawings. In 9th grade art class at Carmichael, Bobby produced a very detailed drawing of a Model A Ford Hot Rod. The hood was off and the big V8 engine was exposed with the plug wires and accessories all detailed to perfection. The art teacher, Mr. Newlon as I recall, was impressed with the drawing and wanted to frame it for display, but Bobby said he had a bit more to finish. The finishing touches turned out to be a few little tiny naked guys, with all their pride showing, working on the car. Mr Newlon lost his desire to display Bobby's artwork. But we all liked it. I hope to see Bobby's Hanford Elk Herd drawing again. It's so detailed it looks like a photograph. I'll share more later, if you don't mind. -Tommy HEMPHILL (Plutonium class of '62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Sandy STICE Smith ~ Class of 1960 ~ 1942 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/07/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Gus KEENEY ('57), Steve CARSON ('58) Donni CLARK ('63), Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) Lamont DeJONG ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Keva VAUGHN ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike MANLEY ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laurie HUTTON ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doug STRAND ('74) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY today: Roy BALLARD ('63) & Nancy ERLANDSON ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gus KEENEY ('57) Congrats to Dave TAFF ('56) Sharon PANTHER ('57) on their anniversery [6/6]!!!! May you have Fair Winds and Following Seas!!!!! -Gus KEENEY ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Dave SHINE ('58) and I are visiting with Jerry IRWIN ('58) in Spokane. He was just going into a physical therapy session and we are with him. He is working his arm and legs and going strong. This is a nice facility but home it isn't. Still not able to speak... The alphabet board is hard for him and more difficult to follow. If anyone has an old I-Pad that would work better. If no one has one I will try to get one. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) To: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) I was Bobby's art partner in that 9th grade class with him. And I still have a little drawing that Bobby drew just for me in my scrapbook. I also have a picture of him and of me that we had to take for art class. We took them of each other. He was so much fun. And I still laugh today when I think of when I dangled a spider in front of him hanging on a web. Oh my, I really frightened him and you can imagine his reaction. He later told me that he had been bitten by a spider.... sometime in his life. We had a great year and I have always had a tender spot in my heart for Bobby. Thanks for sharing your stories Tom. I look forward to more. -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) Re: Bob IRWIN ('62-RIP) According to Bob if you are selling a car with a noisy stick transmission, stuff it with sawdust and bananas! Sorry to hear you've left us. RIP -Army -Jim ARMSTRONG ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lamont DeJONG ('63) Re: Remembering Bob IRWIN ('62-RIP) MTA (Mid-night Timing Association) drags, Hi-Spot, auto shop skills... couldn't Bobby change a Ford standard transmission in 17 minutes? Didn't the Irwin family have a Dealer License to accommodate the number of cars Bobby went through?, hanging out late night at Zip's with the boys, "Big Frank" road trips to our various High School rivels and towns, each Spring the Annual "Dune Fest" with our home made dune buggies, working with Bobby and Jerry SOLBERG ('62ers) and me & Dave SCHULZ ('63ers) at Albertsons... we would close at 9pm... I can remember Bobby singing "Here Comes Peter Cottontail Hoping Down the Bunny Trail" as we swept the aisles... he made any work situation fun, we worked together again for the Forest Service in Randle, WA with bunch of Richland boys Bobby, Mike WILSON & Phil Maxfield ('62ers) with me & Bill Hyatt (63ers)-Bombers were good WORKERS... after college I was teaching High School in Portland and still working for the Forest Service during the summers... Bobby was gone working elsewhere but often remembered by us all. Last year my wife, Carolyn ROE DeJong ('63) and I moved back to Horn Rapids in Richland. I ran into Bobby at Ace Hardware... I thought at the time Good to be Home! Bobby was one of our Legends-truly one of the main characters in the Richland version of "American Graffitti". RIP Bobby. -Lamont DeJONG ('63) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/08/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Dick PIERARD ('52) Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Darvis BERGAM ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jane SIMMONS ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duncan SINCLAIR ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill WINGFIELD ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dyanna COOK ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gaylinn WRIGHT ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marcia EHINGER ('71wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rita LANE ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robert EVANS ('89) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick PIERARD ('52) I too would like to congratulate Dave TAFF ('56) and Sharon PANTHER ('57) on their anniversary on 6/6. They surely can't be far behind Charlene and me; we celebrate our 57th on June 15. Also brother Burt PIERARD ('59) came to North Carolina last week to help me celebrate my birthday (the 80th). Our kids, David and Cindy, and several of their friends, threw a really nice party for me. Burt and I had a great time together and we even threw in a trip to Oak Ridge, TN. This completed our endeavor to visit all the Manhattan Project historical sites. We found it a bit disappointing since they had torn down most of the World War II buildings, including the huge gaseous diffusion plant. They did have a nice museum and provided an informative bus tour of modern-day Oak Ridge, but we concluded that Richland/Hanford has the best preserved collection of structures from the wartime era. It just re-emphasized to us that folks do things right there in Bomber-land. Also at the party was Ron NIELSEN ('56) and his wife Kathy (NAB), my old Ping-Pong playing and coin collecting pal from our youthful days in the Baptist church. They now live a couple hundred miles from here in Sanford, NC. Surely a lot of reminiscing went on that day and it reminded me that I need to scare up a good excuse to come back to ye ol' home town for a visit. -Dick PIERARD ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: The adventures of Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) - Chapter 3 So, where did Bobby get his unique personality? From Ester of course, Bobby's Mom. She was always smiling and happy. Probably because we all survived whatever it was we were doing. I don't recall much of Bobby's Dad, John, except he often told us to quit doing whatever it was we were doing. He said that often because what we were doing most of the time should not have been done. We played in the big field in back of the Irwin's house. And we went to the rivers a lot, sometimes when we were told to stay away from the rivers. We survived. I'll share more later, if you don't mind. -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Tom McMILLIN ~ Class of 1948 ~ 1930 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/09/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54), Margaret EHRIG ('61) Annette HALL ('62), Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Rosalie LANSING ('63), Phyllis CUNNINGHAM ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol BISHOP ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pat MURPHY ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sally BENNETT ('71) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Dennis HASKINS & Shirley COLLINGS ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) A day late in reporting (so what else is new?) just back from t he Portland area Bomber Lunch. Spoke to several people who came, but I can't remember all the names. Those that I do were Ferna GAROUTTE Hicks ('58) (Rufus' little sister), Jan RUCER ('55), Linda McKNIGHT Hoban ('65) and Tommy HEMPHILL ('62). For those of you who's names I forgot, I am sorry. Would have done better, but no one took attendance nor pictures (how's that for organization). As they say in the society pages, "a good time was had by all. On another note, just wondering where the "DustStorm" is. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR waiting for the Father's Day Strawberry Festival in Silverton. It will be held on Father's Day (go figure). **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) Re: Patti's All Bomber Lunch Another school year has ended. Another class of Bombers has joined us in the world outside the "hallowed halls" of Columbia/ Richland High School.. They are now eligible to join us on the second Saturday of every month. WHEN: Saturday June 14, 2014 TIME: 12:30 WHERE: JE's Diner, West Richland Any Bomber, friend, spouse. sibling and child is invited to join us. -Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) Re: Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) For all of you who save all of your reunion booklets. Bobby drew the 25th year PeeChee. I worked at Abadan at the time and he and I used their machines to print and spiral bind all of the books. [John ADKINS ('62) scanned the PeeChee for us. -Maren] We had a great time, laughing and looking back. I will treasure that for the rest of my life, and at the time also, it was fun. -Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Portland/Vancouver Lunch Report We had another enjoyable lunch at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver, WA today (Saturday, June 7). Those attending include Bob CARLSON, aka Mike CLOWES (?54), Karyl Carlson (spouse), Jan RUCKER Meyer ('55), Ferna GAROUTTE Hicks ('58), Paul RATSCH ('58), Tom HEMPHILL (?62), Linda Hemphill (spouse), Kathy LAMB Brown (?62), Larry Brown (spouse), Terry WERNER ('65), Linda McKNIGHT Hoban (?65), and Denny Hoban (Spouse). It's always great to visit with other Bombers. We decided on a Picnic this summer on Saturday, August 23 at Linda McKnight Hoban and & Denny Hoban's house in Tigard. SAVE THE DATE. We'll have details and directions later. WE MISSED YOU JEANIE & GARY. Sorry I forgot my camera. -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rosalie LANSING Haag ('63) We were up by Chief Jo... Shelley was drivin'... we were hooky boomin all thru the houses he had lived in for years. What a guy!!! Oh ya, we bobbed down in the Area where we walked into the lunch room. I still love him!!! His heart beets with mine now. Much love -Rosalie LANSING Haag ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From:Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) Re: '64 in '14 - 50 Year Reunion Planning Meeting The reunion committee met yesterday on June 7th. The cost of the booklet is $10.00, if you can pick it up, and $15.00 if it must be mailed. The photo will be $10.00 if you can download it or $15 if you want a hard copy mailed to you. If you want both the photo and the booklet mailed together the cost will be $25.00. The B Reactor Tour is on Saturday at 11am. It returns at 2:30. There are 45 seats on the bus. It makes one stop at the B Reactor. It is free, but a donation of $5.00 is encouraged. If you have any questions please contact Jeff BOSTON ('64) at nairn- A tour of the High School will be available on Saturday afternoon. The time of the tour will be announced at a later date. If you have any candid shots of yourself and classmates that you would be willing to share for the booklet please e-mail If you will be in town before the reunion there is a "work party" at the Red Lion Richland at 6:30 on Thursday evening. We will be putting together the packets for the reunion. It is more fun than work, and we encourage you to join us if you are in town. We will also be meeting at Anthony's on Friday at 11:30am on the patio for lunch. It is no host. Each of the people working on the contact list has a handful of "return to sender" envelopes. If you know of a class member that has moved, or has a name change, please let us know. I will post the names of those who have registered for the reunion in a day or two. Our next meeting is June 28th at The Red Lion in Richland. -Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: still wrong after all these years......... so I thought Duncan SINCLAIR ('65) was borned on June 10th... Sorry Dunc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back from the long hot ride during the "long hot summer" (racey racey) from the Rat Fink Reunion... too much fun to even decribe... every moment... almost as good as bein' at home in Richland with the Gang... almost... I tell new people that going to Ed's for the Rat Fink gala is much like going to a famblie reunion only everyone likes each other... no other way to describe it... Sarah got to go this year and made about 100 new friends in the first 15 minutes and it only got mo betta every minute... she was amazed at how she was famblie the minute she got outa the car... ride was VERY hot comin' home but she grinned the whole time... Thanks to Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) for the running story on Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) and for sending me the picture I couldn't find: When we got near Big Mike's house comin' home today, the street was blocked... two crazies shot two policemen and one other person on the corner where we had to turn to go to Mike's to unload cars... what a mess... I know the Sandstorm doesn't do RIP birthdays, but I does so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Patti JONES ('60-RIP) on your special day, June 9, 2014... I miss you, sweets!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/10/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Marilynn WORKING ('54), Mike CLOWES ('54) Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Tommy HEMPHILL ('62), Joe FORD ('63) Carol CONVERSE ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Pat DORISS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bonnie STEEBER ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Lee LESTER ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Club 40 ~ September 5th & 6th party/meeting The Club 40 DustStorm was mailed to all current members who have paid their $10 dues. Inside the current issue you will find the pre registration form for our September get together. If you did not receive a DustStorm newsletter and want to come to the celebration, do the following: Go to and scroll down to bottom of page and find Club 40 logo. Click on that and scroll to "Reunion Home Page". Scroll down to "Richland Club 40 Reunion 2014, September 5th and 6th, 2014". Click on "2014 Registration Form". Fill out the form in appropriate spaces, print and mail it along with your payment to Club 40 Treasurer, Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) . You will also see the "2014 Reunion Activities" and "List of 2014 Attendees". As members mail in their pre registrations, the Treasurer will send in the names to the Webmaster and they will be listed under their appropriate graduating year. You can keep checking on who is coming from your class. This will take a little while as the Dust Storm was just mailed on June 6th. Very important to remember... the capacity of the room at the Red Lion is limited to 300 people and the deadline for the Treasurer to receive your pre registration form and money is August 22, 2014. There will be NO WALK-INS!!! No exceptions!!! Re: 1954 - 60 YEARS - 2014 Our class of 1954 will be celebrating their 60 year reunion and will have tables labeled for them. Hopefully we will have a large group!! Saturday afternoon, September 6th, we will be meeting at the Richland Community Center from 1-3 PM and have our group picture taken during that time. This will be a fun time with door prizes, souvenirs and snacks, along with visiting with each other. A friendly reminder to those of you who have not sent your bio on your last 5 years for the booklet I am putting together, please do so as soon as you can. Also, we are collecting $20 each for those of you who want a group photo. The picture will be mailed to you by the photographer, so be sure I have your current addresses. Our planning committee, Jim MEFFORD, Jeanette DUNCAN Mefford, Don RAY, and Dona McCLEARY Belt and myself, have had a great time putting things together and want to make this is a very special time for all of you!! As more classmates send in their money and information and tell us they are coming, we get excited all over again. We feel so sorry when we hear that a classmate won't be able to come, but happy they still send their good wishes and want a photo and booklet!! For those of you staying at the Red Lion, be sure to tell them it is for Club 40, as they are giving a discount for those rooms. Again, time will be flying by the next couple of months, so do what you need to do NOW!! Thank you all and can't wait to see you!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where it is up in the high 80s already! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Squeaky Wheel Dept. In the last issue, I wondered where the DustStorm was. It was in the mail today (6/9). Your copy may also be there. To: Jan Rucker ('55): Sorry for the mis-spelling of your last name yesterday. Looks like Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) took roll Saturday. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the weather has been freakishly pleasant for Rose Festival. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Specialized Fireworks For Car Museum Here is a link to a special designed display using consumer fireworks. That is the kind that can be bought at fireworks stands in some areas. Jackie did the design and we put in about 100 man hours getting it done. The display was fired from 3 positions using my new trailered positioning system. This system makes onsite set-up work easier in complex displays. There was a huge amount of preparation to get that 9 minute display prepped, transported, set-up and fired. The weather and the display perfect and the Museum Staff was ecstatic. Entertainment Fireworks is pleased to have a been a big part of a very successful evening, as this was a fund-raising event. The Lemay Car museum is the display point for the worlds largest car collection next to I-5 in Tacoma, WA. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ~ from Home near Tacoma, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) Bobby and I did not run in the same circles, but here still are three memories. I recall his artistic talents. During junior high school a busload of art students ventured every year to a one-day art contest conducted at Central Washington College (now University). I remember Bobby enjoying the trip home in the back of the bus. He probably had won a prize. Another memory is from Lewis and Clark Elementary School days. In the '50s Bobby was the guy who could be seen biking around the Richland south end (and maybe all over town) on a unique little machine. This bike featured small wheels, plus a backrest with the bike seat and, instead of handlebars, it sported a small steering wheel fully equipped with one of those hot rod grabbable nobs attached. I think he said, years later, that he had found this bike in the garage of a relative, maybe an uncle or a grandfather. Never seen anything at all like it since. The day after our class 10 year reunion we bumped into each other, not far from the Uptown District, and took a short walk together. -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: The adventures of Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) - Chapter 4 Bobby was my lifetime friend. The seeds of our friendship were planted more than 60 years ago, as were the seeds of my other lifetime friends from our old neighborhood. You may have read the poem, People come into your life for a reason, or a season or a lifetime. There was certainly a reason, perhaps many reasons that Bobby came into my life. There were seasons as well and most certainly a lifetime of friendship. Why did Bobby have so many friends? I believe that it's because he WAS a friend. Bobby was always willing to come when you asked for help, or when you just needed someone to join you for an adventure. He liked adventures. I'll miss my friend. -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Joe FORD ('63) Re: Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) Fellow Bombers, Here's another brief Bobby IRWIN story, from the time just after the HYATT twins, Bob and Bill ('63-RIP), had passed away in 1995. Bob sent me a very thoughtful and much-appreciated note regarding the HYATT's obituary. It meant a lot to both of us, having known Bob and Bill HYATT. Subsequently, Bobby and I talked directly and I had a chance to thank him personally for his note. He was a fine guy, and I offer condolences to his family. -Joe FORD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) GOOD JOB! For those others that are reading this, she knows what I mean. A little inside joke? -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: mo birthdays...yippee Nuther bomber-babe is joining the "magic" year... funny we wait and wait to be 16 then we wait and wait to be 21... then zoooooooooom off we go... Oh my I'm going to be 25... "a quarter of a century"... oh crap I'm 30... remember when 15 minutes after our birthday we were "something and a half"... when did we stop with the "and a half"? I had a partner who had a huge problem with 60... one day he said that he was fine with the life he'd lived and had done virtually everything he had hoped and could go any time... he did... three years later from pancreatic cancer... when he made the statement earlier it really bothered me... but I knew what he meant... I feel I've not left too many stones unturned... I just would have preferred he not say it out loud... guess I've always been somewhat superstitious... nah I've been very much so... trying hard to shake that part of me... not fun running scared alla time... the class of '63 is getting ready for their "turning 69 gala" and the class of '62 is having a "turning 70" event... I had a very dear friend who used to say you don't have to admit you're in your "late" whatever until you hit the year with the 9 in it... I remember him getting all excited for his 50 year reunion while I was getting ready for my 25 year... I really thought he was older than dirt... joke's on me! Well, this Bomber-babe still looks way young and I've always enjoyed seeing her at Bomber luncheons... hope we still have them in Vegas... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kay SITTIG ('63) on your special day, June 10, 2014!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Re: Alumni Sandstorm Entry for June 10th 2014..... Hi Maren! Here's an entry for tomorrow's Sandstorm regarding our "Ladies of '65" Lunch this Friday! Thanks! Pat Trimble ------------------------------------------------- From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) mailto: RHS Ladies of '65 June Lunch: WHEN: Friday, June 13th, 2014 TIME: 12:30--2:30 PM WHERE: Twigs Bistro, 1321 Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, WA. The June "Ladies of '65" Lunch will be held this Friday, June 13th, at the Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar, which is located on the east side of Columbia Center (between Macy's and Penney's) in Kennewick, WA. If you graduated in 1965 and haven?t joined us for a while, please do so this Friday! Since this is Father?s Day Weekend, consider bringing your Husband as your guest to celebrate two days early! If you?d like to join us, please let me know (by email or phone) so I contact Twigs and update our Reservation?okay?!! Thanks! -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Mike KILGORE ('71wb-RIP) Mike passed away June 1, 2014, in Willoughby, OH. Below is the link to his memorial page. Guest Book is online until 7/14/14. Bomber tears ~ -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/11/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Shirley COLLINGS ('66) Greg ALLEY ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay BUTLER ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Darlene MINARD ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry AESCHLIMAN ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kay SITTIG ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: All-Area Softbal ~ 6/10/14 Tri-City Herald "The legacy Kayla ANDREWS ('14) leaves behind at Richland High School rivals that of any softball player that came before her. In four years, the Bomber's senior made four trips to state and helped her team earn three state trophies. She also finished her career as one of the top pitchers and hitters in program history. And next year, when the Bombers take a swig of Gatorade from a brand new cooler and bottles, they can thank ANDREWS, recently named the Gatorade State Softball Player of the Year for Washington and on Monday the Tri-City Herald Player of the Year.? Plus All-area Softball selections which include Abby PERRYMAN ('15), daughter of Erin HASKINS Perryman ('86) and Jimmy PERRYMAN ('86). Erin is our niece, so that makes Abby our grand-niece!!! Go Bombers!!!!!!! -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Greg ALLEY ('73) Re: Bob the neighbor. I have enjoyed all the memories of Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP). From my point of view he was just a great neighbor. I married Kathy FEASTER Alley ('75-RIP) in 1998 and we moved to Johnston across the street from Bob and Lynette. Both sides of the street looked out for each other when one of us was out of town. I wish I was a good neighbor but Bob was a great one. He gave me some stereo equipment recently cause he knew I liked listening to music. Every time he went fishing and caught a big one or two he brought out the portable table and the cutting tool and made a couple of steelhead or salmon steaks for Kathy and me. On the horrible day (for me) when I called 911 for Kathy and all the police, paramedics, chaplain, and others were in the house, who was the first person at my door, Bob IRWIN. He looked in and asked if he could help, but the police took him aside and explained what was happening. He seemed to care about everybody even when we were out having a few adult beverages. He gave me advice on dealing with my parents' stuff after they died as he was in charge of his family stuff as am I. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories as I just know he was a great guy and will be missed. -Greg ALLEY ('73) ~ In warm Richland where I hope we get some rain or cool temps before the hotbox starts in July. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ~ Class of 1955 ~ 1936 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/12/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Tom HUGHES ('56), Barb ISAKSON ('58) Mike RICE ('60), Helen CROSS ('62) Phyllis CUNNINGHAM ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave SHEELEY ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HUGHES ('56) Re: Bobby IRWIN's ('62-RIP) bike The bike being talked about belonged to John IRWIN ('56). I borrowed the bike for a few days once and my big mistake was trying to ride it up Lee Hill. With the recumbent seat and steering wheel you could not get any leverage on the pedals. After several tries I finally just pushed it up the hill. It was not very stable and difficult to learn to ride. I think Jerry IRWIN ('58) restored the bike after John left for school and I often wondered what happened to it. Another IRWIN story. John and I came up to Seattle to the 1956 state basketball tourney. John's uncle worked in the B&I store in Tacoma. John called him and asked him to meet us at the Tacoma train depot. His uncle showed up with his arm in bandages and patches on his face and hands. B&I was famous for having Ivan, the gorilla, in the store. They also had a number of other animals in a kind of private zoo. They were making a B&I commercial for TV and John's uncle was holding a Leopard cub. Everything went well until they turned on the high intensity lights. This startled the cub and it turned his uncle every way but loose. -Tom HUGHES ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) Re: Jerry IRWIN ('58) information If you read the Sandstorm, you heard of the passing of Jerry's little brother Bobby ('62-RIP). I didn't want to say anything earlier because the family wanted to be with Jerry and tell him first. And David SHINE ('58) and Steve CARSON ('58) were there to see Jerry. From what I'm reading they both were very good artists. I know Jerry was very good. Also it's OK to send sympathy cards to Jerry because of the death of his brother. Prayers and cards are nice and welcome! -Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike RICE ('60) To: Larry AESCHLIMAN ('60) Hope you have a great birthday yesterday (the 11th). -Mike RICE ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) To: Tom HUGHES ('56) Re: Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55-RIP) Tom, just read your tribute to your sister, Lenora. You are right... she was such a very kind person. I idolized you all as you were so much older and did such cool things like be on the trampoline and date. I wish you fond memories of her. from your former Olympia Street neighbor, -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) Re; Registered classmates for our upcoming 50 Year Reunion Tom ALKIRE, Susan BAKER Hoover, Gary BEHYMER, Anna Margaret BELL, Janet BELL, Pam BENEDICTSON Johnson, Diana BENNETT Ground, Dawn BERN, Cathy BIEHN Wickholm, John BIXLER, Sandy BLOOM Kicker, Carla BOSHER Viken, Jeff BOSTON, Fred BREEDLOVE, Sharon BROWN Johnson, MaryKay BURNSIDE Moore, Leo BUSTAD, Gary CARPENTER, Michael CARRAHER, Lee CHAPMAN, Dave CHASE, Jim COCHRANE, Sally COLEMAN Fitzpatrick, Bill COMPTON, Janie COMPTON Burke, Carol CONVERSE Maurer, Jim COYNE, Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates, Barb DAINS Van Hollebeke, Ken DALL, Steve DENLER, Teresa DEVINE Knirck, Sandy DREHER Wierman, Gay EDWARDS, John FLETCHER, Kerry FORSYTHE, Gail FRANZ Poyner, Don GANA, Connie HANSON Lincoln, JaLene HENRY Nelson, Kathy HOFF Conrad, Eric HOFFMAN, Aaron HOLLOWAY, Larry HOLLOWAY, Aleda JOBE Brogdon, Dennis JONES, Terry JONES, Kerry KELLY Compton, Karma KING Yourdan, Becky LaFOLLETTE Taylor, Candy LONGWORTH Arnold, Alexandra MANOLOPOULOS, Mary MASSEY Holloway, Richard McANDREW, Dina McLELLAND Pickens, Maxine McKUNE Hoffman, Linda MERRILL Hendley, Jo MILES, Carolyn NACKE, Richard ODEGARD, June PERKINS Johnson, Kenny PETERSON, Gail PLEE Woodard, Kathie ROE Truax, Betty Jo ROSE, Sharon SASSER Warren, Dianna SCHRECENGOST Skinner, Bill SCOTT, Shirley SCOTT Suwe, Gary SETBACKEN, Robert SHIPP, Karen SHULTS, Debra SKARSHAUG Crowley, Ray STEIN, Frank STRATTON, Betty STRODE Andregg, Richard SWANSON, Paul TAMPIEN, Cherrie TEMPERO Scott, Janis VARVEL Van Domelen, Jim WEAVER, Louise WELLS, Harry WILSON, Carol WISE Roberts, Ralph Wood, Jamie WORLEY Hills, Anita WRIGHT Keim, Veronica YATES Jones, and Audrey ZIELAN Campbell. The reunion is August 22, 23, and 24th. It will be held at the Red Lion in Richland. A block of rooms have been held for those who wish to stay there. Friday night will be a meet and greet. There will be a taco bar for dinner. Saturday night will be a sit down dinner with entertainment. Booklets will be available for sale at the door for $10.00. Several months ago I stated that the booklet would be included in the reunion price. At this point that does not look like it will be possible.. If you have not been able to download a registration form please contact If you have not been contacted please let us know. Each of the eight member contact committee has a handful of "return to sender" because people have moved and or have changed their name. We hope to see you in August! -Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Bobby IRWIN ~ Class of 1962 ~ 1943 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/13/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Bill SCOTT ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Verne HUSKE ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris MARSHALL ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill SCOTT ('64) I had intended to write some reflections on my first year of retirement, only to discover the anniversary of my last day of work had passed unnoticed. Maybe that means I have finally let go of my working life. It hasn't been easy. Here are some thoughts about that first year anyway: First of all, retirement is for the birds... if it means kicking back in the La-Z-Boy (don't have one, glad to say), and doing nothing. Over 45 years, this work ethic society we live in got productivity so ingrained in me I will never get it out. With plenty of things I want to do and increasingly less time to get them done, I have no desire to kick back. Doing nothing doesn't satisfy for long. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "I would rather wear out than rust out". There are still days now and then (fewer and fewer) where I feel the pull to be back at work. It was a good job, an important job, where I did things that mattered, and at the end of the day felt good having done them. In retirement, I have to provide my own feedback for a job well done; I have to tell myself that what I'm doing is worthwhile. There is a history of long life spans in my family, so I'm hoping for at least another twenty years. Even so, I'm at the age where, every morning I wake up and find myself still in this world, I feel like I should be grateful to something. So even though I'm not a Christian I wrote this poem, and you may interpret "creator" as you like. Some of you may have seen this in a slightly different version on facebook, but I beg your indulgence for one more go-round. AN OLD MAN'S MORNING PRAYER Thank you, my creator, for another day in this beautiful world. Thank you for this heart that still beats. Thank you for these lungs that still draw breath. Thank you for these eyes that still see the wonders of your creation. My favorite saying of all time is this: "The great tragedy of life is that most people are buried with their best music still inside them." When I pass on, I hope there is no music left inside. I hope it has all been expressed to the world. -Bill SCOTT ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: moooooooo (many) b-dayz I'm sad to say that Lee Allen GREEN ('65) passed away on June 11, 2014. "Butchie" as he was known till we got to Chief Jo and Butch Manthei ('65) would claim title to the name and Allen would become Allen. Funny how things happen. I lived across from Butchie from around 2 or 3 till the middle of the 2nd grade. On Haines... he lived across from the Reeds, where Kenny PETERSON ('64) now lives. Butchie was the one who introduced me to Ricky WARFORD ('65) when we were very young... when I moved away, I would move across from the back of Spalding behind Butch... weird things do happen in real life... Butchie was a very troubled boy and man and all I can say is that he is in a better place and finally at peace. Yes I knew Kay SITTIG's Birthday was the 11th... nuff said. This will be a group hug and, in part it will be the beginning of the month long celebration for two '65er Bomber-babes... all I can say it "WATCH OUT"! I'm afraid I will not see one of the Bomber-dudes this year on his b-day as he sold his place in Richland so I doubt I'll run into him... I always find a totally inappropriate card over at the Octopuse's Garden for him... I'm headed for the L.A. Roadster show early inna morning so this will hafta do for this group... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gus KEENEY ('57) on the 14th along with Dave SOWDEN ('63 WB I don't think anybody should be a wanna be... they are dammit); Cathy MOUTON ('65) and Jo HEIDLEBAUGH ('74) on the 15th and Jan BELL ('64) on the 16th... your special days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Patti WARREN McKelvy ~ Class of 1969 ~ 1951 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/14/14 ~ FLAG DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Tony DURAN ('55) Steve CARSON ('58) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gus KEENEY ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: James PEDERSEN ('72) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony DURAN ('55) Re: Vietnam Wall - AMAZING WEBSITE! This is really sobering. First click on a state (Washington). When it opens, scroll down to the city (Richland) and the names will appear. Then click on their names. It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals. This really is an amazing web site. Someone spent a lot of time and effort to create it. I hope that everyone who receives this appreciates what those who served in Vietnam sacrificed for our country. The link below is a virtual wall of all those lost heroes. Those who remember that time frame, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site. 10 Richland "Home of Record" names listed: 5 have a class year: MAJ Donald William Pick ('48) SP5 Danny A Neth ('57) SP4 William David Dowd ('65) PFC Mark Stephen Black ('66) PFC Daniel Leonard Wagenaar ('67) 5 w/o class year PSGT George Washington Schook ~ 10/4/32 - 8/7/67 PFC Charles Dee Green ~ 2/28/43 - 6/11/69 PFC Clyde Edward Murr ~ 10/15/47 - 3/24/66 CPL Richard Dean Nelson ~ 9/6/49 - 5/22/70 PFC Thomas Eugene Taylor ~ 3/2/50 - 6/11/70 -Tony DURAN ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) To: Bill SCOTT ('64) I am still not ready for a leisure retirement. One thing I did after moving to Seattle (after 50 years in Chicago) was to join Rotary. I can strongly testify that you will be able to do important things that matter and do it with a GREAT group of people. "Service above Self" is the Rotary motto. Give it a shot, there are Rotary chapters everywhere. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Relay for Life I had a great time. KEPR TV had their campsite right next to ours. The co-anchor was doing some live spots leading up to the early news. She noticed my "survivor" shirt and asked me to say a few words. I was also pulled forward to help carry the banner that lead the "survivor" lap. By late night our team was down to the captain, a student, and 2 survivors. It made for a long night. I saw both cancer docs. today for a 3-month follow-up, all is good. One wants to see me in 4 months and the other 3 so he compromised and made it 4 so I can see them both on the same day, I didn't have to beg for him to do it, he just did. The RT clinic is having another hike up Badger Mountain in October and I'll participate again... hopefully my nail will be totally back by then (the doctor told me it would take a year and it's getting there). -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/15/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~++ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Marilynn WORKING ('54) Helen CROSS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nadine SMITH ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy MOUTON ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debbie LIEN ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Eileen O'NEIL ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jo HEIDLEBAUGH ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Club 40 Pre registrations Our Club 40 DustStorm has been mailed and received by many!! Classes have already sent in their pre registration forms and money and now you can go to the Club 40 website and click on 2014 Attendees and see who is coming from your class. It is still pretty new, as this is the first week, but there are already 21 who have mailed in the forms. Eight of those are from my class of 1954!!! Yay! We need as many as can come to our 60 year reunion!! I have already received 35 confirmations and money from our classmates, and will be getting several more in the next 30 days, I am sure!! Deadline is August 22, 2014, and it will fill up fast, so please mail as soon as you can to be sure and get into the 300 maximum capacity for dinner either Friday or Saturday night!! Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or if you need a pre registration form. Remember... There are NO WALK INS and NO EXCEPTIONS!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where it has really cooled down to 70s! Feels good tho! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Re: Carol RICE Forister and Helen CROSS Kirk (both '62) together having fun in Pella,iowa ~ May, 2014 -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/16/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) Tony DURAN ('55) Jim HAMILTON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marcia MILLER ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharon LOVINGER ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jan BELL ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Club 40 ~ September 5 & 6, 2014 Following Marilynn WORKING Highstreet's ('54) advise in yesterday's issue, I checked the Club 40 website. Yes, there are some of the usual suspects listed for The Class of '54, but not enough. And you know who you are. Don't hesitate as there are only 300 total seats available, which could mean the place gets filled up before the deadline. I do not believe, however, that operators are standing by. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR just back from the 67th Silverton Hills Strawberry Festival. Good food. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony DURAN ('55) Been around, but great to watch again. Enjoy! The best stroll down memory lane ever!! -Tony DURAN ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: Cherries Get out of the way, everyone! Mike "Bing" BRADY ('61) is on his way to Costo. Wonder if it?ll be Kirkland or Woodinville? -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/17/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: David RIVERS ('65) Alan LOBDELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John EHLERS ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gail GHIRARDO ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike SAMS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jackie MARSHALL ('75) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Dick BOEHNING & Linda BELLISTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: I'll be gooder I promise One of those days where I'm running late so a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gail GHIRARDO '65) and Mike SAMS ('65) on your special day, June 17, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Alan LOBDELL ('69) Re: Thanks I want to thank everyone who has helped me with the large cancer debt I have on Anyone who has donated and did not get the message, I am giving a copy of my book to each doner as long as my supply lasts. Just get me your address. Thanks again -Alan LOBDELL ('69) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/18/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Frank WHITESIDE ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed GRAGERT ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marcia DONAHUE ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Crafty Old Men Several years ago I had a brilliant idea. I planned to gather up some old retiring buddies who had special skills; Ronnie COWGILL ('62) who has a very well equipped woodworking shop and does fantastic wood craft work, and Bobby IRWIN ('62-RIP) who was one of the best artists I've known, and other buddies who have a bunch of skills as well. I came up with the name "CRAFTY OLD MEN" and I registered the domain name, Well, Bobby went fishing in heaven and I've moved on from my old barn and blacksmith shop, so I won't be pursuing this idea any further. BUT - If someone wants the domain name, it's due to expire in a week and someone can simply take it and renew the name, or wait until it expires and re-register. Reregistering has one risk, if you really like the name. There are companies that scoop up these names and sell than for a profit. Anyone interested? -Tommy HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63) Re: Colorado Cabin is now officially for sale A few months ago, I had mentioned I was selling our family cabin in Estes Park, CO. After my son and I spent two weeks doing the legal stuff and realty listing, it officially went on the market on Friday, June 13. It was seriously tough dealing with most of the furnishings and 65 years of accumulated stuff, some of which we U-Hauled home. Some stuff will go with it and an auctioneer will sell the rest. If anyone is interested, my realtor has it listed on In the top box, just type in MLS # 738602. When the picture of the cabin comes up, click on it and all the info will come up. It has 25 color pictures... just click the arrow on each picture. The extra two-thirds acre is on hold for now until the city evaluates it. We just made it back late Sunday night and missed Father?s Day... guess we can get a steak any time. Now comes the unloading and storing stuff at home. It's REALLY painful going from low 60s during the day and high 30s/low 40s at night with a blazing fireplace to 95 and high humidity with a scraggly yard waiting for me!! -Frank WHITESIDE ('63) ~ In HOT Bayou Gauche, LA ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/19/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shawn STEICHEN ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Tragedy at fireworks facility 1 deceased and 3 with burns. By now many of you have seen or heard of the incident at Entertainment Fireworks. Since the age was close many called asking if it was me. Jackie and I had left the plant to drive to Portland, OR to pick up some special supplies needed for our 4th of July displays. Just north of the Columbia River I got a phone call from my office telling me about it. We loaded the van and were post haste the 95 miles back to the EFI HQ facility. I met with the investigators from several agencies most of whom I knew from various projects we had worked together on. Hours of questions and discussions..... Preliminary conclusions are: no criminal activity, no carelessness not an unsafe situation. It was an accident. They all recommended the business should be released to continue prep fourth of July (140 displays in 5 states probably over 3, maybe 4 million in audiences). So after a final inspection Thursday AM we will go back to work. My partner and I left home pretty beat-up mentally and very down in spirits over the death of a good friend. After close calls I have said "it is after all, a dangerous business". Now, how the truth hurts..... -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Early bird and all that So ya see, June is my "busy" month... Rat Fink Reunion, L.A. Roadster Show then RICHLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting ready to leave Thursday afternoon... the flight times change every year it seems... At least I don't hafta be up early and runnin' to the airport with bullets in my holster... As a matter of fact I don't carry the fanny holster any more... which has given rise to a new challenge, which I may have addressed this afternoon after "Father's Day Lunch" wiff my lil girl... rolled up cut-offs make it a little tough to carry smokes... specially inna box... I then hafta kinda sift thru the lose tobacco to find the unbroked ones... All is well if I have a pocket T, but alas... few of my Ts have pockets... in fact, at the RF Reunion, I had my friend Coop silk screen me 6 black pocket Ts I brought with me so I'd have more pocket Ts... Now none of my Richland shirts have pockets so I made a decision... it was a tough one... no, I didn't buy any "Dockers"... but I did pop in to Old Navy and found some "Cargo" shorts which I'll be wearing in place of the rolled up cut offs... I know it is a big move and one I did not take lightly... but as we get older maybe we hafta leave some childish toys behind... Now Jimbeaux ('63) will have one less thing to make fun of... do these cargo shorts qualify as "big boy pants"? Not sure... still wear my cartoon boxers but ya can't see them... this will be a great '65er gathering... We will be joined by Mary Lou WATKINS ('63), all Pasco residents from one of Pook's ('63-RIP) favorite hang outs for about 17 blocks, 3/4s of the State of Oklahoma, several Texans, her close famblie (One Grizzly and several grown kids) and Ellen WEIHERMILLER ('63) for a send off of ML's folks... they have chartered the Queen Mary for the event so I would stay off the water if I were you... hope it is still sea worthy after the Grizzly hauled it in to the water in Long Beach with his '57 Chebby car just before he sold it (the car... he couldn't get title to the QM)... We will be frequenting the Spud Nut around 8 am Friday and Saturday for anyone interested in joining us... Those Okies really love Spuddies so we may not actually get to eat any... Friday afternoon we will be gathering at Cecilia BENNETT's ('65) for the car parade and just fun and Saturday nite we will party at Ruth Simpson's place... pretty much the same agenda as the last 20 some years... but hey... it's great fun... I understand that Allan GREEN ('65-RIP) is to be laid to rest Saturday afternoon around 3 PM... I was very surprised to learn Allan didn't grageate with us from Col-Hi, but was a Lion for grageation instead... Actually, I've been surprised to learn several of my old buds didn't grageate with us... As I've stated in the past, it took three college degrees before I began to lose my naivete about Macadamia... I mean I wasn't even bright enough to know I hadda take the ACT, SAT or some other test... I mean, Tony HARRAH ('65) was kind enough to tell me but forgot to give me step by step instructions, the first being to sign up and pay moola... not sure it would have mattered since the Boys' counselor suggested my best move would be to go back to the Rez and sell pottery to the tourists... I do remember a row of guys in the very back waiting to see if they'd actually grageate... also I remember thinking I would walk up with Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65)... as I did everything else in school with her... had no clue bout no valentinorians and such which changed the order of people as we approached whomever gave us our deplomas... but all that is in the past and inna few hours, my buds and I will be turning 16 again and chasing around town looking for fries and tarter... Oh... one more thing... I unnerstan the Class of '63 has reserved the gazebo in the park for a bring yer own lunch on Friday sometime but I never got an email telling me what time... would be a nice lunch before the car parade...... oh man... I'll be in Richland for this b-day so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rob HILLS ('63) on your special day, June 21, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/20/14 ~ SUMMER SOLSTICE - LONGEST DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff and 2 Bomber Memorials today Curt DONAHUE ('53), Mike CLOWES ('54) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dorothy KEYS ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan BARNARD ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) To: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Fireworks Explosion Larry, I was so glad to know that you and Jackie were alright. That is a terrible accident and I wish you the best in recovery. You have my sympathy in the loss of your friend. -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Pasco **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Sounds to me like the Junior Gyrene is drifting back to his old self, what with all the confusion about college entrance rituals and the like. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the weather remains pleasant for the moment. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Don Twitty ('71-RIP) Memorial services for Don will be at 11am on Saturday, June 21. Click to read more. Re: Lee "Allen" / "Butchie" Green, Jr. ('65 Honorary) -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland where Cool Desert Nights will be enjoyed in the warm weather this weekend. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Cool Desert Nites I was thinking of going down to DQ tonight and look up David RIVERS ('65) to say hi but right now it's just too hot. He contacted me after my cancer diagnosis last year and I really appreciated it as did Jim HAMILTON ('63) among others. I stopped by DQ drive through last Friday after my doctors' appointments for some onion rings. I recall them making a good order of fish and chips but the only fish they have now is a sandwich. It was funny in a way as several months ago I got an order of onion rings and was given "fry sauce" like AC used to make, last week they gave me tartar sauce. I used a little ketchup but nothing else and I normally don't use anything on onion rings. I'm glad to hear Larry MATTINGLY ('60) is OK, I had read about it on the internet and his name came to mind as he loaned me a truck last year for my move. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ from hot ole Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorials >>Richard SCHMIDT ~ Class of 1970 ~ 1952 - 2013 >>Mickey FERNEY Row ~ Class of 1948 ~ 1930 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/21/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 2 Bomber Memorials today: Alan LOBDELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan RUSHWORTH ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rob HILLS ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill HAMES ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jess DANIEL ('67) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY: Denny SMITH ('63) & Lucy FOSTER ('65) '69 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Alan LOBDELL ('69) Re: Pets I am having a hard time believing Donya has decided to get a pet, in fact two pets. They follow her everywhere and get real upset if she is not in sight. -Alan LOBDELL ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorials >>Annette WINSOR Turney ~ Class of 1959 ~ 1941 - 2014 >>Margaret LUTHER Wood ~ Class of 1947 ~ 1929 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/22/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff: Marilynn WORKING ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John ZIMMER ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul DUNIGAN ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Stu OSBORN ('71) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Gordie McMASTER('69) & Chris MARSHALL ('72) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Class of 1954 - 60 Year Reunion Classmates of 1954: The following classmates can not be found through their e-mails and some through mail. If any of you know where they can be located, please inform them of our 60 year reunion and have them contact me. Marlene JOCHEN; Terry BEEBE; John CLARK; Treasure ELDER; Norma SCHMIDT; JoAnn McKEE; Edna Mae SPADE; Peggy JENKINS; James GIBSON; Lark LANE; Priscilla HALL; Connie BECKSTED; Diane CHERRINGTON; Shirley JETTON; Willene HOUGHTON; Marlys SCOFIELD; Judy HOFF; Evelyn WEST, and Ray WELLS. We still have a couple months to get information in to me for the booklet, and money for group photo, but do it as soon as you can. Please contact Jim MEFFORD or Jeanette DUNCAN Mefford, Don RAY, Dona McCLEARY Belt or myself with information if you know how to get hold of our classmates, so we can get information to them about our reunion. If you are from out of town and need a hotel room at the Red Lion in Richland, be sure to tell them you are with RICHLAND BOMBERS, so you can get the discount!! Get your pre registration in to Club 40 Treasurer, Ann Thompson before August 22, so you can have dinner with the class on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Must be in her hands by that date, so mail it in plenty of time to get to Seattle area. Go to to get the pre registration form -- scroll down the site a little and click the Reunion Home Page link Or contact me and I will help you get one!! If you received a Club40 DustStorm you already have the form!! Our Saturday afternoon reunion at the Richland Community Center is now from 12 NOON until 3 PM, instead of 1 PM - 3 PM. We want more time to spend together, so increased it by coming earlier. A group photo will be taken during that time. Door prizes, souvenirs and snacks and water will be available!!! We have already heard from 49 classmates who promise to be there, plus their guests, so we should have around 80 gathering for a fun three hours!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/23/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dick WIGHT ('52) Dorothy KEYS ('52) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ronnie Lewis ARMSTRONG ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steve CARSON ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peg SHEERAN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Diane MURPHY ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jan MOULTHROP ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Petra ILLIG ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick WIGHT ('52) Re: Richland visit Ruth and I are going to RV into Richland for a week starting Tuesday, June 24, 2014, staying at Horn Rapids RV Park. Any Bomber lunch that week???? [Bomber calendar at: Wednesday, 6/25 - Girls of '63 & '64 11:30, Spudnut Shop... they'd LOVE to see you.. Friday, 6/27 - Mostly '52ers, Noon, Sterlings on GWWay. Tuesday, 7/1 - John Ball "Kids", Noon, Sterlings Queensgate.] We are also looking for a decent condo/duplex/whatever to lease in either Richland or Kennewick and would appreciate any "pioneers" or advice! Thanks -Dick WIGHT ('52) ~ email: **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dorothy KEYS Harding ('52) Re: Bob Harding ('52) To: All Bob's friends and classmates of '52 Wanted you to know that Bob is in a coma at Hospice in Kennewick after a series of strokes last Friday. He is in Rm. #6. Prayers would be appreciated. -Dorothy KEYS Harding ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: saving the best for last Well it's been three weeks not stop for me of driving in 100+ weather to and from shows and finally my special June trip to Richland. As always, the best is saved for last. The airline has mucked up it's schedule royally, so I didn't get to the DQ till almost 8pm ... still quite a few folks hanging around so was able to meet Mary Lou WATKINS ('63) et al., for the cars... they met me at Tony SHARPE's ('63) car, which is easy to spot... unfortunately, Ellen WEIHERMILLER ('63) was not able to get away from her digs in Wickyup, AZ. (yes I know most of you thought she lives in Olympia, but that's just a big fat lie I tell every now and then to keep the burglars from knocking over her digs while she's gone... )... as the spring guns she keeps at every entrance to her house needed re-setting so she was unable to attend and anyone who thinks she was in Richland better rethink the drugs they are using... in fact, if I ever again suggest we are meeting up somewhere again it's just another big fat lie... got that thieves??????!!!! So after the DQ, we all agreed to meet up at the Spudnut Shop the next morning at 8... there was a good crowd there in the morning and we stayed much later than normal... I've told you many times of my well deserved admiration for John(ny) COLE ('66) and that feeling would only grow as the day wore on... if this post seems a little disjointed, it is because I realized that I would not be getting home until nearly midnight on the 22nd, which would be too late to do the Bomber-babe b-day girls' post and am writing on little sleep and a borrowed computer... At noon it was down to the park for a BYOSL lunch with the class of '63, which was a total blast... I snuggled up to my Sweetie, Rosalie LANSING ('63) and managed to totally ignore her sweetie, Chuck during about an hour of catch up talk... at about 4 I realized Cecilia BENNETT ('65) and I needed to gat over to her place and get ready for a gang for car watching... A huge crowd showed, which included past absentees such as Pierre REMILLARD ('65), Louis HOGAN ('65) and Eric PEDERSON ('65) along with the usual suspects... Around 6, Mr. COLE, Mick(ey) HEMPHILL ('66), Larry GREER ('65) along with Carol ('66) and Vicki ('66) showed, I assumed to watch the parade... John announced to the huge crowd in the back yard that he had a few words to say, and proceeded to present me with the most beautiful "Quilt of Valor", quilted by volunteers for vets such as many of you and myself... the tears flowed as Mick and John gave me the quilt... I can think of very few times in my life that I have been so moved and to have such dear friends make the presentation was icing on the cake... soon, Ken DAME ('68) summoned me into the living room to meet an old classmate of his... as I walked in Jim MATTIS ('68) shook my hand and greeted me with a "Semper Fi"... I almost fell over... those of us in the room were so stunned we totally forgot that there was a huge group in the back yard that would have loved to meet the General. I thought Mary Lou and Rosalie were going to faint... we then went to watch the cars and about 10 PM all began to leave... all that is except Jimmie ADAIR ('65-'67) and Kathy ('69) who showed up for a late night snack... at about midnight things calmed down and the next morning it was another early morning for Spuddies, pancakes and cars... I managed to sneak a seat next to Peg SHEERAN ('63) and was filled in on the latest adventure of Katie ('61) who has become a rancher... now it's not easy to swoon and listen to stories about pheasant ranching at the same time but I managed to pull it off... then off to cars and pancakes... mid way thru the cars it was time to meet ML and family in the park for a memorial to her parents, Bob and Shorty... what a wonderful memorial it was... I thought I saw Ellen there but I must have been hallucinating as I know she was in Wickyup... then off to meet Brian JOHNSON, Ricky WARFORD ('65), the Beav ('65) and Lyman ('65) for Allen GREEN's ('65-RIP) funeral... from there it was off to Ruth Simpson's for the Saturday nite party. What a great gathering... We talked till almost midnight again... Clifford NELSON and his incestuous relative, Steve HAGGARD ('65... long story) filled Ellen's hologram, Myra ('67) and several others of us of the "rest of the story" about many questions each of us had about some old Richland mysteries... we talked about former teachers and times we all had... what an eye opener... Sunday The ADAIR's treated Cecilia and me to a wonderful lunch and then I realized I needed to write this little ditty... Again, I'm sorry if it is a tad confused, but there is so much I wanted to tell and I just couldn't miss wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Peg SHEERAN ('63) and Diane MURPHY on your special day, June 23, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/24/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Barb ISAKSON ('58) Ed QUIGLEY ('62) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig KING ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) Re: Jerry IRWIN ('58) Update Dear Sandstorm: He's saying his ABCs... some letters are stronger sounding. They say that the iPad could be good for Jerry to use. They will train him. Steve CARSON ('58) was trying to find an iPad for Jerry so if you are interested in helping contact Steve. Bonnie RICHARDSON Reno ('58) is still going and seeing Jerry and gives updates. Also they will train her, too, so she can help Jerry more. IPad sounds great for Jerry to have... I sure don't know how to use one myself. Ha! -Barb ISAKSON Rau ('58) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed QUIGLEY ('62) Re: Nighthawks Hey guys, I was home for the weekend, and it just occurred to me that when we were all kids, just about dusk, there were a lot of birds that we called "nighthawks" swooping around chowing down on bugs; I haven?t seen any, for years, and wondered if anybody knows why they have disappeared. [googled and found interesting nighthawk sounds: -Maren]. . -Ed QUIGLEY ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Aichele shooting for berth in PGA Championship 6/23/14 Tri-City Herald "Jason AICHELE ('00) ~ a Richland High grad, former University of Wyoming golfer and an assistant professional at Meadow Springs Country Club - is one step closer to qualifying for one of golf's majors. AICHELE fired a 1-under-par 71 at the PGA Professional National Championship on Sunday in Myrtle Beach, S.C. That puts the Tri-Citian in a tie for 15th among a field of 313 competitors in the 72-hole event. The top 20 placers earn spots in the PGA Championship at Valhalla in August in Louisville, KY." Re: 80th birthday for Mr. Ken Olson (retired Richland teacher) 6/22/14 Tri-City Herald All are invited to the Richland Community Center from 2:30 - 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 28, to celebrate Mr. Ken Olson?s 80th birthday -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland where the weather is very hot!!! ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/25/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Mike CLOWES ('54), Steve CARSON ('58) Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Annette HALL ('62) David DOUGLAS ('62), Donna NELSON ('63) Peg SHEERAN ('63), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Phil BELCHER ('51) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Harold GIBSON & Baret Ann McINTYRE ('53) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Randy DYKEMAN ('69) & Kim RICHEY ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) A few years back on this date and event occurred that may have made some of the papers. Don't know how many saw the item, but I'm sure that it was well reported. I am referring to the fact that on this date "Long John" ('53) and Baret Ann ('53) got married. The more remarkable this is that they stayed married. Way to go, guys! -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where it is difficult to see the sun rising later each day because of the cloud cover (good old marine layer). **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Re: iPad for Jerry IRWIN ('58) I have an iPad for Jerry. Bonnie, please give me a call so we can discuss getting it to you. (630) 936-2714 or -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: A few memories of nighthawks Several of the guys in my neighborhood used to shoot pea gravel at them with slingshots. They never even got close as those birds have exceptional eyesight and easily dodged as many as three rocks at a time. I heard once many years ago a theory that the reason they quit coming around was that the DDT ruined the egg shells of the flock that flew around Richland and they died off. Back around '59 or so the Richland Players did a play where someone listened to the nighthawks. We sound and light techies up in the booth had a devils own time getting a recording of real nighthawks. We finally found one at some bird watching club in the south. Can't recall the play... maybe Picnic? For those of you in the Tri-Cities I am doing the annual fireworks display for Umatilla Landing Days this Saturday night at 10pm. Just downstream from the bridge. It started small but has grown into a fairly nice display for a small town. We get a lot of compliments on it. Chuck LOLLIS ('64) likes to work on fireworks displays and he will be there Saturday. I get calls from pyros all over eastern Washington clear into Idaho from our lead pyros asking for his phone number as he is a big help and a safe worker. -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) To: Ed QUIGLEY ('62) The nighthawks used to come out towards the last of the summer, showing us "It's almost time for school." Now they are coming in late July. Not as many as before. Used to be the sky would be full of them, now, last year, there were not very many, and only in certain parts of the city. Do miss those days. -Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David DOUGLAS ('62) Re: Barb ISAKSON Rau's ('58) update on Jerry IRWIN (?58) I just finished teaching 5th and 6th graders in my church's summer Vacation Bible School. One of my students was an Oriental-looking girl in a wheelchair who could not speak (I don't know why). She had some kind of tablet computer that she used to communicate. It looked rugged enough for a soldier to take into battle, and it did get banged around considerably. She was an amazing girl - she could type on the small keyboard with one finger faster than I can type on my computer keyboard with ten fingers. After she'd typed two or three letters of a word the tablet would give her a choice of several common words starting with those letters; she could tap on a word if it matched what she wanted, or continue spelling it. Once she was finished typing she'd press a key and the computer would read what she'd written out loud. The girl was intelligent - she often knew the answers to questions I asked and had a very happy disposition in spite of her physical limitations. At snack time she was entertaining the other girls at the table with what she wrote on the tablet. She wouldn't let me see what she was writing "girl stuff" she wrote and showed to me,,, but it had the other girls in stitches laughing. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to Jerry, but modern technology can do so much these days to help us cope with limitations. Jerry's in my thoughts. -David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ where the swimming pool helps us cope with the warm weather. I assume it was a joke, but I heard one person say he became a Christian because of Arizona summers. If there's a place hotter than this, I don't want to go there. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna NELSON ('63) Re: Nighthawks I have swallows flying around at dusk in Wenatchee. Lots of them! Re: ... ....and cherries and apples. $1.50 lb U-pick for Rainers. I'm flying to Colorado today and taking them to my son and grandson. They will be in the bathroom tomorrow!! -Donna NELSON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) Re: Nighthawks I found Ed QUIGLEY's ('62) note about nighthawks interesting, and my husband and I realize that we also have not seen them for years. While fishing from our boat many years ago (west of Tonasket, WA), I accidentally hooked a nighthawk when casting. Those were several exciting minutes, as the bird flew 'round and 'round in great circles above us, till I could reel it in, and let it loose. They'd sure help keep the mosquito population down, so I wish they'd return. Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. Sixty-nine doesn't seem like a big one, but next year's has me a little nervous. Now 70 sounds OLD, though someone said 70 is the new 50... -Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) ~ Omak, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: "Richland?s Aichele still in hunt" ~ 6/24/14 Tri-City Herald "The bad news for Richland's Jason AICHELE (?00) on Monday was that he followed up Sunday's 1-under-par 71 with a 4-over-par 76 at the PGA Professional National Championship in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The good news, though, is that AICHELE made the cut, and he sits in a tie for 44th with a two-round total 147 -- +3. If he can finish the tournament among the top 20, Aichele -- an assistant pro at Meadow Springs Country Club -- would qualify for the PGA Championship at Valhalla in August in Louisville, KY." -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Marilyn WATTS Betts ~ Class of 1954 ~ 1936 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/26/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Leoma COLES ('63) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Betty HISER ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BRANDT ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cyndy BROOKS ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roxanne SOUTHARD ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: Cherries For Mike BRADY ('61) On Juanita Woodinville Road, just North of 145th on the west side of the street going toward my old office they are selling cherries. Three baskets for a sawbuck. With your charm and silver throat, I'm sure you can talk them down around 4pm when they start closing before rush hour. We?re going to the cabin for the 4th and I'll let you know the prices on Hwy 2 up past Gold Bar. No spitting the pits on the sidewalk, life is tough enough. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Leoma COLES ('63) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) I took my granddaughter to the 19th anniversary celebration at Chinook Winds casino on the 21st. Their fireworks display was one of the very best I have ever seen! It lasted about 30 minutes and the crowd roared when it was done... BTW that was in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast... thought about you! -Leoma COLES ('63) ~ Gleneden Beach, OR where if is overcast today after a week of sunny weather. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Aichele advances to final round ~ 6/25/14 Tri-City Herald "Richland?s Jason AICHELE ('00) shot a 4-over-par 76 on Tuesday and is tied for 48th at the PGA Professional Championship at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. That leaves AICHELE at 7-over par heading into today?s final round, also on the same course. If he can finish the tournament among the top 20, AICHELE... an assistant pro at Meadow Springs Country Club... would qualify for the PGA Championship at Valhalla in August in Louisville, KY." -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Dale GRAHAM ~ Classes of '57 & '58 ~ 1938 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/27/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and Bomber Memorials today: Dick WIGHT ('52) Deedee WILLOX ('64) Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruthann HUTCHINS ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brian THOMPSON ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick WIGHT ('52) Re: Richland lunch Friday This morning [6/26] we drove down GWWay to make sure I knew where Sterlings Restaurant is located. We're going to "hit it" for lunch tomorrow (6-27), and hope to meet some of the other local "ole time" Col-Hi folks there Bomber cheers, -Dick WIGHT ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Deedee WILLOX Loiseau ('64) Re: Surprise Meetings My husband and I love to go in our RV. Fun to go; good to come home. Could never be what they call a full-timer. I need roots (not to mention room for my stamping hobby). But I do so enjoy the trips. The RV is like a small apartment on wheels. We took the last half of June to go first to our grandson's graduation in Mountlake Terrace, WA (we stay at Lakeside RV in southern part of Everett). Second to LaConner, WA. While at LaConner, we drove the truck up to Blaine, WA; never been there before, interesting area. Third to Easton, WA, where the park is rustic, but beautiful. Stayed several days and came home. While at Easton, we met a couple Bombers, Ronald LEAVELL ('54) and wife Hazel CASE Leavell ('57). We chatted for a while and Ron helped Armand with a problem he was having with the jacks. Always nice to run into fellow Bombers and these folks were very nice. I know they would not want me to leave out the other member of their campsite... Blossom, and black and white shih tzu, that is adorable. We don't have pets anymore, so I always enjoy others' pets. That's the third shih tzu I've met, and they all seem to be quite loving and quite cute; they all have their own personalities. -Mercedes Loiseau, aka Deedee WILLOX Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA where it's warmer than it was in LaConnor or Easton, but not terribly hot yet, thank God! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Aichele completes PGA Pro National Championship 6/26/14 Tri-City Herald Richland's Jason AICHELE ('00) fired a 2-over-par 74 in the final round of the PGA Professional National Championship at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Wednesday. That gave the assistant pro from Meadow Springs Country Club a four-round total of 297, or 9-over-par. That placed him 40th overall. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorials >>Mike McDONALD ~ Class of 1965 ~ 1948 - 2014 >>Roy HIBBARD ~ Class of 1957 ~ 1938 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/28/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) Paul WEBSTER ('56) Helen CROSS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanette DUNCAN ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dee BRILEY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mark HINKLE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vickie BIGELOW ('76) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Well, it's happened again. At least once a year this happens, and this time it is a fortuitous one, as this Bomber Babe finally celebrates her 21st Birthday. She can now enter any of the Tri- Cities better watering holes legally. She no longer has to sneak in the backdoor at the Tahitian to quench her thirst. I certainly hope her current husband takes her somewhere nice for dinner tonight. Barring that, I certainly hope he does the dishes at least. Therefore, a tip of the ol' propeller beanie is in order along with a rousing "Happy Birthday!" cheer in honor of Jeanette DUNCAN ('54)! See you in September. Speaking of September, I do hope the Club 40 people haven't forgotten to register for the dinner; because the last time I looked at the attendee list, no body has since the 13th of last month. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the post Rose Festival monsoons continue until Monday (maybe). **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Paul WEBSTER ('56) Re: James C BADGER ('56-RIP) (Happy Birthday 6/27) God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. I am the first to admit many of those memories did get sweeter with time but there are none I would trade. As I write this e-mail I am thinking of the time you allowed me (not willingly I might add) set an automobile assisted world record jump on water skis, on the irrigation ditch, in West Richland. I am sure that record must still stand. While my landing was best described as awkward you always insisted that the importance was the distance traveled before the sudden stop when I hit the ground. At my age that's become one of my roses in December and yes it is much sweeter at this point in my life. Jimmy, in the end you did get the most out of your individuality by the memories you left all who knew you. Happy birthday and RIP............ -Paul WEBSTER ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) I want to wish all Bombers and our dear country a Happy Birthday this July 4 early as we will be traveling to Memphis for a July 4th party with P&G Friends. (P&G stands for Procter and Gamble and my husband's former job of 34 years prior to his becoming a minister.) This will be the 238th birthday of the good ole US of A. And I also want to thank all veterans for their service to help keep this country the home of the free. I am currently reading another book related to the Lewis & Clark expedition of l803-l806 called "From Sea to Shining Sea", by James Alexander Thom. Of course, to us Bombers attending our schools in Richland, we all knew who Sacajawea and Lewis and Clark were, and of the expedition to some degree before the big 200th celebration... but I did learn a lot more about it reading on it and following some of the trails they followed in Idaho and South Dakota. I love American history now and can't believe I graduated l00 years from when the Civil War was being fought, but I don't remember any l00 year celebrations of the end of the Civil War, maybe because we were out west where it wasn't fought. Re: I've enjoy following Paul TAMPIEN (.64) and his wife's blog of their motorcycle trip, but I wander how many miles in total they have logged. we made similar postings in 2003 when my husband did his solo bike trip across country on HW 50, but we didn't call it a blog, don't remember if we were even familiar with that term then... 84 We at our little town of Hope are getting ready for our 4th, to be held on the 5th here (not my decision), and our annual Heritage Days in September, our little town will be l84 years old and our Hope Methodist Church will be l60 years old (we will celebrate that event too, this October.) I am hoping to make Club 40's get together this year with my brother, Roy CROSS from the class of '65. Wish my class of '62 would put their celebrations on the same weekend as Club 40, as I, and others like me who have to fly in from afar just can't buy plane tickets and time for every event. With Blessings and Best Wishes for the a Great July 4, -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Hope, IN where it's been very hot around here lately even with occasional relief from downpours of rain, so the corn crop looks great to this non farmer anyway. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Boat accident claims life of Casey BURT ('15wb-RIP) 6/27/14 Tri-City Herald "The body of a 17-year-old boy who grew up in the Tri- Cities has been recovered by Alaska state troopers after a boat he was on capsized. Casey BURT attended Richland High School before his family moved to Nine Mile Falls a few years ago. Friends have established a memorial Facebook page called R.I.P. Casey Burt." Bomber tears ~ -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/29/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber Memorial today: Don LYALL ('52), Marilynn WORKING ('54) Betty McELHANEY ('57), Phyllis CUNNINGHAM ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ralph MYRICK ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dorothy McDONALD ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary HUNT ('57) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Fred PHILLIPS & Lora HOMME ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don LYALL ('52) Re: Cherries Couple of years ago I mentioned how I loved Bing cherries growing up in Richland. The next year I received a package of them from a wonderful, thoughtful God ferry. Lo and behold, another package this year. Return address is just "RHS, Knight St, Richland." God bless this true Richland Bomber. Wonderful medicine for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Thanks. -Don LYALL ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: 1954 in 2014 - 60 Year Class Reunion To: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Things are looking up, Bob!! We now have 22 classmates registered for Club 40 dinners. I have heard from 49 classmates who have said they are coming to our Saturday, September 6th reunion. Unfortunately, not all have sent their bio or money for picture. I have heard from 11 who are not able to come, but want to have a booklet or picture, so it is encouraging this early. I expect to hear from a lot this next month of July and will set a deadline date to get their input for the booklet sometime next month for a date in August. As you all know, the deadline for getting your money in to the Treasurer of Club 40 is August 22nd!!!! Please don't delay as there is only a 300 capacity at the Red Lion-Richland!!! NO WALK-INS AND NO EXCEPTIONS!! We will have a great turnout, I am sure!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco where it has been stormy all week, but heating up to 90 by end of next week!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty McELHANEY Hudspeth ('57) Reading the inquiry about nighthawks, I found this site,, they have declined in number because of progress. I have missed seeing them too! Have another good day! -Betty McELHANEY Hudspeth ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) The reunion committee met today. Our next meeting is July 24th, at 11am at the Red Lion in Richland. If you are interested in the B Reactor Tour please contact Jeff Boston at The tour begins at 11am and returns at 2:30. If you are interested in a class booklet please contact Kathy HOFF Conrad at The booklet will be $10.00 at the door and $15.00 if it must be mailed. Photos will be $10.00 if you can download it, or $15.00 if it must be mailed. If you want both the booklet and the photo mailed together it will be $25.00. Please get your information, addresses and e-mail addresses updated for the booklet. If you are unable to attend the reunion we still want to hear from you and update your information. If we don't get your information by August 10th we will make it up. :) We would like "candid photos" from elementary school, junior high, and high school for our" You Can't Make Old Friends" wall. The Hanford Reach is opening this week at the west end of Columbia Park. It costs $6.00 for those 65 and older. The REACH has four permanent exhibits. #1 The Land Takes Form, #2 The Living Land, #3 The Land Transformed (Hanford). #4 Saving The Reach. The Reach is a national monument that will protect in perpetuity 196,000 acres and 21 miles of the Columbia River. That might be of interest for those of you who will be attending the reunion from out of town. Those of us who live here should pay it a visit as well. We have 103 people who have signed up for the reunion. That does not include spouses. ** I was kidding about "making up your information" but please get it in by August 10th. -Phyllis CUNNINGHAM Coates ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Bomber Memorial >>Roger GRESS, Jr. ~ Class of 1986 ~ 1967 - 2014 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/30/14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54) George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol WILEY ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan KINNEY ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sherri RAY ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy FULLMER ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Glenna HAMMER ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lori KILLAND ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris ECKERT ('80) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) To: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: '54 in '14 - 60 Year Reunion Thank you. I did check out the website and notice that some of the usual suspects are going to be there some of the time. Certainly would like to see others. Especially those who haven't been for quite a while (10 years or more) and you know who you are. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR hoping to lay low and stay cool for the 4th. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: 1959 in 2014 ~ 55 Year Class Reunion The 55 Year Reunion of the Class of 1959 is slated for the weekend of September 5 and 6, 2014. We are about ready to mail out the final notices, registration forms, and information. However, we (the reunion committee) could use the help of any and all Bombers who may have any contact information for our missing classmates. If you can offer any contact information toward locating the people listed below, please email Burt Pierard at or myself at HELP FIND OUR LOST CLASSMATES MISSING (SINCE OUR 50 year) Lynne DOWDA Rogers, Barbara FAERIS Deford, Frances FEHRENBACKER Durham, Johnny FREDERICK, Darwin GOLDSMITH, Chuck GRAVERSEN, Sue HEATH Venger, Debby HERSHMAN Claphan, Nancy KING Ziens, David MACY, Susan PITTOCK Courtenay, Lee SUDWICKS NEVER LOCATED Judith A. ANDERSON, Janet MITCHELL Wesselman, Sharon CLINE Ward, Lynda PHILLIPS, Dennis R. COX, Robert H. ROBINSON, Larry E. FISCHER, Sandra SCHMIDT, Dick L. GRIFFIN, Bob SIEVERS, Charles HUGHES, Larry R. SMITH, Gary W. KLINE, Ralph D. STEPHENS, Carolyn M. LEE Shaffer, Rosemary STROUP, Patricia L. Lynch, Connie L. WAGNER, George MARTINEZ, Joan A. WARE, Barbara C. McLENMORE, James D. WHITE, Jeanne E. MILLER, Michael D. WILLIAMS. Bomber Cheers! And, we thank you for your support! -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where life gets more wrinkled from the heat, ok, maybe it's from aging, as I am getting older by the minute! ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` May, 2014 ~ July, 2014